Jewish Women Need Anal Too

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It never ceases to amaze me how people who claim to be victims of prejudice can be so prejudiced themselves. That’s human nature for you, I guess. The other night, I picked up this plump but somewhat appealing matronly white woman at a bar in downtown Boston. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling her. She kept looking in my direction all night and when I finally said hi, she offered to buy me a drink. I shrugged and accepted. Why not? Having women buying me drinks was nothing out of the ordinary. A tall, good-looking young black man like myself can have his pick of available females. Hell, I usually have my pick of men too. Yeah, I’m bisexual. And while I don’t advertise it, I don’t hide it either. If you don’t like it, screw you. My chiseled good looks and sharp Armani suit sends a clear message to the world. I’m good-looking and successful. No lie. I graduated from Boston College Business School in 2006 with my MBA. Before that, I’d gotten my bachelors degree in business from Suffolk University. Since then, I’ve been working for Wylder Enterprises, a multi-national shipping corporation with locations throughout North America.

When I come to the bars, I tend to choose the pretty ones to play with, among both men and women. I can’t stand ugly people. However, I recently discovered that ugly people are better in bed. They try harder. For example, did you know that big women on average are a lot better in bed than skinny women? I know, it shocked me too. I tried them and found it to be true. They do try harder in bed. Even so, I usually can do better than this seemingly uptight white bitch. However, I wasn’t staying in town for long and it had been some time since I hooked up. So I picked up this broad and went to her place for some fun. Women are a lot more into casual sex than most people realize, folks.

At the bar, when she asked me my name, I said James Marceau. That’s the alias I use with my out of town conquests. She told me her name was Mildred Rosenthal. She was Jewish, recently divorced and had never been with a black man before. What a surprise! She lived in an apartment near the Back Bay area. Figures. She was loaded. Seemed like old money to me. We drove in her bright red Sedan. Once we got there, she didn’t even give me a tour of the place, which is what I would bahis firmaları have done. Nope. She just took me straight to the bedroom, where I guess she let loose. That’s what amazes me at white chicks. How two-faced and two-natured they are. The most seemingly prim and proper among them is usually the freakiest. The black woman is loud, opinionated, wickedly smart and sometimes downright mean and quite freaky. And whether she’s an Ivy League woman, a high-ranking politician or some nobody from the hood, she doesn’t care who knows it. Say what you will about black women, they are more honest than them white broads.

White chicks were a two-faced bunch. Like this Mildred. She stood naked before me. Five feet eight inches tall, thick, with big tits, wide-hips and a plump ass. Not bad, though I’ve seen better. Her hair was dirty blonde and her eyes were hazel. To be honest, I mostly noticed that fat ass of hers. I like a big butt on my lovers, whether they’re male or female. I undressed, and showed Mildred what I got. Six feet two inches of hard-bodied, muscular, chestnut-flavored black man stood before her. I stroked my fully erect nine-inch, uncircumcised cock. She stared at my uncircumcised cock with unabashed fascination. I guess being Jewish she’d never seen an uncut cock before. Where I come from, we don’t alter the human body, especially genital areas, to please tenets of religion or culture. If it ain’t broke, we don’t fix it. That’s the Caribbean man’s way.

I looked Mildred in the eye and told her to show my Jimmy some love. It took her a moment to figure out what the Jimmy is. White people! She knelt before me and took my cock in her hand. Slowly, she pulled back the foreskin and took my cock into her mouth. And thus, the middle-aged Jewish matron began sucking my long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. I smiled to myself. I could tell I was a real novelty to her. Many women I’ve hooked up with find my status as an uncircumcised bisexual black male to be puzzling. I don’t know what the fuss is about, folks. Why change what nature has made? My brothers, uncles and father are all natural men like myself. Which is why if I ever marry a woman, she’s going to have to be a woman from the Caribbean who won’t ask doctors to mutilate any sons we might have in the name of kaçak iddaa outdated religious and cultural practices. Not that I’m eager to get married. I love my freedom and I’m having a lot of fun.

I pushed my cock all the way to the back of Mildred’s throat. I could tell she was no novice when it came to sucking dick but I wanted to test this woman’s deep-throating abilities. It’s a rare woman who can deep-throat a nine-inch monster cock like mine. However, Mildred seemed to manage without too much discomfort. She licked my balls and licked my shaft like a professional. When I came, she surprised me by quite literally guzzling down all of my cum. Whoa! See what I told you about them white chicks? At the bar, she seemed way too prim and proper. I knew she had to be a freak inside. As if reading my mind, she licked a single drop of cum off her finger and told me I hadn’t seen anything yet.

I put on a condom and we got down and dirty on her king-sized bed. I lay flat on the bed while she straddled me. I put my hands on her hips and thrust into her pussy. Mildred shrieked and began bouncing up and down on my dick. Even through the condom, her pussy felt hot and tight. This woman hadn’t gotten any in a while and she was making up for lost time. That’s cool with me, folks. I don’t care one way or the other. We rocked like this for a while till I came and took off the condom. I went to the bathroom and flushed it down the drain. I went back to Mildred. After such a good fuck, she needed to catch her breath. We lay side by side. I looked at that big white booty of hers and wanted me some of that. Looks like I’m going to need another condom. Luckily, I had one. So, I gently rubbed my cock against her butt. She pushed back against me, grinding her ass on my dick and handed me a can of lubricant without saying anything. I made good use of the lubricant, applying some on both my cock and her asshole. Then, I spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open and pressed my cock against her backdoor. Slowly, I pushed my way in.

Working my cock into Mildred’s asshole required time and patience. Luckily, she was very cooperative. Wordlessly, she opened herself to me. I felt her anal muscles relax to let my cock in, then tighten again once I was inside. Clearly, she was no stranger to butt kaçak bahis fucking. At her age, I’d be surprised if she were. Mature gals like her are into all kinds of crazy sex stuff these days and they put the so-called wild college women to shame. It’s the middle-aged women having the orgies and hooking up with anything that moves, not the college broads. Trust me on that one. Back in school, it was far easier to hook up with a female professor than to convince some wide-eyed freshman chick to give up the booty. Anyhow, enough reminiscing and back to business. Mildred’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. Just the way I liked them. I’m an ass man, folks. Deal with it.

This was fun, sliding my dick in and out of a middle-aged Jewish woman’s tight asshole. However, the position was not exactly comfortable. So I put Mildred on all fours and took her from behind. Holding onto her hips, I pushed my cock right back into her asshole. In this position, I could go deeper inside her. Doggy-style is the best position for anal sex in my opinion. You can really see where you’re going and how deep you can go is up to you and your partner. Mildred asked me to fuck her harder. And so I did. I don’t like to take them tenderly, to tell you the truth. I like to fuck them hard. What surprises me is that a lot of gay men are into tender loving while a lot of straight women are into rough sex. You’d think it’d be the other way around. Oh, well. Yet another bit of information only bisexual men like myself are privy to. Doing the backdoor bonanza, Mildred and I fucked and sucked the night away. Then I guess we fell asleep.

I took a shower and left shortly before dawn. Mildred was already awake, drinking some coffee while watching a Colbert Report rerun. I thanked her for a great night then took a cab to Logan Airport because I had a plane to catch. Truth be told, I shouldn’t have spent the night with this woman. Oh, no regrets but I have an important business deal to seal in a few hours. Once at the airport, I checked my briefcase. Everything was in order. I had all the files and papers needed for the presentation I would show the board. I bought a Perry Ellis suit at an all-night store near the airport. Can’t wear the same stuff two days in a row in my line of work. It sends the wrong message. As I checked my files for a second time, I noticed something unusual among my belongings. A pair of red panties from Mildred, with her cell phone number written in black marker. This made me smile. I guess I still got it

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