Michael and JoAnn Ch. 03

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Dating Jo

Anyplace at all is a good place to fuck your girl. She loves my cock I her pussy.


Joann loved going to the movies. For me it was just another place to fuck for the price of admission.

The Claremont Theatre was on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. It was a typical old theatre with a balcony. It was really dark inside. Jo would wear a dress and then cum on my fingers. I could never fuck and watch the movie at the same time. After the show she would tell me what I missed.

The theatre would have fundraisers for local charities and run long epics like Ben Hur and the Ten Commandments. The sound from the movie was loud so Jo’s climaxes were drowned out. We always watched from the balcony. Back then balconies were for horny couples making out. She wore lacy garter panties and a full skirt.

The first few times she sat in a seat next to mined and opened her legs for my fingers. In the end she was sitting on my lap facing forward with my cock in her pussy and my hands fingering her clit. She would moan and cum on me throughout the movie. The usher would shine his flashlight on her open sex and she would just continue humping my cock. My pants were always a mess when the show was over. I would bring another pair of slacks with me and change at her house. Jo would do the laundry and wash my slacks and fold them for the next time.

The Par-Troy Drive-In was my kind of place. It was on Route 46 between Parsippany and Troy Hills; bedroom communities. The parking lot had berms you would drive onto to raise the front of the car to see the screen. The wired speakers were on a caddy sitting on a rigid pole. Sometimes the speakers wouldn’t work so you had to move your car to another location to find a working speaker.

Skirts were mandatory for Jo on our dates. I would eat and fuck her through two movies and cartoons plus coming attractions. She would ride me cowgirl style, and make the car shake. I had to turn on the defroster as the heat from our bodies fogged the windows.

One time we were fucking and it started to rain and Jo reached over to turn on the wipers and opened the car hood instead. I had to button my pants and get out in the rain to close the hood. She laughed. I fucked.

She liked to go to my fraternity balls dressed in a gown while I wore my ROTC uniform. The balls were in NYC. We always stayed over in the hotel. I told her parents the girls were staying in one room and the guys in another. Her father pulled me aside and said, “Enjoy her ass, but be prepared to accept the consequences.” He was smiling and hugging me as he said it.

I respected Tony and told him I would not dishonor him.

Luckily Jo was participating in an early IUD device trial at Mountainside hospital so she was ‘protected’. She went through a ton of those things. She always loved staying in the hotel and fucking on the huge bed.

I was a history buff and enjoyed touring museums and historical structures. Naturally I brought Jo with me and naturally whenever there was a dark room or hidden alcove on the tour I would get horny and start feeling Jo’s tits and ass and get an erection. She would quickly pull out my cock and give me good head, and she swallowed. I loved those trips.

Hey we even ataşehir escort bayan fucked in a lean-to at Jockey Hollow

She loved being fucked in her bedroom above all other locations.

“Fuck your slut.” She would whisper in my ear, her heart racing.

“Who’s my slut?” I demanded.

“I’m your slut.” She responded. “I’m your slut to do with me whatever you want. All of me is yours.” She then pushed me from her cunt and turned around raising her ass by supporting her hips with her hands.

“Fuck my ass and cum in me.”

I smiled broadly and pulled her legs over my shoulders kneeling with my cock head at her rear opening. I put two fingers into her sopping pussy for lubrication and smeared it on her anal opening. I got some more love juice and stuck one finger in her ass. Slowly my digit entered her virgin ass up to the last knuckle.

Finally she gave me her ass.

Jo was breathing deeper now and constricting her muscles around my invading digit. Her first reaction was pain. Suddenly there was no more pain. I moved my finger inside her ass and she told me she felt strangely pleasured.

“Put another finger in my ass.” She commanded. My blood pressure soared as I lubricated the thumb of my other hand and inserted it next to the first finger.

A sensation was welling in the pit of her stomach that she never felt before. It was pleasing, sending sparks to her clitoris. She moaned and tightened her muscles around my fingers. She looked up and saw me studying her face intently.

She fastened her eyes on mine and moved her hands to my wrists. She grabbed my wrists and pulled them apart forcing her anus to open wider.

I was mesmerized by the widening of the sphincter muscles. Still she pulled my wrists apart surprised that the feeling was like flexing a sore muscle. She could feel the air entering her rear opening.

“Fuck my ass Michael, fill my ass with your cum.”

I removed my fingers and then lowered her torso and shagged her pussy to lubricate my cock and then pulled her hips up as she supported them again with her hands.

Her ass and pussy were pointing to the ceiling as I got to my feet on the bed and placed the bulbous head of my cock at the opening of her virgin hole.

My cock was dripping copiously with pre cum, as I lined up with her puckered hole and lowered myself into her ass.

Jo didn’t say there was any pain as my cock entered. She did feel that same pleasurable warmth and noticed that her pussy was tingling and her heart racing. She said it felt good.

“Fuck my ass!” she screamed loud enough for her two sisters to hear and scramble quietly to the doorway of her room.

They peeked in her room as I lowered my body to the knees as my cock sank into Jo. I saw the girls at the door and gave them a stern look and mouthed, “Be quiet.”

The girls nodded and watched Jo as another orgasm swept over her body. She moaned again and moved her hands dropping onto her back.

I flipped her over onto her knees with her head on the pillow and her ass projecting up and re-entered her and started pounding away hard bringing more moans as she buried her face in a pillow.

I pummeled her ass hard and she just moaned in pleasure. I was pulling escort kadıköy her breasts hard and pinching her nipples.

Suddenly a finger was in my ass and hands were squeezing my balls as the sisters had undressed and were having their way with me.

Tina’s tongue was entering my ass cavity causing me to ejaculate into Jo’s swollen ass.

I couldn’t believe how much cum there was. Finally I was all spent and my cock shrank and plopped out of her ass. A soft snore indicated she was sleeping.

I got up and covered her with a comforter, picked up my clothes and left the room.

Tina and Lil were still naked waiting for me in the hall outside Jo’s room. Wordlessly they got on their knees and picked up my limp cock and started licking it.

Magically my cock reanimated whereupon Lil grabbed it and swallowed it to the back of her mouth, then into her throat.

She grabbed my ass forcing my cock further down her throat. She continued to swallow and then got her cheeks around my balls completely engorging my manhood.

I began smashing my hips into Lil’s face as my balls were released.

Again there was a tongue to my ass and I ejaculated directly into Lil’s stomach.

Tina kept squeezing my balls as Lil swallowed all my cum and my cock plopped out of her mouth.

Tina quickly grabbed my deflated cock and with her hand managed to recover a few more drops of cum which she lapped up.

The girls sat in the hallway cross legged. I noticed each had a tattooed red rose over each clit. Each had a gold ring through the meat of the clitoris. I was mesmerized by the jewelry pierced directly in the clitoral hood.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

Tina said, “It makes my clit super sensitive. It increases the arousal to unimaginable orgasm.

In spite of his just having fucked Jo’s ass and Tina’s throat, I was getting very hard again noting the girls were playing with their clit ring and discharging fluid from their cunts.

Lil said “You have used us from the beginning for yourself. Willingly we submitted to your carnal needs whenever you wanted us. Look at these pictures.”

Lil handed him her cell phone and I flipped through dozens of pictures showing me fucking Tina’s ass and Lil’s throat.

“Now you either fuck us in our cunts like the good whores we are, or Jo gets the pictures. Do this and we’ll give you the camera so you can check and confirm the pictures haven’t been shared. Erase them and give back the camera.”

I smiled and said, with a chuckle, “This is a hard decision. But I agree only if you let me take a picture of your tats.”

“Agreed.” the sisters chimed and got up leading me to the spare bedroom on the first floor.

The girls got on the bed and I posed them singly and together in both artsy and obscene poses and took pictures using my phone camera. I had them finger each other and got them in the 69 position to eat each other out.

After a half hour of strenuous posing the girls were flush with excitement. Breathing heavily, perspiration gave their bodies a sexy sheen.

“Which whore wants my cock first?” I asked.

Lil said “We have an idea where you don’t have to choose. We’ll tie a scarf over your eyes and lie on the bed. You will bostancı escort search the bed and the one you touch gets fucked first.”

Blindfolded, I touched Lil first and removed the blindfold and kissed her. She lay on her back with a beaming smile and did look a lot like Jo except for fuller lips and a gorgeous mole on her left breast. She was moaning as I slowly filled her pussy up.

“You have a very tight cunt, whore.” I said slipping into her grotto of pleasure.

“I’m fucking a plastic surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital who did vaginoplasty on both of us just for you. Did you like the tattoo?” She asked coyly as she tightened her cunt muscles around my throbbing cock.

I found myself getting more aroused with every stroke and could feel her clit ring running pleasurably on the top of my pistoning cock.

Lil was shaking beneath me as the sensations from her clit ring created a perpetual orgasm, leaving her semi conscious with ecstasy. I fucked her in several positions and she orgasmed in each.

“Cum in me now Michael as I am going to be your forever bitch to fuck anytime you want I have a very timid husband who likes to eat my cheating cunt. He’s in my room now waiting for me to feed him your cum. Fill me up, tickle my cervix.”

I was beyond caring as I frantically fucked the slut beneath me. The last position was doggie style enabling me to grab her hips for better leverage as I pounded her pelvis bringing me to an explosive climax. I saw a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes as I ejaculated in her throbbing cunt and fell over.

Tina had been keeping pace with her sister using a black dildo and was more than ready. She sucked my cock back to life and laid down for her reward.

My libido was heightened from mating with Lil and I pounced eagerly on the younger Tina. I had to force my way into her pussy and was puzzled.

“I had the doctor make my fuck hole smaller.” She whispered with a devious smile. “Now rip me apart and fill me up with your seed!” she urged clamping her legs around my lower back, drawing me into her.

My heart was racing and my cock never felt as large as I slowly penetrated her cunt snare. I gazed at her and saw pleasure creep into her face as her hole grew tighter as I impaled her. She continued to gaze in my eyes and her body trembled as my cock popped through the snare and reached the back of her cave of earthly desires.

Now I began to thrust wildly and fucked her the same way as I did her sister, finishing doggie-style.

I was exhausted and believed I was suffering from ‘blue balls’ from too much sex. The sisters gave me long kisses with deep tongue.

I was able to drive home to my parents’ house where I fell right to sleep.

Thankfully it was the weekend.

Lil told me later they went back to Jo’s room and ate each other out with Jo snoring beside them.

The three woke up the next morning and it was pure coincidence that each woke with fingers in their pussies. They told Jo that her screaming last night woke them up and that they knew I fucked her. They claimed to not know when I left.

They insisted Jo tell them all about her having sex with me. They sat in a circle on her bed while she relived the previous night’s activities fuck by fuck. Then they all went back to sleep in Jo’s bed.

Jo woke up first and, noticing their tattoos and piercings, woke her sisters demanding an explanation.

Lil said she did it on a whim for her husband and Tina did the same thing to surprise Jim.

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