Jen , Me Ch. 3: The Wife Gets Involved

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After my initial conquest of Jen (documented in “Jen and Me: Sis-in-Law Rewards”) things were a little awkward between us. That first weekend had been fantastic, and the sex was raw and uninhibited, but where did it go from there? We had said all along we were just doing this as friends, but there’s something about screwing your sister-in-law five times in a period of less than 24 hours that changes the relationship a bit.

After the scene with Marisa (“Jen and Me: Descent into Narcissism”) it was clear that we were crossing some kind of boundary, and were more than just friends. I must say however that Dr. Barton is a genius, and once the swelling and black eyes went away her nose was perfect.

We weren’t just balling indiscriminately. We did stick to the rules, and we always found some excuse, some bet or little incentive, to find our way back to the sack. It might be a new weight goal, a personal best in the gym, or even a sports bet. But we often limited the activity according to the bet, and were amazingly good at staying within the boundaries of the game.

Cheryl was a little pissed at me. I told her I’d given Jenny the money for her nose job, as a reward for working so hard to get me into shape. Little did I know that Cheryl also had always wanted a nose job. She got one as a Christmas present. And she got her teeth whitened. And she got the LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Barton and friends are doing all right off of us, about $26K spent, but worth it.

The sex between Cheryl and I was still improving. My wife had reached her initial goal for weight loss, but made a new goal, and had moved up to running from walking. She was training for her first 10K and had conned her best friend Denise into training with her, after bullying her into losing the 20 lbs. she’d put on after her first kid.

Our improved fitness, energy level, and stamina had us in the best shape we’d ever been in for both of us. And it was reflected in our frequent sexual bouts and occasional weekend marathons. Cheryl was the happiest she’d been since I’d met her. When our sex had been (much) less frequent, she was often unhappy, worried that it was because of her, and perhaps I didn’t love her. Sex restored her confidence and a high level of demonstrative affection had even made her a little wilder and more adventurous than ever before. She wanted to have sex outdoors (still away from any likely viewers) and was encouraging some role-playing in the bedroom. We even had our first (!) light bondage session – after eight years of marriage.

Did I mention that life was good?

My one concern was developing with Jenny. She’d completely stopped dating, and after about 6 months of occasional sex, we were finding excuses to hop in the sack together almost once a week.

Not only that, but we were becoming more than ‘fuck-friends’. Once I’d started hanging out with the bigger body-builders in the gym I was privy to the frequent discussions of sex that was going on. These guys were more open about it than anyone I’d ever known, including during my frat days in college. A lot of the guys had ‘fuck-friends’. These were typically girls they’d dated, and when they ended the relationship, a lot of the girls were willing to still let these guys screw the hell out of them, sometimes just showing up on their doors for dinner and sex. My guess was the girls were hoping that somehow the guys would come back to them for good. For the guys, it was convenient hot sex, without any of the relationship BS.

Jen and I were going the other way. We had started with uncomplicated, wild sex. One of the reasons I was comfortable continuing the relationship was because I figured there was no risk of serious involvement. It wasn’t like Jen was going to try to steal me away from her sister. And a good-looking girl like her should have no trouble finding a man.

But she wasn’t trying. Since I’d started working out with her, she’d only had a handful of dates, none in the last six months, and had sex only once in well over a year – present company excluded – and that a pretty miserable event. She was stilling going out on occasions with her work and school friends, but she was turning away the guys without giving them a chance. She and Marisa went out at least once a week. Marisa was trying to get back into the dating scene, but they were both hopelessly picky.

In the meantime, our sex was now ending up in cuddling sessions, long talks and lots of kissing and sensitive actions. Often during our home ‘workouts’ I’d find myself in the missionary position, relaxed, screwing away almost like old married couples, and discussing our days and goals, and even dreams.

Marisa came over twice (I benched 320!), and we had some nice sessions together, but no anal for either of them, and I left the little blue pill out of the equation. I guess I was enough for both of them without it. The last time out, Jenny was acting a bit jealous over the attention I gave Marisa (she shouldn’t have bet on Maryland). I tried hard to bahis firmaları make it up to her once Marisa had left.

It was March. Spring was in the air. I was afraid she was falling for me.

The Friday after Cheryl’s first 10k, Jen was especially gabby in bed after paying off a bet (whether I could be on time for the gym for an entire week). We were entwined in a figure four, with my cock still inside her, semi-hard, and I was contemplating another quick fuck, while absent-mindedly running my hand back and forth across her ass.

“Don’t remind me,” Jen sighed, relaxed and resting with her eyes closed after I’d brought her to climax three separate times before finishing myself.

“What?” I asked, puzzled by her comment.

“My scrawny, bony ass. That’s what.”

“Jen, you have a nice ass, it’s tight and sweet.”

“How is it you and Cheryl, and everyone else I know can completely change everything about their bodies, and after three years I still have this bony ass. Cheryl got all the curves and I’m stuck with this stick of figure.”

I had no idea where this was coming from. We had never really discussed her figure much since her new breasts, except for the one time I’ve already documented. Mostly it just involved me telling her how delicious she was.

“Jen, if you want to get a round butt, you’ve got to tailor your workout to it. The workout you’re doing now will do the opposite if anything. Endless cycling and light dumbbell work won’t do jack for your glutes.”

Whereas I’m a voracious reader, and study everything I delve into, Jen avoids books and reading outside of school. Once I picked up bodybuilding and working out, I read dozens of books, and researched everything online.

“Let me work out a plan for you, I’ll do a little research, and Monday we’ll start a program that will have your pants filling out in back, and the guys pants filling out in front.” During our discussion the inevitable had happened, and I was screwing her in a quite leisurely fashion. I was still stroking her sweet ass, occasionally teasing her tight little butthole with my finger.

“If you can get me a round bubble-butt, I’ll give you something.” Jen answered warmly, grinding back on my insistent cock.

“And that would be…” I prompted her.

“I’ll let you fuck my new round ass. You can pound that huge cock up my butt. I know you want to. You can be my first. Ooh, you like that do you? The idea of spreading my tight tiny hole and shoving that big fat prick of yours up my ass so far you’ll bring tears to my eyes. I saw what you did to Marisa, you can do that and more to me.” She was teasing me relentlessly, pulling my cock out of her pussy with her hand and rubbing the head around her asshole, actually pressing back against it, almost taking the entire head in her ass, before returning it to her pussy.

There was nothing relaxing about the way I was fucking her now, slamming my cock in and out, my thumb embedded deep up her ass.

“Yeah, I’d love to fuck this sweet little virgin hole. And your pretty little butthole is so sweet and cute.”

“Bullshit, you just want to screw any ass.” She gasped out while bouncing off the headboard.

“No, really. It’s tight, just a little light brown at the edges, and so smooth up your sweet little crack. It’s the prettiest butthole I’ve seen.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls you fuck ragged.”

I had to roll her onto her knees, ass way up high, head down in the pillow. “I just have to see the prize I’ll be claiming before too long,” I told her as I screwed her pussy with long, deliberate strokes. I was holding her cheeks apart, teasing her asshole mercilessly, with one thumb, then a finger, and finally two fingers. The sight was too much for me, and I finally exploded, pulling out and spraying my cum across her ass. I held her hole open allowing several jets of cum to splash right in her ass, and to drip down inside.

“Damn,” she exclaimed breathlessly, “that’s quite a response. You DO want to fuck my virgin ass bad, don’t you?”

“Be ready to workout on Monday, baby, ’cause I guarantee you, this ass will be mine by spring.”

I’d worry about the increasing closeness, and lack of boyfriend on her part, AFTER I’d had my way with that tempting little brown eye.

* * * *

That Monday, Jen and I met at the gym extra early. I had asked her to wear a bodysuit and no shorts so we could see the muscles we’d be working on. We had the place pretty much to ourselves except for Jack the manager, and I took her straight to the free weight area.

“There’s no mystery to working glutes. If you’re looking for a nice round ‘bubble butt’ you’ll first need to add some more muscle back there. Turn sideways to the mirror – yeah, like that, and clench your butt. See, the muscle is mostly at the bottom, and notice the hard indentation here on the sides. We can fix that.”

During the discussion, I had turned her back and forth in front of the mirror, and was pressing kaçak iddaa on her butt cheeks, to emphasize the areas we were discussing.

“Come over to the squat rack. This is the basic exercise for building glutes and quads. It is the ultimate full-body exercise. But in your case, one little change can really build the glutes.” I was placing two forty-five-pound plates on each side of the Olympic bar. “Now I’m going to squat with these weights, and I want you to place your hands on my glutes and feel where the muscles are tightest. I’m using pretty light weight for me, so I can do the exercise real slow and under control.”

Jen edged up to just behind me, and placed her hands on my cheeks, about 1/2 way to the side. “Like that?”

“Perfect.” I replied. “Now, I’m going to take the weight off the machine, see where the tension is?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “It’s almost like you’re clenching your butt.”

“Right. Now I’m going to lower this, a few inches, then stop, then a few more inches, then stop, all the way to a full squat. Feel where the tension is, feel the glutes, quads, lower back, all over my legs. It is important you understand where the muscles are being worked.”

I slowly lowered the weight. She ran her hands all over my legs and ass even up between my legs and around my waist. She made continuous comments about where the tension was, which areas were really hard, etc. She was not gentle, probing and pushing to see just where the feel was.

I noticed Jack would occasionally glance our way, other than him, we had the place to ourselves.

From the bottom I raised the weight again, and she continued her touching. I don’t know if she noticed Jack observing us, but she certainly didn’t act like it.

“Wow! That is soooo cool, feeling your hard muscles work.” Softly she added, “You know this is getting me hot.”

Squats and dead lifts were a core part of my own regimen and my butt had always been solid. In my new beefed up and ripped condition, my ass in tight jeans got a fairly high level of attention from the ladies. Yeah, I was a little proud.

“Me too, believe me. But this is training and serious. This is going to be the secret to giving you an unbelievable ass.” I had racked the weight for a second. A 15 second, single rep squat is hard work. “Now I’m going to do a few more. Feel the glutes in particular. These will be at normal speed.” I dropped and did three more.

“Ok, I can see where the work is. My turn.”

“Oh, no, not yet. Time for the ‘secret sauce’. I’m going to do a subtle change and I want you to feel the difference.” This time I spread my feet a little further apart, just a hair more than shoulder width, and moved my feet back about four inches, which resulted in my upper body having a slight lean forward. Just before I started, I concentrated and clenching my abs and glutes throughout the workout.

“Ready? Here I go.” I did three straight slow paced squats that way.

“Ohmigod! Your ass was like a rock throughout the entire exercise! I could feel the upper glutes stretching and tensing under my hands. What did you do?”

I explained the concept and let her know it was her turn. I stripped the bar down to about 80 lbs., and positioned her feet. Then I guided her through a single squat, stopping her when her thighs were parallel to the ground. She then powered the bar back up.

“Good. That is the basic exercise. The slight lean will work the glutes more than the other muscles. Now two more secrets. Start the exercise with your abs and glutes tensed, and at the bottom, hold it for about two seconds, and squeeze your ass really hard as you push back up.”

I held my hands on her ass, to feel that the muscles were doing as expected. She was such a good student; she did it perfectly.

“Ok, now we’ll let you feel some weight. I want to find out just how much weight you can squat.” I loaded the bar with 120 lbs. Combined with the weight of the bar it was close to 160 lbs. She managed it, but it was clearly difficult. “That’s great, can you take any more?”

“Maybe, a little,” she admitted.

I added ten more pounds and gave her a two-minute rest. With just a little help she managed two. “Great. That tells me that your normal workout should start with 80 lbs. for fifteen reps, and ending with 120 for six to eight. If you can do more than eight reps, the next workout we add five lbs. across the board.”

“Ok, give me five good reps,” I had stripped the bar down to 100. I fondled her ass through each one on the pretext of checking her form. I gave her a little help on the last one. She was grunting hard, high intensity, and her legs were shaking a bit as we racked the bar. “Great.” I told her.

Two people had finally come in, so I thought we should move onto something a little less titillating.

“Ok, that is going to do 80% of the work for us. But each Monday and Thursday you are going to do this exercise routine that will have your ass in shape in nothing flat.” kaçak bahis I took her to the side and showed her a wide-leg dead lift and dumbbell lunges. In each case I walked her through the exercise, and had her feel for the muscles doing the work. I had a logbook I had printed for her, and showed her the exercise progression. Three sets of squats, followed by two sets of dead lifts, then three sets of lunges, in each case higher weights and lower reps to build the muscle.

“No biking, except for our weekend outings for a while, we’re going to put you on the elliptical glider with a steep incline to work the glutes. We’ll start every workout with thirty minutes of that.” I showed her how the Precor machine worked, and how to use the setting I wanted.

“You are going to finish with an ab workout.”

“But my abs are great,” she interrupted, “I do hundreds of crunches already.”

“You have gorgeous abs, and by staying so slim, they really show nicely. But I think you are working almost exclusively the upper abs, and if you follow this routine, you’ll work the lower abs and side obliques, that will really give you some definition.” I took her to the ab workout room, and showed her V crunches and twisting crunches, doing more lifting of the legs than back. We took turns doing the exercises, with more feeling of the muscles involved. I was touching her lower abs, and let my hands wander lower to rub her crotch. She was soaked through.

“I am so hot; your hands all over me are driving me crazy.” Jen reached forward and grabbed my obvious hard-on through my shorts. I leaned back and she lowered the top of my shorts, taking my hard cock between her talented lips. I was looking through the mirror into the main room to see if anyone was headed our way.

“I bet you can’t do ten more crunches.” I told her.

“You’re right, you win, I’m yours, thirty minutes.” She said after pulling my cock from her mouth.

It felt like cheating, but I was too hot and horny to care. “Meet me in the sauna, we should have it to ourselves for a while, no one here looks like they’re even 1/2 done with their workout.” The wet sauna was located between the locker rooms, and accessible from the showers in each.

I took off for the men’s changing room, stopped by my locker to dispose of my clothes and grab a towel. Jen was getting there just as I did. She went straight for my towel and within seconds was gobbling down my semi-hard cock. I placed a cup of water on the hot rocks, looked down to see her stroking my hardening cock and talking to it.

“Get hard, damn you, and fuck me good. Fuck me now.” Without even acknowledging me, the lowly host of the appendage in question, she turned around, placed one leg on a sauna bench, and slipped my cock into her extremely wet pussy.

“God! I needed that. Now fuck me.” She was leaning over, both hands resting on the sauna bench.

Not needing any encouragement, I gave her long hard strokes of my cock, as I dumped another cup of water on the rocks. I wanted to steam up the room, in case anyone finished early and took a shower. Hopefully the steam would hide some of the action.

Looking over my shoulder into the men’s shower, I saw Jack, the morning manager, standing against the glass, watching the action. He was obviously enthralled, watching me plow this hot babe in the middle of the gym at 6:30 in the morning. I pressed one finger to my lips, shushing him, and started to really hammer away at her, giving him an eyeful. I could see he was stroking his own cock, which was sticking out the leg of his shorts.

Jenny on the other hand was talking a mile a minute. “Damn, you got me so hot in there, touching me so openly with all those people around, feeling my ass, brushing my twat. I almost came when you put your hand between my legs on that last squat. And the sit-ups, I could see right up the leg of your shorts. Your cock was so hard. God, fuck me, yeah, harder, ohhhhhhh, yeah. God I’m there, I’m there, don’t slow down, oh yeah, oh yeahhhhhhh, oh SHIIIIT, FUUUUUCKKK.” She was shaking hard as she came, and just as she was finishing, I knew it was getting close to time for me.

I fucked her fast and hard, for another minute. For fun I took a cup of the water and poured it all over her back, watching the water run down the crack of her ass.

“Oh, do that again,” she sighed – so I did.

“I gotta come in your hot mouth,” I told her, turning her so Jack would be getting a great side view, making sure I turned her away from him. She eagerly turned, and sucked me down. Within about fifteen seconds she was doing her Linda Lovelace imitation and swallowing me to the root. I looked over to see Jack whacking his meat at about 100 miles an hour. He was big; he looked longer than me, if not as wide. Something I would file away for possible future use.

“I’m there,” I warned her.

She pulled her head off my cock, and starting stroking my cock, while licking the head and holding it at the edge of her mouth. “Good, I want a full facial, come for me hard.” She was stroking hard and fast, just as she knew I liked it.

I looked over to see Jack heading to the shower, leaving a large white pool dripping down the sauna glass door.

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