Last day of Tax Season

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Being a CPA has more upside than most people know. Especially for Stephanie, being in tax gives her a sense of pride that she can help people with their finances through taxes. Helping a small company grow wildly successful can be pure bliss or taking care of the elderly through a tough time feels good. One person told her, “a noble action isn’t something you can just hang your career on, but you can hang your life on.” Being extremely wealthy wasn’t her main focus and it should never be. But with the delights that her job brings it also takes on unnecessary headaches, especially, headaches of clients expect her to get their returns done on a minutes notice.

On April 15th at 2 p.m. expectedly, her phone rings. Stephanie knows who it is, a typical last minute filer wanting her to jump through hoops for him or her to file their return by the end of the day. Since, this is her first year with her own business, she told herself that she wasn’t going to do this. She isn’t a dog or a slave. She’s in the business of helping people, the kind of people who value her and understand what she does.

“Stephanie Smith’s CPA’s. How may I help you?” She answered.

The man’s voice was rugged and grizzly a man’s man voice, “I was hoping to get my taxes done.”

Stephanie didn’t recognize his voice and was somewhat relieved it wasn’t one of her regulars. She’s glad they didn’t take the time to look her firm up. In the first year in business it has been a challenge and she didn’t want the same old client challenges. “Sir, it’s a bit late. Plus, I don’t know your situation.”

“I know and I am very sorry. I just finalized my divorce and could use some good help for once.”

“I’m sorry for your situation but I really don’t have time. If you want to make an appointment for next week I can fit you in early in the week.”

“I might get penalized then?”

“If you owe taxes and don’t pay in an estimate by the end of today, then yes, you will be subject to penalties.”

“I can’t afford to pay any penalties. I ended up paying a lot over the last year and really need to save all of my money. Is there any way you can fit me in, please? I have a small business and it’s straight forward. I promise I won’t be like this again and I will be a compliant client from here on out.”

His pleading and the combination of his voice made her lady parts tingle. She hasn’t felt anything since the start of tax season which was over three months ago. In her head she weighed the options, I get to make a little more money and hopefully, he can be a good and profitable client from now on.

Her phone vibrated against the desk and it was Tom, her boyfriend. Sorry, won’t be home until after midnight. The text read. Great it’s been three months since I was taken care of and he isn’t going to be home. His boyish antics of him coming to my house anytime he wants is wearing thin on me. Loneliness has crept over her the last three months. Seeing nothing but frozen entrees, clients and the pizza delivery boys can weigh on someone over tax season.

“Ma’am are you still there?”

Her mind had drifted off and forgot she had the grizzly voiced potential client on the phone. “I’m sorry. What was your name again?”

“Mike and my business is MKH Construction.”

“Your business is MKH Construction?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“Well, a minute ago you said your return is straight forward. MKH is a large company and a successful one.” MKH was responsible to build the local sports team’s new stadium. The company is in hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Well, no, you will have to do just my personal. I have the tax form from the business return for you.”

Her mind is set to ease and unsteadiness at the same time. Having a large company as a client would be great for her business but doing the return right now would’ve been a disaster. “Okay Mike, I need you to get here soon.” She said with a stern voice.

“Yes, I can be up there in fifteen minutes.”

The combination of not seeing Tom, her boyfriend and getting another client made her decision easier. “Okay, I can’t guarantee you I can get it done today but I will try. Please be here as soon as you can.”

“Okay, thank you for doing this. I’ll see you then.”

She hung up the phone and started to breath heavily. “Just one more client. ” She said to herself.

“You’re taking on another client?” Jesse her only helper has his lunch box around his shoulder and is heading out for the day asked.

“Yes. The last one.”

“Geez, Steph. I thought we were done?” His boyish face slightly grinned.

“I know, I know.”

He looked back to his desk and she glanced over there. His lamp is shutoff and he’s looking for the approval to leave for the day. “It’s okay Jesse, I can do this by myself.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, you worked really well this season. Thank you for your hard work. If you keep working hard and continue to learn, you will do great in this profession.”

“Thanks. My first illegal bahis tax season was an experience.”

Stephanie looked off into space, “I remember my first tax season, fresh out of college. What a nightmare. I hope you at least enjoyed it a little.”

“I did.” Jesse said while his undeveloped college body pointed towards the door.

Exhausted, Stephanie gave a half of a smile. Jesse was good but not great, his

wardrobe needs to be more professional and his punctuation sucked, but hey, she guessed she should give him a little slack. “Remember, we have tomorrow off.”

“Yes and are we still doing the party? Are you ready to let your hair down?” He asked while dorkishly doing a shimmy.

Shit, she forgot about the party. Well, it isn’t much of a party when there is only two of us. “Tom is working late tonight so, it will be just you and I.”

“And Jane.” He excitedly replied.

“Who’s Jane?”

“My girlfriend, she really wants to meet you.”

Oh, great, a thirty six year old successful woman is hanging out with two barely out of diapers college graduates. Is this what my life has become? “Yeah, we can still go out. Let’s push it back an hour.”

“To eight?”

“Yes, it’s four thirty now so, this client shouldn’t take too long.”

“Sounds great. See you then.” Jesse walked out of the office and for a moment the sun rushed in. She almost forgot what the sun looked like.

Her hair could be let down, figuratively and literally. She hasn’t had a drink in three months and never had time to straighten her hair in the same time frame, leaving her no choice but to put it up every day. She looked in the mirror and notice the top button on her suit jacket has come undone, exposing the top of her black lace bra as her undershirt is a little loose. Why didn’t Jesse say something? Unless it wasn’t undone then, ahh whatever.

She walked to the bathroom to button it, a solo frail blonde hair strand was trying to survive by itself. She re-snapped her hair clip and then the door chimed. It must be Mike. She walked through the office hallway with her black heels, which clanked against the hardwood. A man in a blue business suit with a blue and pink striped tie standing in the waiting area. His brown hair is peppered with gray and his face is smooth and masculine. This can’t be Mike. Early in her career she made a habit of matching professions with what they looked like. With fifteen years in this business she believed her instincts were uncanny on point. She was expecting someone with ripped jeans, a t-shirt and dirt underneath the fingernails. This is the exact opposite. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, my name is Mike and I talked to someone on the phone about my taxes.”

His grizzled voice ripped through her. “Yes, sorry Mike, I’m Stephanie and I spoke to you on the phone.” She said while stepping towards him with her hand extended.

“Oh, I didn’t realize I was speaking to the owner. Well, from one business owner to another nice to meet you.” He said while firmly he shook her hand.

“Likewise.” She replied. She caught a faint smell of his cologne which made her smile. “Follow me.” She said while gestured him to follow her.

They walked down the hallway to the end, where her office is located. “Come on in.” She said while she propped the door open for him. When he walked passed her he turned toward her and she caught another whiff of his cologne and his breath, which oozed attraction.

She sat down in her black executive chair and swiveled one of the computer monitors out of the way, he placed his jacket over the empty chair and crossed his leg while having perfect posture. They locked eyes for just a moment then she asked, “Did you bring the tax information?”

“Of course,” he said while handing her a manila envelope.

She rummaged through the information and came to his business documents. As expected he’s quite wealth off. Two business documents stated he made three million and one million dollars for this past year. She tried not to make it obvious but her eyes looked up and down on his designer suit, tailored to perfectly fit his body. The suit tugged on his leg muscles all the way to his bulging chest.

“How long you’ve own this business?” He asked.

“This is my first year, I was part of a firm in downtown for the last fifteen years.”

He raised his eyebrows, seemingly being impressed. “How’s it going?”

“It’s been successful so far.”

He nestled himself into the chair, “Good, well I shouldn’t be surprised, it seems like you know what you are doing.”

She held back a smile but the compliment was sweet. “It seems like you’re doing alright for yourself.”

“Yeah, I’m doing okay. What are you looking for?”

She’s going through his papers one by one, “just for your birthdate.”

“Oh, it’s right here.”

He got up out of the chair and pointed to the paper in her hand. His hand brushed hers as he signaled to his birthdate. She felt a spark between them, her illegal bahis siteleri legs began to shake. He sat back down and a draft rushed his cologne into her face. She felt the beginning of intoxication. “I-I.” She tried to ask a question but stumble.

“Are you okay?” He politely asked.

She looked up at him and their eyes locked. Within moments she swam in his coffee brown eyes and her legs turned from shaking into mush. “Yes, just a long day.”

“I know how those days are.” His voice radiated down her, into her breasts. She felt them harden and she begun to turn red.

At this point she doesn’t know if he has noticed her redness but she needs to leave the room for a moment. “Would you like some water? I need some.”

“Sure. I’ll take a glass.”

“Perfect, I’ll be right back.” She got up and quickly straightened her skirt and walked pass him. She has a mirror on the back wall, which she noticed him checking her ass out. She left the room and took a left to the kitchen area. As soon as she was in the kitchen she started to smile and waved her hand at her face, trying to cool herself off. In the fridge there is two bottles of water left, she doesn’t hesitate to drink one immediately.

She paused for a few moments, “okay, just relax and lets get this day over.” She poured the bottle of water into a glass with some ice. As soon as she was in the room he quickly snapped his head towards the desk, “here you go.” She said while bending over to give him the water.

“Stephanie, umm.” He said while she was in mid-bend.

She looked at his eyes and they darted towards her breasts. Looking down her worst fear was realized. Her top button has popped open on her suit jacket, exposing the top of her breasts. “Shit! I mean excuse me!” She said and dropped the water glass, it banged off the edge of the desk and the water fell onto his lap. She was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, so she threw him a box of Kleenexes and turn around to button up her shirt.

“Thanks.” He said in an unappreciative tone.

She turned around after her top is button and said, “I’m sorry. I’m such a klutz. Let me help you.” She grabbed the Kleenexes and started to wipe the water that has soaked through his pants. Without paying attention where she dabbed she touched is dick, which she quickly realized that the water has outlined it. She stopped and cupped her hands around her mouth and nose. “Ohh, god. I am so sorry.” I probably have a sexual harassment lawsuit on my hands. “Please forgive me.”

Mike chuckles and said, “don’t worry about it. It’s really no big deal.” He stood up and brushed his pants off and took his suit jacket off.

She rested her hand on his shoulder, “is there anything I can do?” His shoulders are like boulders and rippled through his light pink button up. He looked down at her and once again she was caught in his eyes.

“Where is your bathroom?” No answer, “Stephanie, where is your bathroom?”

She snapped out of the trance, “oh, it’s over there.”

“I’ll be right back.”

She stood there for a good three minutes in a haze of embarrassment and dreaminess and couldn’t stop thinking about what she did or how good he smelled. How great he looked and how her legs trembled with fear and excitement. She doesn’t know what has come over her and needed to wrap this meeting up. “Is everything okay?” She asked.

“Yes, like I said no big deal.”

“Shall we finish?”

“Yes, please.”

She swiveled the monitor in his direction, “Okay, here is your return.” She ran through the income items and told him what he owes.

“Good thing I came in here.” He exclaimed.

“Yes, it’s a very good thing I made time for you. Your penalties would’ve been through the roof.”

“Thank you for making time. I really owe you one.”

Her devilish mind said she could use this to her advantage to forget this whole incident but the angel on her shoulder has wagged its finger. “Nah, after spilling water on you I think it’s safe to say that we’re even.”

He smirked, “well, maybe I don’t have to pay you.” He smirked again.

Wow, hot and has a sense of humor. Now I have to ask the obvious question. It isn’t a good idea but I have to. “Forgive me to ask this but I’m curious. Why did you get a divorce?”

“You’re straight forward. I like that, but don’t worry I like to be an open book.” He paused and takes a deep breath. “Well, to be honest we didn’t have enough sex and that led to resentment and the relationship breaking.”

She gulped some water and couldn’t help herself but her eyes wandered to his outlined package, it stretched to and down his upper thigh. “Oh my, you are direct.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” She quickly replied.

He grinned, “What about you? Why aren’t you married?”

“Well, you know. I’m a working girl. Don’t have time to find Mr. Right. Just enough time for find Mr. Sort of but not really.”

He chuckled. “You’re funny.” He paused and his smile disappeared, “I canlı bahis siteleri always thought a working girl is the girl I wanted to be with.”

She doesn’t know if that was a hint or not, “you’re ex-wife didn’t work?”

“If you call working on her nails work? But it doesn’t matter now. What do I owe you?”

“I’m printing off the invoice now.” She swiveled in her chair to the printer and took the invoice. Her eyes rolled over it one final time and she handed him the bill. Their fingers once again touch and the electricity shot up her hand all the way through her arm, she looked at him and nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Perfect!” He said while he handed her his credit card.

“My admin staff has gone home for the evening, I will just write down your information and run it in two days.”

He cocked his head to the side, “even better.”

There’s a pause between them. Stephanie stood up and flattened her skirt. “Well, thank you for coming.” She said while she stepped around her desk in an attempt to shake his hand.

He firmly grabbed her hand and his other hand cupped the top of her backhand, swallowing it. “Is there anything I can do for you?” He asked while giving me an intense stare.

“Well. . .” She rubbed her neck and paused.


His words, looks and smells sends her over the edge, her nipples increasingly hard and she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t resist what she wanted to do, what she needed to do. She casually placed her arms on his shoulders and rubbed them up and down. She gently grinned, “you may.”

Like a vulture he went for her neck, he licked and bit her. She embraced him as he lifted her butt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he rested her on the desk. Her glasses fell onto the floor and she looked to the desk to brace herself as his head is already buried between her legs. She pulled up her skirt to help him out and he tears off her black lace panties.

“Oh god!” She exclaimed as his tongue parts her womanhood and quickly finds her clit. She pushed on his head to bury his face deeper. She moaned in pleasure as he gorged, feasted on her. She couldn’t help but to moan louder and louder, she never felt anything like this before. As he buried his tongue, her body quivered and shook causing the monitor to rattle off the desk. Their electrical touch has become a fucking lightning bolt from her pussy, flushing redness onto her chest and face.

He continued to eat her until her body stopped shaking and her breathing subsided. He looked at her and she rubbed his salt and pepper hair, “oh my god.” She gasped.

He grinned and stood up, his strong hands grabbed her soft tan thighs and pulled her close to him, to the edge of the desk. She set her head back on the desk but looked up to the sound of his belt unsnapping and his pants fell down.

“Oh yeah,” Her voice trembled with exhausting and anticipation. He began by rubbing his cock on her pussy, teasing her. She couldn’t take it, “put it in.” She said.

He obliged and gently put in the tip, then a little more, “oh god.” she said, then he fully entrenched himself in her. “Wow,” she gasped in needing air. He began to thrust in and out and she’s full blown panting. She never had a man’s cock that filled her to the brim, hitting every wall imaginable.

His thrusting are long and purposeful, making her slide back and forth on the desk. She reached for the edge of the desk to steady herself as his thrusts has become aggressive, he slammed into her with his full force. “Oh god, like that, like that!” She screamed.

She unbutton her jacket and he lifts her undershirt, folding her black lace bra up exposing her breasts. He dove for her breasts and begin to nibble on her nipples, sending her into overdrive. As he continued to thrust and play with her nipples the aroma of sex and his cologne makes her shake, “I’m cumming!” She shouted to the heavens. The intense explosion rushed through her body, she never voiced her pleasure like that before.

After her shaking subsided he pulled out of her and she felt her juices begin to leak out, “oh god, are you done?” She asked.

His grin has become devilish, “no,” he said. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She laid flat on the mahogany wood and her thighs dimpled from his fingers digging into them. He parted her legs farther. She winced with a bit of pain as this is the farthest she has ever stretched her legs but quickly the pain subsided has he entered her. He folded her skirt up showing her bare ass and began to pound her.

Her ass rippled from the force of his lower abdomen slapping her bottom side. He paused to throw off his pink shirt. She looked back bulging chest and slim waist. “God, don’t stop.” She said.

Without hesitation he re-begun to thrust her and he groans, “Stephanie,” with his grizzly voice.

“Oh, god” She said while her knuckles turned white. Keep going!”

“Yes, please.” He responded.

It’s a tight squeeze for him between the desk and her body but he finds her nipple and continues to twist and play with it. She began to get to her knees but he forced her upper body to stay flat to the desk.

“Yeah!” She screamed again. As he continued to thrust as hard as he could.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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