Jock Boy Ch. 02

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I fucked and toyed with my jock butt in the gym. I would spot him in the gym, letting my touch linger on his skin, my bulge brush against that pert delicate bubble. He would let out low moans, barely audible while he fought his natural instinct to drop to his knees and service a real man. “Control, bitch” I would whisper in his ear, knowing those juicy lips would be on my cock shortly.

After a week of abusing his ass and mouth in the empty locker room, filling the room with the scent of sweat, sex, ass, and cum. It was time to step it up. While he laid spent on the bench, covered in his own spunk and filled with my own, I pulled out my little surprise, my insurance, fastening it around his cock. He was still in his orgasmic haze while I dressed. I looked down with a sneer and spat on his chest.

“You’ll wear that till I decide otherwise.” I said with contempt as I dressed. He suddenly became aware of the metal cage that housed his spent cock. “You’ll cum when I say you can, if I say you can.” Fear contoured his face trying to form words. I spat on him one last time before sneering my disdain. “You’re mine, bitch.”

The next week, I put my plan into motion. I would tease him during the workout, give him a taste of my touch. In the locker room, I further humiliated him. I refused to remove his cock cage, despite his pathetic pleas. The first night I ordered him to strip and kneel before me. He waited in eager anticipation. I spat on my hand and stroked myself in front of him, occasionally smacking his face with my meat.

I blew my load all over his pretty face, smearing the cum across his lips. I pulled my shorts back up to his dismay. I looked at him, covered in my goo. “Complain about the cock cage again.” I snarled before leaving him there on the floor, dejected, humiliated, hungry for more. I heard a small wail of frustration as the door slammed shut behind me.

The next night I repeated the breaking of my boy. This time when we were in the locker room, he learned his lesson about the cage, but pleaded to be allowed to cum. I had him strip down again, on his knees before me and pulled his head into my balls. “Wash my nasty nuts.” I ordered, spitting in my hand and stroking myself off again, leaving my mark again all over his face.

The next night my poor boy was on the urge of breaking. His soft whimpers as I touched him did not go unnoticed. This time in the gym, he did not complain. He kept his eyes downcast. “What did we learn, boy?” I lifted his head up so he could meet my hard eyes. I stared into his soft brown eyes. “Answer me, boy.”

His voice was soft as he answered. “That I am your bitch.” He began. “You control if I get to cum, when I get to cum.” He bit the inside of his mouth. “I am not to question my cock cage, casino şirketleri or complain about it. I am not to ask to cum, because I am your bitch.”

I smiled planting my lips on his, kissing him roughly like the personal whore he was to me. I pushed him away suddenly. “Strip.” My eyes lingered over his chest, those small pert brown nipples begging to be raked with my teeth. I smirked with sinister pleasure as he stepped out of his jock and shorts, exposing his straining cock in its captivity. I lowered my own shorts and jock to my knees, taunting him with my own free cock.

I pulled him close, my left hand latching onto the fine lightly furred melon. I watched the disappointment in his eyes when I spat in my hand and gripped my swollen meat. My mouth returned to his, savagely attacking his mouth while I slicked my cock. He moaned in my mouth, pleasured by my touch. His hands held onto me, trying to prevent the small tasted of pleasure I gave him from escaping.

My fingers dug into his cheeks roughly. His pathetic whimpers filled my ears while my tongue invaded his mouth. I knew his cock was training for freedom. Knowing this set my balls on fire. I gripped the muscled mounds, almost breaking the skin as I sent volley after volley down his leg, satiating my need while building his.

He let out a pitiful yelp when I broke the kiss. I brought my cum laden hand to his mouth. “Clean it.” His tongue instantly darted out, cleaning my hand thoroughly. He slurped and licked in earnest till I was satisfied it was clean. I pushed his face away then him, causing him to land on the mauled ass. “Pathetic.” I spat, pulling up my shorts and leaving.

The next night, he audibly groaned during the work out. “Control, bitch.” I kept reminding him before I finally got irritated and sent him to the locker room. I stormed in and pressed him to the wall, my height towering over him as I looked down. “Get it together or that fucking cage ain’t ever coming off.” He let out a small cry of shock, and the fear in his eyes made me back away.

I stepped back and centered myself, remembering he was still a pup in training. I opened my arms. “I’m sorry for being so rough, come here.” He hesitantly stepped into my arms. I held him, patting him on the head. “I just have such high hopes for you.” I lied, knowing I just wanted to break him. “Why don’t you get naked and let me eat that jock butt.”

He gave me a half smile, stripping for me, his cock cage flush with his harden flesh. He lay on the bench, that beautiful brown hole waiting invitingly for me. I shucked my clothes and kneaded his butt like dough. I was hungry for this feast. Hungry for this piece of ass that was splayed before me. I dove in, licking and chewing his once virgin hole. My hand casino firmaları went to my aching cock that longed to spear him, but could not, Not yet.

He humped back against my face as my tongue darted against the tender flesh. His moans filled the small locker room. I slurped and licked, savoring the tangy musk of his hole. I had forgotten the taste of him on my tongue and how much I loved it. My load blew across the bench, but I did not care. I continued to devour my jock boy’s butt.

I instantly got hard again. His groans of enjoyment drove me wild as I ate his hole raw. The second load took a bit more coaxing. I pulled out, looking at his puffy ass lips. I nearly roared as the second load came from me, coating his abused hole with my mark. I gasped, for a moment before regaining my composure and smearing my seed into him. “Love that jock butt.” I smacked his ass, as he lay panting on the bench. “Till tomorrow, boy.”

Thursday night I allowed him to do his own work out, allowing him just the distraction of my presence. I watched his form, remembering the lust he filled me. I wanted that ass, but not yet. I had him naked within seconds in the locker room, my moisten fingers fucking him as I stroked off another load because of him. He rode my hand like the cock hungry whore he was, moaning and groaning as I slipped one then two fingers into him. I rewarded him with my load all over his ass again.

On the anniversary of his caging, I was ready for some real play. In the locker room, I gave him my address and told him if he wanted that cage off, he’d show up. Ten minutes after I got home, he was knocking on my door. He entered, hesitantly and I ordered him to strip. He stood before me, naked, trembling with desire and fear. “Follow me.” I ordered, my cock groaning to have this pathetic jock serve me once again.

I led him to my bordello of sin. He followed like the obedient sex addict I wanted him to be. I picked him up off his feet, to his sudden surprise and tossed him on the bed. That damn cock cage was going to get in the way. I pulled the key from my nightstand and removed it. His cock sprung free, bouncing, reaching up to the sky.

“Stay.” I ordered, knowing his desire to reach for his now freed cock. I stripped out of my cloths and allowed him to admire my body. I could see his body crying for the release. I pounced, covering his body with mine, my mouth ravishing his mouth, my five o’clock shadow rubbing his lips raw. He mewled sweetly as I filled his mouth with my tongue and ground my neglected cock against his.

I bit his lip and pushed off him. “Get on this cock.” I ordered. He scrambled to obey, slurping me down. “Fuck ya, boy.” I moaned as his warm lips surrounded my cock. His enthusiasm and thirst for being güvenilir casino used and pleasing men was evident in his efforts to swallow me to hilt. I spit in my hand and reached over to his hole smearing in. I felt the murmur his appreciation as one finger slipped my in.

I allowed him the pleasure of serving me, enjoying his oral manipulations. For a newbie cock sucker, he had some natural skills. I grabbed him by his short hair and worked his mouth and throat for all it’s worth, sending him coughing and gagging around my meat. I pulled out his mouth and guided him to my balls. “Work those balls.”

He obeyed, as I abused his face with my cock. His lips and tongue on my balls felt like heaven. He was bringing me off too quick. I was going to enjoy this little jock boy’s butt. I pulled him up by the hair and guided him to my nipples. He knew what I liked. His teeth grazed the nubs as his tongue swirled around. I moved him from nipple to nipple, my finger steady pistoning into his hole, stretching it to my satisfaction.

The little tease was just that, whether he was in the gym or naked servicing me. I roared in annoyance, tossing him back. He was dazed when I grabbed his feet and flipped his muscled body over. I zoned in on my prize and spread those cheeks and shoved my tongue deep inside him. He howled and squirmed as my tongue pierced his now loosen pucker. I slobbered, eating his hole once again.

My face was covered in his ass juices when I propped his ass up. Without ceremony or care, speared him, driving balls deep. He shouted in pain as I stood there, enjoying the heat of his insides. I pulled him back by the hair, bringing his body up against mine. I bit his neck before throwing him back down. I slapped his ass, then grabbed his hips.

I started slowly riding that bubble. I sawed in and out of him. His body twisted with pleasure and pain. He moaned as he grew accustomed to my girth and length once again. The room filled with the slapping of our flesh, his cheeks, vibrating with each slam into him. I cursed his tightness for hugging my cock. My hands gripped tighter as I brought myself closer and closer to filling him.

I cried with desire as I filled him with my seed. Blast after blast shot into him. I looked down to see some of my precious liquid spilling from his hole. My body shuddered with the climatic explosion. I pumped him for several more minutes before pulling out and tossing his used ass aside. “You may cum now.” My eyes grew heavy as I fell onto the bed. I wanted to do so much more to him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was barely aware of his frantic motion to stroke himself off, his hands cupping his balls while he stroked off. He let out his own howling wail as he shot his load over himself. His breath was short and labored as he finally exploded. “Let yourself out.” I mumbled. “Remember you don’t come without my permission.”

I felt the bed raise as he lifted his sperm coated body from the bed. “You’re such a good bitch.” I mumbled, drifting off into sleep.

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