Holiday Dreams

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The gentle evening wind blows the shear curtains hanging in front of the sliding door. From our room I can hear the distant sound of waves crashing on the beach, I declined my wife’s invitation to join her in the pool, deciding instead to rest before the resort evening’s activities. I drift in and out of sleep, not minding the sound of the curtains in the wind.

My mind wanders, and I’m imagining her swimming in the dusk. I think about being in the pool with her, alone, watching her gracefully gliding through the water. In my fantasy she’s unclothed of course, and I’m watching her from below, her long legs opening and kicking gracefully closed, water flowing over her gorgeous figure. My eyes are captivated by the shape of her breasts and hips as she’s swimming.

I’m covered only by a thin white sheet, and can feel the breeze from the window and the overhead fan. My thoughts are interrupted by the presence of someone in the room. She’s back from her swim, standing in front of the door, towel wrapped bursa escort around her. I feign sleep now, wondering if she’s in the mood. I feel the sheet being drawn back, and the sensation of the cool breeze now on my naked flesh. There’s movement on the mattress, and I sense her approaching me. Through almost closed eyes I can see her on all fours, no swimsuit, no towel, the outline of her gorgeous body approaching me. I feel part vulnerable, part highly excited, as she crawls toward me like a cat, trying not to disturb me. What happens next is only the thing of dreams. I feel her mouth on me as she takes the head of my now very excited cock in her mouth and gently starts licking and sucking me. Her hand grips my shaft as her mouth starts to devour me, her exploring tongue gives me pleasures incredible, and it’s almost impossible to continue feigning sleep. I’m fully erect in her mouth, her hands wandering up to my nipples as she caresses each one while pleasuring me with her mouth. God I think I might even lose control bursa escort bayan if she keeps this up.

Her skin is cool from the water and with each move I feel the gentle touch of her breasts and nipples on my thigh. She moans, pausing, kissing my cock one last time, and I sense her moving up to straddle me. I feel the warmth of her parted labia enveloping my cock, as she rubs gently back and forth, until I’m slick with her juices. I feel her tight pussy giving way to my rock hard erection as she slides herself slowly on to me, inch by inch, until I’m completely buried inside her. I want to reach up and grab her breasts, to kiss her passionately, but I’m going along with the game. She begins to rock gently back and forth, her pussy gripping me like a glove. She stops momentarily and I feel her pussy muscles squeezing me. God that feels good. She’s rocking again, and leaning forward now so her breasts are touching my chest. I lazily wrap my arms around her back, wanting to crush her in my embrace, but escort bursa holding back and letting her guide the pace.

Harder and harder she fucks me, adjusting herself so her clitoris is rubbing against me. Each thrust increasing in intensity and shortening, her breathing becoming stilted. I feel my own excitement building; pretty soon she’s going to take me over the edge. I feel her increasingly desperate thrusts, until she cries out as a wave of orgasm takes over her. She holds me deep and quite still, taking past the point of no return, and we stay in that wonderful place of anticipation as the sensation builds into a giant crash. Finally I erupt and my hips jerk up off the bed as I pour my seed into her. With each spasm I thrust deeper, and can see her breasts move in the mottled light. God this is good, how did I ever deserve this? She stretches out to lie the length of me, still keeping me inside her as we glow together, I’m listening to our hearts beating, the waves crashing in the distance and feeling the gentle breeze from the fan on our bodies.

When I wake up, she’s standing at the door in her swimsuit, still wet, busily drying her hair. My hand is resting on my cock. “You should have come for a swim,” she says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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