Indecent Proposal Ch. 06

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We had a relaxing morning snorkelling and sunbathing at the resort before having a relaxing slow lunch at the bar washed down with a couple of beers before heading off to be pampered with a relaxing massage. Are you getting the theme here?… A nice relaxing day, yes pure relaxation.

I had been sneaky and arranged for the massage tables to be set in an open T shape. This meant I could lie on the table looking forward at Annabel’s lovely body laid out on the table across in front of me so I could see her whole body slide ways on. I must admit I admired the curve of her ass rising under the white fluffy towel like rolling hills covered in snow. Her fine legs stretched out and the curve of her calves forming small foot hills in silhouette. We had booked a 90 minute hot stone deep skin massage. Initially the massage was firm but gentle on my back but when the lady started on my legs I nearly cried out in pain as her strong fingers seemed to curve under the muscles in the back of my legs. Her fingers felt like they were inside my leg. It was hard to letch at Annabel when my eyes & face were screwed up in pain.

But I soon got used to it as I watched the other lady run her hands over Annabel’s body. Once she was massaging Annabel’s naked ass I developed a good hard on that made it uncomfortable lying face down on the table. I wiggled my hips to make my old man more comfortable underneath me. The lady doing my massage laughed and said something in her native tongue and then both laughed. The other lady poured some warm oil on Annabel’s ass and rubbed it in; I hardened some more. I wiggled some more to get comfortable just as the lady poured warm oil on my own ass. My wiggling must have spoilt her aim as I soon felt a stream of warm oil flow into the crack of my ass.

“I’m very sorry Sir!” she exclaimed as her finger suddenly reached into the cleft of my ass as she started to wipe the oil downwards. In doing this her finger pressed down and briefly indented into my ring making my ass to involuntarily thrust upwards.

“I’m sorry Sir,” seemed to be a half laugh and insincere as her finger seemed to stay pressed against my ring making me harden even more. By now the displaced oil was flowing on to my balls. Her hand quickly tried to rub it off but all she seemed to do was spread it over my balls as she then seemed to cup my balls in my hand. I saw the other lady smiling as she herself was rubbing warm oil into the inside of Annabel’s thighs. I got the impression this was part of their perks, and I wasn’t going to object.

I saw the lady working the oil into the top of Annabel’s thighs and I could she Annabel starting to grind her ass into the bed so I gathered she was receiving some very attentive strokes close to or on her pussy. I in turn eased my hips up in the air and the lady got the message and slid her hand under my balls so her oily hand rubbed up and down the sensitive underside of my rock hard cock. Her other hand massaged & cupped my ass, occasionally pressing a fingertip hard against my lubricated ring. I nearly came on the table.

Finally Annabel was asked to turn over and I could see her breasts heaving as Annabel was breathing fairly hard; her nipples projecting upwards like two organ stops. She was certainly turned on and struggling to lie still as the lady started to massage her lower stomach; slowly working her oiled hands upwards until they very lightly brushed the under curve of her breasts.

As each section of our bodies was coated in oil the masseur’s then gently rubbed warm rounded river pebbles over our oiled skin; Geez, that felt tremendously relaxing. So imagine receiving such heavenly relaxing feelings and then add to this the erotic fingering of your erogenous zones… now you can probably understand why Annabel & I were so turned on and in need of release. The lady made no effort to replace my towel over my midriff after it had been dislodged by my bursting hard on. She seemed to allow her forearms to brush across the head of my cock as she rubbed my chest & stomach.

Oil, hot stones, and then her strong fingers rubbing my nipples sent pulses of electrical energy pulses to my cock which twitched in response, so close to shooting a wad over my stomach.

The other lady was doing the same to Annabel’s breasts & nipples, and was justly rewarded with a long low groan from Annabel as her hips & legs shook their way through an orgasm.

“Are you OK Madam” the lady asked in mock concern, fully aware of what her hands had achieved.

“Oh God, yes,” breathed Annabel somewhat huskily and breathlessly.

I could just smell her musk over the scent of the oils; Annabel had creamed herself.

They ladies penultimate actions were a very sensual head massage that had both of us just about asleep.

The finishing touch was a rub down from head to foot to release any lingering tensions & toxins. But this rub down was slightly different from bahis firmaları a standard massage as she cupped my balls and firmly gripped the base of my cock as her other hand gave the head of my cock several slow wanks. The pressure of her fingers ensuring that I didn’t cum.

Once they reached our feet they covered us in warm towels for ten minutes or so to snooze.

We were awoken with glasses of fresh cold fruit juice and warm terry robes to sit in. Annabel and I sat in easy chairs for about twenty minutes grinning like Cheshire Cats, thoroughly enjoying the memories & sensations that we have just received.

Eventually we walked back hand in hand to our chalet thoroughly relaxed. Whilst my balls still felt fit to burst and would have loved to have tenderly made love to Annabel for the rest of the afternoon; but really we both needed a couple of hours kip before the festivities I had planned for the evening, unbeknown to Annabel.

The late afternoon nap had done us both good and would stand us in good stead for what I had planned for the evening.

We both showered individually otherwise we would have been pleasuring each other then and then. Whilst Annabel was showering I got her next set of presents out of my suitcase and left them on the bed for her.

I got dressed in comfortable chinos, button up shirt, and slip on shoes before moving out onto the verandah with a glass of fruit juice to watch the sun start to head down toward the horizon for the night.

About half an hour later I heard the door open and turned my head to see this vision appear from the chalet exactly as I had fantasied she would look. I started my appraisal from the deck upwards. Annabel was wearing some strap up high heeled shoes with long straps that criss-crossed up her lower legs up to just below her knees. The straps really emphasized the shape of her calves, easily aided by the shiny black nylons of her tights. Stockings would have been preferable as I love that couple of inches of bare upper thigh above stocking tops; but tonight stockings would have been inappropriate as they would have made her look slutty when compared with her next item of apparel, a short black leather skirt. Yes, a short black leather skirt can look slutty when combined with a low top showing cleavage and stockings showing the tops of bare thigh when moving but I reckoned I could entice her to be slutty later, in private, with the right encouragement.

As I’ve said Annabel is the mother of two lovely daughters and is in her early thirties so her thighs are of a shape & size that meet these criteria and lead to a pair of lovely shaped calves. As you can imagine these are not going to be stick thin, but lovely firm flesh that have not yet got a trace of flab or cellulite. Her legs & thighs looked fucking stunning. I so wanted to run my hand slowly up from her ankles until my hands disappeared under the hem of her skirt to discover and explore the wonders concealed above the hem.

Continuing to lift my eyes upwards towards heaven I took in the way the skirt sat snuggly to her hips & thighs, and I felt a stirring in my chinos in open appreciation.

Above the waist band of the leather skirt was a white satin button up blouse. It seemed perfectly tailored for her; the underside of her breasts started to fill out the material as my eyes continued upwards on to the bulge of her breasts which I knew were held snugly in place by a front fastening pop up bra that lifted her breasts to their natural position as God & Adam intended them to be before age & gravity affected them. Lastly came her long hair cascading until her shoulders, framing her slightly nervous, but smiling face.

I eased myself slowly out of my chair and turned to face her from a couple of metres away; she was the vision of beauty itself. If I was thirty years younger, less experienced, and less patient, I would have fucked her there and then. But being fifty plus and appreciating the finer points of life I held out my hands towards her, palms upwards, “Annabel, you are a vision of beauty,” I praised her as I slowly stepped forward taking in her beauty; knowing I wouldn’t have been in this position, right here, right now if she and her husband hadn’t accepted my $50,000 indecent proposal. But I wasn’t going to put a price on my evening; I was just going to thoroughly enjoy myself as the week was starting to run out of remaining days unfortunately.

I took her hands gently in mine and took half a step backwards to increase the distance between us as I openly admired the beauty in front of me. Annabel has a natural beauty, a warm fun loving personality, a killer body, and now a stunning outfit that was giving me a hard on to bear as delayed gratification for the next few hours. “Beautiful… simply beautiful,” I huskily praised. I gently released one of her hands and then stepped forward slightly to lift her other hand on my lips to gently kaçak iddaa kiss the back of her warm perfumed skin. Her scent lit up my senses; she was a lady, and 100% woman.

I stepped forward until my chest almost brushed against her; and then I raised my hand gently under her chin to tilt her heads upwards as I slowly brought my lips down to hers and very lightly kissed her. My lips brushed hers in a light kiss and easing my head back just a touch to break the contact. I was immensely pleased when she leaned forward to resume the kiss. We kissed lightly for a minute then her tongue ran along my sealed lips; ‘YES’ my mind screamed, she has accepted being dressed how I wished.

Her tongue pushed on my lips and I eased mine apart without a hint of resistance as my arms curled around Annabel’s warm body to take this hot woman in my arms. It was definitely taking all of my experience; patience and self-control not to shag her now like some rampaging Viking with the spoils of war in my arms. Instead we kissed, gently at first as if our tongues were exploring each other for the first time ever. As we kissed one arm slid around her waist resting my fingertips on the waist band of the leather skirt; and my other hand slid very, very slowly over the curve of her hips, feeling the warm leather brush across my skin as my hand travelled onto her ass. Our lips meshed tightly together as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I gently pulled her against me, our breasts pressed against my chest and my hand on pressed firmly against her mound as we stared intensely into each other’s eyes.

Our mouths devoured each other as we hung tightly onto each other, and we snogged like a couple of school kids behind the bike sheds at break time. Finally we had to break for air.

“I think we have both worked up an appetite,” I simply stated, “I think we should have a few drinks and dinner.”

I think Annabel might have been disappointed. I don’t think women in their early thirties have started to grasp the concept of Delayed Gratification yet at that age. Well this week was going to be very educational for young Annabel in more ways than one.

As we strolled to the bar I quickly looked over my shoulder to ensure no other guests were behind us before slipping my hand down onto a leather clad cheek as we walked, pulling Annabel close in beside me. I felt on top of the world, a beautiful young woman erotically dressed by my side; my hand resting gently of the curve of her ass; about to have a few drinks with a night of new adventures planned in front of us.

We enjoyed a couple of cocktails as the sun slid down, followed by a nice dinner with wine. Again we sat in comfy chairs letting our dinner settle down, helpfully washed down with a post dinner drink as the band started to play in the corner. The ambient light died with the sun and was replaced with the dim lighting in the bar & restaurant which made it cosy & intimate.

As most of the diners had finished their dinners that seemed to be the trigger for the band to up the tempo of the music and start to play dance music. Annabel let the first dance slide; but as the second tune started up I wasn’t given any choice but to get up and dance. For a poor dancer such as myself Island music is ideal as they have a very loose well that is how I viewed my performance, I don’t know that Annabel & the rest of those dancing would agree.

To be honest, I wasn’t bothered how my dancing looked to others; I was just extremely content to be standing in front of Annabel watching her lithe body movements. Her nylon encased legs looked magical riding atop of the high heels. Her upper thighs moving below the hem of her black leather skirt transfixed my eyes; it was such a wonderful & beholding sight.

After a couple of minutes my eyes headed north to watch the shape of her white lacy bra moving beneath her blouse, I was starting to get hard. Finally I looked into her smiling eyes knowing that she had enjoyed me admiring her body, knowing that she was still a very attractive woman, and knowing that she could flaunt it while she was away on holiday where no one knew her. Put simply & very crudely, she was fucking beautiful!

Her long hair bouncing around her head & shoulders completed the sense of fluidity in her lithe body dancing in front of me.

We stopped and had a drink & a break for ten minutes before Annabel grabbed my hand to pull me up onto the dance floor again saying “Well you do want to admire me don’t you?” As I stood she lightly brushed the back of her hand slowly across my bulge. That and her shapely ass in the skirt had my rock solid attention in more than one way.

The evening had turned into late night without us noticing and many of the diners had departed when Asoese & Emere joined us and my flagging energy level lifted. They danced and ground against both of us, but focusing more on Annabel, rubbing against her, kaçak bahis running their hands over her hips & ass, obviously enjoying the feel of the leather skirt. A couple of dances later they were brushing against her breasts and lifting Annabel’s hands onto their bodies. The band finished with a few slow dances giving me the opportunity to dance, kiss, and run my hands over all three ladies. Asoese & Emere were very intimate with Annabel when they danced with a few kisses exchanged as they ground their bodies hard against each other. My hard on accordingly was ground hard into my dance partner in open appreciation of what I was seeing and experiencing.

Finally the music stopped; Asoese picked up some bottles of wine from the bar and Emere picked up a couple of CDs from the band before they took each of us in hand and led us back to our chalet.

Once inside Emere put one of the CDs into the music system as Asoese poured me a glass of wine and showed me to the sofa and told me to make myself comfortable. Some punchy Fijian dance music filled the room and Asoese & Emere started dancing around Annabel who quickly got into the swing of our own party. Asoese & Emere rubbed themselves up and down against Annabel enjoying the feel of her nyloned legs and feeling her breasts through the satin blouse & lacy bra. Sitting there, sipping my wine, I was as hard as. I was hoping for a marathon night of sex and being the age I am I popped a little blue pill with my wine to ensure I stayed hard to keep up with these fillies for the night.

As the three of them got more intimate with each other the dancing slowed and the kissing & caressing increased. Emere eased her hand up under Annabel’s skirt and shortly after Annabel gave out a loud groan. I had been hoping for a bit more of a girly show before it got serious, but passion was involved so I need to step in.

“Excuse me Ladies, I’d like to squeeze in here,” as I eased my body straight in front of Annabel. I took her chin in my hand and open mouth kissed her, our tongues soon dancing together. My other hand slid onto her hip to hold her in place as my right hand started its journey south off her chin to her soft, warm, tender neck. Her warm skin and loose hair felt wonderfully soft to my rough builder’s fingers. Satin is such an erotic material on its own; and when wrapped around a woman like Annabel it makes any mans’ senses tingle. My hand continued south to cup her breast and we continued to passionately kiss.

Emere had worked her way behind Annabel and was grinding her pelvis hard against Annabel’s neck whilst she kissed the back & side of Annabel’s neck. Asoese was squeezed tight against the back of Emere and was on her knees with both hands under Emere’s dress doing whatever she wanted to do to Emere.

This was becoming one hot foursome in one long line as the music played around us.

My hand drifted down slowly, the palm of my hand flat on Annabel’s stomach below crossing over the waist band onto the tight leather stretched tight across her thighs; and then I was onto her nyloned thighs below the hem of her skirt. I was in exactly the position I have dreamt about so many times to be in with many women – wanting to reach under their skirts to explore their thighs and the pleasures in between them. My hand slid to the inside of her thigh and then reached under the hem of her skirt. The nylon thigh felt so, so good to my firm touch that we kissed for several minutes as my hand roamed over both of her inner thighs; and I was rock hard, almost wishing for Asoese to come and suck me.

Annabel thrust her hips forward to communicate her need for more; message received as I lightly brushed my fingers over her satin bikini bottom that covered her hot pussy. She groaned heavily into my mouth each time she received that brushing of her pussy as my hand went from one thigh to the other via her satin crotch.

“Pleeeaassee,” she begged into my mouth, so I placed my hand over her crotch and cupped her mons in my hand.

“God, yes,” she breathed thankfully.

I rubbed my fingers over her mound & pressed against her pussy lips through the satin. I could feel the furnace heat of her wrapped, damp pussy on my fingertips

Her crotch ground down hard on my hand as she begged “PPlleeaassee.” Her need for release now tormenting her in addition to whatever stimulation Emere was also providing to her.

Easing my hand back towards me up the under slope of her mound brought my fingertips directly over her pussy lips and then I applied pressure, curling my middle finger upwards pushing the damp gusset of her satin bikini into the folds of her pussy. Her lips peeled apart and my finger went as deep as the material allowed. I ploughed my finger up and down her furrow making the gusset sodden with her now flowing juices.

“Please Daddy, no more teasing,” she groaned into my mouth as we were both nearly devouring each other with increased passion.

I brought my finger backwards and pressed firmly on her clit. Her knees sagged and she shivered through a mini orgasm.

She broke the kiss and looked straight into my eyes; “Please,” she demanded.

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