Her Roommate’s Visitor

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It started out like any Friday night for Wendy. She got home from work at her apartment, had her feet up and was watching tv, catching up on the days news. Her roommate, Carl, had just come home from work too, when his cell phone rang. Wendy was subletting her two bedroom to Carl for the past 4 months. Nice enough guy, a few years older than her in his early thirties, mid-height, mid-weight, mid-looks. Nothing to write home about. She though he was an account or lawyer or something. Didn’t bother her as long as he had his rent on-time, which for a New York City apartment was important. Carl seemed to have a pretty boring life, by Wendy’s standards. She went out with her friends a few times a week to raise hell about town. But Carl never went out nor did he ever have anyone over to visit. He would read, maybe hit the gym, watch TV and go to work every morning at 7:45 sharp. So nothing prepared her for his first visitor.

“Really, you are in town now?” she heard Carl say into the cell phone, somewhat surprised.

“Sure, come on over, it’d be great to see you.” he paused, “No no, my roommate is here as well.” he paused again “no, no it’s nothing like that”…

“Wendy, her name is Wendy”… “I’m sure she’d love to meet you too.”

“OK, bye” and he hung up.

This had gotten Wendy’s interest.

“Who’s that?” she asked innocently.

“Oh, ” Carl hesitated “an old friend, just got into town.” he managed.

“You don’t mind if she drops by?” ‘She’ thought Wendy. ‘She’ indeed, what sort of female companionship does Carl keep, she mused. “No, I don’t mind at all. I’d like to meet one of your friends.” Carl just smiled and went into his bedroom muttering something about getting ready. Wendy just smiled to herself. She had never seen Carl so flustered.

About 30 minutes later Wendy heard a knock at the door. Wendy heard Carl struggling to rush to the door from his bedroom, but Wendy was far closer and smiled to herself as she beat him to it. Carl really doesn’t want me meeting his ‘friend’.

Wendy opened the door and there stood a tall, stunningly beautiful blonde woman in her early forties. She was conservatively dressed in a black skirt, a plain white dress shirt with heels with a travel bag in her hand. Her piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones hinted at her German heritage which became evident when she spoke with a slight accent.

“Hello, I am Helga.” She smiled. “You must be Carl’s roommate, Wendy is it?” She continued warmly and then held out her hand rather formally.

“Yes, it’s Wendy. Nice to meet you Helga, won’t you come inside.” Wendy said while shaking her hand.

She felt Helga’s warm, but strong grip. And then in an odd and slightly erotic gesture, Helga’s fingers lingered over Wendy’s palm as their hands parted, the way lovers sometimes do. It wasn’t long enough for Wendy to say anything, she just chalked it up to her being foreign. Anyway, by this time Helga had already passed her and was now embracing Carl, but no kissing. So, just friends thought Wendy.

Carl explained that he knew Helga from his business trips to Europe, back when he would be overseas for months at a time. “Amsterdam, especially.” Helga laughed. “You always liked Amsterdam, didn’t you Carl?” she said playfully.

Helga had a sweet, charming was of speak that put Wendy immediately at ease. Later as they sat around enjoying a glass of wine, she notice Carl had blushed beet-red. He continued to be embarrassed while Helga retold some sorted tales of their late night drinking in Berlin, or Stockholm. Wendy had never seen him like this. She soaked it in and then started feeling a little uncomfortable herself as Helga seemed to speaking to her about Carl, almost like he wasn’t in the room. Also they ‘way’ she looked at Wendy was like she could see right through her, like she was undressing her with her eyes. It was unsettling, flattering, and erotic all at the same time… “wait!” thought Wendy, she wasn’t even remotely attractive to girls. But she got the total vibe of being hit on by Helga. Wendy was still trying to figure out why a woman like this, who could probably have any man she desired, would be with Carl. And why he’d be so embarrassed to have her around. Time was getting late and she told her friends she’d meet them soon. So she excused herself, got ready in a fun cocktail dress and heels and left for the evening saying good by to the odd bahis firmaları couple of ‘Carl and Helga’. ——– Later that night after one too many cocktails with her girlfriends, Wendy made her way back home to her apartment. She was careful to be quiet as she unlocked the front door and made her way inside. She noticed all the lights were out, but she could see the bathroom door was open and the light was on. She took off her heels and was making her way down the hall to her bedroom, which was just past the bathroom, when she heard the unmistakable sounds of sex! Skin slapping against skin sex! Hot moans of pleasure sex!

“Well well”, she thought, I guess Helga and Carl are more than just ‘friends’.

The low moans, and rapid pounding sounds sounded very hot too, and turned Wendy on. She hadn’t had sex for over a month, so her mind drifted off to some relief from her vibrator in her nightstand.

The only thing between her and battery-powered friend was that fact that the sounds were coming from the open bathroom door which she’d have to pass to make it to her bedroom.

Tip-toeing down the hall way, high-heels in one hand, Wendy tried to walk by the bathroom undetected, trying her best to give the couple some privacy. The sound got louder as she got closer to the action and and that point she realized the moans of pleasure was coming entirely from Carl. Whimpers really. And she could hear Helga telling him to “Take it, take it like a bitch” in an even thicker German accent.

Helga said “That’s right, take my big fat cock in that tight little pussy of yours”. “Fuck!” thought Wendy, who was this woman.

She snuck a peek in the bathroom as she started to tip-toe by and was startled at the sight. Carl and Helga were buck naked. Carl had his arms tied behind his back with a ball gag in his mouth, bent over the sink with his ass sticking out. Helga was mounting him from behind with her hands on his hips, fucking him in the ass with a strap-on dildo harness.

Wendy couldn’t help herself and paused for a moment in front of the door. Helga saw her as their eyes met in the bathroom mirror. Helga stopped fucking her boy and said in the same polite voice she had used earlier in the evening.

“Oh, hi Wendy. I am so glad you’re back. I hope you don’t mind, but this humiliates the hell out of Carl.” Helga said.

Wendy stood speechless.

“You know, me fucking him while you witness the whole thing.”

“Ah, oh, no. I mean sure. yeah… What?” stammered Wendy not sure what to make of it all.

“Is this too uncomfortable for you?” Helga asked sensing Wendy’s unease. “I can just fuck him in his room and let you get to sleep if you want.” She paused. I just though since you are coming home, you know alone and all, you might want to play with us for a bit? Hmm?”

“well… ” Wendy replied weakly.

Helga sensed both Wendy’s reluctance and arousal as she continued “Have you ever fucked your man in the ass and made him your bitch? Its very empowering, you should try it.”

“well… it does look hot…” Wendy said.

“Well, if you want… I have another harness all put together for you.” Helga said pointing to the bright pink dildo next to the sink. “Come on. Strip off your clothes, strap on that big pink cock and let me see how loud you can make my bitch moan.” she continued as she slapped Carl across his ass and pulled her black rubber cock out of Carl’s butt with a plop.

Wendy stripped down out of her dress and she could sense both of them were staring at her. Although Carl had not said a word, due to his gag and submissive position, he was riveted by her undress. Wendy was a slight woman with short brunette hair and small firm breast and a fit yoga body. A contrast to Helga’s voluptuous body with large breasts and round butt and strong thighs. Helga was eying her sweet young body longing. Wendy kept herself shaved which just made Helga lick her lips even more.

Wendy noticed none of this as she self-consciously undressed and got the strap-on contraption to work.

“Yes” said Helga, “just attach the belt around like that. And don’t forget the condom. Safe sex even for Dildos.” she quipped as she changed the condom on her cock as well.

“Got it.” said Wendy now looking up at Carl and Helga, seeing the lust in both of their eyes. “What was she getting herself into” she thought?

“OK, now step over kaçak iddaa hear and take my place.” Helga motioned to Wendy. “Just lube it up first, and slide it right in.”

Then she said sternly to Carl “reach back and spread ’em bitch. Spread your asshole up wide for your ‘Roommate'”.

He reached up right away, while still bent over and spread his cheeks wide. Wendy was shocked to see his puckered hole gaping open for her. His hole puckered open and close as she rub the head of her pink cock over his man-pussy.

She was getting really wet now as she pressed the head of the dildo into his hole and heard him grunt.

“Oh yes” Helga said as she came up behind Wendy, Carl has now moaning as Wendy entered him.

Helga’s breast rubbing up against Wendy’s bare back as Helga embraced Wendy. It was one of sexiest feeling she ever had. Helga continued wrapping her arms around the smaller woman and rubbing the nipples on her small, firm tits with her fingers.

“Oh, yes” moaned Wendy as she succumb to Helga’s advances. It was Wendy’s first time with a woman sexually and “what a way to start” she though, Helga starting to nibble on Wendy’s neck, her pelvis pushing into Wendy’s firm ass cheeks thrusting Wendy’s dildo deep inside Carl’s asshole, all the up to the rubber balls.

“Balls deep, bitch!” Helga announced to Carl. “You’re taking Wendy’s cock balls deep.”

“uhhg, mmmm” moaned Carl, sounding like a bitch in heat.

He was loving it and Wendy was taking to this like a duck to water. Helga stared to grind her rubber cock against Wendy’s wet pussy, slipping inside easily. Wendy’s moans came out slowly but Helga knew Wendy was hers now.

The three-way daisy chain, Helga fucking Wendy, and Wendy fucking Carl continued for a while in its own sensuously, off-kiltered rhythm when Helga pulled out and started rubbing against Wendy’s own puckered hole.

“Hey!” said Wendy startled, turning her face to speak to Helga. “not in my butt!’

“Shut up Bitch!” Helga commanded as she slapped her across the face. “I own your ass now. And you’ll give it to me. Won’t you… Bitch!” she said slapping her again.

The slaps rung in her face for a second, she was frightened didn’t know what to say.

“I said, won’t you, BITCH!” and then this time Helga spat in her face followed by a twist of her nipples.

Helga leaned in close, bit and held her ear in her teeth saying softly “I own you now, just like I own Carl over there.”

Helga then pulled Wendy off of Carl, pushed her down on the shoulders so she was on her knees in front of her. Helga unsnapped the strap-on and pulled Wendy by the back of the head so her face was servicing her pussy.

“OK, then start by licking my cunt.”

Wendy struggled to move her face out of the way, her nostrils filling with Helga’s sent. “

“What is happening?” Wendy thought. Every time she tried to get away, Wendy moved her lips right across Helga’s clit, getting her pussy flowing and prompting a slight moan to escape Helga’s lips.

“OOOOOOh, I love it when my pets struggle. Open your mouth and use your tongue.” Helga encouraged her. “The sooner I come the sooner I’ll let you stop sucking my pussy.”

Feeling like that made sense, she opened her mouth and started to lick and suck on Helga’s clit just like she had seen all the guys do to her. After a few minutes she started to get into it and could feel Helga responding to her effort.

Helga let go of her head and then straddled over Wendy so that she had to pitch her head back and her mouth was straight up servicing her new Mistress.

“Oh, you are good, aren’t you honey.” said Helga “I am going to have to keep you as my pet.”

Helga then shifted her body so that her asshole was now directly over Wendy’s mouth. By now Wendy had submitted to Helga and was thrilled to be at her mercy. Even though it was her first time licking anyone’s ass, she eagerly rimmed and reamed her Mistress. Wendy savored the musky scent of her Mistress’ asshole even more than her pussy juice.

“That’s right, you are my bitch now. Aren’t you?” Helga said as she felt the power switch over completely to her. Helga then put her pussy back in Wendy’s pretty little face and locked eyes with her new submissive subject as the smaller girl licked her to a rolling orgasm. This got Helga a little weak in the knees for a minute and she needed to kaçak bahis steady herself by holding onto the wall.

With her own pussy satisfied, she took Wendy and Carl back to the bedroom, tied him up on the bed on his back with his rock-hard cock sticking straight up, just begging for relief. She led Wendy up to the bed and told her to suck his cock. “Ew” though Wendy but knew better than to disobey her new Mistress and start sucking with vigor.

“Don’t forget to let him cum in your mouth, but don’t swallow, I have use for that seed.” Helga said.

Helga had put her rubber black cock back on and Wendy could feel the cool lube being squirted between her cheeks. She knew what was coming next. She had always resisted boys advances to her backside. She had thought anal sex was dirty or kind of slutty, but for some reason right now it seemed to make all the sense in the world.

She felt the head of the rubber cock sliding into her tight little hole as she had Carl’s cock half-way down her throat, almost biting into his cock as she gasped at the sheer size of Helga’s big black cock. Carl moaned, still in the ball gag, being deep throated and watching such a sexy sight.

Wendy tried to relax as Helga continued pushing with slow, firm thrusts right into her rectum.

“Oh, yes. Balls deep!” exclaimed Helga as she settled the fake rubber balls on the dildo up against Wendy’s taint. “Tell me how it feels.”

“Oh uhg. So deep, so full.” Wendy barely got out as she braced herself until the pain subsided.

“Cause it feels good for me to see this cock so far up your pretty little asshole, young ‘Wendy'”. Helga said.

Then Helga started to pull in and out, then out and in. Before long she had full thrusts. Soon the skin against skin slapping and the moans of pleasure were coming from Wendy and Helga.

“Ok, my pretty. Tell me how much you like it.” Helga said to Wendy as she pounded her ass mercilessly. “How much do you LOVE being my little fuck-puppet?”

“Oh, yesssssss. Oh. Oh Oh. Yessssss” was all Wendy was able to get out.

“That’s right, bitch” continued Helga as before “that’s right, take my big fat cock in that tight little asshole of yours”.

The whole thing drove Carl crazy and blew one of the largest loads of his life into Wendy’s mouth.

“Oh, yeah” said Helga “you two are total freaks. OK now kiss Carl, let him taste his own seed.”

And for some reason this seemed the strangest thing she’d done all nite. She crawled up to Carl, Helga cock pulling out of her asshole which now felt incredibly empty. She took his gag off and then leaned down and gave him the biggest french kiss she could muster. Carl loved it and stayed lip-locked for a minute, before Helga pulled Wendy off Carl, and started to make-out with Wendy herself. The two of them rolled around in an erotic embrace of brand new lust and passion.

Helga laid Wendy down on the bed next to Carl, then worked her mouth down her entire body until she settled on Wendy’s clean shaven pussy. Helga put her hands underneath Wendy’s buttocks and pulled Wendy’s pussy to her own face. Helga lapped up the younger girls pussy like a cat laps up milk, savoring every stroke of her tongue. Feeling the young girls responses to her mouth. Wendy was in such a frenzied state that she came shortly after it started, almost too soon for both of them.

A few minutes passed, and Wendy didn’t know if she had passed out or what from by far the best orgasm of her life. But as she relaxed in the calm post orgasm afterglow, she finally looked up at Helga who was now playfully offering her something to drink. Carl was up and grabbing a beer. She picked herself up onto her elbow, and had a sip of water from Helga.

“Is that a normal Friday night for you guys?” Wendy asked.

“Well it could be, if you were free every Friday” Helga said as sweetly as she could. “You played along so well, hope it didn’t hurt too much, but you are so much fun!”

“That was amazing” was all Wendy could say.

“You see, I love to push people to their limits. I love the exchange of power, you were a wonderful conquest.”

“Wow, really?” asked Wendy surprised that she had this effect on Helga “well, you are completely incredible and I might be in love.”

“Oh, she gets that all the time.” Carl finally spoke up and said to Wendy “We are all ‘in love’ with Helga, unfortunately she is so popular we only get to see her once in a while.”

“Yes, this is true. Unfortunate but true.” Helga interjected “But then again, I’m not sure you could handle me all the time.” she joked. And with that they all laughed.

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