Hunger Has a Focus

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Jill’s feet shuffled twice as fast as her heart into the dark living room, fixated desperately on that moment in two minutes, when she would filled by his cock. He followed silently into Jill’s house, suddenly a stranger. The adrenaline-rich connection they had felt, the understanding, jokes and sarcasm they shared in the bar that seemed like an instant, deep friendship, upon entering her house had whittled down to a silent core truth. Cameron and Jill were practically strangers, but they both recognized the deep need and willingness to properly fuck each other. Right now.

She backed into her bedroom not bothering with the lights, and he backed her in leading with his lips. Slightly slower than desperately, they undressed, Jill already moaning.

Pants down and skirt pushed up, shirts thrown and no foreplay other than weeks of needing, Cameron pressed into her soaking pussy. His cock against her insides, slid completely in and filled her.

The sudden penetration, and Jill went soaring over the ledge of need, desperation and hunger, clouded by drinks, a rough day, and a quick-encounter czech experiment porno with an acquaintance, into a state of clarity. She suddenly tuned into the moment, prize in hand, and focused sharply on the bliss.

Just below her pelvis his hand squeezed in pace with her slow, double intake: hot air and a needing, hard cock. She focused deep inside her, hands somewhere behind on the couch, as he continued his slow entry, noticing each contour of his hard cock press against her insides. When he reached the hilt again, all the way in, she rotated her pelvis to take in a little more and let out her breath.

A fleeting responsibility tried popping in her head, something she ought to be doing, remembering, but just as quick she re-tuned her attention to sex. Jill wanted hours of this before anything would be important again. In her head she grabbed lustfully at Cameron’s hips to guarantee his deep thrust, but he was already doing it perfectly. All she could muster was a feeble hand placement on his hips, before falling back into the bliss.

Something czech first porno video about a complicated day, and little progress. Somebody else that probably should be making things right like this, but too little too late. She spread her legs wider first, pushed back, wrapped her legs around him. Deeper, she wanted. He kept growing inside, sliding against her insides where she needed it, and she drank it lustfully. His pelvis pressing on her clit with every deep thrust.

“Mmm… please fuck me,” she begged rhetorically.

“Just a few more hours of this,” he said. At least, she thought. There was a lot to de-stress about. So, much of this cock she needed inside. So glad he made her laugh at happy hour.

Needing more, her hips pressed back at an increasing tempo. He was right there with her. At first, just the pace, but she made it clear she wanted him harder. Her orgasm was building and she wanted it to be massive. He leaned forward slightly and she timed her return thrusts. She moaned deeply, and the thought slid right in: her czech game porno boyfriend. His late hours and procrastinating on promises to go down on her. His project deadline tonight. Her breath stopped and face tightened. She squeezed once around him and then she came in waves.

In the dark, while her body shook with pleasure and her energy softened, the image of her boyfriend reappeared. He meant well. He loved her. He wanted to please her, and he even tried, but he wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter. Justified or not, wrong or not, there was nothing more obvious than how much she didn’t regret Cameron or his cock.

Her legs let go as the orgasm continued to rock her, and Cameron pumped at a steady pace. He wouldn’t stop. She wouldn’t let him. The orgasm washed her boyfriend back to sea, as she caught her breath and thought carefully about exactly what would make the second orgasm just as good. She arched her back slightly with her pelvis thrust so she could soak in the feeling of his cock one last time, looked up at Cameron and asked as kindly as possible, “Please fuck my ass?”

She felt his cock swell at the naughty thought. Jill imagined how jealous her boyfriend might be, and her pussy surged with heat. He faded from her mind, and her asshole puckered in anticipation, her mind shut up, and Cameron pulled out of her pussy to start fucking her dirty. Jill focused her mind in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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