Full Service Yoga Pt. 02

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Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a long time. The good news is, I have a lot of stories planned. You will definitely want to follow me, there are some juicy ones coming up. I saw a lot of people really loved part 1 of this story so I just had to give you guys a part 2! Please give a nice rating and leave a comment! See you next time!

“FUUUUUUUUCK” Dylan heard himself yell, the air rushing out of his lungs and leaving him light headed.

Dylan somehow also heard it when his cum spattered on the smooth studio floor. A moment later, he was listening to the ragged pull as he gasped air into his lungs. The floor was so well polished, he imagined he could see his reflection for a moment. He wondered if he would even recognize the man he saw anymore. Since the first time he stepped foot in this studio, his life had never been the same.

Dylan could hardly make it through the week without one of his “private sessions” with Ed, the yoga instructor his friend Josh had suggested what seemed like a lifetime ago. At home, in the office, at dinner with Josh and Julia and their daughter, it was like his mind was always here in this room. The rest of his life had become hazy background noise. The only time he felt alive was when Ed was savagely fucking him, dragging noises he didn’t even know he could make out of his throat as he plunged his cock into him over and over and over again.

Once upon a time, Dylan had entertained the idea that he was straight. That seemed almost laughable now. The Dylan that had always maintained casual flings, with hardly enough time to get rid of the woman in his bed before there was another, was gone, a part of some distant past. The Dylan he was now spent every bit of time that he could worshiping cock. No matter how many times he saw it, held it in his grasp, or felt it plunge into his body, Ed’s cock always left him a little in awe. That is, until it left him brainless and fucked out, lying in his own drool and cum.

Jesus Christ, he fucking loved it.

No matter which way you cut it, Ed was built like a Greek god. And Ed had definitely taken his time showing Dylan exactly how to worship properly. Not only did Ed take Dylan’s mouth, or his ass, he always charged for it. Dylan’s savings account was rapidly draining because of his addiction but he just couldn’t find it within himself to care. He needed it now. The adrenaline rush he felt driving to the studio after work, blowing stop lights and going way over the speed limit. The way his cock would throb when Ed’s eyes landed on him, feeling like prey in the absolute best fucking way. The drag of friction on his hole as Ed finally, finally, slid into place inside him. The liquid fire and heat as Ed bred him. He needed all of it.

“That was some good ass today, whore.” Ed grunted from behind me, shoving his cock back into his blue tights. Dylan could still see the shape of it beneath the fabric, the wet spot that gathered at the tip, and despite himself his mouth watered a bit.

“Are — are you free tomorrow?” Dylan panted. His heart beat loudly, his skin pulsing with it.

“No, I don’t have any open time.” Ed said nonchalantly, and Dylan’s heart sank. Normally, he booked weeks in advance, and paid a premium for it. But the simple reality was that Dylan just couldn’t afford it anymore. He grit his teeth in frustration, wracking his mind for a solution. Once a week just wasn’t enough. Already, he could feel the burn in his belly, crying out for more. That small inner voice that screamed to be claimed in the best possible way.

“Isn’t there any way I can come see you tomorrow? Please, I — “

“Listen here, whore.” Ed said dismissively, radiating authority. “If I tell you no, that fucking means no. Now get your wallet and be happy I don’t charge you extra for today.”

“Alright” Dylan said, casting his eyes downward. He crawled across the floor to where his clothes lay in a crumpled pile and fished his wallet out of the pocket of his jeans. As pulled it free, a crumpled piece of paper fell out. Glancing at it quickly, he saw that it was a ticket stub from his local movie theater. He and Josh had gone to see that new superhero film the other week. Dylan had no interest but Josh fucking loved them…Josh…

“Wait” Dylan fished his debit card out and offered it to Ed. As he swiped it in his card reader, Ed’s eyebrows rose slightly, giving him permission to continue.

“Josh. He’s one of your clients, right? What if I bring him? Double the money for one session.”

Ed laughed. “So your bright idea is to…what? Have your straight friend pay for a session that I spend fucking your brains out?”

Dylan’s throat was dry, and his voice sounded odd when he replied. “You can have him too.”

Ed considered this for several minutes. Finally, his mouth turned up in a crooked smile.

“That’s a very interesting proposition. Tell me more.”

In a previous life, Dylan wouldn’t have considered this. He and Josh bahis firmaları had been best friends since they met in college. But it was too late. He had gone too far; he had changed too much. A moment of guilt, and then the feeling in his gut was back. The excited, nervous butterflies filled him head to toe as he told Ed his plan.

By the time Dylan left Ed’s studio, it was pitch black. Glancing at his phone, he saw that he was going to be beyond exhausted at work tomorrow.

He also saw a text from Josh.

“Sounds like fun, I’ll be there tomorrow night at 6 bro”

The last hour of Dylan’s work day managed to stretch itself endlessly on. He sat, perched on the edge of his office chair, eyes rarely leaving the clock set into the far wall. A pile of faxes sat untouched on his desk, several of them marked urgent. His office phone’s display indicated half a dozen missed calls. His manager would be on his ass tomorrow for sure, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to care. The only thing that was on his mind was the nervous buzzing beneath his skin.

Now that he had crossed the threshold of involving someone else, he was rapidly becoming used to the idea. It was like the interior of his brain had expanded and he was seeing things in a brand new light.

Josh was a handsome man. He had never been single in the entire time that Dylan had known him. Before he had found Julia, Josh had definitely taken advantage of this fact; he had slept with even more women than Dylan. Dylan found himself thinking of small details like the way that certain shirts hugged Josh’s muscular arms, or the musky natural scent he had when they’d play an aggressive game of football. These thoughts lit a fire in Dylan’s gut, and suddenly he was thinking about what it would be like to take Josh’s clothes off, to see his eyes darken with lust. He thought about sliding Josh’s boxers down, past his dark, wild pubic hair—

Dylan sent a text to his manager saying he was sick and ducked out of the office, trying to use his messenger bag to conceal the tent being made by his throbbing cock.

The studio blinds were pulled shut when Dylan arrived. Seeing that he had only minutes until Josh was supposed to show, he ducked inside. Even now, he expected a chime to ring out.

Ed was stretched out in a pose when Dylan walked in. His eyes went immediately to the heavy bulge in Ed’s pants and he bit his lip to keep his moan in. Ed smirked when he saw him.

“It’s a bit ironic isn’t it? Your friend Josh sent you to see me. In a way, this is his own fault. Or maybe that’s just the logic that one needs to justify it when they trick out their best friend.”

Dylan said nothing, but his cock jerked in his pants in response. He needed to calm down; this might not go very well if he was already at full mast when Josh arrived. He fumbled with the belt on his jeans, trying to get them off as quickly as humanly possible. He had barely struggled into his loose fitting exercise clothing when his phone buzzed with another text message.

“Hey are you here already? Place looks closed, blinds are shut and everything???”

“He’s here” Dylan said, voice shaking with nerves. His fingers felt numb as he typed out a response.

“Yup, all good. I’m with Ed now. Come on in”

“Here” Ed said, tossing something to him. Dylan caught it before he could even process what it was. A second later, he was staring down at his hand, a pair of handcuffs clasped firmly in his grasp.

“Just as planned. You fuck up and you’re done. You hear me?” Ed’s voice was calm and in control, somehow never losing it’s authoritative edge.

“Yes sir” Dylan breathed. He stashed the handcuffs amongst his bag and other possessions on the floor. Seconds later, he heard the door open in the hallway, and Josh’s familiar voice called “Hello?”

Dylan was right behind Ed making it out into the hall. He had to try his hardest to act casual, but the sight of Josh in his tight athletic wear was delicious after a day fantasizing. His broad shoulders and prominent pecs lay behind such a thin piece of fabric. A relieved smile broke out on Josh’s face when he saw them.

“Man it’s a it’s so quiet around here in the evengings! It’s a little weird, not gonna lie. If your first session was anything like this, I think I have to apologize, Dylan.”

The echo of guilt stabbed at Dylan again, somewhere far far beneath his lust.

“Oh I think you’ll find there are plenty of benefits to these private sessions” Ed said congenially, mimicking the voice and attitude he had first displayed with Dylan. He clapped a hand on Josh’s shoulder and steered him toward the studio. Dylan saw Ed reach back and silently lock the front door, and they shared a grin.

“I am glad we are doing this. Dylan has not stopped talking about how great your sessions have been. For a second, I was worried that he was getting addicted” Josh chuckled. “I suppose there are worse vices though.”

“Yes, he has kaçak iddaa made a lot of progress and I think he’s really come into his own. He and I have talked about him assisting me in these one on one sessions as a sort of part time apprentice. Sometimes, you really need two people to teach proper form and control. Would you mind, actually, if we sort of treated this as a practice run?” Ed said smoothly. Dylan was impressed at how natural he seemed. He felt like his skin was two sizes too small at the moment.

“Sure thing! I’m happy to help. Yoga might not be my passion, but Dylan really does seem a lot happier, so I’m cool with being the guinea pig.” Josh smiled encouragingly, and Dylan smiled back, not even having to fake it.

“Great! So let’s get started!” Ed went to the small closet on the far wall, and when he emerged he had a simple black folding chair in hand. “The first one that we wanted to test run actually works best for beginners when they’re using a chair. It’s called ustrasana.”

Ed unfolded the chair to demonstrate. He sat the chair down and turned around, his back to the chair. He sunk to his knees immediately in front of the chair, his legs going underneath the seat. He reached his arms back and gripped the chair from behind, slowly moving his arms up until his hands nearly touched. Josh looked thoroughly impressed.

“Wow, your arms are so flexible. I’ve lifted for half my life and I feel like my arms are super locked up.” Ed smiled.

“Well, we can definitely help with your flexibility.”

Dylan had snuck his hand into his bag during the demonstration. He gripped the pair of handcuffs tightly so that the metal wouldn’t clink and he approached just as Josh was getting on his knees facing Ed. The look on Ed’s face as he stared down at Josh was positively hungry, though Josh seemed to not notice.

“Dylan, I am going to have you sit on the chair. Keeping your spine straight is important for this, and I will be busy helping with the arm rotation.”

Dylan sat dutifully on the black chair. The back of Josh’s head was mere inches away. From this close, Dylan could smell the spicy scent of Josh’s body wash. Inhaling, he thought he also caught the tiniest bit of Julia’s perfume. Then Ed was directing Josh’s arms backward and he snapped back to attention. Sitting this close, Josh’s arms felt like they were securing him in place.

“Okay grip the chair and slowly slide your arms upward.”

For a moment, Josh did just that. Then he let out a small grunt of pain and Dylan could hear the pop in Josh’s right shoulder. “Man, I didn’t know I was so stiff. Ugh.”

Placing the handcuffs in his lap, Dylan reached up and found Josh’s shoulders. He started massaging gently but firmly. Josh jumped a bit when he felt Dylan’s hands out of nowhere.

“Ah! Oh — Dylan. Sorry man, I forgot you were even back there! You’ve been so quiet.” Dylan could see Josh’s shoulders relaxing because of his massage. “Oh…Oh okay.. I think I can get it now.” Josh said.

“Alright, now bring those arms up.” Ed commanded, and this time Josh’s arm didn’t lock. It rose up, up, up until he was gripping the chair on either side of Dylan’s head. Dylan’s heart was beating a mile a minute. Almost there….

“Okay, now Dylan is going to take your wrists and slowly pull you back a little, okay? It’s an amazing back stretch. You’ll feel like a new person afterward, I swear.

“Haha, sounds fantastic! Julia and the baby have really been wearing me out recently. I could use a reset, if you know what I mean!” Ed glanced at Dylan and smiled over Josh’s shoulder.


This is it. Dylan clasped Josh’s wrists and brought them together, one on either side of the thick black metal frame of the chair.

“You feel that stretch? Close your eyes and take a big breath for me, really lean into it.” Ed’s hands went to his waist band as Josh did as he was told.

The handcuff’s were incredible, really. Almost completely silent as they snapped closed around Josh’s wrists.

“Huh? Hey, what’s –” Josh began, pulling forward slightly. When the handcuffs met the frame of the chair and Josh pulled, nothing happened. “You guys, something is-“

Josh gasped at the sight of Ed’s cock in front of him. Dylan’s mouth was watering at the sight of it, and now that they had arrived at their destination, his mind was racing.

“What the fuck” Josh said, Dylan’s arms snaking around his torso from behind to hold him even as he struggled. When Dylan’s fingers found Josh’s nipples through his shirt, he froze for a moment as realization dawned on him.

“Hey- Dylan — c’mon man take these off. You got me. It’s really funny but come on” He hissed as Dylan’s rubbing continued, his nipples now stiff beneath his shirt. He struggled even more when Dylan pinched, but unfortunately in his position he could find no leverage.

“Josh” Ed called out quietly, and Josh stilled, cringing away from the cock that still swung in kaçak bahis his face. “Be a good boy will you? Open wide.”

Josh began struggling greatly at the words, pulling until the handcuffs cut into his wrists.

“Fuck you” he gasped in between pulls.

“Oh no, boy. You’ve got it backwards.” Ed’s voice had that quiet boom, the expectation of authority. A tingle ran down Dylan’s spine as Josh twisted wildly, catching his eye.

For a split second they stared at each other, then Ed’s hand fell heavily on Josh’s head, forcibly turning him around.

“Fucking you is the goal” Ed said and shoved Josh face first onto his cock.

Josh let out a small groan as his face was shoved into Ed’s balls. Dylan was so jealous in that moment. The musky feel of those balls, the precious loads of cum they held inside.

Josh kept trying to move his head but Ed grabbed him by the hair with one hand, pinching his nose with the other. Within a few seconds, Josh’s mouth fell open as he pulled in a ragged breath.

Ed plunged his cock inside Josh’s mouth. Josh only had a second of shocked surprise before Ed was pulling out and fucking back in, balls bouncing on Josh’s chin. Saliva dripped helplessly down Josh’s chin as Ed gave him no time to swallow. Josh’s groans of protest were silenced as his throat was battered by Ed’s cock viciously pounding into him.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeaaaaaahhhhhhh” Ed growled as he felt Josh’s throat fluttering around him. “Straight boys make the best fucking cock suckers.”

Dylan couldn’t take it anymore. His hands left Josh and went to his own shorts. He couldn’t take them off with the close quarters he found himself in. He found himself ripping right through them, not caring a bit. Inspired, he reached out and grabbed Josh’s shirt and ripped it down the middle. He didn’t seem to notice that his shirt was hanging off of him in tatters, all Dylan could hear from Josh was the “gak gak gak” as he gave his first blowjob ever.

With a grunt, Ed pulled his cock completely out of Josh’s throat. It was slick with spit and bright red, making Dylan whimper with want when he saw it. His hand was on his own dick, jerking furiously at the sight in front of him.

Josh’s lack of air seemed to have disoriented him. He said nothing, pulling in ragged breaths and looking forward at Ed’s cock like he wasn’t sure what he was seeing.

“w-why” Josh said, head turning a fraction of the way back toward Dylan.

Dylan leaned forward consolingly, hands running along his best friend’s torso. They slid lower and lower until they found Josh’s waist band. Unable to contain himself, Dylan plunged his hand into Josh’s shorts and found his cock. Josh made another noise like a whine as Dylan kneaded his cock to life. Within a few seconds, it was fully hard. It was bigger than Dylan thought, and he shivered at how good the weight of it felt in his hand. Closing his fist around it, he swiped the head of Josh’s cock and slowly pumped him.

Josh was shaking his head a little, like he was trying to clear it. He made another sound a lot closer to moan.

“You’re gonna love it Josh. Ed’s cock has literally changed my entire life. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I couldn’t have it. When he cums in me, I just about lose my fucking mind it feels so good. You’ll see, Josh” Dylan’s hand was pumping faster while he said this, and he could feel Josh’s cock start to leak pre-cum onto his fist.


“Enough.” Ed’s voice boomed, and his hand was back on Josh’s head. He slammed his cock back into Josh’s mouth with no resistance. The muscles in his arm worked furiously as he plowed Josh’s throat once more.

Dylan leaned forward and kissed Josh’s neck as he got fucked. He could almost feel Ed’s cock crashing around inside. His hand never stopped working Josh’s cock.

“C’mon. Give in. Embrace it and feel how good it is.” Out of the corner of his eye, Dylan spied Josh’s tongue peaking out of his mouth. As Dylan whispered to him, it began to move a bit, sliding along Ed’s cock as it slammed in an out.

“Oh fuck man, he’s licking my balls.” And he was, Dylan realized. Josh’s tongue had crept forward and started lapping at Ed’s balls. “I am gonna cum in this fucking fag throat.”

Dylan felt Josh shaking, teetering on the precipice. In a moment, he would be done.

“Give it to him Ed. Breed him. Breed his fucking faggot throat.”

Ed cried out, his whole body jerking forward, and Josh fell over the edge. Dylan didn’t need to see the look of ecstasy on Ed’s face, or hear the wet swallowing sound of Josh’s throat working Ed’s cum down, to know he had been bred.

All he needed was Josh’s cock in his hand, spewing cum like a faucet.

After, Josh’s eyes stayed shut, his body occasionally twitching. Dylan, cock like a steel rod in between his legs, withdrew his hands before he reached back and unlocked the cuffs. With a groan, Josh slid to the ground.

“You’re not done yet, Josh” Dylan said. He looked at Ed, who threw back his head and laughed loudly. Ed’s cock was still hard in between his thighs.

“I’m certainly not done with you boy. I just started to break you in, after all.”

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