Moshpit Seduction Ch. 03

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Walking out of the club, Jonas watched as Amy and Melanie exchanged flirtatious looks. They hailed a taxi from the street, placing Jay in the front seat, the rest of them piled into the back and headed back to their place, Melanie in tow. Jonas was sitting on the far right hand side of the car with Melanie in the middle and Amy on the left. The flirtatious looks continued in the cab they even began to include Jonas. Most were from Melanie but some were from Amy, also. His mind ran wild with thoughts, remembering the faces of the two girls as they watched each other cum, wondering what the future held for them, and noticing Amy’s hand on Melanie’s left thigh, his own on her right.

During the cab ride home, no-one spoke. Unknown to each other, all of them were replaying the events of the night in their heads. Jay on the other hand had no idea what was going on as he slipped in an out on consciousness. Amy noticed that her hand had crept onto Melanie’s knee and that she didn’t seem to care. She also noticed that Melanie’s other knee had a visitor too, but this one was beginning to caress down her inner thigh.

Amy tried not to make it obvious that she was looking. She was starting to sober up and a trickle of guilt was starting to seep in. She had had threesomes before with Jay, but she had never ‘played’ without him. There was something about this girl, though. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t take her hand away. Her smooth, milky white skin hypnotized her. It begged to be touched. She understood why Jonas could not keep his hands to himself.

The guilt was enough to stop her hand from continuing southward, but it was not strong enough to make her remove it. She just sat there watching; her body frozen in place, her mind racing a million miles an hour.

Jonas’ hand was gradually getting closer and closer to Melanie’s groin. Melanie slowly and ever so slightly thrust toward his hand, beckoning him closer. Jonas finally got the hint and pushed her soaked underwear to the side with his forefinger, sliding his middle finger deep inside her in one fluid motion. Melanie closed her eyes trying not to move but she was jolted back to reality when the cab pulled into their drive way. Jonas quickly removed his hand from below Melanie’s skirt. She just had enough time to straighten herself up before the cab driver turned the dome light on to organise payment. Jonas reached into his pocket, looked at the meter and paid the driver. He was careful to use his right hand and not his left.

Amy was first out of the car, opening the front passenger door to help her heavily intoxicated boyfriend. She couldn’t help but feel a stab of anger when she saw his limp body. This was not the first time he had drunk himself stupid, leaving her and Jonas to drag him to bed. This time was different though, because she was hornier than she had ever been in her life, and she knew that her vibrator was the only thing she had to look forward to tonight.

Looking over the car she saw Jonas and Melanie stumbling out of the door in each others’ arms, giggling. All of bahis firmaları a sudden a new emotion she didn’t expect jumped into the mix; envy. It had been a long time since Amy and Jay had been like that. She missed that feeling, that… excitement of new love. It was all over them, an aura of lust and infatuation. Amy could see it, even though they had no idea. As with all new relationships, the couple is always the last to know.

She shook the thoughts from her mind and concentrated at the task at hand; getting this big oomph inside. She didn’t want to interrupt them so she tried to deal with him herself. Amy didn’t need to ask of course, Jonas was there ready to help, barely a moment after she whispered Jay’s name. She felt his presence behind her and she turned to look at him. She smiled to herself and to him for his thoughtfulness. She moved out of the way to let him wake Jay up. She stood up straight and looked over at Melanie pulling her bag out of the car. Lucky bitch she thought.

Amy and Jonas had met through Jay. The two had been together for almost a year by that time and still very much in love. Jonas had come into some hard times and needed a place to stay. Jay offered their spare bedroom, without a seconds’ thought. Jay and Jonas had been friends since high school. Back when they had both been ostracised for interests not shared by the common majority. It did not take them long to become best mates.

The year that Jay and Amy had gotten together was a particularly trying one for Jonas. He had been in a relationship with a girl that didn’t like the scene he had inadvertently chosen. While she never said it outright, certain comments and mood swings caused him to slowly detach from the scene and a lot of his friends. He still kept in contact with Jay and a few others but didn’t go out anymore or spend much time with them. He hated the fact that his best friend had been in a relationship for a year and he still had not met her.

All this was the cause of much friction in Jonas’ relationship. He was not one to just walk away though. He really did love her and he wanted things to work. It was however finally her decision to end it. They just wanted different things and Jonas would not let go of the world she had wanted him to. He was shattered at first but he knew deep down it was for the best.

Amy had never lived in a share house before. When Jay told her that this guy she had never met was going to be moving in, she had her misgivings. It wasn’t until she learned it was going to be the next day that she voiced her concerns to Jay. Jay simply said “he’s my best friend “.

Amy and Jonas hit it off immediately and all her worries melted away after only a few short hours. Months passed and Jonas continued to come out of his shell. Rediscovering all of his friends and the world he had begun to forget. Amy and Jay, while being very discreet with their sexual antics at first, had begun to open up too. They kept to their room mostly and made an effort to stop flirting and making out in common areas. But as time went on and as she got to kaçak iddaa know Jonas better, she understood what Jay meant when he said “he won’t care, trust me”

It wasn’t long until their love making had gotten back to the levels it was before Jonas had moved in. While they still didn’t walk around the house naked or anything like that, it didn’t worry Amy if Jonas caught her between the shower and her room. Some nights when Jay was away she would even chance late night readings on Literotica; secretly slipping her hand under her skirt, keeping one ear on Jonas’ movements, making sure her hand was out whenever he walked past. She was very proud of the fact that she had never been caught but didn’t really care if she was. She wouldn’t have been half as embarrassed as Jonas was, the night she caught him.

For the next year and a half things didn’t really change. Both Jay and Amy loved having him there. He was great company and the help with the rent couldn’t have come at a better time. Not to mention Jonas was a fantastic cook.

One day Jonas came home super excited, as one of his most favorite bands was coming to town and he had tickets. He saw that Jay’s car wasn’t in the driveway but he knew Amy would be home. While she didn’t like the band, he knew she would be happy for him anyway. As soon as he saw her though, he knew she’d been crying. She told him that she and Jay had had another fight. Jonas was a great listener and had helped her many times before. He figured it was the least he could do after all the shit she helped him with after “that bitch” (as Amy called her) had dumped him. If it wasn’t for her, he would not have gotten back on his feet as quickly as he did.

Amy laid it all out for him and Jonas listened to everything she said, offering words of comfort and support but also defending Jay where needed. She was of course talking about his best friend. There wasn’t much he could do for her though. Neither Jay, nor Amy had done anything wrong; he could see they were just growing apart. After Jonas had wiped the tears away and gotten Amy smiling again, she asked him what he was so excited about. She was stoked for him that this band she’d never heard of, were finally coming to Australia.

Things began to change after the concert. Amy had become so aroused by what had happened to Jonas she dragged Jay into their bedroom and closed the door. The second it was shut she slammed him up against it, her hands placed softly on his cheeks as she kissed him.

She loved spontaneous sex. She loved grinding up against his cock. Gradually feeling it grow until it was so hard it couldn’t take its prison any longer. She pulled him away from the door and ripped off his shirt, slamming him back up against it. She lightly dug her nails into his neck, scratched slowly down over his chest and stomach. Continuing in one fluid motion her fingers scratched around his sides and up his back.

She heard the front door close. She was a little disappointed knowing Jonas was no longer in the house. When he had first moved in she made sure she was quiet enough kaçak bahis that he wouldn’t hear her. It wasn’t until one night a few months ago when Jonas came home early just as she was cumming (very loudly), that she found out she liked being heard. Most nights since, the thought of someone listening to, or maybe even pleasuring themselves at the same time really got her going.

Jay took off Amy’s top, slipping the cup of her bra off her left breast, licking and nibbling at her hard nipple. She then turned around, pressing her back into his chest, feeling his breath on the back of her neck. Jay slowly scratched small circles around her belly button as she reached around, running her hand through his hair. She closed her eyes and let out a small moa, imagining herself in a moshpit.

Jay nibbled at her neck and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down over her hips. He left her green G-string on because he loved the way her ass looked in it. Amy took her jeans from his hands and continued to slide them down. She bent over as she did so, pushing her ass into his groin. Jay gave her another spank before she stepped out of her jeans, twisted and dropped to her knees to undo his belt. She unzipped his pants and unbuttoned his boxers, sliding his cock, slippery with precum, into her mouth. She sucked it as hard and as fast as she could, deep-throating once or twice, massaging and pinching her clit as she sucked.

Quick as a flash and without warning, she got up and ran to the bed. Amy was already bent over the side of it by the time Jay opened his eyes. He slowly walked over to her, spanking each cheek, not too hard but just the perfect amount of force that she liked. Pushing her g-string to the side, he took the head of his cock in his other hand and pressed it against her clit. She moaned softly as he started to slowly slide it up, only inserting the tip of the head. When he got to her opening, he slammed his cock hard into her G spot, causing her to scream. He slowly slid out of her and then thrust in hard again. With another slap and faster thrusts she was moaning louder and louder.

He listened intently, waiting for the familiar change in her tone. He held himself back from the edge, waiting for her to cum first. Then there it was, her deep moans changed in pitch and he knew she was cumming. He sped up bringing himself almost to climax waiting as long as he could for her orgasm to begin to subside. When he couldn’t wait any longer he pulled out, cumming all over her back and ass. Sliding a finger of his left hand inside her to slowly bring her down from her mind-blowing orgasm, he continued to slowly play inside her while he slowly milked his cock with his right hand.

She stood slowly, allowing him to remove his finger and kissed him, careful not to fall over from her week knees. She smiled and walked over to the shower.

The memory began to fade as she withdrew the vibrator from her soaked pussy. She found herself back in the present, laying in her bed. She dropped the vibrator onto the bed and slowly played as she opened her eyes. She looked over at Jay, asleep next to her and heard Melanie’s screams of ecstasy from the other room. She thought back again, and still she couldn’t believe that Jonas’ moshpit seduction of Melanie could get her off so hard.

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