In The Name of Art Pt. 01

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This story involves male anal penetration, if that isn’t your thing, please take this as a polite warning.

If it is, then I hope you enjoy the story.


Tibialis Anterior, Gastrocnemius, Patella, Quadriceps femoris, Sartorius, Gracilis, Penis.

A wave of heat prickled her skin; it rose to her face and settled in her cheeks. She could afford to stare a little longer, she was supposed to. A flush of warmth flooded through her body and settled in her loins. Letting her lips crease to reveal a satisfied smile, her eyes lingered on him.

Standing there as their David, he was not shy and neither should he be. His short, tousled brown hair suited the shape of his face. His body was devoid of hair and his taut skin caught the light and shade of the room beautifully. His skin was supple and he had a healthy tan from natural sunlight rather than a bottle. He was the same tone all over; his tanning preference might be lost on the less observant but not her. She knew he liked to get his clothes off and not just as a model for their study.

The heat from her loins rose again and its sticky warmth imposed itself with more force. It broke her train of thought as it strengthened in intensity. Asserting her need to focus, the hard pastel trembled in her hand.

Deltoid, Biceps brachil, Brachialis…

Testes, Scrotum, Penis…



Even in its flaccid state, its proportion befitted the impressive grandeur of his toned and youthful body. She raised the pastel from the heavy cartridge paper, her unconscious gaze contrasted with the languid travel of her eyes over his body.

Trapezius, Clavicle, Pectoralis major, Rectus abdominis, Linea alba, External oblique, Gluteus medius, Penis.



I wonder what how it would look erect and fierce. I wonder what it would feel like…

She reasserted her self-control again and noticed she had pinched her lower lip between her teeth and was slowly swirling her hair with her finger. That intense heat was still there and had transformed into a subtle ache – she had to have him.

“Ok, that’s time for today.”

She chided herself as a tut of disappointment escaped from her mouth. She turned to look at her fellow artist wondering if it was as audible as she thought – her neighbour returned a smile.

“He’s a dish isn’t he?” whispered her neighbour.

Acknowledging with a non-committal nod of her head, little did her neighbour know what she really wanted him for.

“Thank you Harry, same time again next week?”

She watched as he nodded, smiled and took the dressing gown handed to him.

Harry, Harry, what a dishy body you have.

Tracking his exit from the room, the Director’s office doubled as the model’s changing room.

Collecting her folio and pastel box, she hurried took off her artist’s smock and made a beeline for the lecturer.

“Cynthia, are you locking up? Allow me. It’s ok; I need to line up a still arrangement for Monday…”


The classroom was cleared and the entrance locked. Hovering at the door, she primped and then flicked her blonde hair around an ear to pin in back. She bit her lip and tapped on the door.

“Just a minute,” came a hurried reply muffled by the closed door.

The doorknob clattered as the old door creaked in protest. Adorned in his dressing gown, her quarry stood before her.

“Hi, can I help you?”

Yes, I’m aching for you.

The timbre of his voice matched the bulk of his body. It was deep and considered, it sounded like the tone of someone used to speaking with careful inflexions rather than barking football chants.

“Hello. I was wondering if you had a minute?” asked her soft feminine voice.

Taken aback a little, he smiled.

“Sure, come in.”

Stepping into the office, she leant back against the door letting it close quietly. She had an attractive face – heart shaped with an elegant jawline. Her cheeks looked a little flushed; a rouge tone gave them an added fullness.

“I wanted to give you my business card.”

Inside, she cringed, it was a rubbish line but she only needed to break the ice.

“Uh, Ok, erm thanks.” replied Harry bashfully, “You’re not a student then?”

“Erm, no. I’m a professional sculptor, well, sculptress.”

“Oh? I see.”

“Well, I take commissions but still do a little bit of teaching on the side.”

Her vintage cotton dress pressed tightly against her body flaunted her taut curves and plenty of naked flesh. Helplessly, he was drawn into her breasts, he paused to admire them especially the tanned décolletage of her generous bosom. It was too much for him to maintain a sense of decorum; he had been naked for almost two hours. This was the girl with the blonde hair that liked to linger and stare at him during all that time.

He wondered what her soft skin would feel like against his own naked flesh. Aware that his mind had wandered and where his eyes mofos porno had ended up, his expression changed to one of mild panic.

“Oh Christ! Pardon my lack of manners, I’m Harry.”

As he made fresh eye contact, she smiled at the warmth of his limpid white and vivid green eyes.

“I’m Penny.”

“Odysseus’ wife. Short for Penelope,” stated Harry with his friendliest tone.

Her smile widened, “And I had you down as lager-swilling rugger player.”

“No, not me, I’m a post-grad. Art History, studying for a Masters.”

“Oh, now that is a pleasant surprise. A model and someone that appreciates art, I’m impressed.”

It was a blatant smile and it was spellbinding. She played with the ends of her hair, running it around her finger. She took a step closer towards him and he felt the crackle of sexual energy fill a new pause in their conversation. His body responded to her proximity, his palms felt sweaty, his mouth dried as his heartbeat rose.

He tracked her eyes to his lips and then to back to his eyes. He knew what that meant and his chest began to pound, this was a new experience, it was a fantasy made real.

Penny added with a hushed tone, “There is something I want from you.”

“And that is?”

She reached out and pulled him into her by the tied cord of his gown. She leant in and he did not flinch, the instant her soft pillowy lips brushed against his, his sexual need ignited. His hands squeezed softly on her hips and the next kiss left in her no doubt where his mind was taking him. By reciprocating, she escalated the sexual tension between them and slid her hand between the folds of the gown.

The coolness of her fingers against the heat of his hardening cock drew a rapid reaction.

“Fuck!” hissed Harry.

“Mmm, yes, please. I’ve been staring at you for two whole hours. I want you.”

Consumed by the excitement of her forwardness and the novelty of the situation, he instinctively responded stiffening easily in her hand. Tenderly roaming over her body with his hands, he lingered over every curve he could reach. For such a muscular and strong man, his caress of her breast was soft and gentle. With a rising eagerness, she pressed her lips against his communicating her lust. More assertively, his fingers teased her hard nipple through the thin cotton fabric.

“You are certainly forward,” stated Harry breathlessly.

“Carpe diem, quam nunc adepto nudus.”

“Holy fuck, I’m being seduced in Latin.”

Tugging at the persistent knot, the heavy gown slumped to the floor. She giggled playfully and nuzzled his ear, groaning needily at her touch, her hand cupped his tight balls. They felt heavy and she yearned to release their contents as the heat of her own sex radiated through her.

She eased back to look at him again. His aroused breathless body made her insides churn with want. The tilt of his erection, its engorged veins conveyed a sense of power and menace. Its girth did not disappoint and neither did its length, its proportions matched the rest of him perfectly.

“Harry, Harry, Harry,” delivered with playful admonishing tone. “Cavorting in the buff for the sake of art. You sent a lot of women home tonight with wet knickers, their lovers, boyfriends, and husbands will be unwittingly grateful to you today. You are a beauty.”

From his smile, she could tell he liked that idea. She grasped his firm prick making his eyes close and his mouth open to moan. She watched his body react to her touch as she ran her fingers over his naked torso lingering on his nipples.

“My Harry, what a nice cock you have.”

She held it to gauge its weight and size; it would fill her well. In the heat of passion, she could ride that thing home without fear of bashing her cervix. It was a cock made for fucking.

Releasing his cock, she stood back to ease herself from her dress. Torturing him with the slow reveal of her body, she watched his reaction as it dropped to the floor. His eyes scanned her nakedness; her body was devoid of underwear. Her slim arms and legs carried the gentle tautness of her curves body perfectly. Her breasts were full, deep cupped and peaked by a puckered brown nipple. The cinch of her waist flared exquisitely to her hips. The lustre of her skin had a measured exposure to the sun. His eyes widened as she cleaved her bare sex with a finger, dipping it into her wetness.

Fingering herself slowly, she reached out to his hard cock again. Stroking him slowly, she teased him by sampling the juices on her finger. She smiled wickedly as she felt his reaction, his cock throbbing as she sucked on her wet digit.

Pulling him to her with his erection, its hardness pressed against the springy flesh of her delicately flared stomach. Kissing her passionately, she gave in to his assertiveness and felt her overwhelming ache consume her once more.

“You are stunning, you should model too.”

She paused and answered knowingly, “I model of a sorts.”

Her cryptic reply was naughty america porno matched by pressing her lips against his and easing her tongue into his mouth. Her response enflamed him, his own fingers found her wetness and as he breeched her, she squeezed his hard cock.

Pushing him back to the edge of the desk, he gripped it for balance. Easing back from him, she flaunted her naked body for his delectation, pivoting her body to show herself to him.

“How do you like me as a model? I can tell you like what you see.”

“Is this what you wanted a minute for?”

She smiled lasciviously, “Not quite, but it’s a good start.”

She knelt before him, as she held his cock in her hand, the craven look of lust in her eyes seered into his mind. Whistling air through his teeth, he watched as his girth filled her velvet mouth. Lingering on him taking him slowly and softly, she revelled in the act of brazenly sucking on his hard meat.

Holding it in her hand, she swirled her tongue around the fat head.

“Mmm, delicious, made to suck, made to fuck too.”

“Fuckin’ hell.”

She cupped his tight balls and rubbed them. Sucking on his cock once more, her fingers massaged his perineum; it felt hard and swollen with blood. He eased out a rasp of air through clenched teeth as she pressed on its tensed muscles. Concentrating on him, she fought back her gag reflex as she fed his brutish cock into her slight mouth.

His body soared as she accommodated him so deeply. Working his cock in and out of her mouth, she slowly stroked him with a spiral motion of her wrist. Lurching hard in her mouth, the skin of his cock felt tight and hot. At that moment, he knew he had to have her and give her what she wanted.

He pulled at her body and with an economy of movement; she felt his muscular strength. He lifted her like a bag of feathers and placed her on the edge of the desk. Holding her in place with one strong arm, she yielded as he knelt before her. His silken tongue parted her folds, and made her moan as she grasped at his tousled hair. Feeling her wetness flow, his lips ensconced her aching clit sucking it softly. Pressing at it under its clitoral hood, he slowly flicked at the hard nub as she groaned loudly and pulled his head firmly to her sex.

It was a naked flame thrown onto petrol as her body combusted. His tongue slid into her folds, probing her deeply as his fingers slid tenderly over her enflamed clit.

“Fuck!” she hissed.

She rocked her hips as he nurtured that escalating tension inside her. The ache from her insides was impossible to placate any longer, she had to feel him inside her.

“Put it in me, please, please.”

Their lips locked together and her hand found his girth. Sliding her legs around his, she dug her heels dug into his unyielding calves to signal her intent.

Triceps surae

Frantically, her hand pulled his hard shaft to the entrance and he did not tease her. With a single push, he violated her and with another push, she felt his girth. She had to gasp aloud; her diaphragm forced out air and she drew more in. With another push, instinctively her arms wrapped around his neck as his cock squeezed tightly against her muscular walls. Impaled fully inside her, she squeezed her eyes tightly shut as her sex submitted to his cock.

Her voice warbled with exhilaration and a hint of mercy, “Fuck! That’s a nice cock.”

Clinging to him, he scooped her up into his arms and a litany of soft languid thrusts took her breath away. The constriction of her tight muscles held him firmly but her wetness made it impossible to lock him tight inside her. With his hardness soaked in the frictionless juices of her sex, each unhurried thrust sent a shiver of unadulterated electricity through her body.

She knew what her body was capable of and he did not. She knew that special place inside her and she groaned loudly when he found it too. His hard prick kept snaking over it without compunction, making her pant in louder and louder rasps of air. In mere moments, he had unlocked her body’s biggest secret and he was ruthlessly exploiting it.

The luxuriousness of her tight velvet sex encouraged him to give her more. Its enveloping heat was so decadent to savour he had to have more. Sawing into her to match her groans, she chanted the same words in response to the spine-tingling feeling of his fat cock inside her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

He filled her once more, a false prospectus to taunt her as she pleaded with her moans. Steering her body to encourage him there again, she responded immediately by groaning heavily. Her body had betrayed her, her insides churned and her panting gave way to weak grunts. With their bodies glowing with exertion, their eyes met and her expression of helplessness made him smile. He flexed his cock, filling her to the hilt as her body shuddered meekly.

“Don’t stop, don’t… ugh… stop.”

“I won’t, you want more? Right there?”

He hit that spot and public agent porno taunted her with short, shallow strokes. Her answer was a catalogue of deep groans and yelps.

“Fuck yes… there, right there, just… just don’t stop you bastard.”

She clung to him tightly; her heels and her hands pulled at him to demand more urgency. She had no need for words and he gave her what she wanted. His cock hammered at that spot, her ache transforming to an intense knotted throb inside her. Squirming as her hips instinctively began to rock, she felt her sex clench harder on him. With that hot tension building inside her, his groans told her that he could feel it too. In a fit of mutual passion, their tongues lashed against each other. Pressing against her full breasts mashing them with his hands, he softly squeezed her nipples.

Assaulting her with a fluid lash of his cock against her sensitive walls, she sank her teeth into his shoulder. The pain seemed to electrify him, his battery of her senses did not falter as that churning pressure in her loins intensified and spread through her body.

Again, he found that spot, caressing it assertive with his rigid cock. Shallow at first, then longer thrusts stoked the flames inside her as she began to sob.

“Yes, yes, do it, do it…”

Desperately close, her instinct took over as she tried to direct him to that perfect place. She need not have bothered; the reflex of her muscles told him all he needed to know. He shallowed his thrusts again, sliding over and over with a resolute force as her body began to tremble.

She knew this moment too well, she had to tell him, she wanted him to see it and feel it.

“I.. I.. I..”

It was too late, he breeched her self-control and lurched hard against him. Helplessly careening over the edge, the force of the tremors rocketed as she clung tightly to him. A loud feral growl replaced her need for words. She clenched him inside her with an animal force that expelled the most savage of grunts. Shaking violently against his implacable body, her loud yelps of release spurred him on to give her more. With each thrust, intense waves of pleasure contracted over his raging cock.

With sobs of relief, she felt their intensity ease to faint echoes of her orgasm’s savage power. Her faculties slowly came back into focus. Savouring the heat of his cock impaled inside her and bathed in orgasmic warmth, he embraced her tenderly. Feeling her body recover its strength, she pulled him in for a tender kiss.

“I guess that wasn’t part of the plan?”

Penny laughed weakly, “You delicious fucking bastard, beginner’s luck. Now help me to my feet.”

Feeling the emptiness of her sex, she felt the implacable strength of his frame as she stood.

Pushing him to perch on the edge of the desk, she gingerly knelt on one leg and then the other. At eye-level, his cock was menacingly hard and glistened with her juices.

“Your turn to cum. “

Without hesitancy, she took him and savoured the taste of his cock. Sucking it fiercely, he growled at the intensity of her mouth as she firmly stroked his cock. Easing her other hand between his thighs, he complied and eased them apart. As he did, a finger pressed against a place he had never been touched. He looked down with alacrity as she smiled sweetly, stroking his thick cock.

“Just relax, shush, shush,” Penny soothed, “don’t fight it.”

He said nothing and with that, she pushed a wet fingertip in. His response was a satisfying groan, the novelty suffused with the sensation of her mouth engulfing him. He did not feel any discomfort, if it was uncomfortable; her mouth on him was easily overwhelming it. Easing back and forth slowly into him, she pressed on until an electric bolt of pleasure seared through the core of his body.

“Holy shitting fuck!”

For her, this was the sweetest revenge; this was a game of sexual one-upmanship. This was his reward for a gratification she had not had in a long time.

Her mouth was not letting up; the certainty of her technique was driving him insane. The sway of her breasts was beyond his reach, he wanted to pick her up and fuck her senseless. Her mouth was torturing him as that sensation hit him hard once more.

“Woah, fucking woah!!”

His cock swelled and throbbed involuntarily, that unexplained pressure was building inside him. With his meat stuffed in her mouth, her eyes smiled as she looked up. She watched as that hard pressure slammed into him with enough menacing intensity to make his body tense. As her silken heat of her mouth slipped up and down his aching cock, his body writhed as her finger found its mark again.

“Oh my fucking God, oh fuck!” bounced off the painted walls.

So strong was the pressure, he felt that he could not release his load. The need to release this tension bit hard onto her finger embedded in him. Throbbing uncontrollably with each caress of her mouth on his cock, his groaning was shallow and breathless. Her finger unleashed another slab of pressure inside him. The unsympathetic force of it contorted his muscles as they shook primed for release.

Then it came, as a startled surprise, his cock jerked violently upwards. His body shook hard as he gave out with one final explosion of pressure from her finger.

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