Moving in on Dad Ch. 05

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Trish did not sleep well that night she kept waking up and rolling around. The fire between her legs would not go away. Twice she tried to quench it by herself and even after fingering herself to two orgasms sleep still would not come. Finally she gave up and got up it was 4:30 in the morning and she was wide awake and horny as hell.

She peeked into the other rooms and found both Janet and Barb asleep and both with satisfied looks on their faces.

“Well apparently everyone got laid tonight except me” she mumbled to herself as she climbed the stairs to the third floor. A glass of juice was on her mind. She poured herself a glass and not wanting to wake her father or Sue she quietly slipped out of the sliding glass door and onto the deck. At another time of the day she might have caused a stir with the neighbors as she had not bothered to put anything on when she got up but at this time of night, or morning it was still dark and no one was up that had any sense anyway. So she sat completely naked on one of the lounge chairs on the upper deck and began to enjoy the warm breeze blowing over her naked form.

Soon she felt the familiar stirrings in her loins as the warm air blowing across her body reminded her that she was sitting outdoors naked. Without thinking her hand moved to her pussy and she let her fingers slide between her lips. The heat and moisture there was intense. She glanced down at the floor and giggled when she noticed that she had actually dripped a small puddle onto the deck. Well she intended to add more to it and in moments her right hand was busy with three fingers buried in her cunt while her thumb massaged her clit. Her left hand was busy also, rubbing her tits and stopping to tweak her nipples.

Shortly she felt the familiar waves of orgasm begin to build and then wash over her as she let loose a small stream of juice from her pussy and it added to the puddle on the floor. As her ecstasy subsided she relaxed and blew out a sigh of relief. Then for some unknown reason she looked to her left and she saw him sitting there. Her father was sitting in a similar lounge and watching her.

She felt waves of embarrassment and panic was over her. “Oh my God. I just sat here fingering myself and my father saw me.” Flashed through her mind. Followed a split second later by. “My father just watched me playing with myself. I wonder if it made him horny.”

Frank knew she saw him. He had been sitting there when she walked out onto the deck. He was going to say something but for some reason he just didn’t. Then as he watched his daughter sitting there in silhouette, naked on his deck he felt himself start to harden. The light was not good. Just the starlight and the ambient light drifting in from surrounding houses and streets. But it was enough to make out the swell of her breasts and the curve of her legs. Then she started to play with herself. “I wonder if she knows I’m here.” He thought to himself. “It might be something she would do to try to entice me.” But the more he watched the more sure he was that she was unaware of him. Then he watched as she diddled herself into and orgasm and as her juices dribbled down onto the deck boards.

By this time he had is cock in his hand and was slowly stroking himself. Once she came and let out her post orgasmic sigh he stopped and let go of himself. Not that his hardon went away or anything. That was when she turned and saw him. He saw the flash of embarrassment on her face, then the flash of wanton desire. He decided to take the bull by the horns. “Hi honey. Looks like you couldn’t sleep either.”

Trish looked at her father and noticed his hardon. He was sitting there as naked as she was. “Sitting around outside naked must run in the family. ” She thought to herself. Then she answered him. “Yeah, I thought I was tired but all I did was doze off a little and roll around a lot. I finally came up for a glass of juice and to sit here a bit. What bout you? Sue kick you out of bed?”

“I woke up a little bit ago and I did not want to wake Sue so I came out here. I do it every once in a while. Just sit here and watch the sun come up. See how the horizon is starting to get a pink band on it. It won’t be long now. I can be beautiful.” He said. “Want to watch with me?”

She glanced to the east and noticed that the sky was starting to lighten. “Ok, I never really paid attention to sunrises. Probably because I am usually asleep when they happen.” She offered as she stood and walked over to his lounge. She sat down on the lower section and he moved his legs to make room for her. Then with a swift movement she slid onto the lounge and laid back on top of him.

Frank was stunned by the suddenness and the intimacy of her movement. He found himself laying on a lounge naked with his equally naked daughter on top of him and nestled against him. He could feel his hard dick pressing against her ass cheeks as she laid her head on his chest and began to talk to him. In a way it was very familiar and comfortable, his halkalı bdsm escort little girl sitting in his lap and telling him about her day. Yet at the same time it was extremely sensual because now his little girl was a beautiful woman, whom he had just watched as she played with her pussy until she dribbled cum all over his deck.

He mentally shook himself, and realized that Trish was talking to him about how she and Sue living with him was going to be a change for all of them. He found himself answering, “Oh we’ll manage alright. I like the idea of having two beautiful women sharing my house and I admit that having a 22 year old in my bed regular is doing great things for my ego.”

She laughed out loud. “I don’t think having a young thing in your bed is all that foreign to you lately and as for your ego, I doubt it needed the boost.” And as she said it she picked herself up a bit and slid farther up on him, then continued, “Besides I get the feeling that Sue is becoming more to you than another piece of ass.”

Now at least his cock wasn’t nestled in the crack of his daughters ass. Since she moved up it was now sticking up between her legs and lying against her pussy lips. He could feel her heat and moisture on his cock. He was torn between what he knew he wanted, to slide himself into her pussy and fuck her, and what her knew he should do, get up and move away from her. In the end he did nothing. Which depending on your perspective may have been worse or better. Because he knew that every second he spent there, with his cock laying against the spread lips of his little girls pussy, his will power eroded just a little bit. Part of him was hoping his daughter would grasp his rock hard member and stuff it into her pussy. At least that would end his battle with himself. But the other part of him, the dutiful father, kept screaming at him that he was a pervert.

He paused to gather his thoughts for a moment “Ok I admit you’re right. I do like her. She is sweet and treats me like a king and she pays attention to me, like nobody has in years. But most importantly, she doesn’t want anything from me but me. You can’t imagine what a relief that is after fighting off the “please take care of me” crowd.”

They sat like that mostly in silence watching the sky lightens as dawn approached. Both pretending to ignore the position their bodies were in but each of them acutely aware of the touch of their sex. Trish was not ignoring it for her part. She kept flexing her thigh muscled and her abdominal muscles, anything to get her fathers cock to move in contact with her pussy. Her efforts were rewarded because before long Frank’s member began to twitch on it’s own. It was driving her crazy to be this close to her goal and still have to act nonchalant, instead of doing what she wanted and grabbing his monster cock and stuffing it into her cunt where, as far as she was concerned it belonged. She could not help but to think that all she had to do was move just right and he would be inside her. The only thing that kept her from doing it was the certainty that although he would not stop her and at this point would probably welcome it, he would never be willing again. He would always have his guard up and without question he would never treat her the same, certainly not as the lover she longed to be.

After a few minutes Trish turned and gave her father a kiss. It was a loving and longing kiss. As she pulled away she told him once again “I love you Daddy.”

Frank was caught off guard by the kiss and the tenderness behind it. He was busy concentrating on his dick and on trying not to betray his incestuous longings. He could feel her juices running down his shaft and onto his balls. It was obvious that this contact excited her and the fact that his erection had not gone down betrayed the fact that it excited him. Then she smiled at him and nestled down onto his shoulder again. “I also happen to know that Sue loves you. So you better be in it for the long haul because she is nothing if not tenacious. There is no way she is letting go of you unless you chase her off.”

That statement brought his thoughts around to reality again. “I can’t see myself chasing her off. I am getting really fond of her.”

“Are you going to get me a new Mommy?” Trish teased in a little girl voice.

Frank chuckled, “I don’t know, maybe. Time will tell.” Trish was stunned by his answer. Even though she had teased him and Sue both she did not really believe anything permanent would come from this affair, but it appeared that her father at least was looking into the future and considering it. “Besides,” he continued, “we need to find someone to get you to wear clothes.” And as he said it he jerked his hips a little and pushed the shaft of his cock harder against her pussy. Hard enough that it made contact with her clit and she realized that she was cumming on him. Her juices flowed out again and bathed his dick in her girlcum. Frank was as surprised as Trish at halkalı elit escort what happened. Neither of them realized how high there sexual tension had risen because as her cum washed over his cock he felt the unstoppable freight train rush of his own seed through his cock and the release as cum spurted from him and onto her belly then onto her naked pussy.

Both sat there in silence for a minute before Frank spoke. “Sorry I did not realize that was going to happen. It kind of snuck up on me.” Trish was frightened that she had pushed to hard to fast and she was going to blow the whole thing. “No it’s my fault I should never have sat here like this. It just seemed so natural and comfortable. I did not even consider what it was doing to the two of us.”

They sat there in silence as the sun came up and his cum slowly ran down her belly and over her pussy. “Daddy, I love you and I know you know what I want but I also don’t want to push you or trap you. It’s just that if you ever decide that you want me. Then I want to be there. I want to love you without guilt on either of our parts.”

“I know honey. I love you too. With you sitting here like this. I almost lost my resolve. I wanted you but I knew I’d feel guilty later.” Frank answered.

They watched the sun break the horizon and rise in silence. “I guess we should go inside before one of the neighbors looks over and sees us.” Frank offered. But as Trish started to get up he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly then gently kissed her neck before letting her go. She turned to look at him before she rose and she saw the love in his eyes. She had seen it a million times before. The look a father bestows on his daughter. But this time it was subtly different. There was more and it emboldened her so she leaned into him and her lips met his and her tongue slipped out, for the first time ever his lips parted slightly and her tongue met his and a romantic kiss began. Not a lustful “got to get into you pants” kiss but a kiss between two people who love each other and want to express the tenderness.

The kiss broke and she stood up and grasped his hand to lead him inside. She slid the door open and gave his hand a squeeze as she began to head down the steps to her own room.

“Hey where are you going? I got cold all by myself now I need the two of you to keep me warm, come to bed with us.” It was Sue’s voice and as she looked to where it had come from she saw her standing in the bedroom doorway, reaching for Franks hand and holding her other out to Trish. Trish hesitated for a second then turned and started for her friend. Sue led the two of them to the king sized bed and crawled into it and patted the sheets on either side of her. “Come on you two warm me up. I’m cold just look at how my nipples are sticking out.”

Trish noticed she was right her nipples were sticking out more than normal. She could not help but think how appetizing they looked too as she crawled in next to her friend with her father on the other side. Frank reached down and pulled the sheet over them all and they lay together. Sue leaned over and kissed Frank and then turned her head and kissed Trish, and then she sighed. “This is cozy Frank. We should have Trish in here with us all the time. I like being sandwiched between the two of you. I wonder if it’s your DNA that makes me horny. It doesn’t matter which one of you it is I am with, I get horny whenever I am with one of you. But for right now I am tired. Later after a nap I want one or both of you to fuck my brains out.” With that pronouncement she closed her eyes and seemed to drop off to sleep.

Frank lay there looking from Trish to Sue and back again, obviously wondering what he had gotten himself into. For her part Trish just smiled and realized Sue was right it was cozy and maybe next time she would be in the middle. She smiled at Frank and closed her eyes and for the first time in 24 hours drifted off to a deep and contented sleep.

Trish woke much later. The sun was high in the sky and she had the most wonderful feeling between her legs. Someone was eating her pussy. She looked down and saw Sue looking back at her over top of her mound. She had a huge smile on her face and her tongue was going a mile a minute on Trish’s clit. Then she stopped and rested her chin on Trish’s mound. “Ok, spill it. Did you get lucky with your Dad last night? I could smell his cum on you when you came in from the deck. You reeked of it and your own too. I figured you finally wore him down.” Sue demanded. “You have to tell me I am dying of curiosity. Frank left to run some errands so I figured I’d wake you up and get the details.”

Trish smiled. “I should make you finish eating me before I answer, but no I didn’t get lucky.” She proceeded to tell Sue the details of the previous early morning excursion on the deck. When she was done Sue looked her up and down. “So close and yet so far. How did you stand it. I think I would have just stuffed him into halkalı escort me and fucked his brains out.”

Trish smiled “I considered it, boy did I consider it. But in the long run I think it will work better this way. He really is getting close to giving in.”

You’re probably right about that. We had coffee earlier and I was kind of pushing him to have you sleep with us. He would not even answer me at first then he finally said “Not yet. After Barb and Janet leave. We don’t want your and Trish’s friends to think she’s having an incestuous relationship with her father, do we. Because if Trish starts sleeping with us that is exactly what they will think.” Then he gave me that look that says” end of conversation”

Trish laughed. “You’re getting to know him real well in just a short time. It took me years to figure out what “that look” meant, and even longer to realize he meant it. But that is interesting. Maybe that’s what he’s waiting for, Barb and Janet to leave. It kind of makes sense. I know I would not really want to tell them or have them catch us like we did you two. I mean I’m not ashamed of wanting to bed him or anything. It’s just that I don’t know how they would take it.”

“Well I think they would be ok with it, just a little uncomfortable. The three of us were talking about Frank one day and Barb commented that she felt sorry for you that you would not be able to have him. Then Janet said she thought you should even though it was a little weird. Then Barb agreed that it was weird but she would be cool with it if you both wanted it.” Sue offered. Then she grew and evil grin on her face. “In the mean time I still have your Dad’s cum in me from this morning’s fuck, want to lick it out of me?”

Trish laughed, “What a slut you are becoming.”

Sue Smiled, “Yeah, ain’t it great.”

“You did not really mean it about me sleeping with you guys? Didn’t you? I mean it would kind of cramp your style having a third wheel laying in bed with you while you were getting laid.” Trish asked.

“Your damn right I meant it. Do you think I can keep this up indefinitely by myself. Do you have any idea how horny your old man is. He fucks me at least twice a day and I give him at least one blow job on top of it and he still has enough left to blow his load onto your belly. I mean last night He did me for almost an hour straight and I even sucked him off before dinner not to mention that he probably had Janet and Barb in the morning. Then a couple of hours later he’s sitting with you and lets go a load all over your belly. Come on. I’m counting on you to help me, at least take some of the heat off. I figure if we gang up on him and take turns, we can keep him satisfied and off the market.” Sue paused, then looked at Trish “I don’t mind sharing him with you, the idea even turns me on, and Barb and Janet are OK once in a while. But I don’t want to lose him to some slut who is better in bed than I am, you know more experienced. I think I’m falling in love with him and I intend on keeping him.”

Trish took hold of her face in both hands and pulled her friend to her and kissed her gently on the lips. “I don’t think you have to worry about losing him to some slut. That is unless you really screw up and push him away. I think he is falling for you too. But take it slow and easy. Remember he’s not real big on commitments right now he’s still healing from my mother.”

Sue started to cry. Not hard, but tears started down her face and little sobs came out. “I’m scared of losing him. I keep waiting for him to get tired of me and look for someone his own age. I mean I’m just a kid to him.”

Trish hugged her close, “He talked to me a little about the two of you and I know that as long as you don’t push him, you know just keep doing what you’re doing and never say the “M” word or talk about kids, you’ll be fine. He really is a very loving and loyal man. In all the years they were married and as unhappy as he was he never cheated on my Mom. He can be real open minded and loose when it come to sex but he has his own morals. As far as helping you keep him satisfied goes, I intend to do my part and your right the idea of sharing him is kind of hot. Now all this talk has got me horny again so come here.”

With that she drew Sue to her and kissed her in a way that nobody could mistake as plutonic. The kiss slowly grew more and more passionate until the two girls were grabbing at each others bodies trying to pull the other closer and closer to satisfy their lust for one another. Sue rammed three fingers into Trish’s pussy and slammed them in and out like a woman possessed. In her own passion and arousal Trish locked her mouth onto Sue’s tit and started to suck and chew on her nipple. Then as if by command they each broke and drove their mouths to the others waiting and watering pussy to suck and lick each other to a shuddering climax.

When they were both spent they lay together on the bed and cuddled until they heard their friends in the other room. Janet and Barb had finally gotten up and were starting to move around, actually moving toward the coffee pot. Trish and Sue were curious as to what had happened at the party the night before. All four girls had gone to the party. Sue and Trish had left early, neither had really wanted to go but put in an appearance for their friends sake.

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