Halala of My Virgin Cousin 08

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‘Oh… it is hurting so much Aamir.’ Zarina cried out in pain and tears filled her eyes.

Wiping her tears, I said. Darling, Please, do not worry, Congratulations on losing your virginity, You have successfully got over that hurdle in enjoyment. Now onwards it will be only fun.

After saying this, I started slowly moving my cock inside and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes of slow fucking, she also started enjoying it. She also started moving her hips back and forward in sync with my bumps. Her moans were getting louder – yes Aamir… Do it fast, keep doing like this, it feels great, please do not stop .. And she collapsed.

I was feeling that I will reach my climax soon. I remembered my promise to Sarah, so I decided to withdraw my cock from Zarina’s pussy. At the same time Sara’s commanded – don’t dare to cum in her, take out your cock and put it in my pussy and fuck me and just come, fuck me and release all your seeds in my pussy.

Saying this, she removed my cock again, pushed me indicating me to lay down. I did as directed and laid down and she climbed on top of me. She started bouncing. I also supported her by lifting my ass matching her bouncing and Sara increased her speed. My hands started to play with her tits and boobs.

Her body started to shiver – oh Aamir… yes, fuck me harder, halkalı escort I am cumming. She screamed and collapsed on top of me likewise, I left my discharge in her pussy.

We were both quite tired. When my withered cock came out of her pussy, Zarina took the Glass of lukewarm milk mixed with dry fruits and energy-giving herbs and we all shared the special milk.

Zarina said- Aamir, I enjoyed it a lot, today I became a woman from a girl.

I replied – Yes, Zarina… I too enjoyed it.

I was caressing both her boobs and pussy, and Sarah was kissing me frantically all over my lips and chest. due to which my cock became hard again very soon.

As soon Zarina put her hand on my standing cock, She got the hint – Aamir, Your dick is hard again, put it in my pussy again.

“Yes my loving Queen .. I am going to do that again and again, you are so cute.” After saying this, I kissed her and put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her. After a while, Sara started kissing me and started playing with the boobs of Zarina.

I started to moan, she said – Aamir!, this time, fuck us together.

I started pressing Zarina nipples with one hand and Sara’s nipple with the other hand. Both of them were below me.

After some time, olgun escort I changed the position and laid down on my back and pulled Sara’s pussy over my mouth. She sat on my mouth. I started sucking her pussy. Zarina’s hands were stroking my cock. Then Zarina also got up and sat on top of my cock, slowly my long cock was inserted into her pussy.

She continued to lower herself down slowly on the dick due to the girth of the penis, As it went fully inside, she felt it had hit her cervix inside her, and she collapsed with pleasure. It was too intense, but she felt very good. After taking the entirety of the length into her, she started moving up and down, She started to moan and then started to increase the speed of moving up and down. She learned very quickly from Sarah. Just as Sarah was bouncing my cock a little while ago, similarly Zarina also started fucking me.

Her motions were coordinated with by my forceful thrusts, and

This went on for ten minutes. By then, Zarina orgasmed again., I was in heaven and both my brides were also having fun.

After a while, Sara turned the opposite way and kissed Zarina and started caressing her. Zarina also started kissing and sucking her nipples.

This şişli escort went on for some time, then both discharged and my cock and mouth got wet with their juices respectively. Both were exhausted. My cock was hard and still inside Zarina.

Then Sarah said to me – now make her a mare, fuck her from the backside. You insert your cock into her pussy from behind.

I did it, I have always liked this posture. I held her waist with both my hands and gave fast bumps in her already wet pussy. During this time I realized that Zarina too was moving her back and supporting my movements and was enjoying the whole thing. All this while Sarah Kept on kissing Zarina and played with her nipples. Zarina also played with the nipples of Sarah with one hand.

This went on for ten minutes. By then, Zarina had once again collapsed.

I withdrew my cock from Zarina and made Sara a mare and inserted my dick into her pussy. After fucking her hard for five minutes, my cock ejaculated a strong stream of semen in Sara’s pussy and I fell on the bed. Sarah also discharged at the same time.

It was already morning. Laying between my two brides, I was in heaven. There were two Houirs (Angels) in my arms..

That’s all I could utter :

Gar Firdaus Bar Rue Zamee Ast,

Hami Asto Hami Asto Hami Ast.

(If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is there)

They both hugged me tight and there lovely bodies were wrapped around me like snakes. I kept kissing both of them and caressing their body. Then the three of us slept for a long time.


— —

This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims. It is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.


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