Lucky Lunch

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He looked down at his phone to a number he did not recognize. The message was Have 2 tickets for tonight if you want them: He dug deep into his past and the name popped into his head. Anne.

He quickly responded with a YES and a question regarding the pickup. Anne wrote back that she would be home for lunch and he could pick them up there. With the address and directions he made his way to her house. When he knocked she took a min to answer the door and when she did it was quick and quirt. She opened the door and he stepped inside. She said they were in the kitchen and he followed. Over to the cupboard and up on the upper shelf he watched her stretch up to reach them.

Years flashed as he watched he reach up. The many missed moments and all the unfulfilled urges flooded back as he gazed. He bit his lip and made his decision. Time froze as he moved forward. With quiet steps he approached her. His hands sweating and his stomach in knots. Just as she found the tickets he slid his hands up her hips. The soft material was almost not there as his hands caressed her sides. He moved them up and down to feel the curves of her body. She gasped as she felt little lightning bolts shoot down to her toes. Her eyes closed and she willed his hands to keep moving, keep roaming, not to stop. He was frozen with lust and fear. His hands shook slightly as he summand more courage and slid them higher. The soft fabric of her bra greeted his hands as he caressed her breasts. She gasp again as he squeezed the first prize of the day. He slightly pushes into her as he keeps his pressure firm on her body. She pushed back to meet him breathing hard and turning red. She wondered if he could feel her nipples harden as her lust also grew. She slid her hands over hers to encourage more pressure. He obliged with a firm squeeze and a tug on each nipple. His hand left her tits and moved to the buttons of her blouse. He popped each one and let the garment fall to the floor. Now with her bare back exposed he slid the clasp and let the bra fall also.

The feel of her skin made his shaft flex and his balls tighten. For so long he felt these in his dreams but now they more than filled his large hands. The increased her breathing and push back harder to feel his cock growing into her. He started kissing her neck gently on both side and then up to her ears. She leaned her head back and their lips found there partner and began a long desperate kiss. Her tongue battled with his as he did not top squeezing her wonderful tits. He now longed to taste them. He slowly broke the kiss and slid around so his mouth could clamp on to her nipple. The feel of it in his mouth made him moan aloud. She in turn moaned with please as he continued to suck. His hand squeezed hard as he sucked and kissed. She pulled him to her other nipple and he repeated all the actions while his other hand ran up and down her bottom. He thought the skirt needed to come off but he did not want to break the embrace. He kissed down to her waist and unclasp the waist to let it fall also. She took a deep breath as it fell away. She was almost naked and he was fully dressed with a large prize that’s she desperately want to see.

She reached to pull his shirt up and over his head. She then kissed his chest and nipples hard and bit them softly. He ran his fingers through her hair to savor each second. She kissed down to his belt and deftly slid it off and his shorts feel and caught on his raging hard on. She giggled as she had to tug them over it and saw that he was leaking and his underwear bore wet spots that spoke of his level of excitement. She went up to his neck and kissed it as her fingers closed around the tip of his cock. The both gasp. He from the felling of many years of lust and her from the anticipation of this huge thing in her mouth. She began to pump it up and down and he grabbed her tits again. The harder he squeezed the tighter her grip became. She wanted to feel his balls so she slid down and found them large and round. He said a quiet YES as she squeezed them and felt how heavy they were. His mouth went for her nipples as she alternated between his balls and shaft. The spot on the tip was soaking his boxers so she gently tugged them down. When is cock sprang free she sighed at the size and shape of the head. It was large and purple, smooth and tight. She wet he lips as they were dry from her breathing. She so wanted to grab hold pendik escort and suck it all in to feel him fill her but she worked slowly, her fingertips gently caressing the tip. The clear cream wetted her fingers as she pumped it all the way up and down to his balls. She loved they way they we shaved, so smooth that she wanted to suck them both. As she lowered her head he could not believe that his gamble was worth the risk. It seemed that she wanted him as much as she wanted her. Her tongue licked the tip and tasted the fluid flowing like a river. With this much now she shuddered at the thought of what was still down there when he shot it. Opening wider she began to slide more and more down into her mouth. The hotness of his tool felt like heaven as he contained to maul here now hanging tits. He groaned his approbation as she quickened her pace. The noises from her sloppy and wet mouth began to drive him over the edge. He cried out as she felt his balls tighten. She quickly pulled it out and began to suck and hum on his tight balls. He sighed as the urge passed and he savored her tongue licking circles. A few more minutes passed as she brought him to the edge 3 more times and each time stopped him as he thought it was time.

He pulled her up and knelt before her. He pulled on her panties and tugged them to the floor. He took them and smelled them as the view of her pussy came into being. He gently stroked his fingers along the outer lips. It was here tune to say yes yes yes! He used more pressure as he parted the lips and stroked her hard wet clit. Now she was shaking a little as his mouth came close enough that she could feel him breathing. Oh my god did she want him to slide his tongue in the wet pocket of her clit but she dared not speak. He told her to sit on the counter and spread her legs. She did so and he began to kiss up and down her inner thighs. Each time blowing hard on her pussy. It was so wet that it ran down onto the counter top. He spread the lips wide with his finger and his tongue began to lick small ovals across her clit. She said Yes louder as she pulled his hair gently. He increased the pressure and receded to make it last as long as he dared. He wanted his to last as it may never happen again. She was urgent and wanted to Cum loudly all over his mouth. He sensed her urgency and began a steady rhythm that would ensued a mightily climax. Her breathing increased and she began to pull one her nipples. He looked up to see her pawing her tits hard and her mouth open wide. She grunted as he felt the release of fluid down his tongue. She cried out of Fuck over and over as the orgasm lasted longer that she could imagine. He licked all her cum as fast as he could as she pulled hard on her boobs to increase the feeling. She thought it will never be like this again as she screamed with finality.

She pulled him up and kissed him hard over and over to thank him and to taste her sweet nectar. She was grabbing his cock and stroking it in time to her kisses. He moaned into her mouth as she rubbed under his balls. She thanked him over and over as she panted into his mouth. He was panting also from what her fingers were doing under his balls. He went down and suckled on her nipple has her hands continued to send him more and more into an area he had not been. The feeling of his mouth on her nipple felt like home and she wanted to never break the embrace. The pool of cum on the counter was growing cold and he began to move her down. She did not break contact with his rock hard cock as never wanted to let it go again. The feeling between her legs told her she needed to be pumped by it NOW. She pushed him to the floor and began to suck him all the way into her mouth once again. He grappled for her and pulled her into a 69 position so he could attack her pussy with his mouth. She got the hint and straddled him pushing her throbbing clit to his waiting mouth. The both started slowly lick and sucking at a slow and gentle pace. She bang to go faster and he followed suit. He was soon bouncing up and down as her warned her what would happen. He attacked her clit and made her moan as she sucked. Her hands we juggling his very full balls when he cried into her pussy. This time when they tightened she pushed all of his cock she could into her throat and felt the tip inflate even larger. She did not think she could take it all but the feeling coming from her pussy told her maltepe escort to take it all down. He felt the cum bubble up in his balls and tried on last time to tell her. She just sucked harder and fucked her pussy against his tongue. The first shot erupted into her mouth and she loved the hot salty taste as just one shot filled her cheeks. When she felt the cum moving up his cock she too began to cum. Her body shook with intense pleasure. The second shot landed on her lips as she had to pull it out to breath. It splashed hard into her waiting mouth and ran down her chin. Her pussy was flooding his face with cream. He yelled as he licked and she caught the next shot on her forehead. This one had much more power and it splashed all over her hair. It ran down as the next one was directed up into the air and it came down on her pumping hand. Her pussy clenched with pleasure as she fucked into him harder. He loved the feeling of her clit rubbing on lips and tongue. The shots kept coming as she marveled on how much cum he really had in him. They landed on her head, tits, lips, face, and she loved each one of them one their own. She had made him shoot so hard and she wanted to taste every last drop of his pleasure!

He continued to lick long after his balls were spent. She kept on Cumming as his cum ran down her face. She felt completely fulfilled and he had not even put his cock close to her pussy. She slowly climbed off after the waves of pleasure made her weak. She rolled onto her back and scooped up his cum from her tits and cheeks to lick it from her fingers. He did the same so her pussy licking his fingers after every stroke. He looked at her covered in his cum and thanked her a million times for the tickets.

She grabbed her phone still covered in his cum and sent a text to her work that she would be late making it back. He kissed her hard and she grabbed his still hard cock in amazement. He said “shower Now”

End of this part! What do you think? Email me back with your thoughts.

As he followed her to the shower he was still flying high and enjoying the view. She pranced along in front of him swaying as she walked. When they reached the bathroom she bent down to run the water and he sighed thinking of what would happen next. She stroked his hardening cock as she waited for the water to warm. He in turn groped hungrily at her hanging tits. Her nipples stood firm under the pressure. She stepped into the water and motioned for him to follow. He stayed back a moment watching the water run down her curves. He watched it follow the lines of her breasts down to her pussy. He wanted to lick everywhere the water was flowing. He stepped in next to her and she began to cover his body in a thick soapy lather. She cleaned his front to back. She seem to spend an extra long time on his lower front. He wanted to return the favor as quickly as possible. He took the soap from her and began to rub soap all over her tits. She moaned and closed he eyes with the feelings. He moved lover and gently rubbed her mound and behind. She turned around so he could wash her back. He began at her neck and washed gently down to her feet. She put her arms on the wall to relax. He held his cock in his hand and rushed it into her monds. She gasp at the feeling of the hard tip gently pushing its way inside her pussy. She was flooded with pleasure as the tip penetrated the walls of her throbbing pussy. Slowly he filled her with his entire cock. She pushed back hard to encourage him to use more force. She was in heat and needed that cock to pound her hard!

He closed his eyes as it slid deeper into her. Her pussy was so hot and wet that she greedily swollowed all of his cock. When he felt his balls against her he withdrew and repeated the posses with more speed. When he hit bottom this time she moaned yes yes More! He began to pump with a slow hard rhythm into and out of her pussy. She was tight around him and he paused to savor the feeling. She pushed hard when he stopped to encourage more power. He reached for her tits and began to thrust with more determination. S They both began to pant with each hard pump. Her tits were being squeezed and she loved it. She took her hand from the wall and reached under her to feel his balls as they slapped the rhythm of their passion. This lasted until both their bodies needed to be horizontal. He released his grip and she jumped from the shower kartal escort and quickly towed them both dry. He followed her into the bedroom and pushed her backwards onto the bed. He fell upon her and instantly found her wetness with the tip of his cock. This time he did not slowly insert it. He flooded her with all of hit length and she thanked him with a loud gasp. Her legs came up to wrap him up tightly against her body. He held her head as the thrust became more urgent. She felt her pussy tingle with another orgasm. He sensed it to and did not waiver is pressure or timing. She yelled aloud over and over as the orgasm floated along with her. Her pussy flooded his balls and she held him tightly with her legs. She all at once flopped to stillness as the passion slowly faded into a hum. She thanked him over and over and kissed him hard on the lips. Her tongue filling his mouth. He eased from her and rolled onto his side. She jumped up and took his cock deeply into her mouth. She sucked his cock and then his balls dry. She them went back and kissed him again as her juices filled his mouth. While she was kissing him her hand pumped slowly up and down his shaft. He moaned as they kissed.

She pushed him onto his back and startled his. She held it firm as she sat down hard and filled her pussy with his member. She began to bounce up and down with a slow paced canter. His hands went for her tits and he squeezed them over and over as she fucked him. He wanted this to last all afternoon and thought he could last all day if he had the time. Her eyes were closed and her hand was busy at her clit. Her other hand was reaching behind him to fondle his balls. The sights the sounds and the smells were driving him to the edge. She slowed a little and he changed the pitch of his moans. She smiled with her eyes closed and kept to bouncing on his cock. She knew that she might never have this same scenario again and she wanted every bit to be burned into her memory. The angles, the width , the feeling of his balls filling with cum. She wanted to remember every last detail incase this was the last time she could be this full of cock. He wanted to release the pressure building deep inside him. As much As her wanted her to have 10 more orgasms he knew he needed to blast an insanely large load or he might burst.

She must have sensed what he was feeling because she dismounted and moved into a position on her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass as a sing for him. He sat up and held his pulsing cock ready for more of her delicious pussy. When she felt him against her she pushed back to meet him. He trusted at the same time and she felt every bit of his cock ram into her. She wanted it harder but was afraid to ask. He understood and reached up for her shoulders. He fucked her fast and hard. She wanted it harder. Every bit her gave her she loved. The sounds of passion filled the room. He slowed to catch his breath and she breathed deeply with him. He leaned onto her back and slowed his thrusts again so he could hold both her tits tightly against her. She felt his breath on her back and logged another feeling to memory. After a couple of min of close contact he needed to release more than ever. He leaned back up and grabbed a hold of her hips. Hunger filled him as his balls screamed to be let go. He tingled with fever and she began to vocalize her passion. He sensed another one of her earth stopping orgasms approaching. He wanted to last long enough so she could have on last one before he exploded.

He felt her shudder below him. She screamed yes as he pushed deeper against her. It last for what she thought was hours as she felt his hands pull her closer and tighter against him. When she finished she fell flat on the bed and whispered “all over me” . He pumped his cock as she lay on her back ready for him to cover her in cum. He knelt closer as her mouth flirted with the tip. He grunted and she lay flat as her hand tugged hard on his balls urging him to shoot. He felt it move rapidly from his balls as the first of his fireworks was released. It handed square across her tits and she again logged the hot sticky feeling to memory. The second shot clean over her and the third she moved to catch in her mouth. It flicked across her cheek and ran down her lips. The next couple landed on her neck and she pulled a little more gently coaxing all of the semen from his body. The next few shot on her tummy and she rubbed it around with her free hand. When he was finally done he laid across her and kissed her again. They were both panting and sweating. Completely spent he tried to stand but found that he could not. She wrapped him tight and the held close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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