Freshers’ Week Ch. 04

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2:30pm. That was the only thing on John’s mind when he woke early on Tuesday morning. Though she hadn’t stayed over last night, Tilda had promised him more sex at 2:30pm the next day and had pretty much ordered him to come to her room then. She’d even tempted him – not that he’d needed it – with the offer of anal sex.

John had done anal before with a girl he used to fuck around with back home, but it still retained an air of intrigue and, more than anything else, he knew how good it would feel. He couldn’t wait to try it again.

Even without fucking her arse, John wanted to see Tilda again. Having never met before, they had gone from grinding on the dancefloor to John cumming on her face on the way back to his room and then again in her pussy once indoors, all in the space of about an hour. Tilda didn’t even know his name.

John had never met a girl who was so sexually confident and willing to do anything. He didn’t think of her as a slut, though no doubt many would have done; he was just overcome by admiration and arousal at the way she’d completely immersed herself in their hour of sex. And having had sex with three different girls and been wanked off by another in the last three days alone, John certainly wasn’t in a position to judge anyone else for slutiness.

He sat up on his bed, his cock hard as a rock. He desperately wanted to masturbate but restrained himself to wait for the sex he knew he’d be having in the afternoon. This frustrated him and he found himself at a loose end, clock-watching until he could leave his room and head across town to meet Tilda.

After going for a run to try to clear his head, John shaved, showered and dressed, taking care to look his best. He didn’t think Tilda would much care what he was wearing but wanted to make an effort nonetheless.

He checked out the location of Tilda’s room online, noting that it would take about half an hour to walk there. It was 1:05pm – he still had around an hour to wait before leaving. Consumed by thoughts of sex, John lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

He thought about being with Tilda again and giving her the hard fucking he knew she’d want. He thought about burying his full seven and a half inches in her bum and cumming deep inside her. Then his mind wandered to thinking about Alex and Hannah and Clare – the other girls he’d been with – and what a great freshers’ week he’d had so far. With a few days still to go, he hoped desperately that he’d have a few more encounters to think about by the weekend.

John’s fantasising ate up some time. After more pacing of his room and gazing out of the window, he decided to leave, almost quarter of an hour before he really needed to.

He closed his bedroom door behind him and headed off out of the building. As he left the main door, he passed Clare, the hot girl who lived upstairs. Yesterday evening, before he’d hooked up with Tilda, John had finally got with Clare in the communal kitchen, and she had wowed him by wanking him hard and taking his load in her mouth.

“Hey,” she said, stopping to talk to him, “how’s things?”

“Yeah, good thanks,” John said as he sped past her.

Clare looked taken aback at his lack of willingness to talk to her. John knew he was being rude and should have felt embarrassed but right now he didn’t care. He was single-mindedly focused on his appointment with Tilda at 2:30.

John’s journey across the town centre felt like a trance – he ignored everyone and everything around him and marched along the route he’d memorised, in the direction of Tilda’s halls.

He arrived almost twenty minutes early and, after identifying where Tilda’s block was, paced around the hall’s gardens until it was almost 2:30. John then walked through the main doors and down to the hallway outside Tilda’s room, which was in the basement.

The hallway was dimly lit, with a little light creeping through the windows down from street level. John noticed doors off to the communal kitchen and bathroom and he saw that there were just two rooms down there.

Tilda’s note told him she was in room 14b so he went up to its door and knocked firmly.


He knocked again louder.

Still nothing.

Growing increasingly frustrated, John hammered on the door a third time, but to no avail. Tilda clearly wasn’t in.

He knocked again, more in anger than anything else. His mind whirred with questions. Where was she? Had she abandoned him for something better? Was this all some joke to string him along? More likely she was held up at her class, but John didn’t care. He wanted sex and it didn’t look like he was going to get it.

He paced the corridor for a minute, wondering what to do. He knew he must have looked utterly desperate – he was desperate.

After waiting for a few more minutes, he gave one more frustrated bang on Tilda’s door before moving to leave the building, but he was stopped by a husky voice behind him.

“Looking for Tilda?”

John spun round and was greeted by the sight of a girl he assumed canlı bahis was Tilda’s neighbour standing at her open door. Physically, she was almost the complete opposite of Tilda – whilst Tilda was short, skinny, and cute, this girl was much taller and, although she certainly wasn’t overweight, she was just bigger. Her face was attractive and framed by light brown hair, and John noticed her breasts straining against the fit of her t-shirt. Without a doubt, she was hot, and his sex-addled mind quickly knew it.

“Well?”, she said, snapping him out of his reverie.

“Yes, sorry,” John replied, caught off guard. “Do you know where she is?”

“She had a class,” the girl answered, “Must have overrun.”

“Ok thanks,” he said, trying to play dumb. “I’ll wait.”

The girl smiled wickedly.

“You must be the guy she fucked last night, right? Come back for another go?”

“Ummm, yeah,” he said sheepishly. It occurred to John that Tilda must have told her neighbour about their encounter last night and hoped he’d had a good review.

As if she’d read his mind, she replied, “Well, she certainly had a great time from what I’ve heard. No doubt you’ll get your reward when she gets back.”

John couldn’t quite believe he was having this conversation with a complete stranger, but the admiring – almost jealous – tone in her voice perked him up. He’d come here for sex much more than for Tilda specifically – and he was starting to think of an alternative plan.

“If she gets back…” he said in response before pausing. “I’m John, by the way.”

“Harriet,” she introduced herself, leaning against her door frame and looking at him attentively.

There was something about the way she looked and spoke to him that gave John the distinct impression that she was thinking the same thing as him, and he decided to move things in that direction as swiftly as possible.

“No sense in me standing around here,” he said confidently. “I guess I’ll hang around for her outside…unless you wouldn’t mind if I waited in your room.”

Harriet said nothing but the smile she gave him did all her talking for her. She stepped back into her room and held the door open for John, who eagerly followed her inside.

He entered with a rapidly growing sense of anticipation. Harriet’s room was spacious and tidy, and she walked along and sat down on the edge of her bed, which was at the far end. John joined her.

Saying nothing, they turned to each other and began making out lustfully. John’s cock quickly grew hard, and Harriet felt it as she moved a hand down to caress his crotch. John responded in kind, kneading her ample breasts through her top as they kissed.

After three nights of drunken fucking, he was delighted to be doing this with a clear head and in the middle of the day when he was at his most alert. It seemed ridiculous that he was here making out with Harriet just a couple of minutes after meeting her in a corridor, but given the way freshers’ week had gone so far, John wasn’t as surprised as he might have been.

Both of them forgot all about Tilda as they greedily explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. John lifted Harriet’s t-shirt up to reveal a lacy blue bra covering her gorgeous looking tits, and she removed his top too and began feeling his body all over.

But John had come for more than just kissing and wanted to move things along. He stood up off the bed and unbuckled his jeans before pulling them and his boxers down to his ankles. His big, hard cock hung there between the two of them.

Harriet knew what he wanted and happily obliged. She took his cock in her right hand and pulled him towards her. Still sitting on the side of her bed, she began licking it from base to tip over and over again. John groaned, which made Harriet smile.

He still wanted more. He put his hand on the back of her head and coaxed her to put his whole cock in her mouth.

“Greedy boy,” she purred as she acquiesced, taking the tip between her lips and slowly sliding it into her mouth.

John was in heaven once more as Harriet lovingly sucked his dick. He had been so desperate for sex for so long that, now he was finally being satisfied, he was worried it would all be over too soon. But though he tried to stare at the wall to distract himself, his eyes kept wandering downward to the sight of this beautiful girl giving him incredible head.

He lost track of time as she expertly sucked him, stopping occasionally to draw her tongue up his full length and to gaze up into John’s eyes. He could tell his orgasm wasn’t too far away and wanted to make it count.

He pulled away slightly, his cock coming out of Harriet’s mouth, and stepped out of the clothes that were around his feet.

“I want to fuck you,” John said calmly as her took her hand and pulled her up from the bed.

“Yes, sir,” her husky voice replied as she smiled.

John reached round and unhooked her bra, freeing her boobs from their confines. Though he’d certainly seen bigger before, John nevertheless admired their size bahis siteleri and shape.

Harriet undid her own jeans and pushed them and her panties down around her ankles. John took her hand again and led her to the large beanbag that was near the foot of her bed. He coaxed her down onto it on her knees and took his place behind her on the floor.

John reached between her big, smooth thighs and stroked his fingers along her slit. Her breathing grew heavier as he rubbed her clit. They were both ready.

Taking his throbbing, wet cock in hand, John guided it in to Harriet’s waiting pussy. She was tighter than Tilda had been but he slipped in with ease.

“Fuck,” Harriet whispered as John pushed his whole length inside her.

John knew he wouldn’t have long so moved slowly, taking the smooth flesh of her bum in each hand and pulling her body towards him. This continued for a few minutes – the only sound that could be heard was their heavy breathing as they fucked.

“Faster,” Harriet commanded after they’d taken it slow for a while.

John heeded her demand and started to pick up the pace, thrusting himself into her. He reached under her body to take her heaving breasts in his hands as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh yeah,” Harriet said amid her panting.

Their fucking continued like this. Harriet’s pussy felt incredible around John’s dick – his craving for sex was being thoroughly quenched.

But without warning and all of a sudden, Harriet’s door burst open.

“Babe, have you seen my guy hanging arou…” came Tilda’s voice as she entered the room and saw them in the midst of their sex.

John and Harriet stopped fucking and froze, though said nothing. John kept his dick firmly inside her and looked at Tilda, unsure what to say. She broke the silence first.

“Naughty boy. Naughty, naughty boy,” she said. “And naughty girl, Haz.”

Despite her mocking, Tilda couldn’t quite hide the grin that appeared on her face. She kept her eyes fixed on them and sat down on the chair by the door, facing the beanbag where Harriet was being fucked.

John looked back at Tilda. He couldn’t see Harriet’s expression but assumed she was doing the same. Tilda said nothing more. For a moment, they were all still and silent.

Then, shooting Tilda a lustful smile, John again took Harriet’s hips in his hands and resumed fucking her pussy with gusto. Harriet moaned loudly and bucked back against him to make sure he went as deep as possible.

Tilda watched them eagerly. She didn’t looked surprised; she just smiled at what she saw. To John’s amazement, she then lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers aside before thrusting two fingers into her own pussy and furiously rubbing her clit with her other hand.

John couldn’t believe it. Mid-afternoon on his fourth day at university and he was balls-deep in a total stranger, fucking her doggy style whilst her friend – a girl he’d fucked less than 24 hours ago – sat just metres away from them and masturbated. This was the stuff of his craziest fantasies.

Lots in a trance-like state, John kept busily ploughing in and out of Harriet, who was by now moaning incoherently. Both of them kept their eyes fixed on Tilda and she looked back at them. Each of them was getting off on the sight or feel of the other two – the whole room was abuzz with sexual energy.

Surprisingly, Tilda was the first to cum. She rocked her head back on the chair as she madly frigged herself, crying out loud as her orgasm hit. As she calmed down, she looked John straight in the eyes and liked her own juices off her wet fingers.

This was too much for John, who could feel that his own release was just seconds away. He increased the pace of his fucking and finally thrust his cock as far into Harriet’s pussy as it would go before emptying a huge load deep inside her.

Sensing that Harriet wasn’t far off herself, John kept his cock inside her and felt for her clit. He only had to rub it for a few seconds before Harriet joined them with her own orgasm, groaning loudly as she climaxed.

John pulled out of Harriet and stood up. For a few seconds, they all remained where they were, still coming down from the excitement. Eventually, Tilda got up off the chair and readjusted her skirt and panties before making for the door, grinning all the while. As she opened the door, she turned back to John and Harriet and winked before leaving. John couldn’t help but be stunned once more by Tilda’s incredible sexual confidence.

Harriet soon got up too and moved to sit back on the bed. As she did so, both she and John noticed a large gloop of his cum running down her leg. Their eyes met and they both laughed. Harriet scooped up as much of it as she could with her fingers and licked them clean – she was no shrinking violet either.

Almost giddy from the sex, John didn’t know what to do next but, when he saw Harriet getting up and putting her clothes back on, he did the same.

Now fully dressed, the two of them stood in the middle of the room, looking at each other bahis şirketleri slightly awkwardly. John broke the silence.

“That was…I don’t even have the words,” he said, still panting slightly.

“My pleasure,” Harriet replied calmly. “And if you’re ever over this way again, make sure you hit me up.”

“You can count on it,” John said with a smile.

He moved over to Harriet and kissed her firmly on her lips before pulling open her door and heading out.

As he stood alone in the corridor, John’s head was buzzing and he still couldn’t believe what had happened. He checked his watch – it was only 3:15. The day was still young and he had no intention of letting the rest of it be a downer.

He looked across the corridor at Tilda’s door, which he’d been banging on in frustration just forty minutes ago. Whilst his desire for sex at all costs had taken over, he’d still really wanted to get with her again, not least given her offer of anal sex. And although he should have felt guilty about fucking Harriet instead, Tilda’s actions hadn’t exactly indicated that she was annoyed with him.

But having cum so hard just a few minutes ago, could he really risk the embarrassment of failing to perform for her? No doubt he could be assured of a warm welcome if he came by again later in the week.

But then John’s mind turned to the events of the week so far – in just four days, he’d now had sex with four different women, not to mention the blowjob he’d got from Clare, and they’d all seemed very happy with his performance. He had every reason to be confident and go for another round with Tilda right now.

This woke John from his daydream and he walked to Tilda’s door and knocked enthusiastically.

“Come in”, her voice called from inside.

John opened the door and entered.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite manslut,” Tilda cooed from the bed where she was sitting.

“Hey,” John said, feeling slightly uneasy at her use of ‘manslut’. “And it’s John, by the way,” he added, remembering that he and Tilda hadn’t introduced themselves last night.

“I see. Nice to put a name to a cock,” she replied, giggling slightly. “And what brings you here, John?”

“You told me to come here and fuck. I want to fuck,” he said, ever so matter of factly, looking straight at her.

Tilda paused for a moment before responding.

“Well, I don’t know, John. I did tell you to come here and fuck, but then I find you fucking my best friend. What should I make of that?”

“You were late. I was horny. She is very hot,” he replied.

“She is very hot,” Tilda said. “And I thought you looked great together.”

“I could tell,” said John, now wondering when they would get to having sex. “So, are we doing this?”

“Eager, aren’t you?” she answered, clearly enjoying teasing him. “I think I’m going to need some more perusading before I forgive you.”

Her words hung in the air for a moment as John didn’t reply. He’d had enough of talking and wanted to get on with it, despite the fact that his cock was now softening after his recent orgasm. A plan quickly developed in his head.

Continuing to say nothing, he walked over to Tilda and picked her up by her skinny waist in order to lie her down along the length of the bed. In one swift movement, he reached down and pulled her skirt off and then her cute little panties. Tilda squealed playfully and pulled up her top before tossing it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

John then climbed onto the bed, keeping his own clothes on, and, without warning, buried his face in Tilda’s pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she cried as his tongue rubbed against her clit and lips, which were still wet from fingering herself earlier.

John eagerly lapped at Tilda’s pussy, determined to get her off and give himself enough time to get set for the sex to come. He drew his tongue all over her neatly shaved box, paying particular attention to carressing the sweet spot of her clitoris.

Tilda resumed cursing loudly, just as she had last night, and wrapped her silky legs around John’s head, holding him in position as he ate her out. It was no surprise to John that Tilda was so into it – she clearly loved sex and committed herself to it so completely.

As John worked his tongue into the folds of Tilda’s pussy, he pushed his hands under her arse to pull her closer into him.

“Oh yes, lick my cunt,” she purred as John’s oral barrage continued.

Her dirty talk really turned John on, and he felt his cock starting to stir against his trousers and press into the mattress below. He couldn’t wait to fuck Tilda again.

“I want you to screw me so hard,” she continued amidst John’s licking of her pussy. “I want you to take your thick cock and stuff it into my tight arse.”

Spurred on by this, John began licking her lower down and soon started brushing his tongue around the edges of her puckered arsehole.

“Oh yes!” Tilda screamed again.

Part of John was amused by how vocal she was being, but more than anything he felt aroused by it. He redoubled his efforts, sloppily licking her from her bum hole right the way up to her clit and everything in between. He didn’t tease her; he wasn’t tender like he had been with Alex and Hannah; he just wanted to make her cum.

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