Forest Goddess

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The Yeoman’s son woke suddenly, he had dreamt of the same maiden, the very same maiden who had set up residence in his mind since he had caught glimpses of her bathing in the river to the north of his father’s land. Those casual glimpses had sent him up the forest bath every morning since that day, to be disappointed at every turn.

Pulling himself from under the warmth he dressed quickly, collected a few bathing items and headed to the start of the northern path. With a deep breath and a prayer to any god or goddess, he started his long walk through the trees.

The maiden had been uncommonly beautiful, long dark hair, creamy white skin and just enough curve that his hands always had something to do. He could feel his breeches tighten as he remembered the way the water had made her body glisten in the morning light, how the cold water had made her nipples appear to be diamond-hard points. His breathing quickened, not just from the pace he was setting.

He rounded a large oak and stopped, there were splashes coming from up ahead, walking slowly he saw the maiden who had stolen all of his attention, bathing in a deep pool deeper into the woods off the path. His breath caught, she was even more beautiful than he remembered. Collecting himself he turned off the path and headed for the pool.

“Excuse me fair maiden, thine pool looks perfect for a dip, perchance I could slip inside?” he asked, trying not to scare the poor girl.

The raven-haired beauty looked up at the Yeoman’s son, just as a ray of sunlight cascaded through the trees, lighting her ivory skin and gilding the water.

“Good sir, I do hope you are referring to the water, and not my womanly pool? For I know not your name,” she said playfully, while slipping lower into the water to protect some measure of modesty.

The Yeoman’s son smiled, attempting to hide the growing bulge in his breeches, then bowed graciously.

“My apologies, goddess of the woods, I am Harrison of Eastemere, First Son of Yeoman Geralt, Yeoman of the Lord of Castlemere.”

The maiden in the pool stopped for a moment, looking up at her visitor.

“If a lady can’t trust a gentleman in these woods, then who can she trust,” she said, the hint of a smile playing across her perfect lips.

Without needing further invitation Harrison removed his clothing, in his haste forgetting the effect she had had on his body. Upon hearing an intake of breath he looked up to see that she had not missed the state of his cock.

“I apologise m’lady, I didn’t think you would notice,” he said, feigning embarrassment.

“Harrison of Eastemere, one does not need to apologise for showing appreciation. As a lady, my appreciation isn’t as obvious, but please don’t take that as an insult,” she said.

Bowing his head, the Yeoman’s son slipped into the pool and sat on a stone canlı bahis facing the young maiden.

“Do you often swim in this pool miss?” he asked, trying to keep the beautiful girl engaged.

With a slight smile and the hint of a blush, she looked right into Herrison’s eyes.

“I believe you know I don’t always swim here, for, unless my eyes were deceiving me, you have seen me use at least one other pool recently,” she said.

The Yeoman’s son did blush this time and didn’t need to feign embarrassment.

“Miss? You saw me? Watching you swim?” he asked, gulping.

The maiden laughed, and it was a beautiful sound, causing Herrison to turn side-on so the effect her charms had on him weren’t as obvious.

“Again, good sir, do not be embarrassed, the reaction you had then, much to the disappointment of that tree,” she winked, “and the reaction you are having now are not an insult to me. Quite the opposite. As I have said, my reactions are less noticeable, however,” she stood up, revealing all of her womanly beauty, “while your admirable cock grows so, my nipples undergo a similar change.”

She casually licked a long finger and stroked it over both nipples, dragging a surprised moan from Herrison’s lips.

“Additionally,” she licked the same finger, “my clit reacts in a similar fashion,” both hands descended to the apex of her long, glorious legs, the right spread her lips, while her left stroked against the glistening button. “One difference however, is that when I feel the way you so obviously do, I can taste it,” she said, pushing the finger she had licked deep into her vagina before sliding it out and licking it slowly.

Herrison was speechless, his eyes snapping from the finger in her mouth to her vagina which was indeed glistening with more than water.

“M’lady, your assets are indeed admirable. When I saw you days ago I knew you were impressive, but up close… m’lady, you are incredible,” Herrison said in a breathy voice.

The Lady of the Pool slowly swam in the direction of the Yeoman’s son, maintaining eye contact the whole way causing Herrison’s throat to go dry. She arrived at his rock and swung into his lap, never breaking eye contact.

“You know what is to happen? I don’t have to talk you through it?” she teased.

Herrison chocked, hit blood was up due to her teasing and proximity.

“You go too far miss, too far indeed,” Herrison growled.

To the delight of the naked woman, the Yeoman’s son grabbed her hips and shoved the previously discussed ‘admirable cock’ deep inside the damp pool on his lap. The lady, for her part, dug her fingernails deep into his back as he went as deep as he could in that position. One hand slipped to the small of her back, the other played with her breasts, delighting at the lady grunt that was forced from her throat as she was roughly bahis siteleri penetrated.

“Is that the best you can do good sir?” asked the panting woman, a naughty smile flickering across her lovely face.

With another growl the young man lifted his lady from his lap, delighting at the sucking noise as his member was pulled from her dripping cunt. With that he pushed her to his shoulders, licking both her juices and the pool water from her delicious vagina, tearing more pants and grunts from the woman, then without warning he lowered her to the grassy surrounds to the pool, sliding up her body, cupping the undersides of both knees, spreading her legs before driving the full length of his thick, hard cock deep inside her wet pussy, causing the woman from the pool to scream as her insides were filled to the brim.

“No miss, that is the best I can do. Do you have any other taunting words? Anything else,” he thrust harder and faster, “from that saucy tongue?” he growled into her ear.

The lovely girl couldn’t reply, saucily or not. She was so full and was getting so thoroughly fucked that she couldn’t produce any words, only grunts as she was stretched.

The wind in the area picked up, forcing Herrison to pull his lady closer, to share warmth as he penetrated her. The closeness, while beneficial for heat, just stretch the lady further, tearing another scream from her beautiful mouth. Herrison, worried that the noises her wet cunt were making, combined with the grunting and screaming would bring someone from the nearby towns, pulled out with an audible pop, rolled his beautiful partner over and slammed back into her dripping cunt without warning while cupping one hand over her mouth, stifling her screams and grunting. His other hand slapped against her curvy ass, leaving a red hand-print on both cheeks.

The Lady of the Pool pushed back against the thick cock stretching her insides and bit down softly on the hand over her mouth causing Herrison to slow and pull his hand back. Looking over her shoulder she took a deep breath and spoke.

“You’re wasting a hand just spanking my ass, there is much more you can do with it… sir.”

With another growl he sucked on his thumb before pushing it into her tight ass, making his lady squeal then grunt as he drove his cock and thumb in as deep as possible, filling both of her tight holes. He pulled back, looking down, delighting at the sight of the tight vagina, stretched open after being pounded mercilessly as well and the copious amounts of juice flowing down her thighs.

“Finish me. Finish the job Yeoman’s son!” the lady growled, pushing back against his thumb, forcing his cock back inside her. “Gods you are deep!” she panted.

“Beg for it,” Herrison said, as he tried not to fill her with his seed.

“A Lady does not beg. Least of all, Lady Alyssi, bahis şirketleri daughter of the Lord Bevarn of Castlemere,” she panted.

Herrison froze, looking around to be sure that none of her retainers or guards were in sight. He was a step above a commoner and he was savaging the vagina of a Lady who was almost a Princess. Someone who, if the stories were be believed, was to be married to the Prince, if their fathers could reach an agreement.

“M’lady, I’m sorry, I’m being too rough,” he panted, trying to control his lust.

“If you change anything about what you are doing I’ll have you thrown in my father’s dungeon. Fuck me like you were and don’t stop until we are both spent. Why do you think I came back after seeing you watch me? So you could fuck me gently. Show me what you are made of peasant,” she growled.

This was not what he had expected, though, as he hadn’t been with his father to the Lord’s palace in nigh on 10 years, there was no way he could’ve known that the beautiful woman whose greedy vagina was wrapped around his cock was actually the daughter of his Lord.

He pulled back, then as she was looking over her shoulder to reprimand him again he thrust in as hard as he could, delighting the scream that was torn from her throat. With the threat of a lengthy stay in the Lord’s dungeons, he would need to give a very hard, deep and pleasurable accounting of himself. His forgotten thumb went to work again, moving in time with his deep, hard thrusts, making her feel even fuller. The noble girl started to pant and her thrusts back against him lost some of their power and he felt her walls tighten and contract as her orgasm intensified until her body gave out and only the Yeoman son’s hand around her waist kept her in place as he powered in and out of her until he too finished, sending his hot seed deep into her vagina. The power and feeling of it, as well as his continued fucking of her cunt while she was cumming pushed her over the edge again and she pushed herself up, taking each spurt of semen as deep as she could while grinding against his softening member. Their lips met and they breathed out at the same time and she bit her lower lip before kissing him deeply.

“I may have to Knight you, good sir. I can’t let a cock like that go to waste out here in the fields. I’ll need it at the palace to service me regularly,” she panted as said cock slipped from her most womanly embrace, quickly followed by a flood of their combined mess.

“It’s a shame none of my maids are here. They are all well trained at cleaning this sort of mess before it spills,” she sighed, running fingers over her well-used vagina, before licking the leftover mess from her long fingers.

“I can’t say that I would mind watching that m’lady. It sounds like the palace could be a very enjoyable place to visit,” he said softly, watching her lick the juice covered fingers.

“Oh my dear Yeoman’s son, you have no idea. Now, be a good peasant and wash your Lady in this pond. Do a good job and I’ll reward you… deeply,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

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