Geeks Can Play Hard-To-Get, Too!

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“That was a lovely dinner, but I’m glad to be out of the humidity,” she sighed.

“Yeah, it’s getting to be springtime, for sure,” he said, closing the front door behind them. “Let me go check email for a second.”

“You geek! All this candy in front of you and you’re getting on the computer?” She said, pouting and thrusting out her chest.

“Yummm…those look so nice!” He smiled.

“I’m glad you think so,” she said, but they prefer a gentleman’s undivided attention,” she said, unbuttoning the first two buttons of her white blouse.

“Is that so? Well, I’d better make this email check fast, then,” he said, turning to sit at the computer.

“Let’s hope you do!” She said.

He began to scan his inbox on the computer when he heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor, first the short red skirt, then the white blouse. Finished with the email, he swiveled the chair around to be see her gently kicking off her sandals and standing there, barefoot in just a lacy white bra and tiny matching panties.

“Ohmy,” he gasped.

She approached the chair slowly and straddled his lap. Kissing his cheek gently, she reached to his sides and pulled his polo shirt over his head. Rocking back and forth in his lap, she could feel him stiffen. Kissing the other cheek, she then began to caress his hair, then tugged it gently, pulling his mouth to hers. They kissed deeply as his hands rubbed her shoulders softly, hands running up and down her back, finding the hook behind her and sliding taksim grup yapan escort the bra off, letting it drop to the floor.

Her breasts now free, she pushed her chest forward guiding her left breast to his lips. Moving to kiss the nipple, she rocked back just before his lips touched it, replacing the left breast with the right one, then returning his attentions to the left one. Continuing to play with his hair, maintaining control of the movements, she rubbed her nipples against his face without letting him kiss them. Cupping her left breast, she offered to him again, this time letting his tongue flick across the nipple. He sucked both the nipple and her finger. She withdrew the offer, returning with her right breast, which he sucked even more forcefully than the left one.

“No, love, you get what I give you,” she said in a throaty voice.

Gently rocking in his lap as he licked her breasts, she was getting extremely wet and aroused. She began to take deep breaths, her will asserting control over her body so she would not lose control. Rubbing her right nipple on his cheek, she squeezed the left in her fingers. Sliding to one side again, she allowed him to suck the right nipple for a long time, her fingernails now running up and down his back. She squeezes her legs onto his lap, and shudders as a small orgasm ripples through her form.

Standing up slowly, still breathing deeply, she took his hands from her breasts and placed them on the taksim masöz escort side of her panties. Taking the cue, he pulled them down her thighs, pulling her close to kiss her nipples, back and forth, tongue leaving a wet trail between them. Allowing him to lick and nibble both nipples, she leaned further forward, rubbing his crotch through his slacks. Standing him up, she quickly unbuckled the slacks and pulled them down with his boxers in one quick motion. Pushing him back down on the chair, panties still around one ankle, she climbed back on top of him, rubbing his erection against her crotch but not yet allowing him to enter.

Reaching down to squeeze his throbbing penis, she moved her other hand to her breast and led it back to his mouth. Rising up a bit, she guided the head to her outer lips, their wetness dripping down his cock. Taking in the head, she gasped but kept control, switching his kisses to the other nipple, then back to their original location.

Pulling back her hips, he pops out briefly, only to find the destination once again. This time she allowed him to completely penetrate, rocking her hips back and forth to work up a rhythm. Pulling his hair firmly, she kissed him deeply, now slowly moving up and down the entire length of his shaft. Shifting from rocking in his lap to circles, she twirled his cock around inside her applying pressure on him with her thighs, kissing him constantly.

She broke the kiss and guided his lips to her neck. taksim otele gelen escort Kissing and caressing her neck, his lips moved to her shoulder, tongue tracing a trail down under her arm, then slowly back over to her nipple. Teeth softly biting her nipple, she gasped and moaned, finally showing signs of losing total control of the situation. Shaking her head for a second, she recovered again and began to raise and lower her hips, bracing on the arms of the chair to do squats on his erection. Working up the pace, she now was literally bouncing off of his lap as he moaned, all but demanding release. Gripping the arms of the chair tightly, she sat down on him firmly and squeezed herself on top of him, guiding one hand to her breast and the other to her clit. Finally allowing herself to lose control, she flooded his cock and shook to the point where the chair began to move about. She moaned loudly, then caught her breath. Rising one more time off of his cock, she dropped down on it hard and screamed aloud as he pushed in both nipples.

Her screams pushed him over the edge and he began to tremble inside her soaking hole. Involuntary thrusts shot his juice deep into her as he cupped her breasts, his tongue running over her neck as he shook. Holding her tightly, he thrust three last times, making sure ever drop of him went inside her. Finished he fell against the chair’s back, trying to catch his breath. She leaned forward to caress his hair and kiss his cheek and neck.

They held each other for about ten minutes, fingertips lightly caressing from waist to neck on each of them. Finally she rose and began to walk to the door. She turned in the door way and stopped to cup her breasts and stroke her nipples.

“You can finish your email now, love, but I don’t want you chatting on there tonight. You have some more work to do in bed…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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