Honey I’m Home

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You’re having a quiet relaxing time sitting on your couch watching TV. The odd time your cell phone flashes a bright light and vibrates so you reach over to check it. Nothing too exciting, mostly spam emails, Facebook and game notifications but then you receive a text from me, just a simple winky face. I must be feeling playful you think to yourself and send back a smiley face. In seconds I respond with three little words – “I want you” A small smile plays across your lips as you consider your response. You start to type so fully absorbed in your answer you don’t hear the tell tale sound of a key scraping in the lock of your apartment door.

Letting myself in I stand in the doorway of your living room watching you. You’re so easy to watch I could do it for hours. The creases in your forehead as you consider your wording, the cute little smile playing at your lips as you’re having what I’m sure are some slightly naughty thoughts, your strong, knowledgeable, swiftly moving fingers over the phone’s screen are all fascinating to me. You finally feel the heat of my gaze and raise your head. Looking at me a huge grin comes across your face lighting up your eyes. I grin back at you and rush towards you my breasts bouncing in my low v cut gray t shirt and my short tan skirt billowing out around me slightly. Instead of stopping as I near you I take you by surprise and climb up on your lap straddling you. Wrapping my arms around your neck I lower my head so I can kiss you. Your arms wrap around my body as you return and deepen our kiss. I moan slightly and press my body into you. You feel and taste so good. You are what I’ve been craving. Your arms tighten around me as my fingers find their way into your hair.

I pull away from you slightly breaking our kiss pendik escort and look into your eyes. My fingers wonder through your hair giving it a gentle tug before moving down your neck and to your shoulders. I run my hands slowly down your arms and back up. Moving my wondering hands across your chest I graze each of your nipples causing your breath to catch and your nipples to harden a little bit. I can feel you getting harder and harder against me as I explore your upper body, my pussy tantalizingly close to your hardening cock.

Nuzzling your neck with my nose and leaving small kisses in it’s path my hands move down your chest firmly feeling, touching, enjoying and appreciating the feel of your body. My mouth finds your ear as my hands start to move lower and lower towards the waistband of your pants. You moan gently as you rub your hands over my back. A low groan escapes you as I suck gently on your earlobe and your eyes close. I nip gently on your earlobe as my hands slip under your blue t shirt. Moving back up your chest against your bare skin I kiss you once more. Finding your nipples I firmly rub my thumbs against both of them at the same time. Your hands move into my hair playing with it before moving down to the back of my neck. You hold me against you as your tongue moves into my mouth to find mine. Our tongues twist and turn around each other as our breathing increases. I shift slightly over you so I can rub my pussy over your hardness and let out a soft whimper upon contact. The roughness of your jeans over the silky material of my panties feels amazing.

I pull away from you so I can tug your t shirt over your head. You don’t resist me in the slightest and in fact are quick to assist me. After casting your shirt aside you take advantage escort pendik of the space between us and move your hands to my breasts. Cupping them firmly you squeeze them and push them together making my cleavage line much more pronounced. Dipping your head to my chest you kiss the tops of each of my breasts before running your tongue up and down my cleavage. Your thumbs find my hardening nipples through my top and bra. I throw my head back and moan as your hands keep working on my breasts and your tongue travels up to my neck where you place a series of gentle kisses.

Releasing my breasts you take the hem of my shirt and pull it up and over my head as I lift my arms more than willing to accommodate you. You trace the line of my bra cups with each of your index fingers before finally slipping them under my smooth red bra to find my nipples. Running your finger over each nipple at the same time you tease me leaving me tingling and aching for more of your touch. Moving your hands to my hips you look at me and smile. I thrust my chest towards you and pout a little, begging for more of your touch. Smirking at me you lower a bra cup somewhat freeing my right breast. Lowering your head to it you take my eagerly awaiting nipple into your mouth and suck on it making it harder and longer. I moan in delight and inhale sharply as your tongue flicks over it while your hand reaches around my back and unclasps my bra. While still sucking, tugging and pulling on my nipple you slide my bra straps off my shoulders and down my arms. Dropping my bra to the floor you move to the other nipple, repeating your performance. With each flick of your tongue and pull from the suction of your mouth on my nipple I’m getting wetter and wetter. I really, really want you now.

My hands pendik escort bayan find their way to your belt and quickly unfasten it. Moving to the button on your jeans I stumble ever so slightly in my eagerness to get to your cock. I make sure to slow down just a bit and take care to pull your zipper down. Slipping my finger between the teeth of your downed zipper I slide my fingers over your cock still covered by your underwear and somewhat tamed by the restrictive denim of your jeans.

I push myself up and off of you, desire overtaking me. You watch me closely as my breasts sway freely as I move in front of you. I place my hands on your chest and lean down to kiss you. Running my hands down your chest while we kiss I grasp the waistband of your jeans and give it a downward tug making my intent clear. You lift your hips so together we can pull your jeans and underwear down. Not looking to waste any precious time I hop back up on you straddling your bare, hard, long, thick, throbbing cock once more. Your right hands slips under my skirt, pushing my red silky panties out of the way as I lower myself onto you. My hands circle your neck. You move so one hand is on my back and the other is moving over my ass.

Moaning with the full sensation in my pussy I begin to move up and down slowly at first gradually moving faster and faster. We’re both panting and moaning as your cock slams into me. My fingers move through your hair tugging at it as my breathing becomes more rapid. Your hand moves from my ass to my clit. Rubbing it vigorously it doesn’t take long until I loudly moan and call out as a powerful orgasm takes me. My pussy tightens around your cock. The hard thrusts, my loud moans and heavy breathing combined with the tightness of my pussy wrapped around your cock make you cum not long after me. I can feel your hot, sticky cum shoot into me filling me with a warmth like no other. Relaxing against you I smile. Kissing me sweetly on my lips you murmur to me, “I always want you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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