In the Kitchen with Kellie

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Kellie was my neighbor friend and she worked as a hairstylist. When I asked about her about making an appointment for a haircut with her she graciously offered to cut my hair at her place instead, and commented with a sly smile, “I’m sure I can think of a way for you to make it up to me.”

I brought over a bottle of wine for her in appreciation of her offer. I sat on a short stool in the middle of Kellie’s kitchen as she worked her way around me, cutting my hair and sipping a glass of wine. Neither of us were in a relationship at the time, and our conversation turned into sharing stories and laughing about the frustrations and quirks we experienced in our previous relationships as well as some nightmare date stories.

Kellie was wearing a knee length sundress without a bra, and I couldn’t help noticing her hardening nipples as she manuevered close alongside me. As we talked and laughed, it seemed to me that her occasional brushing and pressing against me was occurring more often, lingering a little longer each time. At first I was just enjoying the warmth of her touch, and the light scent of her perfume, not really thinking much more into it. However, I couldn’t help becoming more aroused as she leaned in closer to my side, pressing her warm dress covered mound against my bicep. Her hips shifting slowly from side to side, as her mound rubbed against my arm.

I could feel my own body heat rise as my cock began to swell under my shorts. We continued our conversation as Kellie moved behind me, but our discussion trailed off to silence as she lightly pressed her breasts against my upper shoulders. Her hardened nipples brushing against the back of my neck as she leaned closer against me to cut the hair on top of my head.

My rising cock was beginning to strain against my shorts, and the towel around my shoulders to catch the hair was not long enough to conceal my rising bulge. Feeling the warmth of her breasts against my neck, I couldn’t resist finding out where this was going and teased, “Mmmm, that feels good. Is a neck massage included with all your haircuts?”

She laughed and replied, “Only for very special customers. Besides this massage is for my breasts not you.” Then she leaned down over my shoulder, sliding her hand down the front of my chest and whispered lustily into my ear, “I have a different kind of massage in mind for you.” My cock throbbed in response, and Kellie noticed, giggling softly at the sight of my straining bulge.

Kellie slid alongside me and again pressed her simmering sex against my bicep as she cut. Now making no effort to restrain her slow, methodical swaying of her hips as she rubbed her moistening pussy marks head bobbers porno against me.

I reached my hand down from my lap and traced my fingers up and down the back of her legs and knees, causing her to inhale deeply at first and then sigh deeply as she slightly spread her legs for my access. Slowly trailing my fingers up and down her legs, I inched my touch further up between her thighs, and increasing my hand pressure as I more firmly massaged behind her knees and thighs.

Kellie stepped back, easing out of my grasp, and set the scissors down as she turned and swung her leg over mine. Looking down into my eyes, her hair spilled around her seductive grin as she straddled my legs and tossed off the towel from around my shoulders. I reached my hands around her ass to pull her closer and she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck as we embraced in a passionate kiss. Our lips playing together as our tongues teased in between.

I slid my hands down Kellie’s thighs and I pulled the hem of her dress up, and she eased her hot, wet panty covered pussy down over my thigh. She moaned softly against my lips as she slowly ground her pussy over my thigh.

Pulling Kellie’s dress up over her waist, I slid my hands up under her dress. Massaging and squeezing her breasts and nipples while our tongues played. Kellie reached her hand down to unzip my shorts and freed my pulsing hard cock. As Kellie began to squeeze and massage my shaft, she slid down my thigh slightly, arching her back to press her mound and clit over my thigh, and kissed her way down my neck to my chest.

I pulled Kellie up and lifted her dress over her head, and then took off my own shirt as she eased herself back down over my thigh, grinding her pussy against me. Kellie teased her tongue her tongue around my nipples as she stroked my hard shaft.

Massaging over her her back with one hand, I slid my other hand down under her panties and massaged her ass. Slowly teasing my fingers down, then pressing a fingerip against her puckered rim. She gasped at the feel of my finger teasing her ass and pressed her pussy harder against my thigh, squeezing her wetness against me.

Lust was surging through me as I grabbed Kellie’s hips to slide her back up to mount my hard pre-cum glistening cock. But, she suddenly wriggled free from my grasp and stepped back, reaching over to the table for her glass of wine. Looking into my eyes with a mischievious grin, she sipped in a mouthfull. Then kneeling between my legs Kellie looked deeply into my eyes as she lifted my cock up with one hand and cupped my balls in the other and slowly spilled massage porno the wine out between her lips as she ran her lips up and down my shaft.

The cooling sensation of the wine flowing over my hot cock and aching balls caused me to gasp, and shivers of pleasure rippled out from my loins. Kellie followed the trickling wine with her tongue down my cock and over my balls. Luxuriously sucking each of my balls into her mouth, teasing them with her tongue as she played a wine soaked finger around the rim of my asshole.

Kellie slolwy licked her way back up from my sac, along the base of my shaft to my cock-head. Swirling her wine soaked tongue around my engorged tip, she pushed her lips down around my shaft. Her tongue swished around my hardness in her mouth while she cupped and lightly massaged my balls, stoking my lust for her.

The cooling sensation of the wine was wearing off, and the motion of Kellie’s hot tongue returned the throbbing warm pleasure to my cock. Kellie released my swollen hardness from her lips, and I couldn’t help noticing that my cock looked thicker and darker than I had ever seen it before.

Kellie’s eyes narrowed and her smile widened as she looked up into my eyes and enthusiastically stroked my shaft as she played with her pussy. Savoring the sight and feel of her hand pleasuring my cock as she strummed her clit, I could feel the ache of my orgasm swelling ion my balls. My cock throbbed with excitement in Kellie’s hand. She grinned at the feel of my lust pulsing for her, then stopped stroking and grasped the base of my shaft and lightly slapped my hardness against her lips and tongue.

My pre-cum flowed down over my shaft and glistened over Kellie’s lips. I could no longer resist my urge to fuck her and I groaned out, “Mmm, that feels soo good babe…I want to feel my cock in your pussy!” Kellie giggled with excitement as I stood up, and she laid back on her kitchen floor, eagerly spreading her legs open for me, as her fingers continued to massage over her clit.

I lowered myself over her, pressing my swollen purple tip against her slick pussy lips, easily pushing my hardness between into her hot wet hole, and both of us gasped out with pleasure. Kellie’s erotic teasing had ignited my passion, and I thought I might cum too quick, but the wine had desensitized my cock somewhat and I savored the feel of Kellie’s pussy squeezing around my shaft. I slowly stirred my hardness in her pussy, and alternately thrusted deeper as she bucked her hips up to meet my rhythm and flicked her fingers over her clit.

Strumming her fingers more frantically, Kellie gave me a pleading look and gasped out, meet-suck and fuck porno “Oooh, yeah…faster…fuck me faster!”.

Increasing the speed of my cock strokes, I pumped deeper and harder into Kellie’s pussy, our motion inching us over the kitchen floor with each thrust. Suddenly, Kellie threw her head back with a deep moan, her legs clenched hard around my waist, thrusting her hips up hard underneath me, she gyrated and twisted her pussy against my groin. I felt her pussy tighten around my hardness as Kellie’s hot juices flowed over the kitchen floor.

Feeling Kellie’s body relax, I lowered myself down over her to kiss and suck her flushed nipples. Kissing up the nape of her neck, I shifted my weight to one side and began to slowly pull out of her. Kellie’s eyes widened and she gasped out “Nooo!”, then deftly rolled over to straddle me, looking down into my eyes with a devious smile.

Kellie wrapped her hand firmly around my slippery hard shaft and guided my reddened cock between her swollen wet pussy lips. Slowly lowering herself down my hardness, we locked in a passionate kiss. Straddling on my cock, she rocked her hips against me, grinding against my pelvis as I grasped her breasts and used my thumbs to circle and massage her nipples.

Kellie broke our kiss and sat upright, looking seductively into my eyes as she rapidly gyrated and ground her pussy over me. Reaching her hand down behind her, she clasped and cupped my aching balls, lightly bouncing them in her fingers as she rode me. Enthralled with the sight Kellie grinding over me, the feel of her playing with my balls as her pussy massaged my cock sent waves of pleasure through me.

I could feel my balls tighten in Kellie’s hand as my orgasm swelled within me. She released my balls and leaned over me, raising her hips as she looked deeply into my eyes and slid her pussy to the top of my shaf, then stopped her motion, holding me on the brink of orgasm. My lust surged through me and I immediately thrust my hips up to her pussy, pushing my cock deep into her. She gave me a wicked grin and moaned out, “Ooh yeaah, that it…fuck me! Fuck me hard!”.

I lost control and grabbed her hard by the hips as I thrust my hips up and pumped my cock deep and fast into the heat of her wet pussy. Bouncing Kellie up with each thrust over the kitchen floor, she lustily urged me on, “Yesss, fuck me! Oh yeah, fuck me hard! Mmmm, that’s it fuck my pussy!”

My orgasm seared though my body like lightening, curling my toes as my hips convulsed under Kellie, then arching her up off the floor as I groaned out. My balls clenched tightly as my throbbing cock pumped streams of cum hard into her, and she cooed into my ear, “Mmmm, that’s it baby…feels sooo good!”.

As my orgasm subsided, we slumped against each other in a warm, wet heap on the kitchen floor. My cock relaxed within Kellie’s sweetly soaked pussy, and I couldn’t resist teasing, “Y’know, this is the best haircut I ever had!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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