I’m Young with Two Mature Women

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College didn’t start for me until I was twenty-two. I took a few years after High School to decide what I wanted to major in and worked for a local contractor during that time.

Mom had left us when I was still small and I was raised by my Dad and had only seen Mom twice after their divorce.

When I was finally old enough to take care of myself, at probably fourteen, my Dad would sometimes leave me alone all night with a telephone number to call if I needed anything. I only called once and a Lady answered. I hung up without asking for Dad.

After High School I still lived at home but Dad spent more time away at night. I knew then why he missed coming home.

I suppose Dad was a horn-dog just like me but didn’t want me to know.

Dad was always well-off financially because he’d started his own company years before and Mom didn’t want any of it.

During my second year in college I realized that I wanted to become an Architect and even though I couldn’t actually begin a major yet I began planning and came up with an idea.

Our garage was a large two-car unit and I thought it would be great to build an apartment above it with a separate staircase to enter it from the outside. I finally convinced Dad that it would be a good investment because we could each have our space and when I finally left the nest he could convert it to an office or rent it out. If he chose to sell the house it would add to the selling price. Finally during that second University year Dad agreed.

I found a Professor of mine to assist and counsel me and he helped in the building code and how to beef-up the garage to provide adequate support for the added load. Later when I had the design completed he helped me get a City permit to do the building then Dad and I went to work doing the construction on weekends and evenings while I worked on it alone when I had no classes.

Soon it was taking shape. It would have the staircase, a large living room that included all the essentials of apartment life.

It took us more than two years to complete the apartment and I did all the inside decoration and painting myself.

There was a small but complete kitchenette in one corner closed off by an accordion partition that could be drawn across at an angle to hide it if I had company. There was also a walled-in corner three-quarters bath with a shower, toilet and sink, cupboards and an entry door for privacy. Inside the bathroom there was a large fan for drawing moisture from the shower and sending it outside but it was also ventilation anytime the air was fouled. The bed was a Murphy style wall-unit that I could leave down or fold up.

I added an L-shaped external deck with rail that extended six feet out from the garage and ran its length and across the back. I’d done all the work on the deck by myself because with the apartment complete and the plumbing working Dad felt his part was finished.

I enjoyed the work and the result. The outside deck was my relief on hot days and useful for sunning. I loved my new space too because finally Dad and I could either one bring company home and have pleasant privacy.

During construction I noticed the swimming pool of our closest next door neighbor and a neighbor’s pool behind me.

I hadn’t realized the boon an outside deck would become until perhaps a month after I moved in.

Along our street the houses are built on slightly terraced lots and the next door neighbor’s pool is below our property level by about two feet and gives me an almost complete view of the yard from above the thick, tall wooden fence around the pool.

One day I was tired and needed fresh air after studying.

I was about to Graduate and already accepted at Graduate school so I grabbed a towel and went outside. The back deck looked to the east so when I was outside at the back after lunch the sun was behind me and shining directly onto the yard behind. Both parts of my deck looked over a neighbor’s yard and as I’ve said each of them has a swimming pool. Dad had long ago decided we didn’t need a pool.

Our next door neighbor’s pool seemed never used although I’d long ago had urgings toward the lady of the house. She was tall, statuesque and about thirty-five I’d guessed. I say she was tall although not nearly as tall as me. Throughout construction I hadn’t seen the next door pool used although I did catch a glimpse of that beautiful neighbor staring at me through her windows as I worked outside. Sometimes I’d deliberately pause in her full view and take off my shirt, stretch and stare back at her.

That first day of actual deck use was about two in the afternoon. I was outside at the back and almost immediately noticed a woman sunning herself at that back pool. She never seemed to look away. The sun was in her eyes and she didn’t know I was there. She was naked and beautiful although probably nearly twenty years older than me. She had the body of a woman still in her upper twenties I’d thought.

I developed an immediate bahis firmaları erection that wouldn’t take ‘Ignore it’ for an answer and returned to my apartment for a set of binoculars.

She was even hotter seeing her close through the binoculars and her breasts were perfect with long rigid nipples and she was completely shaven. When I realized she couldn’t see me because of the sun in her eyes I used my advantage. She had a high fence around the pool but from where I was upstairs I could see everything without being seen. Anyone can guess what I did then and days later each afternoon. I would remove my shorts when the sun was right and didn’t believe I could be seen from the side yard.

She would always come outside to the pool at the same time each day and there was a large slanted patio umbrella she could swing out of the way for sun or over for shade and resting. Each day after about thirty minutes of sun covering her front and back she would swing the umbrella over and spend another hour reading or napping. I seldom noticed her enter the pool and she was always naked.

What I didn’t realize until much later was that she always wore polarized sunglasses that blocked the sun’s glare and let her see me quite clearly.

I became a dedicated voyeur of that lady in back for probably more than two months and I’d always drop my shorts and stay nude until she went inside. However, one day weeks later as I walked toward that back part of the deck I heard a door slam and glanced down into the next door neighbor’s yard. “Mrs. Tall and statuesque” had come out with a towel and wearing the tiniest of bikinis and almost her entire figure was exposed. She had wide hips, a full cute ass and larger perfect breasts. She spread the towel on the pool’s deck then began adding sunblock cream she’d retrieved from nowhere it seemed. She used many minutes covering her long legs and ample bosom before she glanced up and waved at me. I waved back and said “Hi” then feeling embarrassment I hurried to the back of the deck. My nude neighbor at the back was already there facing me.

I stripped and raised the binoculars to study her. Suddenly she got up and strode to her house and entered.

I was disappointed because she’d never done that before. I wondered if she was going to come back out and if perhaps she’d just gone in to answer the phone. I stayed there watching with my cock beginning to ache. Two beautiful women were almost too much for me in times so close together like they were.

Then after a few minutes the nude gal returned and she was carrying a pad of paper, a large felt marking pen and her cell phone with a set of binoculars strung around her neck.

She sat on her lounge and began writing then swung the umbrella around to give her some shade. Finally I saw her raise the pad of paper in my direction. I read it and it was a long number that took me minutes to recognize as a full ten-digit telephone number. After holding it up she pointed at me.

I glanced around because she couldn’t see me and I thought she must be motioning to someone else but there couldn’t be anyone else around me. With the binoculars still raised I pointed to myself as if in a question and she nodded her head then in that nearly universal pantomime of calling someone she closed her fist then opened her little finger and spread her thumb before raising them. Her little finger was next to her mouth and the thumb next to her ear.

She wanted me to use the number.

I went in and got my own cell phone and came back out. I nervously held the phone up and she nodded to me. I dialed the number still amazed that she knew I was there. I hoped the number wasn’t law enforcement.

I listened as the phone buzzed twice in my ear and twice coming from her pool.

Finally it was answered and I heard a very feminine voice ask “Do you like looking at my body? I love being naked for you.”

It took me a moment to focus on exactly what she’d said and then I answered “Yes.”

“Am I beautiful to you or too fat? Also am I too old for you?” she asked and I saw her holding the telephone in one hand and the binoculars focused on me with the other hand. And to add a note here… I hadn’t realized that I’d run naked both directions along the side deck with a hard that defied description and could be seen from next door.

“You are beautiful with the best looking body I’ve seen I think. You have only pounds that fill you out and I have no idea how old you are.” I told her honestly but still uncertain if I should speak so boldly.

“And you have the tall strong body of a man that can do almost anything and when I see your cock and watch you stroking it I think it’s a shame that you dump it all over the rail and onto the grass. You need someplace to use it where it won’t be wasted. I’m fifty-three and you can call me Allie.” she said.

I had no idea she could be into her fifties and when I’d thought forty it would have been in the low forties. I didn’t care because I liked her body kaçak iddaa and she’d called it my cock and told me she’d seen me standing naked and stroking it before I climaxed and sprayed it over the rail. I was truly embarrassed but I still managed to speak and control what I said next.

“Where should I put it Allie where it won’t be wasted. Seeing you naked every day makes me have to do something. I’m sorry if it offended you.” I said quietly.

“Offended me? Seeing a tall naked young man that thinks I’m beautiful enough to want and masturbate about? It doesn’t offend me at all but instead makes me want you as much as you seem to want me. Where would you put it? If you want to come over here I can think of a few delicious places you can put it and I’d love to feel and taste it.” she told me.

“Do you mean it? I could come over? What about your husband? I’ve seen him back there before.” I asked.

“I’m not married and I kicked him out a month ago. He was a worthless boyfriend. Of course you can come over anytime. Would you like to? Can you do it soon? Like maybe now?” she continued.

“Really? You want me to come over now?” I asked probably too eagerly.

“Yes I’d like you to come now. Just wear a tee-shirt and loose fitting pants… nothing under them. And come right into the back yard I’ll be waiting. Oh by the way the gate is locked but I’ll give you the combination. It’s a keypad and you must hit enter after every number.” she said and gave me the numbers.

I felt naked walking downstairs wearing no briefs under my pants and as I came out the door and headed for the stairs I heard my next door neighbor say “Were you sunbathing?” and I realized then that she’d seen me naked with a raging hard-on bobbing along in front of me. I blushed and said “Sort of. I’m sorry.” but she smiled and only laughed before I heard “Anytime.”

I drove over around the block trying to find my house behind the ones lining the street by looking for the one with the garage apartment above. When I did find it I pulled to the curb and walked up to her house then down the driveway and entered the combination. At first I missed hitting enter after one of the numbers but I had it on the second try and the gate popped open.

She was still nude on her lounge and waved to me “Come here.” she said “And let me get you naked.”

She looked even better close up even though she was old enough to be my mother. I didn’t care and wanted to touch and take her immediately. I almost ran over and stopped a few feet away and stared hungrily.

“Closer. Come closer. I can’t undress you that far away and I want to lie here looking closely at you.” she said with a tease in her voice.

I wasn’t certain. Did she really want to undress me or for me to get undressed?

I was almost to her and she was still waving me closer until she reached out and rubbed her hand over my crotch. She smiled and a moment later I felt and heard the front zipper opening. “Open that button.” she commanded as her hand slipped inside and I felt the warmth as she closed around it. I released the button and as the pants fell I was half-naked wearing only shoes and a tee-shirt.

She did study it and then me while rapidly moving her eyes but now her hands were sealed and stroking as she swept her tongue over her lips. And then with her eyes locked to mine she brought my cock and her lips together and after another remark that I’d wasted too much of it she sealed her lips around it and began working. I’d never known a woman so experienced and eager but I had to fight to maintain control. I felt her throat closed tightly around it and she was working me hard before finally pulling back and saying “I’m going to have it so you may as well give in now.” and she smiled before beginning again.

I’ve had a few blowjobs and pretty much thought I knew all about them but now I knew I didn’t. She knew every spot a man has and knew exactly what and where to provide him the most pleasure. To use the word exquisite is an inadequate description and I’d relaxed and was going with it all. She wanted it and I was more than willing to give it all to her when suddenly she had me up and over the mountain sliding down the far side. It was better than any climax I’d known before and from noises she made I knew she liked it and she kept going until she knew she’d had it all.

Afterwards she smiled at me, thanked me and pulled me down next to her. She took my hand and placed it between her legs then pushed the hand high pressing it between pussy lips then closed her thighs tightly around it. “Do you know where a woman likes to be touched?” she asked quizzically.

I did but then she taught me even more before finally stopping me after she’d yielded to several quick climaxes. “Now you show me what it was originally put there for.” and she reclined on the lounge and pulled me over her as her hand positioned me. She moaned as I entered and begged me not to stop.

I couldn’t have stopped if I’d wanted to and I didn’t kaçak bahis want to as I drove it full and deep into her. “OMG! That’s good and large enough to teach a girl what it’s all about. I’ve known more than a few men and never one hung like you are.” she cried then bit her tongue as my head found and kissed her Cervix with each deep stroke. It was incredible and so was she. A woman that age so great looking and in perfect physical condition willing to take on this far younger guy and give me the best time of my life.

We went at it more than two hours before I had to leave to get ready a the night class I was FA’ing for a Professor.

She asked what days I could come back to her place and we settled on a three afternoon week schedule with an optional weekend if we weren’t busy. She gave my cock one last long suck and then helped me dress. I felt like a guy that had it made.

I went back to my place, showered then dressed and barely made it my lecture class.

The next morning it wasn’t time yet for my afternoon interest anjd I kept glancing out my window at the pool next door until she came out. The fence was tall from her side but was shorter on mine. I went into my backyard and crossed over to the fence and when she saw me she got up and came over to the fence.

“I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I guess I was sunning.” I said.

“I’ve notice you spend a lot of time looking out over the back fence too.” she said smiling. “I don’t know her but I feel there must be a girl over there.”

I stuttered and stammered before I finally managed to say that she was a much older lady.

“Really? She must really have a body then because you’ve never even noticed me watching you standing there with your field glasses naked.” she added with a smile.

I knew then that she must have seen me masturbating many times and I didn’t know what to say.

“Is she older than me?” she asked with a lilt to her voice.

“Yes much older. You’re very young compared to her but she does really look good.” I told her quietly.

“Is she married?” she asked and I shook my head then she continued “Is that where you were heading in such a hurry yesterday?”

I nodded and then she surprised me “Was she any good? Did she teach you anything?”

I was now completely embarrassed.

“It’s okay. I know how a woman gets when she doesn’t have a friend to keep her company and pleasured.” she said quietly and looked down at the ground.

“I don’t know how you can. You’re married and the mister must always keep you happy.” I said almost daringly.

“You can’t know. My husband’s life is his work. I can go for weeks and he’ll never even touch me. I know from first-hand experience. Hell! I’ve even thought about talking to you or your Dad about giving me some comfort but I guess I shouldn’t tell you that.” she said and almost seemed to be crying.

“I’ve seen how you get up on that balcony every afternoon and every time wished I could come over or have you over here and give you some real help. You wouldn’t like to replace my pool boy would you?” she said jokingly.

“Anytime.” I said with a smile “… and I’d really work hard at it.” I said.

“What if I came out in this bikini or even naked?” she asked with a tear in her eyes but a slight smile.

“You can come out anyway you’d like and I’ll just work harder but I won’t be responsible if my eyes wander.” I said and tried to smile.

“Oh Yeh? Want to start tomorrow morning? If you don’t have a class or an appointment with the lady behind you?” she asked with a broader smile.

“Yes I can make it. What time?” I asked.

“I’ll pay you the same thing I pay the guy now and we have all the equipment and chemicals already. I’ll show you what needs to be done. Is eight too early?” she asked.

It was perfect. I didn’t know what would happen but I was willing to do just the work if she wanted and I wasn’t going to charge her for any of it. Maybe she’d even let me use the pool sometimes. I’d befriended two women in two days and it was two days before I was scheduled to return to the lady behind me. This was too perfect and I wanted to pinch myself to see if any of it was true or I was dreaming. I didn’t pin my hopes on anything except a pool cleaning and seeing this statuesque woman close up in or out of a bikini as she’d said.

It was a long night thinking of both women and looking forward to more time near or with each. I probably masturbated three times trying to wear myself out and to sleep.

The next morning I was up early, pulled on only a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband then went next door barefooted at precisely eight. She met me at the door in a robe and walked with me out into the pool area then directed me what to do and explained the days I should clean the pool and how to measure and treat the water.

I had just finished vacuuming the sides and bottom of the pool when I turned around and saw she had shed her robe and looked totally hot in her bikini. I put everything away and thanked her but when I started to leave she asked me to apply some sunblock for her. She was on her tummy and had the sides of the bikini top and bottom both untied and strung out to the side.

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