Gentle Strokes

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Most of my stories have taken place at the Broke Oak Resort a nudist resort in Texas, where I live full time. This story is a bit different; it has nothing to do with Broke Oak, other than that is where I live.

I belong to a writers club in town. I met the group on MeetUp and enjoy very much the encouragement and camaraderie I find there. In the group, emails are exchanged and you drop a line here, someone drops you a line there and pretty quickly, you have become electronic friends as well as meetup buddies.

Jamie was a friend from the group that I had been corresponding with and I really enjoyed her emails for their friendly banter. I shared with her an index to my stories and she read them. Most were not the genre she preferred but she confided an interest in the story ‘Broke Oak: Massage Buddies’ as she gets massages regularly and also has fantasies of massages like the one in the story.

I love to give massages, so I quickly emailed Jamie:

“Jamie, I’d be honored to be able to give you a massage. I would come over and you can be pampered and massaged and I will leave quietly and pull the locked door closed when I leave so you can simply glide off into dreamland… Just let me know, the offer stands.”

In part, Jamie’s return email said:

“… thank you for the massage invitation, Gus. I don’t know just now when I could do it, but I’d love to receive a massage. I don’t think I can jump directly into the nudity thing like in the story, but in general, I think it can be worked out. Oh, and about that last essay you read to the group last meeting … “

Well I went with my gut and was pretty sure that Jamie would like to get a massage one day, so I went shopping and purchased special massage oil for her. It was smooth and not overpoweringly scented, but carried a hint of real vanilla. It is a knockout scent that I love, but have not used on anyone yet.

The writers group meets every two weeks and I missed the next meeting. Jamie and I email every day or two, but I had not been able to let her know I was going to miss the meeting in advance and she emailed me right after it was over:

“Gus, missed you at the meeting this evening. I hope that you are ok! Mostly the meeting was like normal, but we did get our assignment for next meeting’s essay. We all have to write an essay about American life that contains at least one sentence using a foreign language! Well, talk to you soon, I hope. By the way, Tuesday afternoon, the bosses are giving us all a half day off work to let electricians do some power upgrades. I may write my essay then. See ya.”

I responded:

“Jamie, I don’t have anything planned for Tuesday, want to grab lunch downtown near your work?”

And after two more emails and we had arranged to meet at a popular sandwich restaurant for a light lunch at noon, Tuesday.

Heading taksim rus escort downtown meant I needed to dress. Not dress up, but dress at all. Living in a nudist resort, you have no idea how often I have headed toward the car only to get to the door and reach in my pocket for keys – and discover I have no pocket because I hadn’t dressed! So I did dress in decent shorts, guyabara shirt, and sandals and headed out. Just in case, I took the massage oil I bought for Jamie along with other basic massage tools, but I was determined not to push her, simply have these ready if she mentioned a massage.

We shared a wonderful lunch and when we were talking about leaving, Jamie brought up the massage. “Gus, do you remember offering me a massage? You probably don’t have time to do it today, but if you did, I am planning to just go home and relax the rest of the day…”

“Jamie, yes, of course I remember it and while that wasn’t why I thought lunch would be cool to do, I did bring some special oil I bought just for you. I’d be happy to give you a massage, yes.”

Jamie whispered “Will you come to my house and do it now?”

“Jamie, I will be honored.” I picked up the tab, took Jamie’s hand, and headed for the counter to pay.

She gave me directions, but I followed her home and by the time I got to her house, I was already doing my breathing exercises to relax and focus on my hands and arms. I parked, reached for the gym bag with my equipment, and met her at her front door.

Jamie’s house was already dark and cool on this warm day. She stopped just inside the door and I knew she was hesitating about where to do this, would it be to ‘forward’ to suggest the bedroom. From behind her, I placed my hands gently on the outside of her shoulders and, leaning forward, softly said “we probably need to lay you on the bed or you will get uncomfortable before we are done.” I could feel her relax and with a nod, she led the way down the hall.

As we entered her bedroom, I located the bathroom and told her to go to the bathroom, disrobe and lay down on her bed; I went on to say that I would be in the kitchen warming the oil and getting ready myself. Not with fear, Jamie asked “Will you be . . .”

“Nude? No, not unless you want me to, I’ll be wearing my boxers.”

“No, I want you to . . .”

I paused momentarily in case she had more to add then, “OK, I will be nude. Now go ahead, I’ll be right back.”

I went to the kitchen, found a good sized bowl and with it partly filled with water, I microwaved it to get it warm, and then placed the bottle of oil in the bowl. I washed my hands and forearms, dried them, and went to the front room to remove my clothes.

Taking the warm bowl, oil, and a beach towel I had in my gym bag, I headed for the bedroom. As I got close, I cleared my throat and slowly taksim türbanlı escort entered the bedroom. Jamie was lying on the sheet with the duvet and blankets pulled off and piled in the far corner. Her head was to the door and she smiled as I entered. Her eyes scanned my nude form from head to toe and she smiled, mouthing a clear “thank you.”

I placed the bowl and towel on the dresser and warmed my hands by rubbing them together. I gently placed my warm hands on Jamie’s shoulder blades and guided her through slow, deep breathing, then began my massage.

As I began with Jamie’s neck and shoulders, I observed her body. She had an ample, round bottom, broad hips, and strong shoulders. The sides of her breasts were pressed outward underneath her and her skin bore freckles that gave a visual effect of being individually placed for maximum beauty.

When I had finished with her neck and shoulders, I repositioned myself at her feet. Her legs were close together and I could not see up her legs, but I could clearly tell that she had beautiful feet, and a tempting. Part of the leg treatment is to do some ‘range of motion’ movements; bending her calf to straight vertical and then opening and closing the leg sideways as far open as comfortable, holding it momentarily and returning it. First I did the left leg; then the right. When I returned the legs, I left a gap at her ankles so I could kneel between them.

By reaching for my oil, I was able to stay where I was and massage her legs – left calf, right calf, left thigh, right thigh. When I went up her thighs, I was careful to not let my hand on the inside of her thigh stray too close to her labia, but still travel over her entire thigh.

After I massaged her legs, and was still knelt between her ankles, I used both hands to oil and then massage her bottom. At first, I was quite careful to go neither too low nor close to her crack. I overlapped the massage onto the lower back. But after several minutes of this conservative pattern, I started at the top of her crack and included it in the massage of her buttocks. Lower and lower I repeated this – circling her bottom and then hands converging in her crack, separating the cheeks and then circling again. My thumbs began to brush against her rosebud — not entering, simply teasing it. Soon, each circling motion was punctuated by the taunting external stimulation of Jamie’s backdoor. What began with Jamie tightening up at the first touch evolved into audible sighs and then sighs in sequence with a desiring lifting of her bottom to greet the touch.

I leaned back and then stood, softly inviting “You can turn over now, Jamie.”

It took a full five seconds before there was any response; she was so deep in her relaxation. But Jamie eventually sighed and slowly rolled over, only to sink almost immediately taksim ucuz escort back into her reverie once more.

As Jamie’s eyes were closed, I was able to look at and admire her body without worry of thinking I was leering. I noticed that her ankles were now even a bit further apart than they were a moment ago when she was on her front. Her breasts were mounds of soft, unblemished skin emerging from her chest and to some extent gathering along the side of her chest. They were topped by areolas that perfectly framed her erect nipples. Jamie’s closely trimmed pubic hair revealed a beautiful vulva. Her labia were puffy and pink, framing her inner labia as they stuck out, revealed ever so invitingly.

As I had done on the other side, I began at Jamie’s shoulders and arms. When I finished and moved to her chest, I purposely avoided her nipples, but gently massaged the breast tissue and the top of her abdomen where her diaphragm was slowly pulling deep breaths of air into her chest. It was as though a body-wide hypnotic easiness had descended on her.

I once again changed position and knelt between her legs. This time, however, I was closer to being between her knees than her ankles and I let my knees gently push her legs even further apart. Her labia parted further and her clitoral hood became visible.

Working on first the left, then the right legs, I raised Jamie’s knees and applied oil to the leg, massaging the calf up toward the raised knee and then the thigh downward from the raised knee to her pelvis. On the thigh strokes, my thumbs ran smoothly along her outer labia and up to her mound avoiding direct contact with her clit. Jamie’s moans, however, clearly indicated the pressure on the surrounding tissues was transmitted to her clit as she began lubricating quite generously.

When I had finished both legs, I leaned forward and massaged Jamie’s breast again. This time, however, when I drew close to her areola I did not stop, but instead teased the puckered skin around her nipple and then gently squeezed her nipples, stroked them, and pulled on them. This elicited gasps and a mewing sound. All the contact, sites, sounds, and emotions had me as hard as a rock.

It was time. I leaned back on my haunches again and running my hands down the inside of both thighs, I moved my hands closer and closer to Jamie’s core. Once I was at her labia, I ran my thumbs along both lips and with one thumb I began to circle her clit while the other thumb began teasing the opening to her vagina.

One thumb eventually entered her while the one circling on her clit increased in pressure. I gently continued this until Jamie began a shuddering orgasm. For almost thirty seconds, Jamie shuddered, sighed, cried, and exhaled deeply.

I whispered that her massage was over and that I was so glad to be blessed with the opportunity to share that time with her.

Jamie looked into my eyes and reached for me, then pulled me into her arms and down onto her. She hugged me and rocked side to side in holding me tightly.

After a few seconds she moved her face next to my ear.

Her whisper was low, but clear “Gus, enter me, I want you inside of me now!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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