Insatiable at Work Ch. 09: Coffee

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Again in the car, but this time, it took place in a Drive-thru and parking lot. We were out running errands. Robin, snuggling up to me, kneads my leg; she reaches over to rub and stroke it a little. We pull into a drive-through, to pick up coffee.

We were several cars back before we could order and she knew how to pass the time. She worked my jeans down and rubbed it through the underwear, straining to contain the erection. When she popped it free, it sprung out from my belly and arched out over the seat. So hard and rigid, it looked poised and ready for whatever she had in mind…with Robin, things could sometimes go anywhere…I fuckin love that.

She gently stroked up and down its length, tracing the gentle ridges and veins that define the surface, “I sort of worship this…love it when it’s all hard. Well…you already know I sneak peeks at him when you sleep…I run my hands over your body and stroke him…”

“I know, I know that…I like it…Robin…it wakes me up sometimes. We have some amazing sex, in the middle of the night.”

“Robbie, I think your body makes it look huge.

“What? My dick? “


“You’re hot as hell, but lean…just not a big, heavy guy…you have a runner-body with a big man’s cock.”

“It’s all good, though, because I love you…I worship this,” brushing it over her cheek, she kissed it.

I pulled the car forward in the line, “You’re so sweet to me.” I slipped my arm up around her to press her lips against mine. She opened her mouth to accept my tongue, while her hand clutched the swollen cock.

“I do like watching you hold it…cradle it in your hands…I like to see it disappear into your mouth…between your lips.”

“When I look into your eyes and suck it…my heart races…and fuck, when you groan or moan, it makes me wetter…and hornier. I work it with my tongue, and mouth…it’s such a turn-on seeing it all shiny and wet with my spit.” My dick throbbed brazzers porno in her grip, as she squeezed the shaft. She explored the tip with a finger and swirled the precum over the head.

I lurch forward again as she started to lick me; I could feel the heat of her breath. She flicked her tongue over the tip and the eye. “You know, my mouth waters…when I kiss the head and lick it…I like poking my tongue into the slit like this.” She raises back up to say, “Sometimes I scoop out cum…tastes sweeter.”

Tracing the rim of the swollen purple head, it popped in and out of her mouth. The friction from her bobbing brought forth lustful groans and a slow, rhythmic movement of my hips. My cock reaches into her mouth and teases her throat…I pull forward and order our coffee, while Robin continues working the most sensitive parts, around the rim and under the tip. She ran her tongue up and down the ridge on the underside of the shaft until she hit that sweet spot just below the head. Fuck, it felt good!

As we approached the window, she pulled off to sit up and look innocent…or normal. It didn’t really work, but she tried. With her hand, she wiped our fluids from her lips and grinned over in my direction.

I gave her the latte and she immediately set it aside in the cup holder…she was hardly interested in coffee…she had more important things, in mind. I pulled away from the window and she dropped back down to impale her face with my dick. It slid in and out, through her lips…and she started forcing her head down, before pulling back and taking a deep breath, “I need it, all the way…deep in my throat.”

Again, she went back down and I rest my hand on her head; I watched her reach up to press down on the back of my hand. I slowly pumped into her and, together, we pushed the tip into her throat.

“Fuck…that’s it, Honey…throat it!” I groaned, pressing on her head, running my fingers castingcouch-x porno through her hair. “Oh fuck, I need to park…let me park.” The feeling was indescribable, her throat closed around the head and her lips stretched tight around the shaft. I got the car parked and she held it there for a long time, before rising up and gasping, quickly and quietly.

Looking up, she smiled, “That’s just fucking amazing…I want it all!” Thinking to myself, she had it all; it’s not going much deeper. Fuck…I’ll try…I’ll give her more! With that, she plunged it back in and popped it into her throat. Gagging, but taking every damned inch, she pumped her head up and down, till I felt her lips press against my balls. Now, her throat was totally open for the taking, and she almost pulled my dick out past her lips before driving back down her throat, with little or no resistance.

Fucking her throat, she bobbed over me and spit slid down my dick. I heard myself moaning over the radio and watched her frantically rubbing, her panties. I knew I couldn’t possibly last much longer and moaned, “I’m gonna shoot…gonna cum!”

She pulled off and panted “Give it all to me…cum for me…I want it.” She licked wildly over the back of the shaft, before taking it all back inside, sinking into her throat, again. I felt myself shaking and pumping into her.

I moaned loud and began thrusting wildly, with wicked, hard strokes. She presses her lips firmly around the shaft and grinds her mouth into my groin. I was fucking crazy with a need to cum…needed to empty my balls, so bad. The second she popped me back in her mouth, I could feel cum rising so I held her head tight and exploded in her. My head jerked back, every muscle tensed as pleasure surged through my body and strands pulsed from my cock. She groaned and immediately started swallowing. When I had finished, she continued licking all around the head, until every clips4sale porno last trace was gone. She laid her head over my lap and held me in her mouth for a long time, my cock still rigid and pulsing. Her lips remained tight around the shaft and her breathing, erratic and labored, began to calm.

Eventually, she pulled it out, snuggled and threw her arms around to hug. “Thanks for doing that for me, Honey…it feels so good to have you like that.” She whispered, “Did you like it?”

In reply, I moaned a little, as she leaned back against the seat. My cock still hard, but wet with her saliva, gleamed under the street lights. I wrapped my hand around the shaft, just below the head, and began pumping. Small pearls leaked from the tip; Robin sat there focused and watching in fascination. In a short time, a small tense groan leapt from my throat and I arched my back against the seat. My hips thrust forward and I stroked the shaft slower until cum streamed down over my hand.

Still hungering for more, she bent down to lick my hand. I moaned as she took me into her mouth and sucked the seed from me for a second time. When she finished, I grinned at her and lightly, teased my dick over her lips a couple times. She didn’t swallow or say anything, but I watched her hold it, until she could pry off the lid and spit.

She went on to tease me with her hot little slut routine. “Honey, thank you for your cock…thank you…I fucking love him,” she moaned as she leaned in to rub her face with it, pressing it against her cheeks.

I joked, “Robin, I’m beginning to think you like this, don’t you?”

“I’m your little cock-slut.”

I smiled and tenderly caressed her cheek, my eyes softening as I stroked through her curls. “Your perfect…a perfect little cock-slut.” She smiled and turned her head into my hand, closing her eyes and accepting the praise…aching to be close.

She took a drink of her coffee, “Mmmm that’s really good…taste this.”

“No, I think I’ll pass.”

“No, seriously, I want you to make this for me at home.” She giggled, “It could be a Café Cum…or…a… a Cockicinno”

“What about Café Robbé…like latte.”

“You got it…that’s it…Honey…you can have my cream anytime.”

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