Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 05

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(With a nod to Tacocarnitas for the inspiration. A number of my readers have requested an “incest story’. Here it is.)

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Lance’s head lolled back and forth against the sofa cushions. His eyes half closed, he looked drunk. But it was sexual satisfaction that left him so stupefied, not drink. When he had arrived home Mommie demanded that he sit on the sofa while she reacclimatized her self to his hugeness. After all, he had been in school all day!

Now, four orgasms later, Lance was building up to yet another fountain of cum as his Mommie worked her oral magic on his massive, throbbing dick. Her throat was bulging with the massive thickness of his enormous steel hard cock. When he was ready to cum she would pull back and let him blast rope after rope of jism into her mouth for her to taste, savor, and swallow

This had become the new routine for Mommie and Lance. Last week he had returned from school so wiped out that he had not been interested in plowing his Mommie’s tight moist snatch. Even the next morning he had had to plead with Mommie that he had nothing in the tank for her. It had taken him almost 36 hours until he was able to get back to the usual routine. Mommies efforts to stimulate him had reached desperate measures. To no avail.

But he had finally returned to his usual stamina and enthusiasm for his Mommies amazing fuck-toy body.

But Mommie had not been mollified. She had missed the usual cock stuffing that she had come to need. That day and a half had been endless! She had needs. Lance had responsibilities. To her! To compensate for the missed fucking the previous week Mommie had demanded that she be allowed to service him multiple times.

And she had backed up her request by wearing the most enticing combinations of clothing that Lance had ever seen. If Mommie had been dressing in a provocative manner before she had really out done her self in the past ten days. She had gone from teasing and provocative to downright slutty. Snug had morphed to skintight. Short had become skimpy. Low cut had deepened and widened to the point that over two thirds of her insanely huge tits were now exposed on a daily basis. Before she had been known to allow gaps to show between her blouse’s buttons. Now she merely left half of the buttons unbuttoned, allowing Lance to see her tremendously deep cleavage.

One of her favorite new looks was to wear a blouse so tight that she had no chance of buttoning more than the top and bottom buttons. Her boobs were forced together and bulged outward between the halves of the blouse. Usually her nipples were covered. But not always! This made it very simple for her to tit fuck her son. He would slide his dick between her globes while she crushed them together, trapping his throbbing giant cock. In a few minutes he would be ready to gush out streamers of cum. It would land between Mommies breasts, on her tits, in her eager mouth and all over her blouse and skirt. Gallons of his semen had been washed out of her clothes in the recent days.

Wiggling and jiggling around the house Mommie sprang on the slightest hint of an erection and coaxed Lance to ejaculation after ejaculation. Some mornings she would pull two loads from Lance before letting him head to school.

And in the afternoon, well, four hot loads was the norm before she would let him stagger to his bedroom to recover. Dinner usually now consisted of Lance dining while his Mommie drank from his rock hard, more than foot long shaft which she had jammed into her ever so deep cleavage.

Lance enjoyed the endless sex. His lust for his Mommies body remained as strong as ever. Even after Mommie tucked him into bed and then into her alway eager pussy and rode him while he laid in bed he could still spring a boner thinking about the earlier escapades.

His eyes drifted open as his Mommie slowed her ministrations.

“You know, darling,” she started. “I think that we should host a pool party for all your school chums. Here, at our place. It will be fun! And I’d like to meet your friends, too. I hope they’ll like me.” Her head dropped back to his cock while her hands shuttled up and down even faster than before.

“Oh, God, yes, Mommie, yes, yes!” It wasn’t clear if Lance was agreeing to the pool party idea or reacting to the latest gushers of cum that her clever hands, lips and mouth had pulled from his balls.

The following Saturday afternoon Mommie was soaking in the oversized spa tub she had had installed in her master bath.

Looking down her body she admired the massive islands of breast flesh that rose from the water. She couldn’t see her feet unless she moved ankara escort her immense breasts out of the way.

The party was going to start in a few hours and she was going to have to decide what to wear. She had laid out a few bathing suits and bikinis to choose from. She tried them all on, examining the results in the mirror. Finally she decided to wear them one after the other. As the night wore on she would wear sexier and skimpier outfits. If nothing else, she knew that Lance would enjoy the show! Who was she kidding? Every male is sight would enjoy the show. Mommie would make sure of it!

Hours later Mommie looked out the kitchen window to where all the young people were gathered in the back yard. Her plans were working, she thought. When every one arrived she had been dressed in a chrome yellow bathing suit. High cut at the hip, it drew attention to her showgirl legs which she had emphasized by wearing stiletto heels. Lycra enforced panels were joined in the middle of her amazing chest with black lacing. The effect was to push her breasts up and together in a cock hardening cleavage that almost rose to her shoulders.

None of the young girls had anything even close to the pulchritude that she was displaying. Ella was the closest and she was many inches from matching Mommie.

When Ella had arrived she had attached herself to Lance. Introducing herself as Phoebe, she told Lance not to use her “Club” name. That was only for activities of “The Bigguns”.

“But Ella, I mean Phoebe, what do the names mean? Why are you Ella?”

“Its got to do with theses,” she told him as she hefted her huge titties for him to admire. “I wear an L-cup bra. 38-L! Short and Tall GiGi both wear a Double-G brassiere. And DiDi, of course is a 30-Double D!

She’d smiled at his reaction. “Remember, you met Effie. And we have a Kaye, and we may have an Ophelia or an Emma some day. But for now, I’m the Tittie Queen of the The Bigguns!” She grinned at Lance. While he watched she dropped her giant tits to wobble and shake until they stilled on her chest. Her tits were so firm and round, they were almost as amazing as Mommies, thought Lance.

It was just at that moment that Mommie had appeared to get Lance to help with getting some more chairs from the garage.

It went that way all night. Some young girl would strike up a conversation with Lance and after a few minutes Mommie would appear to get him to do something for her. Lance never had a chance to spend more than a few minutes with one of the pretty girls.

Phoebe was not so easily dissuaded however.

At one point when Mommie had disappeared upstairs to change into another of her collection of bathing suits Phoebe grabbed Lance.

Encircling his arm with both of her she drew him against her breasts as she hustled him into the cabana.

“I haven’t had a chance to spend any quality time with you,” she exclaimed as she whisked off her bikini. “Your Mommie seems to be a bit overprotective. But she has to learn to share the wealth!” As she spoke she had pulled Lance’s pants off and was groping his rapidly stiffening penis.

“Um,” was all that Lance could say before Phoebe had wrapped her lips around his flaccid dick. As he watched she began to tug and pull on his cock with both hands.

“I love your big, fucking dick,” she purred. “I’ve never seen one this big before and I’ve wanted a second chance with you since we all got together in the Counselor’s Office.” Ella had managed to take just over half of his hard cock on that occasion. That was more than anyone else had managed.

With in a couple of moment Lance was at full length. Hard as steel his dick quivered far out in front of his groin while Phoebe stroked and pulled with both hands. Her lips were glued to the end of his penis, her tongue lapping and licking, sucking up all of the precum that he had to offer.

She smiled up at him, “I knew I could get you hard in no time!” she bragged. “You really like my big titties, don’t you, Lance?”

“Um hm,” he moaned as she kept up her manipulation of his dick. “I love big titties! Any there aren’t that many that are bigger than yours!” he admitted.

“I just wish I could swallow this huge dick,” She lamented. “But, come on, I want to feel you push this hard dick up my soaking wet pussy!”

Suiting actions to words, she pushed him down onto the chaise lounge and swung her leg over him.

Reaching between her legs she pulled his erection up to met her pussy lips. Her weight descended as she took more and more. First the dick head and then, very slowly, she took his shaft deeper and deeper into her clutching pussy!

“OH, Fuck!” she groaned as she fell forward onto him. “I can’t take any more than half of you! Too big, too escort ankara hard, too GOOD!” She shivered thru her first orgasm. “I’ve never cum so quickly,” she panted as her pussy clutched and pulsed around his dick.

From outside the cabana Lance her his Mommie’s voice.

“Has anyone seen Lance?”

“I think he went around the house to the front yard,” volunteered a voice he didn’t recognize.

“That’s my friend, Jenny,” Phoebe whispered. “I got her to watch that we don’t get disturbed until I’m done with you, stud! And I’m not done yet!”

Over the next half hour Lance and Phoebe tested the strength of that old chaise lounge. She came at least three more times and drained Lance’s balls twice. Once between her lips and once between her giant tits while he was tit fucking her.

At last, Phoebe, panting and moaning told him that she had had enough for the time being.

“I can’t wait to get you alone at school, next week,” she told Lance. “I’d like to fuck you dry and have you spurt all over me! I love to drink your cum, you know!”

She leaned down and planted a loving kiss on the end of his dick before letting him go.

Lance was the first to leave the cabana and almost immediately was accosted by his Mommie.

“Where have you been, young man? Never mind, I need you to help me bring out some more snacks.”

As they were returning with more chips and such Mommie saw Phoebe slip out of the cabana. To Mommie’s suspicious eyes Phoebe looked like she had had a right shagging recently. Had her darling Lance and her been doing the nasty? She vowed to find out.

As one would expect in such a crowd of hot, sexy girls and young horny men, there was a fair amount of pairing happening. At one point later that evening Ella, or Phoebe, had a young suitor on either side. They were competing for her attention. She had resolved the issue by letting each one stroke, play and suck on the massive tit on his side while she had a hand busy in each one’s lap. Every one seemed happy with the arrangement although Mommie thought that Phoebe was still staring at Lance.

Time after time Mommie would parade thru the back yard. Bending to pickup discarded soda cans, offering snacks and such, she took every chance to show off her amazing figure. Her outfits and teasing manner inspired more than a few couples to retire to the shrubs or cabana to speak privately!

In the course of the evening she managed to speak to every guest, even if just for a few moment. She soon learned which of the young women were members of “The Bigguns”. It was clear that they were, indeed, the most well endowed of the party guests. And all of them had eyes for her Lance.

Mommie made no attempt to hinder anyone’s fun except Lance. He found it impossible to pair up with anyone else since he had to help Mommie. He bore up under this in part because every time she came by she was in another, ever sexier out fit. The other girls were clearly outclassed by Mommie’s amazing figure.

One after the other, sexier and sexier. Slowly revealing more and more of her incredible figure. The last one, just before the party broke up was the smallest bikini anyone there had ever seen! Tiny cups that perched on the jutting mounds of her huge breasts, they were barely covering her nipples. And paired with a bottom that was barely able to reach the top of her pussy lips, it was reduced to thread size when it rose above her ass crack.

The effect was all that she had hoped for. She adored the attention. And she sucked up all of the looks from the young men and a couple of the girls. Again, her appearance spurred young couples to break away from the crowd to find a little privacy. The cabana had several couples, the bushes several more, and one or two pairings found privacy in various rooms in the house.

Time and again, Mommie had to intervene to prevent her Lance from being dragged off by some sexy young tramp. She found this to be burdensome and wished that the kids would just all go home so she could have some alone time with her Lance. All of the looks from the other young men had heated her up. But she knew that no one would be better equipped to put out the growing heat in her loins than her Lance.

Standing next to Lance at the island counter top in the kitchen she turned as she heard some one come in the room. Outside, the party was slowly breaking up. Lance, standing next to her, smiled as he saw Phoebe looking his way.

“Can I do anything to help clean up?” offered the busty young woman.

“Oh, no thank you, Dear. I can handle it all by myself,” Mommie replied. “Run along home and thanks so much for coming tonight. I hope you had a good time?”

“It was nice. I wish I’d had more…” her voice trailed off as ankara escort bayan she left, glancing back at Lance as she left.

“I think she likes you,” Mommie whispered in his ear while she pushed herself against him. Her hand had never stopped stroking his immense prick behind the island.

“She has such a nice figure, too.” Mommie continued. “Not quite as busty as I am, but, really nicely built.”

“Oh, Mommie, stop teasing me! I’ve been hard for ten minutes and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” His knees were shaking as she worked with long languid strokes.

“How big did you say she was, Lance” she asked. She knew of course, she just wanted to tease him some more.

“She said an ‘L’ Cup, Mommie.” he gasped.

“Well, she is well developed, isn’t she? Six cup sizes smaller than me but pretty big, anyway.” She smiled while she sped up the manipulation of his rock hard shaft.

“She’s got the biggest tits in school,” he told her. “But you are sexier, bustier and prettier than anyone.

“Thank you darling. I’m glad you think so.” Mommie sped up again, driving her tongue into his ear, she pulled and pulled on his big hard dick. “Cum for Mommie!”

With a groan of relief Lance spewed rope after rope of cum. No one could coax the kind of load that his Mommie did! Spattering against the island’s cabinets, the river of cum flowed slowly down toward the floor.

With a matching groan of excitement Mommie knelt to collect as much as she could before it dripped onto the tiles. Minutes later Mommie was groaning in excitement again. this time as Lance drove himself between her thighs as they started an extended sex marathon.

The next Monday Mommie was once again in the Office of the School Psychologist. This time she had not bothered to hide herself in her old bulky coat. She stood proudly in front of Ms. Grosenbusen while the School Psychologist looked her up and down. Mommies vastly massive boobs quivered with each breath. The tops of both tits were revealed by the deeply cut neck line. The top clung tightly to every inch of Mommies chest and stomach. Her protuberant nipples were clearly visible where they were trying to poke thru the fabric.

Her perky butt was enhanced by the usual tall heels that she now preferred. And that butt was tightly gripped be the lycra skirt that was no more than a foot in length from the belt loops to the bottom hem. Revealed were long, long legs clad in dusky hose that were gripped by a garter belt. Mommie knew that if she wasn’t VERY careful when she sat down she was in danger of revealing the crotch-less panties that she now wore most of the time. She was seldom careful when she sat down. It was more fun that way!

“I just wanted to let you know, Ms. Grosenbusen, that I’ve decided to Home School my darling Lance. I believe that I can better prepare him for his future than this school. We have had such good luck with our acclimation sessions that I am going to be conducting additional sessions ever day.” And Mommie did not want her Lance to be distracted by the many young sluts that were sniffing around him at school. He was HER fuck toy! No one else’s! Unless she gave permission, Lance was only going to be dipping his dick into HER honey pot! “I want him to be focused. And I think that there are too many distractions at school for his own good!

“I’m afraid that there are too many distractions here for Lance’s own good. The young ladies here seem to have formed an attraction to him that prevents him from taking care of me, I mean, taking care of his chores at home.

“And i know that I need your permission to do this. And I know that you may have some objections. But I hope that you will agree. You’ll agree, in part because you will have to make monthly on-site visits to judge how Lance is acclimating to others. Which will entail your evaluation of his progress in a hands on manner.

“And because if you won’t, then I’ll make sure the administration here learns ALL about your little club, “The Bigguns”. And you don’t want that, do you, Ms. Grosenbusen?”

“I’m afraid the girls may have been a little over enthusiastic, Ms Halbert. You have to admit that Lance is almost unique, isn’t he? I failed to prevent them from taking advantage of his improving relationship skills.” And she herself had enjoyed trying to encompass his giant dick several times that afternoon. and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of her little busty harem. If she played her cards right she might still get a chance to have Lance service her ever horny pussy. At least once a month. And that wouldn’t be so bad!

And so, with a shaky hand, Ms. Grosenbusen signed the agreement as instructed.

Using her usual proud strut Mommie walked out the door and into a new exciting future for her and her Lance. She glared at the busty young girl sitting at the desk outside the office as she passed.

No young floozy was going to interfere with her continued acclimation to Lance!

The End.

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