Kim Chronicles Ch. 02

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After getting out of the shower, she put on her favorite black bathrobe and walked back into the living room. She picked her romance novel back up and continued to read, almost not being able to concentrate as soft orgasm aftershocks rocked her body. She had reached the last chapter when the phone rang. She picked it up to hear Linzy, her best friend, on the other end.

“So how’s it going Kimie?” she asked excitedly…Linzy was a cheerleader at the college they both attended, so she naturally had lots of enthusiasm.

“Pretty good Linz, you’ll never believe what just happened.” Kim said with a smile on her face.

“Oh my God…what?!” She proceeded to tell Linzy about the amazing events of that day and the wonderful orgasm that came from it. Linzy sat silent on the phone, in shock of what she was just told. “Wow, I have to see this wonderful new toy of yours, maybe even try it out myself.” Linzy said with an excited giggle.

“Oh, definitely, I might even have to show you just how much pleasure it can give you.” Kim was shocked as bahis firmaları the words rolled off of her tongue without thinking. She heard Linzy moan on the other end and she felt the wetness building between her legs. Kim hung up the phone and ran to her room. She slipped into one of her silk nightees and went back to the living room. She thought of what was going to happen when Linzy arrived and it began to turn her on. She had never really thought about having sex with other girls, but this excited her. Linzy was a cute girl; her short blonde hair seemed to frame her cute face, and her body was almost a perfect hourglass figure. All complimented by her 36C chest, “not as big as mine, but still sexy.” Kim thought.

She could was so wet by now that she could feel it slowly dripping down her legs, she slid her hand down and took a bit on her finger. She took the finger into her mouth and licked it clean, her sweet taste almost putting her over the edge. “Wow, I need to calm down or I’m going to cum before she even gets here!” A knock on the door kaçak iddaa shook her out of her fantasy world and back to reality. “Come In!” Kim yelled and heard her guest walk in. She walked down the stairs slowly, wanting to give Linzy a good, long look. Just then her eyes widened and she couldn’t speak. A tall man, with long dark blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes stood in the doorway. Despite her shock, Kim wanted him badly.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Wayne, one of Linzy’s friends, they called her into work, so she called me and asked me if I would come keep you company till she got off. You must be Kim.”

“Yes…yes I am.” She answered, still a little confused. She extended her hand for a handshake; Wayne slightly took her hand in his and kissed it gently. She couldn’t help but swoon a little. “No man I know would have ever done that.” She thought. She noticed his eyes wondering around her body, she couldn’t help but want his hands, exploring every crevice of her shape.

“She didn’t mention how beautiful you are.” He said, looking kaçak bahis deep into her eyes.

Kim blushed but noticed how close he was to her all of a sudden, she could feel his touch on her arm, and it made her shiver. Before she knew it their lips had met in a deep passionate kiss. He carried her to her bedroom and laid her softly on the bed. His warm hands explored her body as he licked and sucked on her erect nipples. She moaned with great pleasure, which began to grow as she felt his hand begin moving up between her legs. She opened her legs a bit wider to allow him better access as he stroked her sex through the soaking wet panties. As his large fingers caressed her clit, she could feel her orgasm building already. She wanted so badly to cum all over his fingers, to let him know how bad she wanted him. “OH YES! RUB MY CLIT BABY!” she shouted.

As she was cumming she opened her eyes to see Linzy, between her legs, rubbing Kim’s clit furiously. Confused but still in ecstasy she came all over Linzy’s fingers. Linzy licked Kim and her fingers clean, “Wow, that was so hot baby.” Linzy said, licking her lips.

“But, where’s Wayne?”

“Oh, he’ll be over in a little bit.” Linzy paused and looked at Kim strangely, “but wait, how did you know about him?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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