Living Up to the Hype! Pt. 03

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Later that night, we found ourselves in bed once again. My wife was lying on her back, legs spread wide, offering up her rapidly moisten pussy for me to taste. I eagerly dove in, running my tongue into every fold and crevice I could. Her pussy began to leak sweet liquid that I couldn’t lick up fast enough. After probing her slippery hole for a few minutes, I moved up to concentrate on her clit. I had only just begun to work her button when she stopped me once again.

“I want to try you in my ass” she stated. She pushed my head away from her pussy and turned over on her stomach.

“Get my vibrator and you can try to fuck my asshole.” She said confidently.

I did detect a bit of nervousness in her eyes as she looked between my legs at my rapidly swelling cock. She didn’t have to tell me twice, I quickly found her vibrator and positioned it between her legs on her clit. She gave her ass a little shake to place it exactly in the right place, which was about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“Lube.” She said with the same confidence.

She grabbed one ass cheeks and spread it wide open, offering me her tight asshole. I squirted a generous amount of lube and began to work it into her asshole with a finger. Her normally very tight hole opened up to allowed me to slip one finger in very easily. I began to move bahis firmaları it in and out of her asshole, trying to loosen and open it up for my cock.

My wife always says that I would be able to fuck her ass more often if my cock wasn’t so thick. To add to that problem, my cock always seems to grow even bigger than normal when I’m playing with her ass, not to mention thinking about fucking her ass. Pre-cum was oozing out of my cock, it was engorged to its biggest size. My wife as concentrating on the extreme sensations she was feeling. She was grinding her clit into her vibrator and I worked my finger in and out of her asshole in time with her hip movement.

I started to work a 2nd finger into her, beginning to open up her hole even more. She responded by pushing back and trying to help my fingers open up her ass. I was shocked when I was able to work them both inside of her little asshole. Her muscles gripped my fingers so tightly I thought to myself; I’ll never get my thick cock to fit in there.

“I want your cock in me now” she said without a trace of nervousness.

She looked back over her shoulder with a grin. But she didn’t stop grinding her hips and I didn’t stop working her tight butt with my two fingers.

“Please, I need your cock in my ass now” she almost begged.

I grabbed the kaçak iddaa bottle of lube, squirted a generous amount and pressed it into her asshole. I rubbed some lube on my cock, spread her cheeks and pressed the head of my cock against her tight hole. I began to press slowly, taking great care not to move to fast and hurt her. Slowly but surely I my cockhead moved past her accommodating ass. I paused to let her get used to the sensation of my cock filling her up, and to calm my rapidly beating heart. Fucking and cumming my wife’s tight ass had always been at the top of my fantasy list, it was finally happening after many years.

I felt her slowly start to rock her hips against the vibrator which was pressed against her clit. The effect was my cock began to work its way in and out of her now stretched, but still extremely tight asshole. Her ass was so tight, it was squeezing my cock like nothing I’ve ever felt before. For a few minutes I pretty much just held my cock in the same spot and let her work it into her, becoming more accustomed to the new sensation of being ass fucked. It required a lot of self-control to not just plunge my cock into her sweet ass, it felt amazing.

After a few minutes I started to gently fuck her, sliding a bit deeper inside with each stroke. I had about half of my length sliding in and out of kaçak bahis her, the sensation was blowing my mind. I was actually fucking my wife’s ass and got a little carried away. I pressed a little too deep and I felt her flinch and pull away a bit.

“That’s too deep” she cautioned.

I pulled almost all the way out, worried I may have hurt her and this special treat was over.

“Just not too deep, ok? I want you to cum in my ass” she said pushing her ass back into my cock.

That was exactly what I wanted to hear, and slid my cock back into her accepting anus. I began to fuck her nice and slow, making sure not to go to deep. I probably had about 2/3 of my thick cock inside of her, slowing pumping in and out. I felt my orgasm building slowly and I resisted the urge to plunge in as deep as I could and deposit my cum inside of her.

“Ohh YES! I can feel him squirting inside of me.” she moaned.

I waited until ever last drop was shot inside her backdoor and I rolled off her and fell into a sweaty pile. I really should have watched my cock slide out and watched my cum ooze from her freshly fucked asshole. But I was too spent to hold myself up. I guess I have something to look forward to next time.

We drifted off to sleep soon after in each other arms. The next day it was back home to our regular life. On the drive home while we recounted our sexual adventures in Nevada.

“Nevada always lives up to the hype.” My wife said with amazement.

“We’ll be coming back here soon.” I said with a big grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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