Margaret Gives and Takes

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The head bobbed furiously back and forth at my groin, the crimson lips spread wide to take my erect cock. I was controlling the speed with a hand, grasping the hair at the back of her head, and on the down stroke I pulled it down firmly and held it, pushing my cock into the back of her throat and starting to count slowly to five.

“One … Two …”

Squatting down in front of me, nude except for a pair of red high heels, her legs spread wide to reveal the glistening pink of her wet sex between her parted labia, she looked like an older version of the Eastern European woman the Middle Eastern client and I had watched last week, face fucking her partner in a sex show in a private and expensive club off Syngrou Avenue in Athens.

“Three … Four …”

I could feel the contractions around the head of my cock as her throat spasmed with the gag reflex, and I relaxed my grip as she jerked her head back retching.

“Are you all right Margaret,” I said. “Are you okay to go on with this?”

My wife looked up. She was coughing and swallowing and her mouth and chin were dripping with spittle. But she was bright eyed with excitement and grinning.

“I told you. There’s nothing that female porn stars have got that I haven’t. I don’t mind you watching X-rated movies or sex shows, if it’s necessary for your business, but it’s me I want you fantasising about coming home to. I can do anything they can.”

“Some of things they do are pretty wild,” I said. “The woman in that club had her hands bound behind her back, and she didn’t gag and she didn’t stop until the guy had blown his load into her mouth. She showed us before she swallowed it.”

“It’s only practise,” said Margaret. “I just need to get past the gag reflex, and relax as the head of your cock pushes down my throat. Let’s try again.”

Margaret opened her mouth, took me all of the way in until my balls were against her chin, and then started bobbing up and down on my shaft, her unsupported breasts bouncing on her chest. The feeling of my cock sliding in and out between her stretched lips, rubbing over her tongue and pushing its way into the tightness of her throat was fantastic. I grabbed her head and pushed it down, feeling the spasms start, but holding her there as I started to count.

“One … Two …” Margaret’s eyes were screwed shut, her fists were clenched but she was struggling to relax and control her breathing. “Three … Four …” She was gurgling and gagging and I could feel her throat contracting. I released my grip, but she kept her head down, fighting the urge to pull back.”


My penis flipped out of her mouth with a squelch, dragging strings of her saliva with it. Margaret retched and coughed, then rubbed her hand across her mouth and chin to wipe away the slobber. I reached down and helped to pull her back up to a standing position, where she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth, forcing her saliva and pre cum coated tongue between my lips.

“God that was so lewd,” she said, breaking the kiss and grinning at me. “Squatting like a porn star, face fucking my lover. I feel so hot and slutty. Do you think I could get a job on Syngrou Avenue?”

“I’m sure there’s plenty would pay good money to see a MILF like you made airtight.”


“With all her holes filled at once. That woman last week ended up double penetrated between two guys, one up the front and one up the back, while being face fucked by a third. They rotated their way around her before jerking off into her mouth. Do you think you could handle that?”

“Airtight! Good grief, whoever thinks of these labels? But she could still breathe couldn’t she?” She licked her lips lasciviously. “Last time I checked I’d got the same number of holes, lover.” She grinned. “‘Not sure that I’m quite up for it yet, though. Nor that you would want me to.”

“Maybe we’ll just leave that as something to fantasise about.” I hugged her too me, pressing my erection into her belly. “But I was really enjoying what you were doing just now.”

She reached between us and her hand closed around my erection, tugging it and using it to lead me toward an armchair.

“Sit down there, lover and I’ll kneel between your legs. I’m afraid my ageing knees and hips won’t stand squatting for very long. Not long enough to get you off, anyway.”

“Maybe it’s your technique.” I chuckled.

“You’ve never complained before. Anyway I’ll give you a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the result you can have another one for free at a time of your choosing.”


“Well just don’t get me arrested.”

She knelt down, opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the head of my cock. I could feel her tongue swirling around the glans, the tip poking at my pee hole. Then she went to work. One hand sliding up and down the base of my shaft, the other caressing my balls, and with her mouth: sucking, licking, kissing and nibbling, interspersed by long, deep penetrations of her throat. güvenilir bahis Holding me in for as long as she could without gagging.

I laid back in the chair and selfishly allowed myself to focus entirely on the pleasure she was giving me. Watching the woman in the night club being face fucked and gang-banged had been exciting. But Margaret was right. There was nothing that woman could have done for me that could make me feel any better than my own darling wife was making me feel now.

We were in the lounge room with the curtains open. It was dark outside and we had lit some corner lamps. Our house was set down from the road but screened by alders, so were unlikely to be seen unless someone came down the drive and walked around to look into the window. But I would have been happy for them to do so.

Happy for them to watch Margaret naked and unashamedly giving me a blow job, just like the woman I had watched last week in Athens. And I realised that Margaret was right. She could indeed be quite capable of doing everything that woman had done. It was all just a matter or motivation, or inducement.

“Are you holding out on me, lover?” said Margaret, giving my balls a playful squeeze.

“I was just thinking.”

“Not about that woman in Athens, I hope?” She was holding my balls firmly, I needed to choose my words carefully.

“I was thinking what it would have been like if it had been you and me up there on that stage.”

“You’d like that would you? To fuck your loyal and faithful wife in front of a roomful of strangers?”

“And beautiful too, you forgot that part. You turn me on Margaret, and I’m sure you could put on just as good a show as she did.”

“Well we put on something of a show for my parents, and you certainly enjoyed showing me off to Paul. Now you just keep thinking those filthy thoughts while I get your rocks off for you. I’m going to suck you dry.”

Which she did, with all the wanton abandon I could ever have wished for. I lay back and shut my eyes, imagining we were under a single bright spotlight in the centre of a close packed ring of eager, impatient men with lust filled eyes. I felt my balls retract as the wave of orgasm began to roll over me. Margaret was grunting with the effort of pushing my cock as far into her mouth as it could go, accompanied by lewd slurping and squelching noises as it tunnelled in and out of her throat. Her hand closed around my tight sack as my pelvis started to jerk, and I grunted with pleasure.

“I’m coming Margaret,” I shouted. “I’m coming.” And as the orgasm racked my body she clamped her head down hard, forcing my cock into her throat and taking each burst of sperm as it pumped from my loins. When she felt me relax she lifted her head and I opened my eyes. She was staring up at me wide eyed and with her mouth open. She pushed her tongue out and beckoned with a finger for me to take a look. Her mouth was awash with a creamy mixture of sperm and saliva. She grinned, closed her mouth and swallowed.

Then her mouth closed over my cock again and she proceed to suck and lick every last drop of sperm from it, before kneeling up and leaning forward to kiss me. I opened my mouth and her tongue invaded mine, licking all around the inside of it and wrestling with my tongue, allowing me to taste my own sperm as she transferred the fluids into me.

I took her into my arms and hugged her naked, sweaty body, and ran my fingers though her hair and held her head and showered kisses onto her sweet mouth.

“We’re not done yet,” she giggled, between kisses. “I want you hard again. I need that delicious cock of yours inside me. And there’s no rest for you until I get it.”

Her hand was stroking my cock and I could feel the beginnings of another erection, when she stopped. I looked down at her inquisitively.

“I’ve got a better idea. I’m going to lie across your lap and you’re going to spank me until I feel you get hard again.” She winked at me. “And if you get me warmed up enough I’ll let you put some stripes on my backside with that cane we bought.”

She stood up and led me over to one of our padded seat, dining table chairs. I sat down with my legs slightly apart and she lay across my lap, trapping my still soft penis against her naked stomach. Her legs were dangling down to my right and her head to my left. She rested her palms on the floor to support herself.

I laid my left hand onto her back and reached between her legs with my right. She obligingly opened them wider, wriggled her hips and moaned softly as I slid two fingers deeply into her hot, slippery slit. Then I withdrew them and swatted her playfully on the bottom.

“Thank you Margaret, for letting me spank you.” I meant it, I was deeply grateful that my lovely wife trusted me enough to let me do this to her

Her laugh was deep and throaty. “I should be thanking you. Isn’t that what submissives are supposed to do?”

“You’re hardly submissive Margaret.”

“You should see it from my angle, forced down naked türkçe bahis over the knee of my brutal husband. Goodness only knows what pain and suffering he’s going to inflict on me.”

“Let’s start with the spanking,” I chuckled, “and we’ll see happens after that.”

I started gently at first, slapping my palm against one cheek and then the other, enjoying the sound and the feel of my hand impacting on her soft, cool flesh, working over the entire surface of her bottom. Maintaining a regular rhythm, I increased the force of the slaps until her skin was glowing red, and was warm to the touch. But the only response I was able to elicit from her was a slight increase in her breathing and the occasional sigh. She was enjoying it.

“Harder now, okay?” I asked.

“Ooohhh you wicked beast, beating a poor defenceless woman.”

“Lie still and take your punishment, you lewd strumpet,” I said, slapping my hand hard, low down and in the centre of her buttocks.

“Oh you vicious man, how can I endure such pain and humiliation.” She wriggled her bottom and invitingly spread her legs wider.

Obligingly I slipped my hand between her thighs and rubbed my fingers gently over her bald, puffy outer labia which were slick with her wetness. “I’ll stop if that’s what you want,” I said, sliding my fingers forward between her inner lips and pushing the tip of my middle finger against her clit.

“Take your beastly fingers off me, you horrid man.” She dramatically slapped the back of her hand against her forehead and kicked her heels. “I feel as if I’m going to swoon. I’d rather my bottom was cut to ribbons than submit to your vile sexual desires.” She wriggled her hips again, rubbing her belly against my growing erection. “It’s working then,” she giggled. “Seems you enjoy playing the part of the firm handed husband disciplining his unruly wife?”

“Let this be a lesson to you then,” I replied, pulling my hand away from her sex and bringing it down hard on her bottom. There was a soft gasp from Margaret and she dropped her head and settled down against me as if bracing herself.

I didn’t disappoint her and began working her bottom over with firm, aimed slaps, honing in on the underside of the globes and the inner thighs close to her pussy. I was warming to my work, enjoying the deep shade of crimson that had spread over both buttocks, and the soft moans and wriggles from Margaret. But she was not trying to evade the blows, if anything she was pushing her bottom up even more to meet them, and I marvelled at the mysterious bodily chemistry that enabled her to translate pain into pleasure. Although in reality I knew that the sound of the spanking I was delivering was worse than its bite. I was hitting hard enough for her to feel it, but nowhere near as hard as I could. And at least using my hand I could gauge from the feel of my palm on her bottom, and the reaction it provoked, whether I was causing her any serious pain. I was still a bit nervous, however, of what damage I might do with a cane, without that immediate sense of feedback.

There was no sign, however, that Margaret wanted me to stop. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and I could feel my erect penis pushing itself against her belly. So I increased the force of the slaps until Margaret’s wriggling had taken on a note of urgency, her feet were kicking and she was emitting little yelps and gasps. One last central wallop and I dropped my hand and caressed the hot skin.

“Oooohhhh, you nasty, wicked, cruel man,” she cooed in a low husky voice. “That feels soooo good. You’ve lit a fire inside me and the only way to put it out is for that fire hose of yours to pump some soothing sperm into me.”

She moaned as I slid my fingers into her slit. Three of them disappeared completely, as if her pussy had swallowed them. “You feel pretty wet in there already. I don’t think there’s any danger of spontaneous combustion.”

“I’d be quite happy to stay here and let your delicious fingers trigger my detonator,” she said. “But I promised to let you try the cane on me.” She stood up, stretched, rubbed her bottom while grinning at me, and then disappeared into the study to reappear with the lightweight Dragon cane we had purchased on the internet.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this, Margaret?” I said. “I’m worried about hurting you with that thing.”

“I do love you, James,” she said. “And I know you don’t really want to hurt me. But I’m in the mood to experiment. It was okay when my father did it to me, and my mother enjoyed what you did to her. So now you can do it to me.”

“But it will leave marks.”

“Of course it will. But I don’t mind. I want to see a nice, neat row of red stripes down my backside. Or would you rather I went out and got a dragon tattooed down my back?”

“Don’t tempt me. Truth be told I’d find it very erotic to see you tattooed,” I replied.

“Mmmm, that’s worth considering. Now stop prevaricating. You’re going to cane me.” She proffered me the cane. “Tease me with it first, but güvenilir bahis siteleri don’t keep me waiting too long. My bum’s all nicely warmed up for it.”

“Okay, stand with your legs apart and your hands behind your head.”

I’d seen this sort of thing done in the spanking videos I’d watched on-line. So I walked around her swishing the cane. Then I rubbed it across her nipples, watching them pucker and stiffen. Gently I tapped the cane lightly against one breast and then the other. Then again, lightly flicking each rubbery hard nipple with the tip.

I kept the cane pressed lightly against her as I rubbed it slowly down over her chest and belly, stopping when I reached her pussy. I placed a few light taps across her belly and pubic mound and continued tapping down her thighs. Then I walked around to other side and started the same process from the neck down. Tapping it across her shoulders and back, over the small of her back and bottom. I paused when I reached the crease between her thighs and buttocks, pointed the cane, and slid it in between her parted labia, holding it firmly pressed against her slit.

Margaret’s face had flushed and she was sighing as I gently sawed the cane back and forth along her slit, seeing it emerge shining with her juices. Then I dropped it away from her sex and gently tapped it back and forth on the inside of her thighs, working my way down to her knees.

I moved in front of her again and bent my head to kiss her. She parted her lips and our tongues met. I felt her hand reach between my legs and grasp my cock which was back to full hardness and sticking straight up in front of my belly.

“You’re enjoying this, my darling,” she said. “And that makes me a very happy woman.”

She walked over to an armchair, knelt on the seat, rested her arms and head on the back, parted her legs and stuck her bottom out.

“Lay on MacDuff.”

I gazed at the engorged and parted labia protruding between her outer lips, revealing the glistening rose of her sex, and tried to remember everything Clarence had shown me the night he had demonstrated caning Margaret’s bottom, and had allowed me to practise on Jean, my mother in law. I took up a balanced stance to Margaret’s left, measured out my swing and took several practise swishes.

The first stroke was harder than I intended, landing across the middle of Margaret’s bottom with a sharp thwack. Margaret gasped and arched her back, causing her breasts to bounce back and forth on her chest. I was horrified to see a thin red line growing across her buttocks. Instinctively I reached out to rub it.

“Oooooo, yes,” sighed Margaret.

“Sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

She turned her head to look at me and her eyes were blazing with excitement. “Will you stop worrying? I haven’t told you to stop have I? You’ve just set off a whole burst of sparks in my vagina. Now please give me another one just the same.”

I drew back my arm and aimed just above the first red line, but holding back a little. Nevertheless there was a satisfying soft crack and Margaret jiggled her hips and sighed.

“Perfect,” she cooed. “There goes another rocket. Wooosssh, oooohhh, I can feel the stars bursting.”

I lowered my aim and laid the cane just below the first stripe, a bit harder this time, starting to relax and enjoy the experience, now that I realised that it was not causing Margaret any serious pain. The cane thwacked into her buttocks causing Margaret to yelp and buck her hips

“Ohhhhhhh,” she breathed, as a third red stripe started to glow across her bottom.

I dropped my cane arm and reached out with my left hand to caress Margaret’s hanging breasts. Her nipples were rubber hard and I tweaked them gently with my fingers, and then cupped each breast and massaged it.

“Are you okay Margaret, do you want me to stop?”

“Not yet. How are my love marks coming along?”

“You’ve got three stripes across your bum,” I replied. “Glowing nicely, like a pink and red tiger.”

“Gggrrrrrrrr,” she growled, twisting her body and arching her back like a cat. “Three more. Then you have to fuck me. But take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

I resumed my stance, cocked my wrist and laid the fourth stroke above the second. This time there was the barest hint of a wriggle and a soft sigh. Then she jiggled her hips to show that she was ready.

I swung again, aiming lower this time. Margaret gasped and a soft yelp escaped her lips. She steadied her hips and pushed her bottom out displaying five, almost parallel, pink stripes. I ran my left hand over them, feeling the dangerous allure of being allowed to mark my lover’s body this way.

I cocked my wrist and aimed the last stroke lower again, just above the crease at the bottom of her buttocks but making sure that the cane would strike the flesh, and not touch any of the sensitive bits underneath. I struck, a little harder than before, the cane bouncing off the firm flesh with a satisfying thwack.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” moaned Margaret, dropping her head on her arms and arching her back, and I was afraid I’d hurt her. “Ohhhhhhh, woooossshhh. There are stars bursting inside me. Quick, get your cock in me before they start to fade.”

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