From Across the Pond

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The plane had landed almost an hour ago and she was still waiting. ‘Where is he?’ she thought. They had been talking online for years the last hour had seemed to last about the same amount of time.

Suddenly she caught some movement out of the corner of her eye. She quickly glanced across and there he was. Even from this distance she could see the flash of anger in his eyes and from the gate of his walk that the flight had taken it out of him.

She started to move towards him and when he noticed her the grimace in his face slowly turned into a smile and the anger seemed to just disappear from his eyes.

‘Hey’, he said, ‘sorry about leaving you waiting, bloody customs took forever to ok me coming into the country.’

‘It’s ok’, she replied, ‘I’m just glad they did. They not trust you or something?’

‘You know how it is’, he said, ‘Single guy coming into the country, they instantly assume you’re going to do a runner and not leave again.’ While he was talking she could sense some hesitation in his body language, as if he wanted to do something but wasn’t sure if he could. She decided to make the decision for him by taking that final step to close the distance between them, put her arms around him and drew him towards her.

He hesitated for a second, then dropped his case and returned her embrace. She could feel the warmth of his body against hers and after a couple of seconds she could also feel her nipples slowly start to stiffen. She smiled, all the years of teasing and playing she had been worried that meeting in the flesh would not live up to all the expectations she had built up. She was glad to see that she was wrong.

Suddenly she felt something nudge against the top of her jeans. She smiled, ‘Looks like someone else is quite glad to see me as well’, she whispered in his ear. She could feel the heat instantly flood his face. He quickly broke the embrace and took a step back while quickly running his hand through his hair to try and cover his face. ‘Sorry’, he mumbled. She pouted for a second and then laughed, ‘it’s ok, I would be more worried if I didn’t get a reaction.’ She saw a quick smile flash across his face and then the tiredness quickly replaced it again.

‘Come on’, she said, leaning down and grabbing his case, ‘I’m halkalı escort parked over here.’ ‘It’s alright I can get the…’ she turned before he could finish the sentence and started to walk over where she had parked and heard him follow on behind. ‘Is it a long walk?’ he asked. ‘Not too far’, she replied. ‘Good’, he said, ‘I’ll have time for a smoke’. She sighed inwardly, ‘That’s one thing I’ll have to work on while he’s here’, she thought to herself.

About ten minutes later they reached the car; on the way over they filled the silence with small talk about his flight and what she had been up to that day. She opened to trunk and threw the case in the back then unlocked the car and gestured to the right hand side, ‘Remember we drive on the wrong side here.’ That got her a grunt in reply and he moved towards the right hand side of the car and got in.

By the time she had got in behind the wheel she noticed that he had put the seat back a bit and was lying back with his eyes closed. ‘Still awake?’ she asked and received a quick nod in reply. ‘You know that I read something the other day about the best way to recover after a long flight’, she said as she slowly started to lean towards him. ‘Oh yea, what that?’ he replied eyes still closed. She moved her lips right up to his ear and whispered ‘Stress relief’, then darted out her tongue and took a quick lick at his earlobe while her left hand darted out and gently started to caress the visible lump on the front of his jeans.


His whole body jumped as if it had hit by lightning and a gasp escaped from his lips. She increased the pressure on him and whispered ‘Just relax honey, you’ve had a long flight, let me try and drain some of that tension away.’

She tilted her head and moved down to start gently kissing and nibbling at his neck while gently stroking at the ever increasing bulge in his jeans. ‘Wow, you have been looking forward to this haven’t you.’ She said with a small smile crossing her lips, ‘I think it’s time to see if you live up to all the hype you’ve been giving yourself.’

She started to move her hand up towards his belt, scraping her fingernails along his length as olgun escort she did so. At the same time she felt him start to lift his arms as if he was going to do it himself. She leaned in quickly and took a harder nip at his neck. ‘No honey, don’t you move, you’re meant to be relaxing. Just let me take care of everything and you can thank me properly when we get home.’ He relaxed his arms again just as her hand reached his buckle.

As she slowly unhooked his buckle she could feel him lifting his hips desperately trying to restore the contact with her hand. The thought of his desperation and the obvious affect her touch was having on him was beginning to stir heavy warmth in her belly and she could feel some moisture starting to seep into her underwear. She hesitated momentarily, the desire to touch herself growing, ‘you’ve waited years to be with him’, she thought, ‘another hour or two is not going to kill you.’

She flicked open the top button of his jeans and then slowly unzipped his fly. The noise of the zip seemed to echo round the silent interior of the car. She slowly pulled her head back to see his face as she slipped her hand into the opening and felt his warmth envelope her hand through the thin fabric of his underwear. The look of pleasure that crossed his face made the heat in her belly grow tenfold, combine that with very audible groan that escape from his lips and any plans she had of taking things slowly went out the window.

She started to gently stroke him feeling his skin react to her touch, at the same time she moved herself further back in her seat giving herself enough room to bend over further and move her head downwards. With her right hand now free she reached down and pulled the fabric away from his length and finally came face to face with the one thing she had been dreaming about for the last couple of years.

It was exactly as she had imagined it, not the longest she had ever seen but it made up for it by its girth. The slight bend at the tip was there too, the one he had made so many jokes about it being able to reach places that most people couldn’t. A flash of desire and need crossed her face and a mental apology to şişli escort him quickly crossed her mind.

She swiftly grabbed him with her left hand and at the same time leaned across and drew him into her mouth. The combination of feeling his contours in her hand and his warmth in her mouth sent a bolt of electricity straight to her groin. The cry of pleasure that came from above her followed by the flood of salty pre-cum that coated her tongue was enough for her to lose all control.

She started to stroke him quickly with her left hand, feeling the skin slide smoothly under her touch, at the same time she started to explore the ridges of his head with her tongue. She could tell she was having the desired effect, she could feel him growing in her mouth and with the increased urgency of the movement of his hips she could tell that he would not last much longer.

His hip movement was pushing him so far into her mouth that it was starting to hurt, she pulled away briefly and said, ‘I need you to come for me honey, I want to taste you now!’ and then plunged her mouth back around him, locking her lips just below the ridgeline of his head allowing him to dictate the speed of his thrusts.

Her words had the desired effect, within seconds he let out a guttural roar and she felt him expand one last time. His hips stopped moving suddenly and a torrent of come exploded out him and into her mouth. Even though she was expecting it, the force that it entered her mouth caused her to gag a little. Stream after stream flooded out into her mouth, within seconds she was having to force herself to swallow and could feel some of it escaping out of the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Eventually the flow stopped and she gently pulled back. She turned her face and looked up to him. He was staring at her with lust filled eyes and a beautiful look of satisfaction plastered across his face. ‘Thank you’, he mouthed, not even mustering the energy to talk properly. She smiled back at him and used her finger to clean off the fluid that had run down her chin. She slowly stuck her cum covered finger into her mouth and made a big show of sucking it clean. He groaned again and out of the corner of her eye saw him twitch slightly. She reached across and tucked him back into his clothes and sat back up into the driver’s seat. ‘You get some rest honey; we’ve got about an hours drive to get back to the house’, she said and she turned the key in the ignition. ‘Although God willing I’ll do it in about thirty minutes’, she thought taking one more lust filled look at the body that was falling asleep in the seat beside her before putting the car in reverse and heading out the car park.

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