Jury Duty

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The jury assembly room was full of good citizens, in their various states of commitment to do their civic duty. The line was long to register, get our badges, fill out the requisite questionnaires. It took me thirty minutes to navigate the bureaucracy and settle down for the long wait.

I went out on the patio, got a cup of coffee and lit a cigar. I had brought two books with me, a mystery novel and Pliny’s Natural History. I pulled out the mystery and went at it.

After I was seated about ten minutes a young girl came up to my table. I looked up and she smiled at me, a smile I returned as I sized her up.

“Hello. Mind if I share your table?”

“Not at all,” said, motioning to the empty chair.

“This is my first time. How long will we have to wait?” She asked.

“Depends. Could be an hour, could be all day.”

“Great. How boring!”

I laughed. “It can be. But I’ll try to keep you entertained.”

“Deal.” She held out her hand. “I’m Dinah.”

I took her hand. “I’m Joe. Nice to meet you.”

“What do you do when you aren’t here?”

“Retired young and enjoying life. You?”

“Just graduated college. I’m working at a daycare for now.”

She took out a notebook and started scribbling, giving me a chance to just look her over. She was a pretty brunette, with an obviously Jewish nose that hung out like a beak. Her breasts were small, but sat high and firm on her frame. She wore a white shirt and I could see the outline of her bra underneath. She wore a little too much eye makeup and her big brown eyes didn’t need the distraction.

We passed the morning making chit chat until eleven when we were all called in and told we could go to lunch. I offered to buy her lunch, and she quickly accepted.

We found a café down the street from the courthouse and ordered.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, not since college. We broke up right before graduation.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not!”

By now I could tell she was flirting with me, as I was with her. She laughed at my lame jokes, took every opportunity to czech amateurs porno touch my arm while we talked. Several times our eyes met and held the glance. After paying the check we walked out and I took her hand, holding it was we made our way back to the courthouse.

Just as we got to the door, I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She looked up at me with a delicious smile. Then she stood on her toes and pressed her lips to mine.

“Maybe jury duty won’t be boring after all!”

We passed through the metal detectors just in time to hear an announcement for all jurors to report to the assembly room. As they called out names we sat entranced with each other, hoping we wouldn’t be separated just yet.

Both of us were called in the same pool. We walked up to the courtroom, barely heard the judge talk about the case. Neither of us were called before they empanelled the jury and we were dismissed and thanked along with everyone else.

“So, you free for dinner?” I asked.

“I’m not hungry. Want to come to my place and help me work up and appetite?” Her smile was so devilish I had a hard time keeping a straight face.

“Let’s go!”

I followed her to her apartment. Inside, it looked like a typical college apartment with mismatched everything and generous amounts of clutter. Dinah told me her roommates were gone and we would have the place to ourselves.

She led me to her bedroom. Without any preliminaries she pulled her shirt over her head and turned to me. She took my hands and placed them on her bra-clad tits. Her nipples hardened through the material under my touch.

I pulled her to me and gave her the long, hot, tongue kiss I had wanted to give her all day. Her hand went to the front of my pants, rubbing my cock through the material.

The time came quickly for us to disrobe. I unhooked her bra then proceeded to my own clothes. My now-hard cock caught on my boxers, making Dinah laugh.

Her body was perfect, her skin white and interrupted only by the shock of black hair over her pussy and czech bitch porno her brown nipples. She placed her hand on my shoulder and guided me to the bed.

We took things slow, feeling each other and exploring with our hands. We felt every inch of each other before our hands reached out for our sexes. Her pussy was drenched with desire as I began to finger it, making Dinah squeal. Her hand grasped my shaft and stroked my penis.

I kissed one breast, then the other, tracing each nipple with my tongue. I trailed down her stomach, licked her navel, then reached her pussy. She cried out as I began to lick her hard little clit.

Dinah was a gusher and soon my face was covered in her juices as the waves of pleasure flowed over her. After her third climax she was begging me to fuck her.

In one fluid motion I was up on my knees and her hand guided me into her dripping sex. I bottomed out on the third stroke.

“I’m gonna make a Jewish baby in you, girl!”

“Fuck me, Joe! Harder!”

I increased my velocity, slamming her with all nine inches to the depth of her pussy. And what a young, tight pussy it was! Every inch of her rubbed against my shaft as if violated her.

I rolled over, letting her be on top for awhile. I rubbed her tiny breasts as she rode me. Her thighs clutched at mine as she bounced up and down on my cock. After a couple of minutes she slowed down, leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues fenced in her mouth as she slowly rode me.

Then I got her up on her knees and maneuvered behind her. I reinserted my penis into her after rubbing it along her slit and over her asshole. She tentatively began moving her hips and I praised her. Soon she was whispering for me to fuck her harder, faster. This was what I’d been waiting for, and I forgot control. I drove home my dick with so much enthusiasm that my balls made a slapping noise against her. I felt my dick tighten, and I spewed cum up into her pussy. I collapsed on top of her for a few moments before I was ready to pull out.

I lit a cigarette and shared it czech casting porno with her. As we lay there, rubbing each other and smoking, I began to get another erection. Dinah wasted no time, sliding down to take me in her mouth.

My dick was standing up proud and hard, pointing right up at my belly button. She slid one hand up between my legs, feeling my balls. The other hand clasped my dick and began to slowly slide up and down along the shaft. She pumped it several times, looking at the juice seeping out of the slit in the end. Then she leaned forward and stuck

out her tongue. She licked the end, swiping her tongue all around the head.

I groaned with pure pleasure! Dinah pursed her lips and kissed it right on the end. Then, slowly moving forward, she let her lips slowly enclose the end of my

dick, sliding down until she had the whole knob in her mouth. She pressed forward, taking some of the shaft in her mouth. Slowly, she took more and more until the end of my prick was against the back of her throat. I could see that she had a little more than half of it in her mouth.

Dinah then slowly let it slide out of her mouth until only the end was in. Then she reversed directions and repeated the movement. I began to contribute to the movement, sliding my dick in and out of her mouth. She was using her tongue on the underside of it as it slid in

and out. She was also exerting as much suction as she could.

Dinah wrapped her fist around my cock at just the right place to control the maximum depth that she wanted. Suddenly, I groaned and gasped as my dick began to throb. She knew I was about to shoot my load, so she withdrew her mouth until she had only the bloated knob in her mouth and began to suck hard.

Bam! I cut loose in her mouth. The first wad almost shot down her throat without her swallowing, it spurted out with such power. Swallowing rapidly, Dinah

tried to keep up with the gushes of hot juice spurting from the end of my dick. Finally, the spurts slowed to a dribble and then quit. She sucked the last of the juice out and let my softening dick slide out of her mouth.

She saved a bit of my cream and shared it with me in a kiss. We spent the rest of the night changing positions and testing every opening on Dinah’s body and each one made her just as eager as before. We finally went to sleep about three in the morning, exhausted and smelling of sex.

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