Ladies Lunch Club – Marie

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LLC, Marie

Patty indicated to me that The Ladies Lunch Club had picked Marie as their first recipient of my sexual forays.

“Poor Marie, her husband barely touches her and when he does, let’s say it’s rather uninspired.”

Marie is the heavy set woman, right?”

Kissing me with meaning Patty returned, “Big girls need loving too. Now, all the girls have secret desires that we’re hoping you will fulfill.”

“As long as it feels good…”

Patty dropped me in front of Julie’s building claiming she had some errands to run. I suspected that she and the other ‘Ladies’ would be watching the impending action.

I didn’t mind, in fact it was pretty amazing and stimulating that she was willing to share me with her gorgeous friends.

Julie met me at the door. She wore an attractive blue and black sheath dress. Her pumps were white and a matching string of pearls encircled her neck. “Hello Blake, right on time.”

“Patty made sure of that,” I stepped through the door, hugged this porn goddess from my dreams, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Nice to see you, too.” Julie stepped back. Her curled hair fell to her shoulders.

Standing at the kitchen counter she asked, “Need anything to drink before you start?”

“Maybe some ice water, thanks. So, how does this work?”

“Each of us thinks of a fantasy we’d like you to fulfill. In this case, Marie has never had anal sex with a man. That is her desire.”

Entering the nicely appointed bedroom, I found Marie lounging on the bed flipping through a magazine.

Gazing at her reclining form I noted her sheer white apparel.

Her legs were clad in white, lace top stockings, and on her feet she wore white heels. A sheer, calf length robe was wrapped around her, disguising the lingerie beneath.

Discarding the magazine she smiled hesitantly, “Hi Blake.”

“Marie,” I nodded as I took in the surroundings.

Candles burning provided a lovely fragrance to the air, a couple of vases held bunches of roses, and the walls were hung with large mirrors. “This is nice.”

“I’m glad you like it. We put our heads together to decide how to decorate,” Marie swung her legs over the side of the bed. “Give me a hand?”

“Of course,” I helped her to her feet then embraced her deeply. “Julie briefed me on my way in but, I’d like you to tell me what and how, your fantasy plays out in your mind.”

Stepping back, her hands in mine, Marie blushed as she started to speak, “My husband isn’t interested in sex with me much. When I ask him to be adventurous he tells me I have a filthy mind.

“The ladies describe acts to me that they’ve enjoyed and I’d like to experience! Anal sex is one of those things. I mean I’ve played around with my butt, the ladies have stimulated me and slid toys and plugs up there, but I’ve never had a man’s penis back there.”

“Sounds naughty, and delightful! Anything else?”

“Well, I wore a white outfit, on everyone’s suggestion, to signify giving up my butt for the first time.

“After watching you fuck Amy, I thought, he can do anything he wants to me. You seemed bayraklı escort so caring, yet in total control. I think I want that.”

“Ok, sounds like a plan. I’m already excited listening to you.” I pulled her back to me and kissed her red painted lips.

Marie was a willing and passionate kisser. Our tongues gently flickered back and forth. I felt a growing surge in my loins. Letting her step back I viewed her robust form.

The parted robe allowed me to see the lacy bustier beneath, its thin straps rising to her shoulders barely concealing her voluptuous breasts, the garters attached to her sexy stockings. Her curled brunette hair hung both in front and behind her shoulders, framing her full, pretty face. Her make-up had been applied with care and as a whole, Marie was the epitome of a big, beautiful, woman.

“I believe you deserve an afternoon of passion.” I stripped her robe from her shoulders and kissed her perfumed neck. Cupping her barely contained breasts in my hands I began lightly caressing her womanly attributes through the material.

I turned her towards one of the mirrors and ran my hands up and down her beautiful body lightly touching her full, pantiles bottom and her smooth, hairless pubis. “Look at yourself in the mirror while I tease you.”

Touching her crotch I queried,” Nice wax job. Your skin is so soft, must have been done recently?”

My hand found her vagina and she moved her legs apart. “Yesterday morning. God that feels good.”

I knew then and there that this would prove to be a memorable encounter.

Slipping my hands under the bustier straps I lowered them from her shoulders exposing her large breasts. Tweaking her nipples from behind, I felt their response, growing hard between my fingers.

I kissed her perfumed neck and whispered, “Let’s give them a good show Marie.” I knew the LLC were watching remotely. I turned her to face me.

Kissing her briefly I lowered my mouth to her breasts and mouthed one, then the other. Marie put her head back and watched me suck her tits in the mirror on the ceiling.

“Oh Blake, I love having my tits sucked on…but come here,” she lifted my mouth to hers. “Now it’s my turn.”

She unbuttoned the white shirt I wore then moved to my simple black pants. My cock was at full attention and she stroked it gingerly. Blake, it’s beautiful. So big, so hard…”

Putting both hands on me she lightly stroked my length and girth before kneeling and tentatively putting my head on her tongue, then in her mouth.

Slowly she warmed to fellating me. “I’ve watched so many porn stars do this I feel like I know what I’m doing.”

Bending at the waist I kissed her red lips. You’re doing great Marie. That feels really good!”

She returned me to her mouth. Her tongue was doing wonders on my bulbous head, twirling around it very slowly.

Holding her head lightly on each side I said, “Let me fuck your mouth…”

I slid in and out of her red lips being careful not to jam myself in too far.

Removing me from her mouth she held my raging hard on in one hand escort bayraklı and lightly palmed my balls before licking and mouthing each of them. Returning me to her mouth she was able to receive about half of my manhood.

With both hands again she gently jerked my length. Looking me in the eyes Marie questioned, “What’s next?”

Helping her to her feet I responded, “Oh Marie, I’m going to eat your pussy, I’m going to fuck you, and then I’ll conquer your ass!”

“I’m yours Blake. I want it all.”

I noticed an assortment of toys and lubes on the nightstand. Instructing Marie I said, “Kneel on the bed for me. I’m going to start preparing your ass for later.”

Grabbing the lube and a thin, flesh colored butt plug, I poured the lubricant in my hand and generously dabbed my fingers in the pool.

Reaching between Marie’s legs I rubbed lube on her already moist pussy then dragged my hand back to her ass.

Using both hands I played with her vaginal lips before inserting my middle finger. At the same time I slowly rimmed her ass with my left index finger before gradually pushing it in to the middle knuckle.

Simultaneously, I moved the fingers in and out of her erogenous holes, the finger in her ass gaining ground with each loving thrust.

Marie offered no resistance as she rested her head on the bed. “Oh Blake, that feels wonderful. I think I like your finger in my ass!”

“I think you’ll enjoy this too.”

Removing my hands from her womanly region I poured lube directly on her anus and slowly, deliberately, slid the four inch rubber flesh like plug into her writhing bottom. “I want you to wear this until I’m ready to take your big, beautiful, sexy ass. Now turn over baby, I’m going to lick that shaved pussy of yours!”

“The plug feels really different. I think I kind of like it.”

“Good! I knew you were a dirty girl- I think you’re going to like this even more!”

Lowering myself to my knees I situated Marie at the edge of the bed, spread her white nylon clad legs, and attacked her wanton womanhood with my mouth.

Running my tongue up and down her moist red slit, I poked it as far into her tunnel of love as I could. I licked her clit and sucked on it then returned my tongue inside her pussy.

Reaching my hands to her large tits I fondled and squeezed her breasts while nibbling her clitoris.

Marie pushed her loins against my face and removed one of my hands from her breast. She played with her abandoned titty, breathing heavily and uttering oohs and ughs as I ate her like a sex starved heathen. Her fingers found her clit and rubbed it as I attentively tongued her vagina.

Suddenly, Marie bucked in an orgasmic shudder and cried out, “Oh yes. Oh god, that’s good!”

Rising from my knees I knew it was time. “Oh baby, I’m going to fuck you silly. My big cock needs your pussy!”

“Yes Blake- Fuck me. Fuck me hard then take my virgin ass!”

Plunging my lubed, erect penis between her puffy, pussy lips, I initially pounded her with my full length before slowing to a controlled rhythmic penetration.

Marie bayraklı escort bayan gazed at me through her beautifully made up eyes, ensconced in the moment.

“Blake, this is incredible. My husband never…”

“Shhh. Don’t think about that. Enjoy the moment, I am.” I bent down and kissed her passionately, her soft lips and tongue warm and welcoming. Making- out aided in pushing my pleasure to yet another plateau.

Marie proved to be an adroit lover, our sex driving each other to increasingly lustful heights. Her body welcomed my advances, her inner bliss evident as she writhed beneath me.

“Are you going to cum for me Blake?”

“I’ve been on the verge a couple of times but I’m holding out for your ass.”

“OK. I, I think I’m ready to try. The plug makes me feel so–full while you’re fucking me.”

Pulling from her satiny slit I asked, “do you want it this way or from behind?”

“I don’t know- what do you like?”

“Marie, I like it all! For your first time, roll over and get back on your knees.”

“Alright, but first…” She sat up and as her hair and tits hung down she put my engorged cock back in her mouth. “Mmmm. Is that what they call pre-cum oozing onto my tongue?”

“I guess it is. Now turn over and let’s get that plug out of you. I’ve got a big old hard on to replace it with!”

After removing the rubber toy I tongued her anus, rimming and poking my tongue in her. I slathered lube on my fingers and fully erect cock, slid my index finger all the way in, followed by my pulsing head at her rear door.

Gently, I pressed against her butt hole slow and steady. “Take it slow Marie, we’ll get there.”

She pushed back against me while her sphincter gradually stretched open pulling me inside.


“Am I hurting you?”

“No! I’m just getting used to you, to the feeling back there.”

Grabbing her hips I maintained my forward pressure. Her ass encircled my cock as I gained ground.

Ever so slightly I began to push and retreat, push and retreat, sliding deeper into her virgin butt.

As anticipated, her ass stretched to allow me full access. I took advantage of the velvety feel of her bottom and began fucking her in earnest.

“Mmmm. That feels good Blake. It’s so different but I think I like it.”

“Reach down and play with your pussy while I fuck your big ass!”

Marie did as she was told and as our rhythm increased she cried out, “Blake, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Her body convulsed beneath me. “Cum for me Blake! Cum with me!”

This is one of the hardest sexual demands to fulfill but I pounded her accommodating orifice and though she was done I spurted, shooting my lust deep into her bottom.

“Ugh, Oh. Yeah baby.” I shoved my dick to the hilt and stayed that way until my cock head stopped pulsating.

My sex drive had been satiated, at least for now.

I toppled to the bed. With her big breasts laying on my chest, Marie kissed me with her succulent lips. “I can feel your jizz leaking out of my ass. It feels…naughty and taboo, and kind of sexy. I feel- satisfied. Thank you Blake, that was awesome!”

“Glad I could be your first.”

“Ummmm. I want more! Now I know how Amy feels- having to await her next turn. And Patty, she’s one lucky lady…”

“I’m happy I could please you and introduce you to the world of anal sex. It’s not bad, eh?”

“I’ll say!”

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