Loving Lisa Bk. 01 Ch. 02: Preparations

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Aidra Fox

The next morning, after she worked out and went through her morning routine at the bank, Lisa pulled out her notebook and began planning. Bill often joked that Lisa didn’t take a shit without making a plan first, and though that statement irritated her, she had to accept that it was essentially correct. In this case, her planning was a bit difficult since she didn’t even know how to state the goal of her plan.

“Become Bill’s Personal Porn Star” seemed like a bit of an empty goal. She realized that the couple she watched last night seemed to have some pretty athletic and fun sex, but she didn’t want to turn her sex life into a performance. What she really wanted, she realized, was to feel the connection that the couple she watched clearly had.

Having spent many hours talking with her female co-workers, as well as her friends, she realized that a sexual connection was often the most powerful one that couples shared, outside of having children. Shawna and Dale, her petite employee and her hot cowboy boyfriend, clearly had a sex life way beyond what Lisa had ever engaged in, but their love and deep connection was obvious to anyone who watched them together. “Have Bill Look At Me the Way Dale Looks at Shawna” was probably a better expression of Lisa’s goal, but they were just kids. She knew that most of the porn that Bill watched featured women called “MILFs”, which stood for Mother I’d LIke to Fuck, so she wrote down “Become a MBLF – Mother Bill Likes to Fuck”. That sounded good to her.

As Lisa was sketching out a to-do list that would come to occupy separate pages of her notebook devoted to topics like appearance, lingerie, exercise clothes, sex toys and research, she was interrupted by Terry, the mousy teller who worked with Shawna.

“Lisa, there’s a man here who wants to talk with you about opening an account.”

Terry seemed a little flustered, but when she moved aside, Lisa could tell why. Following Terry into the office was a 6′ 4″, extremely attractive and well-built black man, dressed in workout clothes and sporting a buzz cut. He radiated power and confidence, which is why Terry was probably a little more nervous than usual. Lisa’s hand was tiny in his as they shook hands and she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Lisa Hansen, the branch president. How can I help?”

“Mrs. Hansen, I’m Del Collins, and I own Prime Fitness over on Grand Avenue. I wanted to talk with you about moving my business to Western State.”

“Good to meet you Del – I hope you don’t mind me using your first name – please have a seat, and please, call me Lisa. Of course, we’re happy to have your business, but can you tell me more about what you’re looking for in a bank so I can see if we’ll be a good fit?”

“Well, Mrs. – er Lisa – I don’t mind you using my first name, and I hope that if I bank here, someone will at least remember my name. I’m not looking for special treatment, just a place where, if I have a problem, I don’t have to talk to a call center in India, and I don’t have to wait a week to get my problem fixed.”

“Well, fortunately, Del, that’s an easy one. During business hours, you can call us, or drop in, if you have a question or concern. Now that banking has moved onto the Internet and people may have questions any time of the day, we also have an after-hours call center, in Omaha, staffed by Western employees who can answer your questions. We are a Nebraska state bank, and everyone who works for us lives here. As you can see from our lobby, we want people to drop in – we always have a coffee pot going, and we subscribe to papers and magazines that people like to read. We also want you to feel comfortable when talking with a teller, and we want our employees to be comfortable when talking with you, so as you can see both you and the teller will be sitting down.” Lisa’s pitch was practiced, and she believed in it. Her branch had pioneered some of what corporate called “the soft touches” that kept Western State competitive, and she was proud to share them.

Del asked a few smart questions that Lisa was able to answer to his satisfaction. He dropped a cashier’s check on Lisa’s desk and asked if they could open his account now. Del also had a letter on his company’s anadolu yakası escort stationery with all of his corporate information. Lisa gave both the check and the information to Terry, who started the process of opening his account.

“Del, that’s probably the most complete page of information I’ve seen from a new customer in a long time. May I ask if you prepared it, or do you have someone who does your accounts?”

“I did it – I’ve had employees dip into the till in the past, so now I run my own accounts. I’ve been doing it for years, and most of it is computerized, so I’m able to keep on top of it.”

“I’m impressed, and I’m sure you’re doing fine. If you don’t mind a suggestion, would you be willing to sit down with me or one of my staff for an hour or so to go over some of the tools that we offer small businesses?”

“I have some time right now – can we get started?”

“Sure,” Lisa said, and she excused herself to go collect some materials. As she passed Terry and Shawna, she noticed that Terry was heads-down working on Del’s application, but Shawna was staring at her with her trademark smirk.

“What?” Lisa asked, as she pulled down a fresh “welcome business owner” binder, which contained the materials that she and her staff had prepared to orient new businesses.

“He was totally clocking your ass when you walked over here. He did it really subtly, but it was a good long look.”

“Well, Shawna, I work pretty damn hard on my ass, so I’ll take that as a compliment,” Lisa smiled at Shawna after saying something that she usually would have censored.

Shawna smiled back and said, “Especially from someone that hot, right?”

Lisa didn’t dignify that remark with a response. She went back to her office and sat down next to Del. For the next 45 minutes, they walked through the materials in the folder, with Lisa hitting the highlights, and Del asking questions that showed that he clearly knew both his business, and what he wanted from a bank.

During their time talking, Lisa was exquisitely aware of Del’s presence. He was clearly paying attention to the material, but every so often it was obvious he was also paying attention to her. They were sitting together close enough that Lisa got a whiff of his scent and felt the warmth emanating from his body.

When they had finished, Del gathered his materials together and said, “I hope I’m not being too forward, Lisa, but may I inquire where you work out?”

“Why do you think I work out?” Lisa asked, and kicked herself mentally for how vain and grasping she sounded.

Del gave her a little smile and replied, “It’s my business to notice who has a workout routine and who doesn’t, and you clearly do. And I think you know that you look like you work out consistently and effectively.”

It was Lisa’s turn to smile at Del’s compliment – “I work out at home – we have a stairmaster, an elliptical and some free weights. I’ve just never wanted to commit to a gym.”

“Well”, Del said, “I don’t want to stand in the way of obvious success, but someone as serious as you might find that Prime is a good place to help you achieve any goals you might have.” Dell pulled out a card and scrawled something on the back. “Please take my card. If you want to try us for free for 30 days, stop by. If I’m not around, just show my staff the back of the card, and they’ll set you up.” As Del handed her the card, he shook her hand and said, “It’s been a pleasure to meet you, and I’m looking forward to banking here.”

As the handshake lingered, Lisa thanked Del, who finally released her hand. After she had escorted him to the door, she saw Annie, her branch VP, standing outside her office door giving her the “you, come here” gesture.

Lisa followed Annie into her office and asked “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Annie mocked. “What’s up is that a guy who is so hot that he makes me want to switch back to cock, and is clearly into you, just spent an hour in your office. You tell me what’s up.” Annie’s bisexuality was an often-discussed topic at the bank, though she was currently living with Linda, who had been her off-and-on girlfriend for as long as she had worked ataşehir escort at the bank.

“The only thing that’s up is he gave me a card good for a thirty day trial at his gym. If you want to take a shot at him, I’d be happy to give it to you.”

Annie smiled and said, “No, I saw the way he looked at you. That card was for you, and you only.”

“Jeez, Annie, I’m married. Plus, other than the invite to his club, our conversation was completely professional.”

“Lisa, he’s just smart enough to know that quality pussy like you is a long game, and he just made the first move.” Annie arched her eyebrows, while Lisa stood up and left without another word.

Lisa sat at her desk and looked at her notebook, thinking of what else she needed to do to get her husband’s attention. As she was thinking, the “quality pussy” remark echoed in her head. She was quality, dammit – so why was she sitting here working on an elaborate plan to have BIll give her a fraction of the attention she had just received from a stranger? She shook off the self-pity when she thought about all of the times she had rejected Bill’s attention. He had a right to reject her, but if this plan didn’t work, she knew that she would find a man who gave her the attention that she craved. That made her a little bit scared — she was also more turned on by Del’s attention than she cared to admit, and she wanted that so much that she felt ready to take a few risks.

As she shut her notebook, her phone buzzed with a reminder that her yearly gynecologist’s appointment was a few minutes away. Lisa gathered her things, reminded Annie that she was leaving early, and headed to her doctor’s office, where the first part of her plan was about to be put in place.

Lisa’s physician, Melody Armbruster, was the mother of Timmy, a friend of her son Robbie’s. Over the years, Lisa and Melody had seen each other regularly at travel soccer matches that both of their boys had attended. She was one of a group of acquaintances who had seemed to lose touch after the kids had graduated. In Melody’s case, Lisa felt a little sad that they hadn’t kept in contact — Mel was smart, and she had a quick wit that made standing in the rain watching a soccer match a little more tolerable.

After Mel had completed her exam, she smiled at Lisa and said, “I wish all of my patients were in the kind of shape that you are. As far as I can tell, you’ve sailed through menopause and everything looks healthy. Do you have any concerns or questions for me?”

“Just one. When Bill and I are intimate, I have to use lubrication. I know that some dryness is normal after menopause, but it was never an issue before, and I wonder if there’s anything you can recommend. I know back when my Mom was going through menopause, she took estrogen, but I guess that’s not used any more?”

“You’re right, oral estrogen did help with restoring natural lubrication after menopause. But there were complications with women taking it. There is an alternative, estrogen cream. You apply it once a day to your vagina and perineal area, and it should help with the dryness, without as many side effects as oral estrogen. With your medical history, I’d be happy to prescribe it.”

“If you think it’s safe, I think I’d like to give it a try.”

“Absolutely. The directions are clear but remember it’s for vaginall use only. You don’t want to accidentally get it inside your anus because that area is highly vascular, and it will be like you’re taking oral estrogen, with all the side effects that come with it.”

After she left the clinic, Lisa stopped at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for dinner. She also filled her prescription at the store’s pharmacy. She texted Bill to tell him she would take care of dinner, and when he got home, she was in the middle of making grilled salmon with asparagus. Bill gave her a perfunctory kiss on the cheek and mixed his first martini of the night while they talked about how their days had gone. After dinner, he went to his office to do some work and, Lisa assumed, jack off to porn.

Lisa didn’t mind that they were separated that evening, because that gave her some privacy to pull out her iPad ümraniye escort and start her research. The nice thing about her iPad was that she was the only person who could access it, and her use of it wouldn’t rouse Bill’s suspicion, because she was an avid reader who mostly read ebooks.

Lisa first spent some time researching sex toys. She ultimately ordered a dildo the same size as Bill’s erect cock, an anal training kit, silicone lube, and some lube shooters that looked like little syringes, which she thought might make things more natural if the estrogen cream didn’t do the trick. Since the store shipped in a plain box, she had them ship it to her work address, where she often had items shipped when she wasn’t home to sign for them.

After her purchases, Lisa pulled up the porn videos of one of the couples that Bill had been watching. She chose the pair where the woman looked like her. Lisa started carefully studying the videos and taking mental notes. She noticed that the woman was probably a dozen years younger than her, but she felt that her body looked about as good as the younger woman’s, which gave her some much needed confidence that she could still attract Bill.

She also noted that the videos showed a progression in the sexual prowess of the couple. The “first anal” video that had so aroused her when she was snooping the night before showed a woman who was struggling to accept her partner’s large cock. Later anal videos showed a more confident recipient who was able to easily take a really vigorous session without apparent struggle. Similarly, the blowjob videos started with some gagging, and the current ones showed that she was able to easily take her partner’s sizable member down her throat.

Some of their sessions were pretty rough. The man wasn’t afraid of pushing her head down during oral sex, giving her little slaps, and pulling her hair. One of their latest videos showed him thrusting roughly into her throat as she lay on her back on the bed, with her head hanging over the side. Lisa wondered if this kind of rough sex was something Bill would want to do. She had to admit that the man’s devotion and attention to his wife during the process aroused her, even the parts where the man made her say that she was “his slut” and “his whore”. Lisa also noticed that the woman called him “Daddy” during most of their videos. She guessed that Bill would probably like that, since he liked the rest of the videos.

After her evening of research, Lisa headed into the master bath to get ready for bed. After she brushed her teeth, she locked the door, pulled out the tube of estrogen cream, and read the instructions. As directed, she put a pea-sized portion on her index finger and spread it over her vulva and perineum. She thought to herself that Melody wouldn’t have prescribed the cream if she knew how wet and swollen she could get looking at her husband’s preferred forms of porn.

As she was applying the cream, Lisa faced the mirror over their vanity and looked at her face as she slowly stroked her clit with the cream. Impulsively, she moved her finger back and circled her anus. She looked in the mirror and said “fuck my tight ass, Daddy” as she pushed her estrogen coated finger into her virgin starfish. She knew from talking with Shawna, and from the porn she had just watched, that women can genuinely enjoy anal sex. But, as she probed her anus with her finger, the mental thrill of doing something taboo far outweighed the slight bit of physical arousal from her penetrating digit.

In addition to the forbidden feeling of putting something in her ass, Lisa also felt naughty because she was specifically ignoring the advice of her physician. The health consequences didn’t worry her — her mother had been on oral estrogen replacement for years and was still going strong. She decided to use the cream as directed six days of the week, and use it anally once a week, and see how she felt after a few weeks.

Lisa washed up, put on her conservative PJs and headed to bed. She and Bill had a tacit agreement that she wouldn’t say goodnight if he was working, so she turned out the lights and tried to sleep. Her arousal at watching the videos and applying the cream made her want to touch herself again, but she decided that she wanted to hold off on satisfying herself to let her libido get a little more heated up. She heard Bill tip toe into the bathroom, and she pretended to sleep. She whispered “fuck me hard, daddy” into her pillow, and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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