Moving Bodies

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Natasha’s Cousin Laura was using her Spring Break to go home for some days. In doing so, she had stopped at Natasha to visit her and her aunt and uncle. Natasha and Laura had been very close friends all her childhood.

Natasha had always loved the company of Laura. It had always been lots of fun – and it still was.

Laura was three years older than her cousin. She was 22. Laura had a very beautiful body. She was doing lots of sports, so she was slim, without being bony. Her breasts showed quite some curves and were C-cupped, very firm and very well formed. She had a beautiful face. Her brown hair was going down beneath her shoulders.

Natasha was 19. She was almost the same size as Laura and she too had a slim, sportive body with some curves. Her breasts were B-cupped, quite firm but not as greatly formed as Laura’s. Her face was very pretty and her light brown hair went down to her shoulders.

Natasha and Laura had been hanging around and talking all day and Natasha was very pleased as Laura agreed to stay overnight. They had no comfortable additional bed and so the two girl cousins decided to both sleep in Natashas bed in her room.

“I did not bring any Pyjama,” Laura said. “Normally I prefer sleeping completely naked.” “So do I. So for me that’s not a problem. Do you remember the times when we were kids and were using the tub together?!” “Yes it has always been great fun! But it’s really quite some time ago.”

Both had been under the shower and so Natasha did only wear a bathrobe and Laura’s body was covered only with a towel.

Laura easily loosened the knot on her towel and let it fall to the ground. She quickly slipped under the sheets of the bed, that was rather small as it was only meant for one person.

Natasha had not been able to resist her urge to take a look on her cousins body. She had only gotten a glimpse of her body from the side and a quick look of her back. Both curves were stunning beautiful.

“What’s with you, come in,” Laura said smiling to her younger cousin.

Natasha smiled back, opened her white bathrobe eve gelen escort and slipped out of it. She knew that Laura was watching her as she walked to the bed completely naked. But it was just girls and so it was no problem for her at all.

Their bodies were very close due to the small bed.

“Not very big,” Laura smiled. “You know, I’m always alone. No boyfriend to share the bed with. We will have to find the perfect position for the both of us.”

They both giggled and started trying all kinds of positions with a lot of laughing doing so. In trying out these possible and impossible sleeping positions they never lost the contact of their bodies.

They tried to lay themselves back to back and their round, soft, young ass cheeks touched each other, rubbed on each other. They turned round and Natasha could feel Laura’s firm breasts and her nipples pressed against her back and she even could feel her pubes against her ass cheeks. That way they were moving around in the bed.

After a while of that joking around, Laura suddenly was lying on top of her younger cousin Natasha. As the two girls were almost the same size, Laura’s mount of venus lay exactly against Natashas. Their pubes touching each other. Also their soft, round, young breasts touched.

Their was a short time of complete silence. The moment when both of them realized the new feeling of a complete naked women against their own body. None of them knew what to do or what to say and none of them wanted to break the moment.

Laura just looked down into her cousins pretty face and into her eyes. Natasha returned the glare. Both girls faces had reddened due to the excitement.

Laura felt how Natashas nipples started swelling, how they quickly became hard and erect and Natasha could feel the same with Laura’s nipples.

For two or three minutes the two cousins just lay there like this. Not moving, not speaking, no idea of what to do next, of how to react to this completely new experience that both of them enjoyed.

Laura had closed her eyes.

“Your fatih escort body feels good,” she finally managed to whisper, not daring to look into Laura’s eyes and being very afraid of her cousins reaction.

But there was not reason at all to be afraid, as she felt the next second. Laura bowed her head and very gently, shyly kissed her on her mouth. It was a soft, shy touch of lips, no tongue involved yet. But it was a kiss full of tenderness.

After that short kiss Laura started to move her hips – or her hips started to move. Their was no real intention in it. It just happened kind of automatically.

Very slowly in small circles her hips moved against her cousins crotch. Their dark pubes rubbed against each other and Laura’s mount of venus was massaging Natashas. The feeling of that mutual massage at that sensual area sent shivers of pleasure through both their bodies.

Natasha let out a deep breath. She felt how her pussy was becoming real moist, really wet. She loved the feeling of it. Loved the feeling of an so far unknown arousal sweeping her body. She kept her eyes close and let herself take away by that wave of sexual excitement.

The soft young, beautiful body of her cousin fully on top of her body made her almost incredible hot. Soon she could not control her hips too and started to move her crotch against Laura’s moving body.

Their mutual massage was becoming wilder. Both girls were very wet now. And they now could not only feel their own wetness but also felt the juices of the other girl mix with her own.

Their aroused clits were hard and swollen now, sticking out between their pussylips. Moving, rubbing, grinding their pussies against each other now not only the sensual nerves beneath their mounts of venus but also their clits were stimulated.

Laura now too had her eyes closed. There was no shyness now. Pure lust and the arousing, so exciting feeling of newly found lesbian sex had overcome both girls. Laura and Natasha were moaning with sexual pleasure.

Both girls wound their bodies, rubbed halkalı anal yapan escort their bodies against each other. Their full and firm breasts with their rock hard, sensitive nipples also rubbed against each others, sending waves of pleasure through their bodies.

It was now a kind of total-body pleasure that none of them had experienced before. Their whole bodies felt hot and aroused, being in flames of lesbian lust, in flames of a new and so exciting love.

Their movements became faster and harder every second, their moaning louder and louder. Hard nipple against hard nipple, sensitive breast against sensitive breast, pubes into pubes and hard wet clit against hard and wet clit they brought themselves closer and closer to a huge orgasm. Their sweat, warm love juices were flowing freely, covering each other with their delicious cream of lust.

Moaning loud Laura was now lifting her upper body to get even more pressure to her crotch area and grind herself into her pretty, young cousins pussy. Almost hard Laura now rode Natasha and then suddenly both of them felt the shivers going to their bodies. Laura let herself fall down onto Natasha, who immediately wrapped her arms around her, pressed her hard against her body, pressed her breasts into her own. Their wet, creamy pussies still slowly and softly moved against each other as they enjoyed the lustfull waves of their huge orgasms.

It took them quite a while to find their breath again. They both loved the feeling of the others body on or beneath each other, loved it to feel the others wetness and the others hard nipples.

Finally Laura moved her lips to Natashas lips and this time her cousins lips parted before she even touched them. Their tongues encircled into their first real french kiss. It was a long and passionate, loving kiss and both of them knew that this would not be their last kiss. This had just been the beginning of something great.

“I love you, Natasha,” Laura whispered after she broke their kiss. “I have always loved you, Laura, but now I now how to show it and I love that new feeling,” Natasha answered and they melt into a passionate kiss again. Both their bodies started to dance against each other again and their creamy juices soon were flowing again.

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