Holding Back

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I’d lived in the city for several years after being transferred to my company’s head office. One particular work colleague, Jane, had become very friendly with me. She was an attractive blonde and there was always a certain air of sexual tension around her – she knew she was sexy and she flaunted it. One Friday afternoon she invited me to her apartment for a party. I’d never attempted any sort of pass at her because it was against our workplace sexual harassment rules. That particular week had been very busy and I almost turned down her invitation because I was so tired.

When I got to her place, I was surprised to see that the party consisted of Jane, five women of roughly the same age and myself. There were a few bottles of champagne on the table and a small amount of food. It turned out that the six of them met regularly on a Friday night to talk and joke.

The others said that they wanted to meet the young single man that they had heard all about from Jane. As we chatted and drank champagne, I was reminded of “Sex and the City”. They were all attractive, intelligent women who enjoyed sexist jokes and innuendo. They also seemed to like the taste of champagne. Two of them were married and the others were single.

One of Jane’s married friends was a drop-dead gorgeous woman called Lisa. She was a smoker and seemed particularly raunchy in her story telling. Everyone laughed and giggled when Lisa talked.

Lisa looked straight into my eyes and asked “How much are you getting?”

“Probably more than my fair share. I’m blessed with the gift of the gab – maybe you could call me a cunning linguist,” I replied.

The women all giggled and Lisa said “That’s just a memory for me now.”

“It doesn’t have to be,” I answered. She waved her wedding ring at me and bursa escort said “Once a woman has one of these, that stops.” The others started talking about how boring their sex lives would get if they married. As I listened to them, I glanced over and saw Lisa staring at me and simulating fellatio on her cigarette.

Suddenly I was looking for a way to be alone with Lisa. I asked if I could lie down for a while, have a brief rest and then come back and re-join the party. I explained that it had been a busy week at work and the champagne was going to my head. Jane led me to one of her spare bedrooms and I lay down on a large bed.

I’d been resting for about 5 minutes when I heard the door open – looked over and saw Lisa come in. She closed the door and flicked the lock. She was a tall blonde in her mid 30’s and she came and lay next to me on the bed.

“I just wanted to see if you’re O.K.” she said. I took that as an invitation to start unbuttoning her top. Within a minute I’d flipped her bra over the top of her breasts and was gently rubbing her nipples.

Lisa chatted while I played with her tits. “You know that Jane would let you stay the night if you asked” she said.

I was genuinely surprised, “How do you know?”

Lisa said “Jane’s been talking about screwing you for months.”

“You’ve got beautiful firm tits” I told her. She sat up for a second and unclipped her bra so that it just lay dangling above her breasts. I spent the next ten minutes sucking and caressing those magnificent tits. My erection was rubbing against her leg and then I got the biggest shock of my life – she went down, got my cock out and started sucking it. I just couldn’t believe it. An hour ago this woman was a stranger and now she was sucking my cock. She knelt between my legs and bursa escort bayan was giving me a great blowjob while stroking my cock with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. Her long blonde hair was draped over my tummy and was tickling as her head went up and down.

She stopped for a little while and said to me “I want first bite of the cherry before Jane gets to you.”

To prolong the experience I forced myself not to cum. After an amazing ten minutes she collapsed on her back next to me and apologized for not making me cum. It must have been the first time in her life that she’d sucked a cock and not made it cum. I told her that I needed just a little more stimulation and I removed her panties. I spread her legs and entered her tight wet pussy.

She said “Be careful, I’m married and I’m not on the pill.”

While fucking her I asked “How many other guys have you done this with since you’ve been married?”

She had a smirk and said “A few”.

I asked “Where have they cum?”

“Usually in my mouth or sometimes between my tits,” was her reply.

By now I was really squeezing her breasts and talking dirty. “You’re a slut with a really tight cunt.”

She was indignant when she said “I’m not a slut.” I was thinking to myself that the fact that she had a stranger’s cock deep in her pussy proved it.

At that stage I lost it and started spurting deep into the warmth of her cunt. I pretended to be sorry and explained that it just happened too quickly. She reassured me and said that she’d get some “morning-after” pills the next day. When she was dressed she said she could feel her pussy full of my semen.

We both then went back out to the “party” and laughed and joked for the next hour or so.

One by one the women left escort bursa until only Jane and I remained in the apartment. Following up on Lisa’s advice I asked if I could stay the night. Before she decided, she wanted to know what I did with Lisa. She knew that we’d been in the locked bedroom for thirty minutes and asked “Did you fuck her?”

I answered “Are you kidding, she’s married. She just wanted a bit of a cuddle.”

Jane said “And how much cuddling did you give her?”

“I gave her tits a good massage and sucked them a bit” I replied.

“What about that squealing that we heard out here?” Jane enquired.

“She masturbated while I was working on her tits” was my reply.

With that, Jane seemed to be satisfied and came over and started kissing me. I realized that I had to stop her from feeling my cock or she’s feel Lisa’s juices all over it. Within a few minutes I had my hand on her tits.

Jane asked “How do they compare with Lisa’s?”

I told her that her tits were much larger and much better. Actually, Jane’s tits were softer than Lisa’s, but I wasn’t going to complain. I guided her into her bedroom and lay her down on her large bed. I thought that I’d be able to lick her pussy and then glide in without her realizing that I had another woman’s juices on my cock.

My plan worked and before too long she’d orgasmed with 2 of my fingers in her pussy and my tongue on her clit. Before she could recover I’d come up her body and guided my erection into her warm cunt.

After fucking for only a minute or so she said “Don’t you want me to return the favor and suck your cock?” I gratefully accepted her offer and she wrapped her beautiful lips around her shaft, not knowing that she was sucking off both hers and Lisa’s juices. I couldn’t believe that in the space of a few hours I’d been in two pussies and had two blowjobs.

If you are interested, the next installment will describe what happened during the night and why we stayed in bed so long the next morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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