Me and Bee Ch. 01

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As I have found myself with some spare time (I’m stuck at home with a stomach bug…), I thought I would put fingers to keyboard and write about some of the extraordinary experiences my girlfriend Bee and I have had recently. I hope you’ll forgive me if some of my descriptions end up being a bit clinical. As a software developer by profession, I spend most of my days writing view models and service managers, not descriptions of explicit sexual encounters.

To put it simply, Bee and I are haunted, pursued, cursed, and blessed, by some sort of sexual spirit. And believe me, we’ve tried to apply every rational explanation for the things that have happened to us, but the things we’ve seen, and experienced, and felt… In any case, whether it’s a spirit or something else doesn’t really matter, so much as what happens to us. We can tell when it’s gotten bored and changed something because we’ll both startle awake at night at the same time, often to discover, well, something.

I’m not going to start from the beginning here, because the first few times were very confused and frightening, what with us not knowing what was going on. Maybe in the future. For now, I’ll recount the latest change, since it’s still fresh in my mind and, I think, pretty entertaining.


This time started off uneventfully.

Like usual, Bee and I found ourselves awakened in the middle of the night. I ran my hands over my body in cursory examination, but didn’t notice anything physically different. I assume Bee did the same, although all I was aware of was her grumbling and rolling over in bed to get back to sleep. I decided that the mystery of what had happened this time could wait until morning and did the same.

Over the next several days we had sex a couple of times, but nothing obviously strange happened. This itself was pretty unusual. But then, finally, on Sunday, we began to see how things were to be.

We’d just gotten back from a party at a friend’s house and Bee was tipsy.

“Psst!” The noise caught my attention as I was walking upstairs after feeding our cats. A single large breast was jutting out between the curtains to our bedroom. It wobbled at me. (This had nothing to do with the spirit, by the way. Bee just likes doing this sort of thing when she’s horny.) I leapt up the stairs and grabbed the wayward tit.

“The wild boob is captured once again! What will be its terrible fate?” I bent down and began sucking on the nipple.

“Dork,” she said with a laugh, and pulled me through the curtain. She pawed at my half-erection through my jeans. “Well hello there…”

“Uh uh, nope. No penis yet. I haven’t gotten to go down on you all week. And I intend…” I pushed my naked girlfriend backward onto our bed “…to make up for it.”

“Oh… no… please, anything but that…”

I kissed each of her lovely breasts, then between them, then laid kisses in a line down her belly to just above her clit. I gave a few tickling licks on each side of her vulva, and then I dove in. I held her legs apart with my hands and attacked her clit with my tongue, occasionally teasing her labia or licking from bottom to top. Bee was already moaning and mashing her hands into her huge tits, tweaking her own nipples. Time for some fingers to get involved. I quickly wet two fingers in my mouth and then wormed them inside of my writhing girlfriend.


I started slowly moving my fingers in and out, while continuing to brush her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her hips began to bob up and down. Bee was going to cum already.

“Oh, fuck, yes!”

I maintained my rhythm, curling my fingers up a bit to rub her g-spot. Her hips continued to buck and I could feel her vagina contracting around my fingers. Her first orgasm of the night. Needless to say, I was rock hard inside my jeans, but there was no way I was done yet.

I continued licking and finger-fucking Bee, now three fingers, now four. Bee continued squirming on the bed and moaning expletives. Once demetevler escort she gets going, she keeps going until I stop or she decides she absolutely must have my dick inside her. I kept going, and she kept orgasming.

Finally, I began to notice something strange. Bee had been getting wetter and wetter as she came, which isn’t unusual, but now she began to squirt. Bee has never squirted, no matter how much I tried. Now, she was definitely squirting. And with each orgasm, she was squirting more. Well, I’m not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, so I just kept going, her juices soaking into my shirt and down the side of the bed. Bee, for her part, was incoherently grabbing at the sheets in her pleasure.

I also noticed as I went that her orgasms were lasting longer. At first it was hard to tell, since she was coming so often anyway, but my fingers were definitely getting squeezed for longer and longer periods of time. Still, I kept going, now plunging my fingers into her pussy with some force, and licking as fast as my tongue would allow. A steady spray of cum plastered my shirt to my chest as Bee thrust her hips up and down, repeating “oh fuck me” over and over again.

I was extremely ready to do so. I turned, and as quickly as I could I disrobed, my sticky shirt flung against the far wall and my jeans, themselves a mess, tossed onto the floor. I turned back, my throbbing erection pointed at my girlfriend. Who was still laying on the bed in the middle of an orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. Her hips were thrusting into the air, her hands back to grabbing her breasts, and she was spraying cum all over the floor.

As she was still mumbling “fuck me”, in between gasping pants, it was my duty as a loving boyfriend to do so. I lifted her legs, her hips still hanging over the edge of the bed, and put them on my shoulders. Entering her was no mean feat while she was still bucking her hips, but finally I got the tip in, and wasting no time, the rest of me followed.

“Oh, FUCK, YES!”

My belly was quickly covered in Bee’s cum. I was so incredibly turned on, I couldn’t help but fuck her as fast and hard as I could. Her tits rocked back and forth as I pounded into her. I managed to catch hold of her wrists and used them to pull myself even deeper into her. My dick got even harder and I knew I was about to come. With one final thrust and one final pull on her wrists, I buried myself deep inside of my lust-lost girlfriend and came.

Bee was still coming. I don’t know when the previous orgasm had ended and this one had begun, but she was still coming, and making a gigantic mess of me, the bed, and the floor in doing so. I began to go soft inside of her, and was just about to pull out, when Bee grabbed my wrists and wrapped her legs around my waist. I was trapped, while my girlfriend’s vagina continued to spasm on my now-extremely-sensitive dick.

“Shit fuck fuck shit fuck shit” That was me, now, stringing together expletives. It was all I could do to keep my legs from collapsing from over-stimulation. Bee continued to grind on my semi-erect dick for what must have been three or four more minutes, before finally going limp.

I laid down next to her.

“Holy fucking shit.”

“Holy… fucking… shit.”


The next morning as I lay in bed before work (yes, we changed the sheets), I thought about the previous night. It was pretty unusual for the spirit to only change one of us, which means it was pretty likely, judging from experience, that I had some sort of similar or complimentary change to Bee’s. Well, there was a pretty easy way to test the obvious guess.

Bee had already gone to work, which left me to take care of myself. I’ll spare you the details of my masturbation session, although it did involve this very website. It was hard to tell, but when I finally came it might have been a little bit more. I needed more data.

I went to work, and after lunch I went home with the excuse that escort demetevler I needed to run some errands. Again, I masturbated, though with some difficulty so soon after my last session and the night before. But instead of the trickle of cum I’d expect from myself after three orgasm in less than 24 hours, I had a quite powerful orgasm. Two respectable jets covered my belly.

I hatched a plan to surprise Bee. Bee had started her period that previous night soon after our amazing encounter, which meant she probably wouldn’t be up for sex for three or four more days at least. Every day I masturbated two or three times, making various excuses to leave work in the middle of the day to do so. The pace was a mighty challenge for me, but whenever I had difficulty getting off I just remembered the sound of Bee coming, or how it felt to have her spray cum all over me, and I’d be coming myself.

It started out slowly. Two jets of cum, two slightly larger jets of cum, three jets of cum, but then it started picking up the pace. Six long jets, then ten, then fifteen. By Thursday I’d ceased having distinct pulses, it was just a steady stream of cum as I lay thrashing in the tub for twenty, thirty seconds. (It was way too messy anywhere else.) Of course I have no idea where all this fluid was coming from; I wasn’t drinking any more water than usual. But this is why we assume some non-rational explanation for everything.

Friday came and went. Bee was still having cramps, so I got up to almost a minute-straight orgasm, my cum flying out of my dick so powerfully it hit the back wall of the shower over my head. It pooled around me as I lay in the shower afterwards. It was a bitch to get out of my hair.


Saturday arrived, and we were having a day to ourselves at home. I started flirting with Bee and she flirted back. Eventually:

“I want you to sit on my face. The spirit hasn’t gotten bored yet, and you coming all over me was the hottest thing I’ve experienced in a while. I want to be drowning in your juices.”

Instead of saying anything she just kissed me, long and deep. If that weren’t enough of an indication, I could feel her nipples poking through her shirt.

“I want you to eat me. I want to sit on your face and come and come and come, until I can’t stand it anymore and then you’re going to fuck me.”

We absconded upstairs to our bathroom. I undressed her first, paying attention to her fine rack as I removed her bra. She never took her eyes off my face. Then she undressed me, roughly pulling down my pants and taking my cock into her mouth. Still she kept her eyes on my face. I thought she wasn’t going to stop, and my surprise would be ruined (although I suppose it still would have been a surprise), but abruptly she stood up and pointed at the tub.

“Get in and lie down.” I love it when Bee gets dominant on me. I did as she commanded, gently lowing myself into the tub on my back. Bee climbed in and stood over me, her breasts swaying back and forth. I could see that she was already very wet. She knelt down carefully over my face. (Tubs are not, as a rule, particularly easy on the knees.)

I went to work, burying my face in her vagina and sucking and licking Bee’s clit for all I was worth. Whenever I needed to slow down she would slowly but forcefully grind herself against my face, pleasuring herself on me as I rested. But I knew it would be difficult for Bee to come in this position, and was about to say something when I heard a buzzing noise and felt her vagina vibrating against my tongue.

Looking up, I saw Bee holding a small remote. “When…” I began, but she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I’ve had this vibrator inside me all day.” So much for me having the only surprise.

I redoubled my efforts, and soon, with the aid of a vibrator inserted into my girlfriend’s vagina, she came. Her orgasm picked up exactly where it left off. A torrent of warm, musky fluid filled my mouth as I continued to demetevler escort bayan eat Bee out, and my entire upper body was quickly soaked. When the first orgasm finally ended, a second one started soon after. Bee was not just coming longer, she was coming, and squirting, harder. I can’t conceive of how that volume of cum could be leaving her body so quickly, but the evidence was all around me, and rising up to my ears.

I asked Bee afterwards what it felt like to squirt so much so quickly. She said, “It was like the best pee I ever had plus the best orgasm I ever had, times ten. It was like coming white hot fire, but in a good way. I felt kinda stretched out inside, I guess from wherever the cum appeared inside me all the way out. It did sort of hurt, but in the best possible way.”

My tongue was tiring again, but I realized with how long Bee’s orgasms were lasting I could probably rest a while. The cum was half way up my face now, as I laid back watching my girlfriend in the throes of ecstasy on top of me. She clutched the remote in one hand against her breast, and the other hand held on to a safety railing attached to the wall. I got an idea.

I lubed up my right hand by submerging it in Bee’s cum, then very gently started to trace circles around her ass. Bee started moaning even louder. I could feel the vibrator vibrating with the tip of my finger as I slowly pushed it into her ass. “Oh, fffffffffffuck!” I took that as a sign to keep going and gently slid my finger further in. Now I could really feel the vibrator. I started moving my finger in and out, and Bee started grinding on my finger forcing it in and out even harder.

With a yell she went directly from one orgasm to the next. I only know this happened because the ridiculous stream of cum splashing out of her became even more ridiculous. The bathtub could have filled so fast if we’d turned the tap on full blast. In her orgasmic contractions she also managed to force out the beleaguered vibrator, which disappeared somewhere into the foot-deep pool of cum.

I decided it was time. While Bee was more-or-less incoherent with pleasure, I shimmied her backwards so I could sit up. Without a word or indication, her vagina found my dick and she buried me deep inside her. We sat face to face, arms and legs around each other, me balls deep in Bee while we sat in a rising tide of Bee’s juices.

Bee began to rock her hips back and forth, and I never stood a chance. I came immediately, and a torrent of my own cum began filling Bee. It took a few seconds, but her eyes flew open as she realized what was happening. Then she closed her eyes again, threw her head back, and started grinding on me even harder. My orgasm continued to flow, my vision dimming at the edges in the extreme, prolonged pleasure of coming inside my love.

There was a pressure on my cock as I continued to come. Vaguely I realized that I’d filled Bee up, and that thought took me to an even higher level of pleasure. I could feel my cum spurting back out of Bee’s vagina, around my cock. It mixed with her own impossible jet, filling the tub even more.

After what seemed like forever, my orgasm ended. Bee, however, was not done, and in our position there was nothing I could do by ride it out. Or, more accurately, let her ride me out. She kept coming, and the rising fluid level met the tub’s overflow drain. This slowed the rise a bit, but we were still looking at a major flooding event.

And then I felt myself getting hard again. She’d come so long with me inside her that I was getting aroused again. And I couldn’t stop it. Bee was just too damn sexy, the situation was too ridiculous and hot. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build again and all I could do was enjoy it. I came so hard it felt like my dick had been forced to twice its girth to accommodate all the exiting fluids. Judging from Bee’s reaction this might not be too far from the truth.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” We both yelled it like it meant anything anymore, then our mouths found each other and we rode out our orgasms with frantic, passionate kisses. I lost track of time. It was just Bee, me, and the pleasure. And admittedly some sloshing.

It ended. We had, by luck or by design, finished orgasming at the same time. We opened our eyes. We had overflowed the tub.


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