Hotel Rendezvous

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I’m on a business trip in a strange city and feeling lonely as I make my way to the hotel bar. As I order my drink, I look up and notice a woman further down the bar. We seem to be the only two people here and, as I decide whether to invite her to have a drink, she looks up and catches me staring at her. Slightly embarrassed at being caught out, I smile shyly and look away. In that brief moment when our eyes meet, I can see how beautiful she is, soft red lips, eyes that could melt any mans heart, hair like burnished copper as it catches the light. Dressed in a black strapless mini dress that does nothing to hide the soft curves of her body, she is a true vision of beauty. Feeling a stirring in the front of my pants, I decide to act before its too late and I lose my bottle.

Walking over I cough nervously, “excuse me I’m in town on business. I don’t know anybody here and hate eating alone, would you care to join me?”

I hold my breath waiting for the reply.

“Well actually I’ve been stood up so I’d love to. My name’s Fran, what’s yours?”

“Oh sorry, I’m Ian.” I stutter. Thankfully the waiter arrives to say my table’s ready and saves my embarrassment.

As we sit reading the menu, I feel pendik escort her foot brush against my leg. I shrug it off as an accident until it starts sliding up and down my calf. Looking up I see a half smile playing across Fran’s lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. By the time the waiter arrives to take our order her foot has reached my inner thigh and I’m finding it hard to control myself. My cocks threatening to burst my pants and only just manage to compose myself to order.

Thinking to myself “Lets see how she keeps a straight face,” I slip off my shoe and sock and smile at her as I run my foot slowly up her leg.

As it reaches her knee I feel her legs part and I continue further gasping with surprise to find my foot touching a smooth, bare pussy. Looking across the table, I can’t believe she hasn’t reacted but I know she’s enjoying it from the way her pussies becoming wet and slippery beneath my foot. As I slowly massage her pussy this way her foot begins to rub against my rigid cock and I know if we don’t leave now I’m going to be in trouble.

“Fran I have a room upstairs lets continue this there”

” I thought you’d never ask Ian. Lets go,” she replies.

As the lift doors escort pendik close we lunge at each other kissing passionately, our hands all over each other caressing, stroking, teasing. Sliding my hand up her skirt, I feel just how wet she is

” Mmmm Ian, I want you now,” she gasps.

Not caring if the lift stops, I drop to my knees. Starting at her knees, I kiss my way up. As I reach her pussy, I flick my tongue over her hard clit, my fingers gently probing the entrance to her juicy pussy, feeling it squeeze around them. Gripping my hair she grinds her pussy against my mouth moaning loudly as she cums. Just then the lift stops and the doors open, luckily no ones waiting to catch us and we run to my room.

As soon as we’re in the door, we begin tearing at each others clothes leaving a trail all the way to the bedroom. Laying on the bed we continue exploring each others bodies, kissing, licking and biting. I moan with pleasure as her warm lips enclose my hard, throbbing cock, her fingers squeezing my balls. Spreading her legs wide, I lower my head and blow softly over her clit as my fingertips caress her hot juicy lips. Moving slowly down I slide my tongue between them and enter her waiting pussy, licking pendik escort bayan softly as my thumb rubs her clit. While I’m doing this she begins to lick down my cock to my balls sucking them softly one by one. As I feel her body tense, I turn and kneel between her thighs gripping my cock and guiding it to her pussy. Rubbing the tip over her clit, I watch her writhe with pleasure, her hips lifting up eager for my cock to fill her pussy. I slowly ease the head of my cock between her swollen lips sliding it back and forth teasing her.

“OOHHHH Ian, fuck me hard pleaseee.” she moans.

Looking down into her eyes, I thrust my hips forward driving my cock deep.

Holding her hips, I begin fucking her long and slow building up the tempo until my cock is slamming in and out like a piston, my balls slapping against her arse with each thrust. Pulling me down to her she kisses me hard, her arms going round my back, her nails raking across my shoulders as her orgasm reaches its peak. Feeling her pussy squeezing my cock, I cum with her, my hot cum spurting deep inside her. Our two bodies bathed in sweat shaking as we lay together totally drained her head nestled against my shoulder we fall asleep. Only one thought goes through my mind as i drift off “I could easily do this for the rest of my life with this lady.

P.S. I hope you have enjoyed my first attempt at writing. please let me know what you think and don’t forget to vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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