I Want You Still

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The last few times we’ve been together I have wanted you. I try to tangle around the conception of it. My advances seemingly go unnoticed or are unreciprocated. I don’t care. I want you none the less and will take what I want. I see you standing there, in the usual place, facing the banker. I want you staring at me. I push my way in front of you and lean one of my legs up on the counter. My robe falls down my milky white thighs and I place my elbow on it and balance my head on my hand to stare at you.

I’ve got that devious look in my eye and I’m sure you can tell what I want. You order everyone out of the guild hall and have the last one out lock the door behind them. Still standing there looking at you I drop my leg and untie my belt. I shake my shoulders lightly and my robe falls to the ground. I have nothing on underneath, and I am not afraid to let you stare at it.

You stand there in silence, and I know you want me to work, so you can appreciate me without showing so. I drop to my knees and put my hands on your belt; I tug at it and unfasten it all the while never once glancing at your eyes. My focus has nothing to do with you now. I want pieces of you with nothing in return. I am selfish, and you need to know this is not about you.

I pull your pants to your ankles and take your cock into my hands; you let out a pleasurable sigh. I lick up your shaft and swirl my tongue around the head of your cock. I can feel your hands wrapping around my hair and your fingers tangling in it but pushing into me. I lick once up your cock and giggle softly as I swallow it into my mouth.

I suck on it fiercely and take it in deeper each time. You’re grabbing and pushing me into you; with one swift tecavüz porno motion I pull away. I stand before you and caress my breasts. I lift my head in the notion for you to remove the rest of your clothing and I point at you drawing my finger back and forth for you to follow.

I walk towards the pool and lay myself in it. The water barley covers me but the warmth is comforting. I know you are not far behind but I want you too see me pleasing myself; showing you I can do it on my own but I choose to include you.

I lay on my back with my head propped up on the side of the pool for support. My legs are spread far apart, showcasing my tight and neatly shaved pussy. My nipples are firm. I begin to tug on my nipple ring with one hand and slide one finger up and down my lips, not that they need any more moistening, but the feeling send tingles through me, and gets me ready for insertion.

I see you approach yet stand there. Your eyes focused on me, the way I so longed for. I spread my lips with one hand and reluctantly pull the other off my tits. I use one finger at first to circle my clit before shoving it into my soaked hole. Still watching you lick your lips.

“I know you want to taste Me.”, I say in low voice.

I doubt you heard it, but the way your eyes stayed on my mouth, I don’t think it mattered what I said. I continue plunging my fingers in and out of my pussy, and moaning out to you while you watch. I arch my back up to extend the reach into myself.

I am bucking into my hands and saying your name every time; it feels almost too good. You stand there in silence your cock hard and your mouth open slightly so that you can lick your lips each time my travesti porno fingers pull out of my soaked cunt. I want you to pleasure me, but with all might I try not to ask for it, I demand!

Come here and take me, now! You walk over slowly and kneel before me in the pool. I pull my fingers out of my pussy and place one in my mouth; I suck on it, and as I slowly drag it out of my mouth and place it in yours.

As I pull it from your mouth you say how sweet the taste is. Your hands are running up and down my body, not stopping in any particular place. You give me goose bumps as your finger tips fall over me.

I place my hands around your back and pull you on top of me. I can feel your cock pressed against my clit, and holding there, as I put my mouth over yours and kiss you. Our tongues tangle and twist and the force of you above me excites me. I place one of my legs to your chest and push you off of me.

“Eat me” is all I say, and with that you glide your body down mine and take a stance at my cunt. You look up into my eyes as your head lowers so your lips are near my clit. I watch as your tongue comes out of your mouth and drags over my lips.

You go slowly up and down and seemingly parting them with your tongue, and I fall back in pleasure, no longer able to watch. Your tongue feels hot as it circles my clit and makes my skin tingle.

The scruff on your face brushing against my thighs tickles in an erotic way. Your tongue flips up and down on my clit and your hands hold my thighs open for you. You take one of your hands and wrap it around my ass and pull my cunt into your face.

I had forgotten how good your mouth could fuck me.

As I tumblr porno tug and pull on my nipples I can feel my insides tightening and my body quivers as I cum in your mouth.

You don’t stop, you let it flow all over your face and tongue, and still flick it on my clit. I let out a deep moan and grab you by the hair. I want you inside of me now. You bring your face up to mine and I smell myself all over you turning me on more then ever.

I lick your lips and once again let our tongues dance as you wrap your hands around me and pull me on top of you.

As I sit there I decide this is not the position I crave. I stand over you and look down at you, laying there with your cock standing upright almost calling to me. You look up and bring yourself to your knee’s giving me one last lick before standing next to me.

I turn so that my back faces your chest. I feel your cock against my ass and you reach around and cup my breasts. My nipples fall in between your finger tips and you pull on the ring in my right nipple.

I use my hand to separate my gap and slip your cock into my cunt. You force it in my and I fall forward. The force you exuberate not only shows your passion, but your desire.

Then almost as soon as it has begun I feel you pulling out and smacking my ass with your cock. I turn around and drop to my knees, I lick the head of you throbbing cock and grasp it in my hands. I move back a tad and look at how strong it feels.

I begin to jack it while licking the head rapidly up and down. I feel your grab the back of my hair and just as I open my mouth to take you in I feel my face get hot and your moans get loud.

All your cum has shot all over my face and near my mouth. I lick off what I can and then lean into the pool and wash the remainder off. As I swing my hair behind me while I rise up I notice you staring at me once again.

“I should call a free night more often.” Is all you can say as I walk away and leave you behind?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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