Life Ch. 08

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Lucky for me Ricky’s as shitty a shot as he was a boyfriend. The bullet struck the wall ten feet behind me and the recoil left me enough time to step in and kick him in the balls. While he was bent over from that blow, I snatched the pistol from his hand and inflicted more pain to his temple with the butt of the gun.

“Call the cops!” I yelled to the throng of girls that gathered outside the smashed door and were either staring at Ricky’s unconscious body or my nakedness. I turned to Joan to ask if she was okay and she was already yelling into the phone at the 911 operator. I quickly pulled on a pair of pants and plugged my camera into Joan’s laptop, copying the video before the cops could take it as evidence.

Around 2am, the police finally had our statements and arrested Ricky’s little acne-ridden buddy for being an accessory. They also took my camera as evidence, and gave me a hand-written note to get a new one on the city’s account. Joan’s friends left us alone to get some sleep before class around 4am. “Thank god you were here.” Joan said for what had to be the hundredth time since the cops showed up.

I just smiled and handed her a Mountain Dew from her mini-fridge. “Just consider it paying a favor.” I told her.

She smirked. “What favor? If I remember correctly, I still owe you.”

I laughed. “No, I think were even.” Just as she was about to speak again, my phone started ringing. I answered in middle of Linzy’s yawn. “Did you get any sleep last night?” I interrupted when she started to scold me about the happenings with Ricky.

“As much as I normally get.” Linzy shot back. “Anyway, I had an idea. Why don’t you ask the little Indian Princess if she’d let us spend the weekend with her?”

I smiled at the thought of having both of them to myself for forty eight hours. “I’ll ask, and I’ll call you later, ok?”

Linzy yawned again. “Good. I love you.”

“I love you too, now get some sleep.” I ordered and hung up.

I threw the phone on my bag and turned to see Joan’s confused and angry face. “Who the fuck was that?” she spat.

I answered her with equal shock. “My girlfriend.”

“Your WHAT?” she screamed

I laughed, knowing she must’ve forgot our conversation when she was drunk. “Joan, the night we met you told me you wouldn’t give me a hickey cause you knew I had a girl. That was her.”

Joan frowned, knowing I was right. “Well… What did she want?”

“For me to ask if you would let us stay here for the weekend?” I begged.

Joan looked around, thinking. “Is she prettier than me?”

I shrugged. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I copped out.

“Lame ass.” Joan accused. “Does she like girls?” she asked.

I smiled thinking of Nani and our anal escapades. “She liked the last one we had a three-way with.”

“Well…” Joan mocked contemplation. “I do still owe you one… but… ” She climbed across the bed to get closer to me. “I’ll only do it if you promise me that I’ll get to spend one hour ALONE with her.”

I shrugged. “Fine by me.” I kissed her quickly. “Anything else?”

Joan swivelled around and turned the tiny camera on her computer towards us and hit record. Then she straddled my lap. “Yeah, I want you to put your dick up my ass before you go to work.” She demanded and kissed me, sliding her soft little tongue into my mouth.

I kissed back, pushing her robe open and pulling her naked body further against mine. Then blindly felt for the waistband of my boxers and freed my cock to slap the crack of Joan’s ass. As I tried to pry her cheeks apart and send my dick up her exit-hole, She broke the kiss to lean over to her night-stand and snatch a bottle of hand-lotion. She popped the top and put it in my hand so I could help the penetration situation.

I aimed the room-temperature lotion at her volcano-temperature ass and squeezed until I felt the relatively cold cream running down my nutsack. Joan squealed and jumped and giggled at the sensation, but started moaning when my right hand found her ass and started to lube up her rear entrance. My left hand was spreading bahis firmaları the slick mess over my cock, and soon they touched.

Joan reached back to grab my dick just below the head and I pulled her toned ass apart as she lowered down onto me. I gasped at penetration, Joan gritted her teeth and moaned for more. I let her ass cheeks go as she let her weight drop on me. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her shoulders as she kept pressing more of my shaft up her butt. She tangled her arms behind my head just as I felt her ass touch my balls and her pubes hit my stomach. She stopped moving so she could catch her breath. I could feel her pussy shaking through the thin wall in her ass, and knew she was having an orgasm.

I did nothing but kiss her neck and rub her shoulders, to let her know to take her time. She finally started moving, pulling her hips forward, dragging her clit and leaking pussy across my stomach, and pulling my dick out of her ass about three inches. She smiled down at me as she pushed back, filling her bowels back up with cockmeat.

Soon this was the rhythm, faster and faster she ground her cunt on my stomach and fucked herself up the ass on my dick. Joan was moaning and groaning at first, then as she leaned back to force more meat into her pooper, she started to scream and bounce on my lap. “I’m gonna…” Announcing her orgasm was interrupted by a throaty scream, and I felt her pussy squeeze itself closed as her ass flexed and grabbed hold of my cock, pulling on it like she was trying to shit backwards. “Cum… Cum in me… Cum… up my ass.” I could hear her wheezing out and I fought against her tightening asshole to stroke out and back in three more times before I felt the sperm jerked out of me. We sat with only muscles twitching as my cock got milked by her asshole. When we finally felt like we could move again, Joan flexed and shit my dick out, followed by a flood of cum.

I glanced at the clock as she rolled off of me to collapse, and realized I was already late for work. “Shit, I gotta run.” I yelled and started throwing my shit together.

“Don’t you wanna shower?” Joan asked.

“No time, but I’ll see you Friday ok?” I said and kissed her quickly before throwing my bag over my shoulder and walking out the door.

On my way to work I called Linzy and gave her voicemail the good news. Thank god nothing happened at work on Wednesday. I needed the rest and so did my cock. Linzy even let me take a break from our nightly mutual masturbation because of a suicide scare with one of her friends. Thursday however, was a different story.

I saw her from the corner of my eye as I was telling a guy that looked curiously like Hulk Hogan that Boston ferns would burn to a crisp in full sunlight. She was around six feet tall, I guessed some of her height was from the platform heels on the bottom of her fake combat boots. Her flowing elephant-leg black pants hid all of her figure from the belly-button down, but the skin-tight long-sleeved black polyester shirt with the purple tribal-heart on front and back showed me that she was rail-thin, with a chest and hips that flared out from a waist thinner than my own head. Her face was bone-white, and half-concealed by the hood attached to her shirt. Her hair, or what I could see of it, was jet-black, and braided with a purple ribbon that matched the pattern on her shirt and the trim on her jeans. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of what looked like miniature welding-goggles.

She walked, or more accurately, slunk in following an extremely conservatively dressed more-than-middle-aged woman frowning like she’d just eaten a bug. As they passed beneath our shade cover, the girl stopped to smell a rose blossom, and the woman hurried along inside. Lucky for me, Hulkster went away, and I was free to pursue the my newfound goth-hottie.

“They’re on sale this week.” I said as I walked up behind her. “Buy one get one free.” She jumped a little and spun around, the goggles were hanging around her throat, and eyes that matched the ribbon in her hair were locked onto mine. “I mean, that’s like getting kaçak iddaa them for ten bucks each.” I tried to say, but it came out half whispered.

She smiled, knowing she caught me off guard. “I know, I read the sign.” she said in a soft voice that was almost hypnotic. “I was just stopping to,” she paused to take the flower between her index and middle finger. “Ya know, smell the roses.” She dropped the flower and pointed to the greenhouse, where her mother stood, badgering an employee about a lawnmower that never got delivered. “Some people never seem to have the time to enjoy anything like that. ” her hand fell, slapping herself in the thigh. “I try to enjoy little things like that as much as possible.”

“That’s a good thing to try.” I finally said, breathing for the first time since I saw her eyes. We stood and stared at each other for what seemed like hours but was probably seconds before I heard the sliding doors of the greenhouse open up.

“Come on, Mary Louise, We are leaving.” the older woman said and grabbed my new friend out of the staring competition and started to drag her to the door.

Mary jerked her wrist from the ancient claw and yelled. “I’m not a little kid anymore, mom! I mean Goddamit, I’m eighteen years old!” She turned her back on her mother’s shocked expression and handed me a business card. “Call me okay?” she winked and followed her mom to the car and left.

I was slightly disappointed, but at least I had her number. The card was cute, it had little bats on each corner, and stamped into the center it read: “MARY LOUISE SLITE” followed by her phone number.

I called Linzy after work first to see if was okay with me calling Mary. I knew that she said it was okay to have sex with other people, but an actual date was another thing. After telling me that I was being stupid and I should call Mary immediately, Linzy said she loved me and hung up. Mary answered the phone on the second ring, sounding like she had just ran up a flight of stairs. We agreed to meet not far from were I worked at tiny club tucked into an old factory. I knew the place was hangout for goths, were they could get together without being stared at for the way they dressed.

I rushed home, showered and dug around for something to wear. Not belonging to any of the counter-culture cliques, I finally decided on a pair of black loose-fit jeans, and a Rammstien t-shirt that Linzy obviously left at my house. I met Mary in the parking lot just as the sun was going down. She was dressed exactly the same and looked all the better for it as she perched on the front end of a black late-model firebird. “You didn’t wait long did you?” I asked.

She smiled, “Nah,” she said and hopped to the gravel. “I was just enjoying the heat coming off my engine.”

I walked closer to see what she meant and could feel the hot air around the hood and wondered how she had managed to sit on it comfortably. “Nice car.”

She nodded at the gas guzzling SUV I had just climbed out of. “Not bad yourself.” After we went inside, She whispered something into a huge bouncer’s tattooed ear and he took us to a small area closed off from the bar and music to sit and eat. She ordered what had to be the most amount of pork I’d ever seen stuffed on a plate, commenting that she always ate like that when she was away from her parents. “There’s only so much self-denial a girl can take before she needs a fat sausage in her mouth, Jewish or not.”

I blinked a few times. “You’re Jewish?” I asked, before taking a bite from my hamburger.

Mary chewed the meat off another rib before answering. “Yeah, I know right? A Jew named Mary? My parents had to have known I’d end up fucked up after doing that to me.”

I laughed, and then she laughed. Then we were kissing. I’m not entirely sure how it got to that, but she had dropped the bare-bone on her plate, and I was licking barbeque sauce off her chin and my hand down the back of her pants before she stopped me. We stared at each other for a second, then I called the waiter over to get a to-go box. “You’re place?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Parents. kaçak bahis Yours?”

I shrugged. “It’s an hour away, and my brother’s there.” I thought for a minute, then grabbed my keys. “Ever been in a greenhouse after hours?”

She was rubbing on my back and my ass as I was tying to get the back-gate unlocked at Lowe’s, and was sucking on my earlobe when it finally popped open. We didn’t make it very far inside; I grabbed her by her tiny waist and hoisted her onto a stack of pallets and started sucking on her tongue. We worked on each other’s belts and as soon as buckles came undone, I pulled her shirt over her head and bared her firm little a-cups to the night air. I jerked her pants off over her boots as I licked and sucked the tiny pink pebbles she called nipples. She cradled my head and cooed in my ears as my fingers searched for panties but only found a tiny crack with a sopping wet vagina at the bottom. I probed and poked and prodded and finally spread her hole wide enough to accommodate my middle finger. Mary giggled and gasped and groaned as my hand worked at opening her tiny bud up. She was sopping wet, but it didn’t make much difference with a hole that small. Her bony little body rocked back and forth as I fucked her with my finger, and she covered an orgasmic scream with my lips when I worked a second inside her.

I honestly thought for a second that she’d break my fingers off with her pussy squeezing them before she finally said “As much fun as this is, baby, I don’t think I want more splinters in my ass.” and slapped the wood she was sitting on.

I agreed and pulled her from the pallets, letting my pants fall as I stood up. I threw her lightweight body against the chain-link fence of the gate and marveled shortly as she hooked bony fingers through the links and propped her heels on the fence as well, displaying her body for me. Black and purple braids hung down over her chest, and I quickly counted her ribs before glancing at her outy-belly button, and realized I could see her hipbones through her flesh.

I lunged at her, quickly finding her mouth with mine, and pushing my cock into what had to be the tightest pussy I’d ever encountered. I had barely gotten two inches of my dick inside her, when Mary broke our kiss and cried out. “It hurts, Jeremy! You’re too big!”

I pulled out slowly, and looking directly into eyes I now noticed were two different colors; one purple, one blue, I started fucking the tiny Jewish girl with short gentle strokes. “I’m not going to hurt you.” I whispered and kissed her neck. True to my word, I held her tiny body against that fence, and never went deeper into her hotter-than-hell pussy than she originally allowed.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning that she was going to cum. I smiled and quickened my thrusts, popping the head of my cock out of her and shoving two inches of it back between her nearly-nonexistent lips. When she let go of the fence, I was surprised at how fast she clung to me. What really shocked me though, was how her pussy seemed to gape open, take half my cock in one stroke, and then slam shut so tight I nearly screamed.

Mary did scream, or tried to anyway around the chunk of my shoulder she was biting. I tried to pull out, apologizing if I hurt her, but she stopped me by wrapping her leather-covered legs around my back and squeezing me to her. I literally couldn’t move. Mary was in control, and her cunt was apparently out of control. It kept seizing and pulling and convulsing on my dick that I knew it wouldn’t be long before my balls lost their struggle to keep my sperm. “I’m gonna cum.” I wheezed into Mary’s ear.

Letting her jaws ease, she leaned back and I noticed she was crying. “Do it.” was all she could say. Her pussy loosened ever so slightly, then pulled another two inches of my dick inside her to tap her on the cervix. As soon as I felt it hit the tip of my cock, my balls gave up and let my entire load loose. It felt like my dick exploded when the cum finally made it to the head. Mary had another rolling orgasm, and her pussy slammed shut, forcing all the cum inside her to spray out with her own juices on my balls and legs.

It was a slow process pulling my dick out of her, and after the fourth “Stop, it hurts.” left Mary’s lips in mid-orgasm, we decided to just wait until it got soft.

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