Jim , His Sister-In-Law Day 3

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Continued from Jim and His Sister-In-Law Days 1 and 2


Monday my sister-in-law, Bea, and I saw Sally, my wife, and Jack, Sally’s brother/Bea’s husband, off at the local airport. Sally was to help Jack with a big business opportunity. They would be gone until Friday and Sally’s instructions to Bea were for her to take good care of me! For the rest of the day Bea did just that and the next morning started with Bea sucking me off to get the cream for her coffee. I had breakfast at the ‘Y’! Later we bathed together followed by an erotic shopping excursion. We topped the day off dancing at her favorite night club. Today?

Day 3:

When I rolled over the bed was empty. I opened my eyes slowly hoping I was wrong, hoping Bea was still there and more, hoping she would take on my morning boner. Nothing, her side of the bed was empty. I tossed the satin sheets off, raised my leg and pulled my balls clear of my thighs. As I rolled on to my back I gave it a couple strokes. Oh shit! I should check the whole room before I jack-off. Bea was standing on my side of the bed!

I dropped my cock like it was a hot poker. Bea in a very short neglisa just leaved over took my hand and guided it back to my cock. Dam she is one hell-of-a woman leaning out like that neglisa gapped open from the bottom, auburn heart of hair on her mound, swollen pudenda and massive tits swaying for my pleasure. As I returned to stroking my cock she swung her right leg over my head and mounted my face. Facing backwards she pushed my hand away and took over.

Dam, if my wife, Sally, ever fucked my face like this I’d have to slip out to see if I had the right woman! Bea jammed her clit to my lips and teased herself on my tongue for nearly 30 minutes. All the while she teased my cock. At first slowly with two fingers and later when she got really hot, frantically with her tight fist. If she didn’t slow down I was going to waste it.

I knew I couldn’t waste my load without outdoor sex porno permission from the mistress but what could I do? After all my face was buried in sloppy pussy. I tried to slow down and just tongue her love hole but she had other ideas as she frantically slid her pussy along my tongue from ass to clit. I don’t know about her but I was going to cum!

Just as my load was ready to shoot up the channel she slammed her fist to the base of my cock, clinched it tight and climbed off my face. The next thing I knew my cock was up her pussy and she was exploding in a powerful orgasm. Or was that me shooting everything I had? Dam what a way to wake up!

“Bath? Coffee?”

I didn’t need to answer. Seated in the hot bath with our third cup of coffee in hand our vitality returned. An hour of soapy playing and I had another hard-on. Bea wanted it so she side saddled my lap. It took a little maneuvering to gain entry but once we got it in fucking her in the buoyant water was no problem.

She held my face in her cleavage and tongued my ear for the whole 2 minutes it took us both to cum! We were both played out so we decided to take a nap before an early dinner and another night of dancing.

Tucked in the fetal position Bea hosted my entry by laying her leg over mine. With my cock buried as deep as possible and a hand full of tits I dosed off. Bea was so tired she never moved and when I woke several hours later my cock, although soft was lined up perfectly and its rapid growth penetrated her again.

Reaching bottom woke her! She contracted and moaned with pleasure “Fuck me baby! Fuck me until we both cum!”

Slowly I fucked her eager pussy, pressing my balls to her ass then withdrawing until it almost popped out. Ten minutes later I began to intensify my strokes and she started slow but noticeable contractions.

“Jimmy I can’t hold it! Cum now! Please cum now!”

That was all I needed. I bottomed one last time public agent porno and fired my load so hard it must have ruptured her ovaries. She began to quiver just like this morning and then she had a wonderful orgasm right on top of mine!

It was near 6PM when we got washed up and dressed. A appropriately quit dinner and after we finished off the bottle of wine it was off to the same club as last night. I would normally be excited about the provability of meeting Chocolate Dolly again but tonight I was sexed out. Still, the thought of just one dance and a hand full of her fine black ass excited my groin.

“Your thinking about Dolly aren’t you?”

“No ——- Well not like that. Just a dance. Ok?”

“Ok – one dance, but remember who’s taking you home.”

From the smile on the valet’s face when he opened the door Bea gave him a good look down her dress. What a job, valet, look up or down the dress of some guy’s date then walk around and get a tip you for doing it. Hell that young kid wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like Bea. I got out of the car and just to let him know I could handle her, I made sure he saw me shift my balls back into my crouch then grinned at him.

Tonight Bea was wearing a black lace dress, very tight at the waist, hem just above her knees, cut low below the top of her half bra and sheer enough to make her lingerie the final touch. In contrast I wore a white tux, red shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund. Her hand on my arm, we were the spotlight attraction in the foyer as we entered.

Bea pointed me to the bar for a Fuzzy Navel, and a Bourbon for me. I was waiting for the fuzzy thing when I got a hot tongue in my ear and a hand grab to the ass! I turned into the arms of an angel dressed in sheer cream colored lace, no bra on a pair of chocolate 38Cs and if she had panties on I couldn’t see them.

“Hi Dolly!”

“Hi Jimmy. Come back for some chocolate?”

I slid my hands down reality kings porno her back, took a hot cheek in each hand and planted my tongue down her throat! She reciprocated.

“Hey buddy I hate to interrupt but I got other customers.”


“If that was your answer I got to ditch the big black dick over there and then I’m all yours.”

“Sorry baby. Bea is looking for a table while I get the drinks.”

“Dam I always loose out to the big ones. I – am a better fuck than her, you know.”

“Honey I’m going to take you up on that, just not tonight. Ok?”

“Well get me a drink and Jordan and I will share our table.”

“You got it.”

We found Bea and got situated at the table with Jordan. After introductions we took to dancing the night away. As promised I only had one dance with Dolly but that was mostly because Bea and Jordan didn’t hit-it-off. In that one dance I explained the situation with Bea and my wife but made it clear that I’d love to let her fuck my brains out.

Bea and I got home about 2AM. I was tired and ready for some sleep but Bea had other ideas. My shorts barely hit he floor before she pushed me to the bed. Standing between my legs, sill in her spike heels, lace topped nylons, bra straps dangling on her arms and soaking wet panties, she didn’t need to tell me that I was going to cum the fourth time today.

I released the front clasp bra and let her beauties fee. By the time the bra hit the floor she was on her knees and my cock was in her skill full grasp. She licked and sucked the head as she stroked me fast and hard. Her tits bounced between my legs for near 30 minutes. I was panting like a dog and the load was going to fire any second. Just as my cock gave the warning pulse she stopped, stood up and dropped her drawers. I was sitting but as she leaned over me and guided my cock into her love hole her weight forced me back on the bed. I locked my legs behind her ass and held her in the vise until I drained all I had into her.

“That’s it baby, give me all you have.”

I was all done but she wasn’t. She followed with a sensuous orgasm of her own! Before we passed out, I held her tight and rolled us into bed. We fell asleep with my cock still deep in her pussy.

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