From Neighbours to Lovers

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The timer from the oven rings.

I get up from my sofa and walk over to the kitchenette the smell of freshly baked pizza hits my nostrils. I inhale, enjoying it. I open the oven, some smoke trails out if it and a heavier smell spread. Crap it’s burned on one side. The crust has blacked at the far side.

“Fuck, not again!” Cursing and slightly disappointed I put on the oven gloves and take out my food. I should have turned it around halfway through the baking time. I know the oven isn’t good anymore, like a lot of stuff in my small apartment.

I’ve been living here, on campus, for a few months now. I moved here mid-semester, after a massive fight with my stepmom. Daddy didn’t like the idea at first but helped me move anyway. After a few weeks, he accepted it. The building is pretty old and contains two small apartments. Both on the first floor, mine is on the right side. A narrow hallway separates the two units. The ground floor is common space with laundry, some storage space and a technical room.

I cut the burned pieces off the pizza and place the rest on a wooden cutting board. I sit down on the sofa and turn on the television. I flip through the channels, I suddenly stop, on the television I see a dark-haired guy biting the neck of a blond girl. I recognize the scene; ‘The Vampire Diaries’ one of my favourite shows. I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times. Putting down the controller I take a slice and bite it.

I’m nearly done when I hear a knock at the door. “Olivia? Are you there?” That’s Rob’s voice, my neighbour, we’ve met the first day I moved in. My daddy was barely gone when he knocked on my door that night. Stumbling over his words as he tried to introduce himself. It was pretty funny and I teased him a little. But most of all it was sweet and cute. Since then, he came over almost daily and we’ve developed a close friendship. He’s a good listener and easy to talk to. He never judges me as I share my thoughts or ideas. He always considers everything I say and often we both think the same about subjects.

I open the door and see Rob standing in the hallway. He’s soaked, his usual neatly combed ginger hair is a mess. His moss green polo hasn’t got a dry spot left. The fabric sticks against his skin, highlighting the slender shape of his body. Giving him, combined with his height, a lanky look.

“Oh my god, Rob! Get in, what happened?” I’m worried about him. He’s not the guy that would appear at someone’s door like this. Although he isn’t the most handsome person I’ve seen, he’s pretty fond about his appearance. Always trying, and succeeding, to look at his best.

“I lost my jacked somewhere at school, my keys are in it.” He frowns. “So, I had to walk back, halfway back it started to pour.” He wraps his arms around his body. “And now I’ve realised I can’t even get into my apartment; I’ve tried calling the landlord but I can’t get hold of him.” His lip is quivering and it begins to turn slightly blue. He must be really cold.

“Oh, poor thing,” I say teasingly and I smile at him. “I’ll get a towel and something warm to wear.”

I walk towards the small bathroom. containing a toilet, a sink, a cabinet and a shower there’s not much room left to move around. I open the cabinet and pick a large fluffy towel. One of my favourites and the softest I own.

I’m about to walk over to my bedroom to pick something dry as I realize I’ve got nothing that would fit Rob. Maybe my long raincoat would but the fabric is not suited for indoor use.

My eyes drift around the bathroom and fall onto my bathrobe. that will have to do, I guess.

Back in the living room, I toss my bathrobe and the towel towards Rob. He catches it. Slightly surprised that for once my throw made it to its target I say. “Here, put this on, I’ll put your clothes in the dryer.”

His eyes drift from the bathrobe towards me. “It’s pink.” The expression on his face is one of disbelieve. And the look in his eyes tells me he’s not looking forward to wearing it.

“Sorry, it’s warm and that’s the only thing I’ve got that will fit you.” I turn around and walk towards the kitchenette. “But you don’t have to. Coffee?”

“Yes please.” He replies with a sight. I press the button and the coffee machine springs to life, buzzing lightly. I take 2 cups out of the cupboard above the coffee machine. I know Rob likes his coffee strong and black so I don’t ask if he wants milk or sugar. Placing them underneath the dispenser I press the button again. The black liquid fills the cups as I turn around.

Rob is still standing at the same spot I left him, dripping wet and shivering. The look on his face tells me he’s still debating if it’s better or worse to put on the robe. “Go on Rob, change. I know it will look ridiculous, but in those wet clothes you’ll never warm up.” He’s touched in his pride but knowing I’m right, he walks towards the bathroom. With a sigh, he closes the door.

He comes out of the bathroom as I place the cups of warm coffee on the table. Accompanied by a box of his favourite biscuits. As I look up, I instantly notice the bathrobe is way too short for him. For me, it’s a lengthy robe. It reaches my calves, but with escort kocaeli my 5’4 I’m not one of the biggest and Rob towers a foot above me.

“This is indeed ridiculous.” He says as he looks at me.

“It’s not like someone is going to see you like this.” I smile at him, trying hard not to laugh. But I have to keep my posture, it would hurt him if I laugh with his appearance. “Where are your clothes?”

“Just a sec.” He replies as he walks back towards the bathroom. With his clothes in hand, he walks over to me and hands them over. I walk down towards the laundry. I put them in the dryer and go back up.

As I enter Rob ends a call. He turns around and looks at me with a worried expression. “Would you mind if I stayed here tonight?” He asks. “Our landlord is on vacation.”

“Of course not! Stay as long as needed.” I reply kindly. Happy that, for the first time in a long time, I’m not going to be alone.

“It’s only for tonight, don’t worry, I’ve got permission to call a Locksmith tomorrow.”

I nod. “Great, you’ll be back home before you know it.” I smile at him, although it’s not as heartfelt as usual. I like his company and wouldn’t mind if he had to stay longer. I look over to the clock. 11 pm.

I walk into the bathroom and close the door and look into the mirror.

My blond hair is tied in a high ponytail reaching just too my shoulder. On my slightly upturned nose, there are round glasses, a little too big for my face. Behind them are sky-blue eyes. My lips are small and have a light shade of pink. As I smile little dimples appear at the corner of my mouth.

I take the hem of my t-shirt in hand and pull it over my head, open the button of my jeans and push it down.

I look down and see my slim frame, my belly is flat and lightly toned. I turn a little and look at my breast. Although a little small they are very firm and perky.

Grabbing my toothbrush before me and the toothpaste on the sink I started to brush my teeth.

I take the cup and fill it with water. I rinse my mouth, using the last water in the cup to take my pill. I’ve been taking it since I live here. Not that I had any action, I’m too shy to ask someone out and I’m not the one-night-stand type of girl.

I unclasp my bra and pull a loose t-shirt over my head. I look down and the t-shirt reaches just beneath my buttocks. good enough. The shirt is one of daddy, all black with the logo of a Pink Floyd album on it. I can’t remember the name of it. It’s a work shirt of my daddy he forgot here. Washed and ironed it was ready to return to him, now I was glad it was still here.

Since I live alone, I usually sleep naked. I just like how free it feels. The fabric of the bed linen against my skin, the unobstructed movements It allowed. It just seems inappropriate to do with Rob here.

I open the bathroom door and Rob turns his head towards me. His jaw drops open and I can’t help but giggle at the sight. A warm feeling spreads through my chest.

“Sorry, I did not expect you to walk in without pants on.” Again, I giggle, another wave of heat spreads through me as I notice he’s ogling me.

I turn around and walk towards the bedroom.

“I’m going to call it a night,” I say looking over my shoulder.

“Yea good night Olivia, and thanks for letting me crash here. Do you have a blacked for me?” He looks down asking for it. it’s cute.

“You’re not sleeping on the sofa,” I tell him. Trying to make my voice sound firm. “It’s a 2-seater and you’re too big for that, btw, the bed is large enough for the both of us.” And though I can’t admit it, not to myself nor him. I look forward to feeling him close to me.

He turns bright red. “I can’t sleep with you.” My disappointed must have shown through at his words as he is directly continuous “Not that I don’t want to. But what if I’d touch you.”

I’d love it. But again, I can’t say that, instead, I giggle “Don’t be ridiculous Rob, I promise I’ll stay on my side.” I wink at him, walk towards my bed and get into it. I hear Rob sight but he follows, my back is towards him as he gets into bed. As promised, we both stay well on our side and a few minutes later I hear Rob’s breathing deepen. I can’t stop myself moving closer to him. Enough to feel the heat of his body but not close enough to touch him. With a blissful feeling, I drift to sleep.


Still half asleep I turn around, only to bump into something. My mind clears as I realise where I am. Olivia’s body is way closer than I expected. My turn put us in a spooning position, my arm draped over her. Startled I move back putting some distance between us. Olivia mumbles and moves back toward me. I’m on the side of the bed and unable to move back more. “Olivia?” I whisper thinking about how I can ask her to move over to her side.

Olivia turns her head to look at me, her eyes seem unfocused and she moves a little back towards the centre of the bed. I get into a more comfortable position as I hear her sweet but sad voice. “Rob; would you mind to just holding me?” There’s a longing in it. I look at her slightly conflicted, but the request is harmless and I put my arm around her. Putting us back in a spooning gölcük escort position.

“Thank you.” She snuggles closer and drifts back to sleep. I on the other hand am wide awake. The heat radiating from her body is pleasant. It’s the first I’ve ever been in this position with anyone, let alone with a goddess-like Olivia.

The first time I’ve seen her I completely lost the ability to speak, stumbling over my words and struggling to form sentences. She on the other hand smiled and started teasing me playfully. She put me at ease and invited me in.

As we lay there, I enjoy feeling her body pressed against mine, breathing soft and deep, her sent all around me. Suddenly I feel a stir in my loins and my cock starting to grow hard. I feel myself turn red. Fortunately, the robe is thick, hopefully, Olivia won’t feel my erection. She doesn’t react to my growing member pressed against her buttocks. She must be deep asleep. We lay like this for about half an hour before I notice I’ve unconsciously started caressing her belly. The fabric of her t-shirt is soft and I feel the warmth of her body through it. I can’t fuck this up, I value my friendship with her more than my needs of feelings. I roll back and get out of the bed.

Awoken by my movement, Olivia rolls on her back and looks at me. She’s about to speak as her eyes widen and mouth opens. Following her gaze, I notice the robe has fallen open and my cock stands at full attention. clearly visible between the flaps of fabric. If I wasn’t blushing before I certainly am now.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry” I stumble as I try to cover up. Hopefully failing at it.

Olivia recovers quickly and smiles at me. With her usual playful voice, she says. “Seems like someone is gifted.” Although I’m ashamed I’m also feeling pride at her compliment. She pushes the blanked away, it’s giving me a clear view of her plain blue knickers. My cock stirs at the sight. Did she just bit her lip or am I imagining it?

As she gets up her t-shirt falls covering her again. “I’ll get your clothes out of the dryer.” She walks by me as I’m still trying to cover up.

A few minutes later she walks into the bedroom and tosses my clothes on the bed. “Here you go.” Her voice is gentle and I try to scan her face. Nothing out of the ordinary shows. I relax a little.

“Olivia, I’m really sorry; It wasn’t my intention too.”

“Don’t worry about it, Rob.” She gives me a warm smile and places her hand on my shoulder. Her touch is so gentle. “Thanks for sharing the view.” I turn bright red again. She laughs at my reaction and turns toward the door. “Coffee?” With that, she walks out like everything that happened, happens daily to her.

Over the next couple of weeks, nothing changed between us. Olivia just acted the same she always did. I was glad about it. I thought the incident in her bedroom would have changed our friendship but it didn’t. She kept inviting me over and the other way around. It’s always pleasant having her around and I enjoy her company.

We talked about everything and her playful way of reacting and teasing make me confide in her, telling her about everything. Almost everything, I couldn’t tell her how I felt about her, how she made my heart skip a beat with every touch. How her gazes warmed me up completely. Those things I could never tell her.

A knock on the door. I walk towards it and look through the peephole. Olivia is standing in front of it. I unlock my door and let her in. As usual, she stands up on her tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek, making my world shift and walks in. We don’t need to invite each other in we just walk in as soon as the door opens. Her perfume hits my nostrils and I inhale. It’s a pleasant fruity smell.

My gaze follows her as she walks into the living room and let herself fall into the sofa. I notice she’s barefooted as usual as she pulls her legs up underneath her.

I close the door and walk over to her; I instantly see something is bothering her. “What’s the matter?” I ask, slightly concerned.

She looks up at me with those amazingly beautiful eyes. hesitantly she says. “I need to ask you something.” She frowns and shakes her head “I understand if you would say no; and if you do, I’ll act like I didn’t”

I’ve never seen her anyway this hesitant or nervous. And it worries me more, did she figure out how I felt. But why would I say no? “Just ask girl, you know you can ask me anything.” My voice is way steadier than I thought possible.

She smiles and looks down to the ground. She wraps her arms around her legs. With a silent shy tone, she says. “Can we have sex?” It’s barely hearable.

Of all the things she could have asked this was the last to come to my mind. Started, my mouth falls open, I’m looking at her in disbelief, unable to speak. Her eyes trail up at me and back down. “Never mind, forget I asked.” She gets up and walks toward the door. I must have taken too long to react.

“Olivia, Wait.” I gently take hold of her arm to stop her. “It’s not that I don’t want to, but I never; well I never had sex.”

A small “oh” escapes her lips. “I’m sorry I asked.” She avoids eye contact. I still hold her arm as she izmit sınırsız escort continues.

“Maybe it’s hard to believe but I’m just as shy as you are.” She looks me in the eyes and takes hold of my hand. “And lately I’ve been getting frustrated, sexually I mean; It’s just, I trust you and ever since that night I can’t stop thinking about. You know.” She points at my loins. I feel myself blush.

After a huge morality fight in my head. I’ve made up my mind.

“I’d love to.” Her eyes dart up and a smile appears on her lips. We stand there looking at each other awkwardly for a minute. It’s probably the longest minute in my life, she moves closer standing on her tiptoes she places a kiss on my lips. Her lips soft against mine, my heart skips a beat. My entire world is shaking. Again, she looks me in the eyes and I bent down to kiss her again. Holding our lips together I feel her mouth open slightly. The tip of her tong brushing against my lips. I slightly open my mouth and our kiss deepens. She wraps her arms around my neck, I embrace her and pull her close. After some time, she breaks the kiss and starts pulling me toward my bedroom.

In my room, I look at her not knowing what to do. She looks back and bits her lip. Her hands travel to the underside of her green tank top and lift it. Inch by inch her marvellous body is revealed to me, she tosses the tank top aside. My cock is painfully erect and stirs in my pants. She unbuttons her jeans and slowly pushes it down. Keeping eye contact the whole time. Her legs are perfect my formed, her skin looks flawless and soft. I lick my lips as she steps out of her jeans. Now only in her black laced underwear, she’s slowly moving towards me.

“are you just going to stand there watching?” She playfully asks as she places her hands on my hips. They slide up underneath my shirt. Understanding the hint, I pull it over my head and toss it aside. Her hands slide down over my abdomen towards my pants, she unbuttons it and pushes it down. I step out of my jeans as she pushes me gently towards the bed.

I get into bed lying on my back. She follows and straddles me. I feel the heat of her body radiates into my loins, she gyrates her hips as she reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra. Her movement nearly makes me blow my load but I’m able to hold back. She takes my hand and guides it towards her breast. Her soft skin feels amazing in my hand and I can feel her nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. After bending over and kissing me, she moves down trailing kisses down my neck and chest as she pulls down my boxer releasing my throbbing cock.

She’s on her knees her hearts shaped bottom slightly up. Her hands go down towards her knickers and she pushes them down, removing them completely. Again, she straddles me, now skin to skin I can feel the wetness of her clean-shaven pussy on my cock as she once again gyrates over my member. I feel the tip of my cock brush against her fervid entrance. the feeling is overwhelming, instinctively I push my hips toward her. She bends down, kissing me again.

My pelvic muscles tense slightly lifting my member. Using this moment, she pushes down and I feel the tip of my cock sink into her. She lifts her body and pushes further down. The most wonderful feeling overcomes me. her warm inside envelopes my member and I let out a moan of pure pleasure. I look down and see how her pussy is gripping my member. Taking it deeper as she slides down on me. I’m almost completely in as I feel like I’ve hit something deep within her. Her faces twist a little and she places her hands on my chest.

I’m about to ask if she’s alright but suddenly she gyrates her hips again. The pressure builds and I feel the last inch sink in. She gasps and I feel her tighten around my cock. It’s too much to handle and I feel my balls tighten. My member starts to pulse and convulse as my sperm blows into her. I see her close her eyes and bite her lip as my orgasm continues. She lowers her body onto mine. I’m about to apologise for not lasting longer as she kisses me. We kiss for a few minutes while aftershocks of my orgasm shoot through my member.

She starts to move her hips again, the movement and variation in pressure make my cock harden faster than ever before. She pushes up her body and starts to ride me, finding her rhythm she moans every time I feel myself slide in. As she increases the pace of the rhythm, she starts to lift her hips from mine. I’m surprised at the Velocity and force in which she’s slamming her hips into mine. Some of my cum has leaked out of her and is now dripping down my balls. The tingling sensation of it drives me wild. I roll back my eyes and moan as pleasure overtakes me. I feel my balls tighten again; I try to mirror her movement. Feeling how her pussy strokes my cock, the bump at the tip every time her hips hit mine. I growl as my cock starts to spasm again. Ropes of warm cum shoot out of me, Olivia keeps the movement going. Her mouth opens. “Oh, ooh.” A frown appears on her face as she keeps slamming her hips into mine. My orgasm is prolonged by this. Suddenly I start to feel some stings in my balls, I’m about to ask her to stop. As she drops down onto me. “Oooh god!” She nearly screams it. Her legs tighten around my hips, her body quivers and shakes, her pussy is milking every last drop out of me. Breathing heavy Oliva turns her head she kisses my neck. “Thank you.” It’s a whisper, so silent it can barely be heard. I smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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