Morgan Rides My Harley Ch. 03a – Cabo Cont’d

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Editor’s Note- this is a continuation of the previous story. If you did not read Chapter 03, please do so.

I woke first. After the most sensual but intense sexual experience of my life, my mind seemed foggy but my heart was full. I could not help but take a minute to just stare at Morgan. She had a softness in her smile that told me she was dreaming special dreams.

I gently climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower, excited for the day’s activities. We had a fun day planned and I could not wait to spend my day with Morgan. I snuck out of the bathroom, clean but still naked wondering if she would be waiting for me. To my dismay, she was still asleep so I threw on my robe and decided to head to the balcony so that I would not wake her. As I headed out the door I discovered the note that Chloe left for us. The note said:

“Thank you for an amazing 2 days. Same time, same place, next year (asking for a friend)?”

I smiled and made my way onto the balcony. The sun was shining, the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze, and the waves rolled gently onto the beach. I guess we had slept late because a few people were starting to claim their spots around the pool.

I sat silently reflecting on the events of the evening. It all seemed so innocent, yet ended so passionate. As the events unfolded in front of my eyes, I had naturally assumed that Chloe was the young innocent school girl. There was no plan for a threesome, at least none that I knew of. And I was convinced that Morgan had never done this before. So the attraction to Chloe seemed unassuming and natural. Ending up in bed together was just the heat of the moment for to beautiful ladies looking to experience something different. It seemed clear to me that Morgan initiated what turned into a night long love fest.

But as I ponder how the events unfolded, could it have been Chloe all along? After all, she made the first move asking Morgan to put sunscreen on her back. Was it innocent, or deviant? Was this her first time, or just one of many? Virgin or vixen?

I don’t know how long I sat there, but I replayed the events of the evening in my mind and I simply could not decide. Was Chloe the deviant provocateur of a wild sex romp, or the innocent country girl just looking to feel loved? Either way, my cock was tingling. I had never been that hard, nor cum that many times in one evening. Nor had I ever been with two females at the same time.

And, of course, I wondered if this was the start of a new chapter for Morgan, or just a fantasy fulfilled?

That’s when I felt Morgan’s hand on my arm. Startled, I sat up in the chair. I can’t remember if my left hand was stroking my cock, or if I just thought it was. I think she caught me because she mumbled “good morning” and positioned herself to look over the balcony, gazing at the sun, the ocean, and the soft landscape.

Morgan had thrown on her pool wrap to cover her naked body. She stared at the ocean. I stared at her legs, soft, sensual, and inviting. I was not sure what her reaction was going to be. Had she gone too far? Had she ruined something between us by inviting another person into our bedroom? I’m sure she was gauging how to approach me. I was fine with everything, but how did she know that?

I sat silently. She turned to face me, looked deep into marmaris escort my eyes. She bent from the waist and placed one hand on each arm of my chair, as if to pin me in the chair. I did not budge, allowing her to make the next move. She moved in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and our lips locked in a long embrace.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to let her know that last night was fine, but I had not idea what she thought. Did she feel guilty? Our tongues darted in a passionate kiss that seemed to last for minutes. Eventually she pulled back a few inches. She stared deep into my eyes, searching for a reaction. Was I upset, or sexually charged? Was I threatened by her newfound sexuality or satisfied?

I wanted her to know I was comfortable with what had transpired. I moved closer to her and she met me in another long passionate kiss. She put her arm around my neck, split my legs and sat on my lap. Her silk wrap seemed so smooth as my hand glided over her back. We kissed. We hugged. We gazed at each other like school kids. I honestly don’t remember what we said to each other, but it was clear that I was not upset.

Morgan asked me “Did you see the note she left us?”

I responded that I had and smiled. I’m not sure if we will ever act on the invite, but that decision is for another day. With that Morgan stood up, I thought with the intention of jumping in the shower and getting started with our day. She had another idea.

She bent over at the waist, leaned on the chair, and kissed me. Her tits fell out of her robe for me to see. She gave me a peck on the lips, then kissed her way slowly across my cheek to my ear. She whispered in my ear in a way that let me know the evening was not yet done. She pulled back and split my robe exposing my cock. Her left hand reached down to discover that I was somewhat erect already. I slid my hips to the edge of the chair granting her full access to my growing dick.

She kissed me again and then kissed her way down my chest eventually flicking her tongue across the head of my dick. She did not kneel down, but stayed bent over at the waist working her mouth up and down my cock. I could not help but notice that her cover seemed to be just a little short. I’m pretty sure that she was flashing anybody looking. They got a premier view of her legs all the way up to her glistening pussy. Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue massaged the tip of my dick, almost begging me to cum in her mouth again.

My dick was so hard, and this felt so good, but I did not know if I had any semen left from last night. Clearly my cock was tingling, but could I shoot a load? And would she let me shoot it in her mouth again? That was a question that resolved itself in about five minutes. My moans grew louder as she electrified my dick with her mouth. My hands moved to her tits. My eyes closed. My breathing grew shallow.

“You better stop” I mumbled too her, secretly hoping she wouldn’t.

“You’re going to make me cum!”

“Oh, that feels so good!”

“My god you make me feel amazing!”

“Here it cums!”

She never moved. She just kept going and less than a minute later we had the answer. My dick throbbed with an intense orgasm. I have no idea how much semen I shot as I ejaculated, but she swallowed every drop of whatever there was. She never marmaris escort bayan flinched taking my full cock deep in her mouth. As she finished, she stood tall and offered me her hand. I offered her mine and she pulled me up out of the chair. She mouthed to me “let’s go” as she headed into the room. As I trailed her, I could not help but to survey the pool area. Apparently she had put on quite the show because several people were staring at us. I caught a few as they tried to look away, not wanting me to know they were watching. Several just smiled at me glowing with approval for the show.

As I made it to the bed, Morgan walked out of her cover and flopped on the bed fully naked. She spread her legs and invited me to return the favor. I climbed on top. I kissed her lips. I kissed her neck. I kissed her shoulders. I licked her nipples, pulling them deep into my mouth. She gasped. I licked her stomach, and finally I parted her lips with my tongue. For the next twenty minutes she fucked my face eventually cumming in my mouth. She had never tasted so good.

As we lay in bed, we both reached the conclusion that the day awaited us and we needed to get moving. She showered first, mostly while I laid in bed wondering if my cock could actually get hard again. I never found out.

We had a fantastic day. A quick breakfast followed by horseback riding on the beach. It was exquisite. We walked. We held hands like school kids. It was perfect.

Our day ended with sunset cruise on a catamaran. The sunset was beyond description and the bond we shared was clearly taking our relationship to the next level. It was hard to describe. Our night with Chloe was unique, but our relationship was blossoming like a fine rose. It wasn’t about the sex, or the exploration in bed, but about the connection we were learning to share. Our hearts touched by every move, every word, every action. In some ways I cherished the very ground she walked on. I wanted to spend every moment with her, and make her happier than she had ever been.

As we walked from the dock back to the hotel we could not stop grinning. We grabbed a seat at the pool bar for a drink and a final snack. Our flight home tomorrow would come too soon, so it was not a late night. Cabo had been absolute paradise.

In the room, I put the TV on and jumped in bed. Morgan emerged from the bathroom wearing the same cover from this morning. As she walked to the bed she gave me a sheepish grin. I flicked off the light and her cover fell to the floor.

For the next hour we kissed and squeezed and played and enjoyed. It was pure and I could hardly believe it. She stroked my cock. I would finger her wetness. She would kiss my neck. I would suck on her nipples. We explored every inch before I climbed on top of her in a missionary position. It seemed so basic after the previous night, but we were so locked into one another.

It did not take long for Morgan’s desire to surpass the calm yet rhythmic motion of our love-making session. She wanted more. I could see it in her eyes as she seemed to pause.

She rolled me off of her, the moved aside so I could shift to the center of the bed. My cock was standing erect, and she could hardly wait.

She climbed on top, her pussy lips teasing my cock. Her tits hung in my face. I licked whatever I could escort marmaris as Morgan maneuvered herself to ride my dick. She rocked her hips front to back and then back to front, her wetness teasing my dick. I throbbed, trying to catch my round dick in her round hole, but I missed. With each stroke of her hips, my dick got more erect. Finally she let me in. She lowered herself and as she rocked her hips back I felt my cock catch her pussy. She moaned as I penetrated her. I watched as she closed her eyes to savor the feeling.

Step by step, she pulled my cock deep inside of her. She moved all of her weight on top of her hips so that she was impaled on my cock. When she had me stuffed deep inside of her, she started rocking. With each rock of her hips, I thrust. We found a terrific rhythm. She was lost in the moment. Her tits bounced in my face. I shoved her nipple in my mouth and gave a deep sucking. I thought she was on the edge of yet another orgasm, but she paused.

“What are you doing? I thought to myself.

But she stopped and sat up tall. It was like she was startled, until she winked at me. Something more sinister had washed over her. She squeezed her tits and then pulled off of me. Before I could say a word, she spun around to face the mirror. I caught her momentarily checking herself out. If only she knew how beautiful she was.

She positioned herself over my hips again, this time her back to me. I felt the wetness between her pussy lips as she scooted across my dick. Her hands on my thighs, her pussy was teasing me again. She reached down into her crotch and grabbed the head of my dick. She pulled it just far enough to stick it in her pussy, once again impaling herself on my dick. I thrust upward, giving her as much as I could. She moaned.

The goal was to take every inch. She rocked, I thrust, she moaned. Over and over. Up, and then down. Her pussy was dripping juices all over me. I could see myself every time she raised up, and was intrigued watching her slide down on top of my cock.

And, then she paused. She braced herself on my hips and leaned back. I put my hands up to catch her. She kicked her legs out and lowered herself to lie flat on my chest. She did it exactly as Chloe had done it the night before! Except my dick was buried in Morgans soaking wet pussy, not Chloe’s ass!

“Oh my god” she screamed.

“Holy shit you feel good inside of me!”

I agreed. With Morgan laying on top of me, my dick still buried inside of her, the only thing left to do was reach up and grab two handfuls of tit. I thrust like I had never made love to a true woman. I squeezed like it was my first time touching her tits. I flicked her nipples, trying to find the sensation that would send her over the edge.

For the next 10 minutes she lived out what must have been an intense fantasy. With a final thrust, she experienced the most intense orgasm I had seen from Morgan. And I joined her. I still don’t know how I had any semen to ejaculate, but my own orgasm was intense, and long.

We woke the next morning still in each others arms. Morgan glistened, her skin glowing, her beauty so obvious. I could only smile, one part reminiscing, and one part longing for our next love-making session.

We had a flight to catch, but I was in no hurry to leave. I held her close to me and silently thanked the Lord for bringing Morgan into my life. She has rallied my spirits and my emotions in a form that I have never experienced. Morgan is so out of my league. How did I get so lucky? Thank you Harley.

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