Hot, Sexy Tina Ch. 04

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The candlelight washed over her naked body, with her breasts catching a warm glow. She almost drooled, as she took it in her hands and rubbed the swollen maroon head over her yearning lips, she pursed them and dribbled spit over the tip.

I could see her struggling to keep it out of her mouth; she wanted to feel it between her lips, but she was so horny…she needed to be fucked…and fucked hard. Sometimes her whole body begged for cock; my gaze washed over Tina, while I stroked on the lube.

Anxiously, she got up on her knees, and straddled me, while I rubbed my dick through her the tight lips. She jacked it with her pussy lips, “God damn, baby girl…mmmm, that’s good,” I moaned.

She slowly pushed it inside and our eyes met, “Go slow…and give yourself some time, before you fuck me!”

It split her wide open, stretching her lips and filling her with thick, girthy pleasure…intense overwhelming pleasure. She wanted it so bad, she immediately started riding, thrusting her pussy down onto my cock.

“Oh Rob…Rob, fuck me…mmmm…mmmm, fuck that tight…tight little pussy…fuck my little pussy…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh god yeah!” Her eyes shut tight as it filled her, again and again…it raked her insides…and she never wants it to end. She tightened her knees against me, and I thrust up to meet her. Urging me to keep it up, “Oh fuckkkk…Rob, fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…drive it…oh god, drive it deep!”

When she teased her clit, the pleasure quickly grew, starting deep and washing over her body. She was crazy horny…because it took her, maybe, three minutes.

We both fucked harder, but Tina slammed herself down over the raging shaft, until she exploded, sending waves of pleasure through her body. It was almost too much for me, and I paused, as she urgently rode me through orgasm; she held tight as the waves crashed. In the aftermath, her pussy kept squeezing in pulses like it was nursing its sustenance from a teat.

I throbbed deep inside her, when she collapsed, almost melting over my body and breathing heavy. She rolled off onto the bed and I nestled her head on my chest, stroking her warm, sexy body. I looked into her eyes, with a searing gaze, and lusting for more.

I tipped her head down, to look at my rock-hard needs; it was covered in a tracery of veins, throbbing, and demanding more. “Now, can you help me with that?”

She smiled, “I’d be glad to help you sir…that definitely needs my attention!”

Eagerly, she went down on me, gently pushing it into her throat, deeper and deeper, until her lips pressed into my pubes. She bobbed her head up and down, stroking it with her throat. I was almost out of control thrusting and moaning for more. My hips rolled into her face, fucking with increasing need.

Tina always loves having cock in her mouth, sliding over her tongue and throbbing. She especially loves that ultimate reward, when it explodes over her tongue. You can watch her savor the musky, salty cream, teasing her taste buds, and slowly swallowing it, like white chocolate sauce.

My lean body stiffened against the mattress, and my balls tightened, yelling, “Fuckkkkkkk…fuckkkkk…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cumming…cumming…yeah, cumming!”

She lifted her head some and painted her tongue, pumping the shaft with her hand. It felt like ropes, splashing over her tongue, but she kept sucking till she was sure it was done; she didn’t want to miss one drop.

When she pulled off, the sexy smile overwhelmed her face, “I think that was a double shot…I always tip better with big pours like that.”

“What kind of tip are we talking?”

Grinning, she added, “Well…it’s going to be a big tip, because we have to add in that amazing orgasm you gave me. I have to compensate you for your outstanding performance.”

She held it in her hand, exploring the silken texture of the moist shaft; it still throbbed with a readiness, but it was early morning…maybe 1:00.

She giggled, “Can I keep my tab open and settle up in the morning? I’m really exhausted, sweetie.”

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere…but I will be expecting a huge…massive tip.”

She snuggled into me, still gently gripping me, “You’re the best…I just wanna fall asleep with him in my hand.

Later that morning, daylight flooded over the bed, and I pulled her close. We were kissing and gently running our hands over each other’s bodies, the way lover’s do. I looked into her eyes, “Can I cook breakfast for you?”

“Yes, please! No guy has ever cooked me breakfast…or anything for me.”

Before heading off to the kitchen, I couldn’t find my underwear, but pulled on a t-shirt and boxers; she had them washed and neatly folded on the nightstand. I was at her place, and had little to choose from, but I had a growing stack of things left behind…mostly underwear and t-shirts.

I grinned, “Well, I’m much better than all those guys…I’ve always cooked for my many, many girlfriends…let me start coffee first, though.”

“I can at least help with that.”

“Cool…you eryaman escort bayan do coffee, but then you have to relax.”

Throughout our small talk, I think she was mostly ogling my backside…I turned to see her smile and knew what she was doing. She handed me a cup, and watched me beat eggs, asking if she could help again.

“No, just relax…take a quick shower…you got about ten minutes. We can do breakfast in bed?”

“A man is going to bring me breakfast in bed. Your tip is gonna be huge!”

She was sitting up in bed when I handed her the plate; she could hardly wait, cutting into her eggs, “This’s amazing!” “Rob, this omelet is delicious…bacon, blue cheese and fresh-cracked pepper. Seriously, where did you learn to cook like this?”

“I don’t know how to make a lot, but I’ve perfected a few things. I have a few specialties…pizza, breakfast sandwiches, bread pudding, gazpacho, potato soup…and I can grill almost anything.”

“Well, you can cook for me anytime.”

We talked and sipped our coffee, after finishing. Tina got a super sexy smile, “Now, we need to settle on your tip…your big tip.”

“Well, I know you love cowgirl.”

Shucking off the boxers and tossing them aside, “Yes, I do…and look, I already have a tip…a big tip for my cowgirl.”

She didn’t hesitate in grabbing the lube and pumping it, using both hands to cover the shaft. She whispered into my ear, “I’m going to ride you like a cowgirl, but I want you to fuck me like a stallion…fuck me till I can’t walk.”

I held her gaze, as she threw her leg over me, “Well…saddle up then…or maybe cowboy up is better?”

She held it in place and mounted it, stretching her lips. Slowly started lowering herself, pushing it deeper and deeper. She took it slow, stretching to accommodate its girth, and moaning, “Oh…ohhhh god…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…that’s the best.”

Slowly, she started riding, taking it all, exploring, and savoring every girthy inch with her hungering pussy. My cock-crazed cowgirl moaned, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…oh, god fuck me…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me…fill me with that dick…fuck me with that…stallion dick!”

I pumped up to meet her, slapping flesh against flesh, “Ride me…ride me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…damn Tina…ride it…ride it cowgirl!”

She rode me with more passion and cock-lust than you would think possible. “Oh Rob…fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…yeah, fuck me…fuck me!” She started working her clit and squealing, “Fuck me…yeah, fuck me! Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…empty those balls…I wanna empty those big, cowboy balls…wanna feel’m explode!”

Groping her tits, I was tugging, twisting and squeezing her nipples between my fingers; I moaned, “Mmmm…cowgirl tits!”

“You really like my tits, don’t you?”

Watching them dance…sensuously bobbing and bouncing, I grinned, “Fuck yeah!” A virtue of cowgirl, that I could easily watch for a long, long time…if she could hold out, I bet I could cum two or three times.

Anyway, she was riding hard, squealing, “Yeah…yeah…mmmm, that feels…yeah, feels so good…feels so good…oh Rob…cowboy…cowboy cock!”

I thought to myself…got a decent dick, but I was hardly a cowboy…and then I was mesmerized by the tits again.

Tina was getting a little winded, so I took over, rolling her off my lap. When it popped out and slapped rock-hard against my belly, “On your knees, cowgirl…cowboys love to fuck their women from behind.”

“I’m yours, cowboy,” she smiled, getting on her knees at the edge of the bed. Gently resting her face in pillows, I pulled her arms back, and firmly held her wrists behind her back.

I didn’t waste any time, shoving back inside, all the way, eliciting more sensuous moans. I held her wrists tight and really started pounding, “You wanted me to fuck you like a stallion! Ride it…uhhhh…uhhhh…ride that cock…ride that cock!”

Every stroke yielded pleasured moans and I kept at it, jack-hammering my rock-hard dick into her belly. “Uhhhh…uhhhh…you like that? Is this how you wanna be fucked…fucked like a stallion?”

“Oh yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me hard, cowboy, I want that big, stallion cock…fuck me hard…hard!”

I let her arms go, and she immediately found her clit, rubbing wildly…and urgently. She dug the other hand into the mattress and pushed herself back on my pounding cock. Feeling my stinging swats over her ass, she squealed with ecstasy.

There’s a point when you’re on the brink of release, and there’s only one thing that matters…orgasm. Tina was there and begging, ”Rob…Rob…I need it…need to cum…please, make me cum…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, make me cum…please…please!”

I swatted her again, running my fingers between her plump cheeks, and teasing the tiny pucker. I dipped a finger inside and she squealed, ”Ahhhh…ahhhh…Rob…Rob…Rob…yeah…so close…I’m so close…fuck me…fuck meeeeeeee!

Her pussy contracted, and she slammed hard against ankara escort me…she was getting what she desperately needed. I reddened her ass with a couple more swats, “Yeah, ride it…ride that dick…ride that cowboy dick!”

Her orgasm was crazy hard…and she shuddered with ecstasy, screaming and moaning…pleasured screams…pleasured moans.

I reached under to grab a big handful, pressing my fingers into the delicious heft of her breast…and savoring the firmness of an erect nipple.

It must’ve been a good twenty minutes of this hard fucking, before I slammed deep, shooting a massive load deep inside. She squealed and shuddered each time it pulsed, painting her insides with fertile warmth.

When I finished, I was covered in sweat and rolled off to lay next to her. Looking into her beautiful gray eyes, “Sweetie, you really know how to tip…and breakfast just became my favorite meal of the day!”

She leaned back, as cum ran down her leg; it only added to exquisite ache of a long, satisfying fucking.

She smiled, “Mine too.”

Starting to soften and glistening with sex, the sated aftermath was incredible. I could still feel the tight grip of her pussy, as if I was still resting deep inside…


Stepping forward in time, Tina and I were ten, almost eleven, years into our marriage, when she found a box of dildos in the basement. A crazy thing to find in your basement, but that box, from my past, intersected with the present and enriched our marriage. Tina’s always been supportive of my fluid sexuality, and she’s even embraced my ongoing relationships outside our marriage. This section recounts the previous relationships, gay and straight, associated with the mystery box.

She had it on the dining room table, right next to the mail, when I came home, “Whoa! That’s got some history!”

It was obvious that she wanted to know everything, and it was a long story, so I just started at the beginning. “Darin and I ordered dildos for Robin (More Rob, Robin and Darin Ch. 04). It was both a prank and a thoughtful gift; the idea was to keep her satisfied with toys that looked like us, whenever she was traveling. She could take us with her…in a way.”

I grinned, “You can hardly replace a nice cock like mine, but they were both about the same size and shape. She’s probably still using them,” I laughed, “a good dildo’s a gift that keeps on giving.”

“Anyway, a year or two later, our roommate, Benji, wanted bigger dildos that he described as Rob-sized and Darin-sized.”

“We told him about Robin’s travel-dildos, and we expanded the concept, putting together this box-set that included a Benji look-a-like. We put together four sets, one for Darin, Benji, Megan and me. Each box included the three dildos, lube and a bullet vibrator.”

I told her, “Darin added some sexy underwear to his and called it his brief-case. And I think it was Benji that called it an orgy-in-a-box, or something like that.”

When I opened it, the memories flooded through my head, “Sweetie, if those could only talk…fuck!” The bottle of lube looked nasty, and the vibrator was long gone, but I described each of the dildos…cocks from my past. I remembered every detail, “Yeah that one’s Benji, and it’s 6.5″ long and 1.5″ thick, I’m 8.5″ by 2″ and Darin is 9.75″ by 1.5″. I remember, Megan had a conference that winter, and we had to get her a set, too. I didn’t want her to miss me…or Darin…you know?”

“She was the hot, library chick, when you were teaching…right?”

“Yeah, she was a grad student in library science.”

“Cradle robber…you have some wild women in your past,” she giggled, “and present.”

I grinned, “You are definitely included in that wild category…Miss Deepthroat…and remember Puerto Vallarta. Honey, you got hot and wild going on.”

“I like to think I’m hot and wild…anyway, she did all three of you?”

I smiled, “No…no, just Darin and myself.”

“The Darin that you talk about…your boyfriend…right?”

“Yep…he was my first boyfriend, and he was with me, while I dated Meg and Robin…we were tight…you know?” Laughing, “I shared him with, two women…he was hetero-curious.”

“I guess I knew most of that” she giggled, “but it’s really hard to keep up.”

She held up Benji (the dildo), “I wanna try them…can I try them? But this lube doesn’t look like lube anymore.”

I didn’t really answer and just pushed her panties aside. Probing with my fingers, I pumped slow and bent them to hit the spot; she was already moist, and I grinned, “I guess somebody enjoyed the history lesson…and they’re not going to need lube, anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess, I got a little turned on.”

She tried each one, laughing and giggling, “Mmmm, this one feels good; it goes deep…yeah…but he’s thinner than what I’m used to having. That was Darin, right?”

“Yeah, that was Darin…a nice cock…a damn nice cock.”

“This’s thinner, too and it’s just not very big…it just won’t do.” sincan escort bayan She laughed, “It is bigger than my ex-husband’s, and it looks a little like him, without the foreskin…it really won’t do.”

“This has to be you…he looks familiar! Mmmm, yeah…he’s stout and stretches a little, Rob’s just right. But I do want to hear more of this story. Like, did you, Darin and this Benji all do it? I want to know more about Megan, too…the whole story, please.”

Knowing her intense curiosity about such things, I grinned, “What do you say we sit and maybe have a drink…a long drink?”


Skipping forward yet further, Tina and I had been married for nearly twenty years. I was working in our greenhouse and noticed she was coming with two mugs. I opened the door for her and took a sip, “Sweetie, I needed this…thank you.”

“Well, I knew you’d want another cup. Thanks for making me breakfast this morning…I remember the very first omelet you made for me…I think they’ve gotten even better.”

I’d made her breakfast many, many times, but I remembered that first omelet, too. It made me smile, “I’m glad you like them.”

“You’re busy out here…what’re you doing? Maybe I could help?”

“Well, I was deadheading begonias and pelargonium, that I plan to use in pots this summer.

“Why are you deadheading?”

“Aesthetics…it looks better, it’ll generate new growth, and I don’t want them to set seed.”

She was bra-less and wearing a tank that gave her tits an amazing presence. I could hardly control my eyes, when she asked, “So, they’ll make seed…a begonia? Sweetie, I’m sorry but it’s been a long time since high school biology.”

“To reproduce or make seed the flowers have to be pollinated. Pollen from the male part of a flower travels to the female part of a flower, where the seeds are formed in the ovary. Many plants, but not all, have male and female parts inside one flower. The female, stigma, is usually in the center and the stamen, which produce the pollen, cluster around it. The petals of a flower often act like a billboard to attract pollinators, which will move pollen between the male and female parts, or they move pollen from one flower to another. Sometimes a flower’s scent can attract pollinators…um…just like that jasmine.

I think she knew what would happen, when she bent down to smell it…she had a plan. Wearing no panties, she exposed a crazy, hot ass and her own feminine petals.

“Oh wow, that’s amazing,” she marveled.

With her pussy in my sights, I grinned, “Yes…yes, it is.”

Obviously, she wasn’t there just to smell jasmine…she wanted something thick…hard…and fertile. When I spread her lips, I confirmed my suspicion; she wasn’t just moist…she was lubed. I dropped my pants and pushed inside, eliciting a welcoming squeal.

“I thought you needed some pollination.” I grinned, smacking a deliciously, rounded cheek, “You are a tease! No panties…and a lubed pussy?”

“Guilty! We’ve been married a long time…and I know you like the back of my hand. Mmmm…I’ve wanted that inside me since breakfast, when you were bent over and pulling up your pants…you still have the hottest ass around.”

She leaned over the plant bench, as I slowly pumped deeper, “And so do you, sweetie…are you ready for some pollination?”

Flipping her skirt up onto her back, I gripped her hips with both hands, and she looked back, “Mmmm…I don’t remember botany or biology ever being this fun.”

Lost in the pleasure of deep, satisfying thrusts, I enjoyed the view of her pussy, stretched tight around the shaft. I couldn’t help but take things further, reaching for a handful; animated by our passion, and barely contained by tank top, her breasts felt amazing in my hand.

She started rubbing herself wildly fast…faster than my hips could even move. I couldn’t see but imagined her clit being rock-hard, and deep crimson…a tasty nugget for my tongue.

She begged for me to go faster, and my cock glistened with her juices. I kept that steady, pounding rhythm, while she threw her body back to meet my thrusts. I was breathing hard and moaning as I ploughed her, plunging it deep…again…again…and again.

She began screaming, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, fuck me…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me!” She was still squealing, when the pleasure took over, bucking and writhing on my deep, thrusting cock. I fucked her right to the end and held her tight

I fucked hard for few minutes, pounding into her limp sated body. She moaned, “Oh…oh…fuck me…fuck me…Rob, fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck me!”

“Yeah, do it…do it…fuck me…gimme that load…that big load…uhhhh…uhhhh…fill…fill my pussy! Pump deep…yeah, pump it deep…pump me…fill it…fill my little pussy!””

Finally, with a loud moan, I tensed, and I pushed deep into her pussy, filling her with a huge load (I guess it had been a few days). Each pulse of my cock seemed to send new ecstasy through her body.

As the waves subsided, we savored the warmth that spreads through your body. When I pulled out, she shuddered with one last bit of pleasure, as her pussy lips grabbed for the head; it was certainly swollen, throbbing and deep purple!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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