Free Use Sim Pt. 02

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But then again I still haven’t even come up with something special for Stacey and plus, I did say I wanted variety.

“No thanks Stace, I think I’m just going to drive around for a bit.”

“Drive around. Right, in other words, you’re gonna go looking for some other girls to use, probably looking for someone fresh that’ll actually react when you butt fuck them?”

“Heh, your words, not mine.”

“Well, good luck with that, see ya.”

“See ya.”

I head out, get in my car and the first thing that pops into my mind is the bar. I like the idea of trying out something really public and seeing what happens.

Driving down the main street in town I pass a number of different places, O’Flannagans, Stonewall’s Bar and Grill, The Thirsty Scholar, The Rat Hole, Red Door and The Underground Lounge. Huh, the names seem a bit on the nose but helpful I guess, I can already picture the type of people inside each one.

The Underground Lounge catches my attention; I’ve always had a bit of a thing for punk chicks. I park the car and make my way over to the place, it’s still only late afternoon so the place is fairly empty and the music isn’t deafening yet but I still spot a few girls hanging around the bar counter. One of the girls sitting and drinking alone on a stool catches my attention. She’s dressed pretty typically punk, small leather shorts and jacket with torn up fishnet stockings, a black Slayer shirt with as many holes as her stockings and a studded choker to top it all off. She’s got an undercut but she wears her long black hair loose and draping over one side of her head, she might be one of the palest girls I’ve ever seen, the only thing breaking up her black and white monotone is the color of the pretty tattoo that take up her upper arm. Looking at the stool she’s sitting on I already know what I want to do to her, it’s just short enough to be right at hip level.

Walking over and behind her I put my hand down the back of her shorts and tap on her asshole lightly, asking her at the same time, “Hey, do you mind?”

Without even turning around she pulls her shorts down slightly and scoots her butt back and over the edge of the stool she’s on, exposing just her little asshole. She then spits on her fingers a little and reaches back to rub it in before telling me, “All yours, at least for about the next 20 minutes, I need to get going soon.”

“I’ll try and be quick about it then,” I reply happily.

Taking out my dick I rest my knob on her asshole and start pushing, making my way in slowly. Just a few seconds in she interrupts me in a bored tone, “Does quick mean something different to you? Remember, we’re on a time limit.”

Grinning I reply, “Sorry, I’m just really use to being polite about it is all,” before quickly slamming all the way in and thrusting away.

She finally turns her head around to look me up and down, “Makes sense, you look like The Thirsty Scholar’s more your place.”

“Could be, but these days I love a bit of variety.”

“Well then have some variety. C’mon, do I look like of those Thirsty bahis firmaları Scholar girls? Listen, you don’t need to be gentle with me, you get to really let loose on my ass the way you can’t with those girls.” Hearing her say that makes my dick jump inside her suddenly and get just a touch harder.

“Like that huh? Alright, Mr.-Whoever you are, I’m giving you permission to wreck my asshole if that’ll hurry you up. How many times do you reckon a girl’s just gonna give you a free pass to abuse her shithole like this huh? Make the most of it while it lasts, time’s a-ticking.”

Fuck me. The Sim really is good at finding what you like. Happy with her dirty talk I start slamming my cock up her ass so hard the back legs of the stool jump up after every thrust.

After a few moments of this hard assfucking punk girl pipes up, “There you go, that’s what the girls that come here are used to and expect. Bet the girls over the Thirsty Scholar wouldn’t let you do this to them.”

“Actually, I don’t know about that, I think they’d go just as far just with a different attitude is all.”

She snaps her head around, “Bullshit,” she pauses and then huffs, “And even if they do, whose fault is that? I gave you permission to wreck my asshole and the only thing you’re doing is pumping away.”


“Look try this. Pull all the way out and try dipping just the head of your cock into my ass as fast as you can, that’s a start.”

Following her instructions, I start fucking her ass like that, dipping the head of my cock into her asshole over and over again, every time I pull back out, her open asshole struggles to close back up, almost winking closed but not quite before being fucked open again.

After a few moments of this the girl on the stool starts grunting after every dip, “Unh-Yeah that’s not giving my ass enough time to get used to your dick, it’s a lot more uncomfortable and harder to take this way. Okay, now try slamming-ungh-all the way in every once in a while, randomly so it surprises me and remember to pull out all the way just as quickly.”

This girl’s having a much harder time of it than Stacey, fucking her like this leaves her grunting more and gripping the bar counter top.

“Wait, a lot more uncomfortable? Harder to take? Are you trying to make this worse for yourself?”

“Unh-Well, you can’t expect to do any damage fucking my ass vanilla like you were.”

“Damage? Hey hold on, I’m not looking to actually hurt yo-“

“Jesus man, it’s just an expression. You’re a sensitive one aren’t ya. And stop slowing down every time you talk, time limit remember.”

“Sorry,” I pick up the pace of dipping my cock into her ass as she talks.

I spend a few minutes alternating between little dips and fully bottoming out inside her butthole, I notice this starts to take a toll on the girl, I notice a sheen of sweat on her neck and her grunts are coming more often.

“How does it look down there?”


“I mean when you pull out, does my ass stay gaped open now?”

Pulling out one last time, kaçak iddaa I take a look at her pink asshole, it doesn’t try to wink closed immediately like before but stays wide open for long seconds.

“Yeah for a few seconds. Hey I gotta say, you’ve got a really pretty gape, I mean there’s like no skin folds or anything, it’s just this perfectly pink round hole. I can’t believe after that beating it still looks so nice.”

“Yeah thanks Romeo. Don’t get use to it, it might not stay so pretty, especially after this,” She turns around on the stool, now facing me and leans her back against the counter while kicking off her shorts and underwear. “Now you won’t get as deep in this position, but it means you can try something different. Grab my legs and hold them up” I grab both her legs by the ankles and lift them up, shes spread wide open for me now, her raw asshole still slightly gaping at me and positioned perfectly level with my dick and just inches away.

“Like this?” I ask.

“Yeah. My last boyfriend said it felt good but I could barely stand it. Go back to fucking it like before but instead, try doing this. Grab your dick and try pulling it up while still in my asshole, it’ll really stretch it but eventually pop out if you pull hard enough.”

I do what she describes and pull my dick up while still inside her. It causes her pussy and ass to bulge up and stretch lewdly before my dick suddenly and abruptly flicks out, it was a strange and interesting sensation, sorta like rubbing your dick on the inside of a girls cheek and flicking it out but more textured. Punk girl lets out a heavy breath she’d been holding in as it flicks out, her eyes are closed, she’s frowning heavily and breathing hard now.

“Are you sure you’re OK with this?” I ask.

“Yeah loverboy, I’m fine, just keep that up for a couple minutes.”

I keep it up, everytime I flick my cock out of her ass it elicits another heavy breath from punk girl and she’s sweating more now. I’m amazed she wants this despite it being so rough on her.

She speaks up again, with another new idea, “Alright, now try this. Grab the base of your dick again, but this time try stirring your cock around inside my asshole. I really hated it when my band mates tried this so you should have fun.”

I follow her instructions again and begin stirring my dick around inside her ass.

“Jesus, you’re pretty tough for being able to take all this,” I say.

With her eyes still closed, “Unh-Yeah, I’m not some prissy pussy. I’m not gonna complain just because somethings uncomfortable. And besides, I’ve kinda gotten more use to it. This is like the weekly routine at band practice.”

My brow shoots up, “You do this often?”

“Yeah, like twice a week before and after band practice my guitarist and drummer take turns on my asshole and mouth. I asked them to start because I figured I needed the practice so once we start doing gigs I won’t get overwhelmed by the fans that come say hi after a set.”

Curious I ask, “When are you playing your first gig?”

“Sometime next week,” kaçak bahis She says between grunts. “I’m kinda worried I haven’t had enough practice yet though. I mean, with just you, one guy taking it easy, I’m already having a tough time of it. I don’t know what’ll happen if 30 guys or more show up to a show. I really need to practice getting assfucked more.”

Seeing a chance at having another go at her I ask, “Well maybe I could help?”

“Fat chance, I had tell you what to do the whole time, how are you gonna prepare me for fans that’ll do worse?”

“Trust me, I’ll do better next time,” I say with a particularly aggressive thrust.

“Unh-Yeah we’ll see. Finish up and I’ll give you my number.”

Eager to show her I can do more I spend the next 5 aggressively following all her instructions, alternating between all the things she said. Dipping the head of my cock in as fast as I could go, bottoming out and pulling all out periodically, pulling my cock up and stirring it inside. Punk girl kept grunting more and more, I could see her gripping the counter top with white knuckles now and a sheen of sweat covering her face. Only now did I notice she hadn’t touched her pussy once throughout this entire ordeal.

“You know you can try rubbing yourself if that makes it easier for you,” I say.

“Please, I don’t need to enjoy this or make it any easier; I just need to be able to take it.”

Excited by her unintentional dirty talk, I speed up her anal abuse.

“Times almost up stranger. Would you blow you load already?”

“That sounds suspiciously like a complaint; sounds to me like you can’t handle any more.”

Her eyes open and she gives me an annoyed look. “Hardly, I take an hour of this and worse from my band mates 4 times a week, this is a warmup session as far as I’m concerned. Like I said, I need to be somewhere.”

Shrugging I continue plowing away at her ass. I can feel myself reaching a climax, so I stop doing all extra stuff and just hammer into her ass as fast as I can, desperate for a release now that I’m so close. With a final thrust I cum deep inside her asshole, pouring jizz into her ass and coating her inside. While still inside her enjoying the afterglow, I feel her hand on my chest pushing me off, I slip out of her ass with a wet plop. Looking down I surprisingly see her asshole still in an immaculate condition, her gape still looks so cute and pink, not an angry red or puffy at all, no skin folds just smooth pink flesh with a small trail of white cum starting to leak out.

The punk girl hops off the stool she’s sitting on, grabs her underwear and skirt off the ground and quickly shimmies them on. She turns around to the bar counter, grabs and napkin and starts writing her number down on it. I take the opportunity to hike up her skirt and see a wet patch growing where her asshole is, the cum must be starting to leak out and drench her underwear but she doesn’t seem to notice or care.

She turns back around, hands me the napkin and says, “In case you really do want to help me getting my ass trained,” before walking off quickly with a slight limp, she really did need a lot more training.

Damn this place is a lot of fun. Wanting some more, I decide my next stop should be the skate park. Tomboys did always do it for me.

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