Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

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A cold Tuesday afternoon rolled around, and it was snowing outside. It was late February, a particularly cold time of year. Nurah and Tim had relatively little work to be doing, as their coursework deadlines weren’t until late March. This meant they both had a reasonable amount of time to kill, spending most of it cooking or playing videogames – the latter of which Nurah was particularly bad at but Tim didn’t mind much. That Tuesday the kitchen was quite cold. It was quite big, and had a number of windows and the small radiator struggled to keep the room warm. Tim’s room, on the other hand, was much smaller, and thus was much easier to keep warm.

Tim and Nurah had just returned from the supermarket, and were both shivering. Tim had forgotten to put the heater on in his room before they left – a fact Nurah jokingly pretended to be annoyed at. They both sat on the bed with the duvet up to their chests trying to keep warm. Without thinking, Tim lifted his arm up and beckoned Nurah closer. For a moment, she seemed to hesitate, thinking perhaps, but ultimately decided to come closer. Tim used his other arm to rub Nurah’s arm and back, trying to keep her warm. Laid against his chest, he could feel her smiling even through his jumper. For a moment he pulled away, and Nurah looked up. Their eyes locked for a split second – a split second that seemed like a lifetime. Nurah smiled widely, and pulled Tim close again. Now it was Nurah holding the two together.

Tim lay his cheek on top of Nurah’s head and asked softly, “Nurah? A few weeks ago…”

He was expecting her to release, but to his surprise she didn’t.

“Tim,” Nurah started.

There was a pause, both in deadlock waiting or the other to speak. The seconds ticked by, and finally Nurah gazed up at him. As he looked down at her, her eyes appeared to sparkle. Her eyes we dark brown, and seemed endless, like a well you could fall into, get lost in. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Immediately Tim was both confused and worried. What was wrong? Why was she crying? Momentarily he though back over the past few minutes, few hours, trying to figure out what, if anything, he did wrong. He tried to comfort her but she simply sobbed and held him tighter. As he tried to pry her arms from around his chest she simply placed them back around. Finally, his strength prevailed and she quickly released, knowing she couldn’t overpower him. She turned and lay down, facing away from him.

She cleared her throat and said softly, “Tim, I… I have had feelings for you for a while now and I’ve been so afraid to ruin our friendship… I’m sorry…I know you probably don’t feel the same about me… I can leave if you would like”

Sat behind her, he was quite speechless. He certainly had feelings for her, and his speechlessness was a combination of not knowing how to solve this dilemma, and not expecting the words that just came from Nurah’s mouth.

“Nurah…” he calmly stated.

She turned to face him, expecting to hear the worst from him, expecting him to ask her to leave. He could see from her face, that her supple light brown skin had become white; her eyes were red from crying. He long flowing dark-brown hair was stuck to her face. He leaned over towards her, pushed her hair gently out of her face and placed a kiss square on her lips. It was not hard, nor was it the most romantic with Nurah’s salty tears covered most of her face. Just as Tim had been speechless moments earlier, Nurah was now frozen in kocaeli escort place. A few seconds later, Tim pulled back, took his finger and gently brushed away the tear rolling down her left cheek.

“Nurah, I never thought you would feel the same way about me as I do about you…” he smiled.

Pulling a tissue from a nearby tissue box and began to wipe away her tears, holding the back of her head gently for leverage. Just as she composed herself, he leant in to kiss her again. This time she met him in the middle. The first proper kiss they had shared seemed to last a lifetime. Tim placed his hand on Nurah’s hip and pulled her gently closer. In response she gave a tiny moan, making Tim break the kiss to smile.

Nurah’s face had gone from white as a sheet to blush red. Tim knew that Nurah had never been with a guy before, and that this was her first kiss. Almost immediately Nurah began to apologize for knowing how encounters like these should work. Tim calmed her with a soft “shhhh” and laid her down. He began placing soft kisses all over her face, on her chin and neck. She smiled, and began copying, kissing his cheeks.

Tim removed his glasses, which up until this point had simply been in the way. Nurah proceeded to run her hands through his hair, signaling for him to do the same to her. He reciprocated, gently tugging on it after a few seconds with a smile. Nurah returned the smile, and pulled Tim in close to kiss her again.

By this point, Tim was straddling Nurah. She used this opportunity to run her hands down his back to squeeze his butt. Tim used his superior strength to flip Nurah onto him, and began to caress her butt much to her amusement. Another ten minutes of kissing ensued, before the two laid beside one another smiling.

“Nurah,” Tim started, “are you ok with all of this?”

He wanted to make sure, before they progressed anywhere with this relationship, that she was absolutely sure she wanted to take this path. It did occur to him, however, that realistically their friendship could never go back to how it was.

“Tim, nobody has ever made me feel the way you do. Nobody has ever made me feel so wanted, so admired, but also so safe…” she smiled.

He hesitated for a moment, and told Nurah that his jeans were quite uncomfortable and that he’d change to joggers first. He picked up the joggers and began to walk to the bathroom to change, as they had as of yet not changed in front of one another. When Tim came back out of the bathroom, he noticed Nurah was already under the bed covers. As he slipped in, he noticed something quite different, Nurah’s usual long sleeved PJ top had been replaced by a shorter t-shirt style top, exposing most of her arms – a sight Tim was not used to.

Tim took this opportunity to begin caressing her arms and shoulders, massaging them softly. Under the top, Nurah was still wearing a bra. Even without his glasses, Tim could make out the lace red strap under the PJ top as he pulled the top of the shirt down a little to massage her shoulders. He began kissing her cheek, her neck, and down onto her shoulders. As he did, she would squirm with pleasure.

He lay beside her, and lifted her shirt to expose her stomach. Nurah was certainly not fat, bust she wasn’t supermodel thin. She hesitated for a second, and while attempting to cover it gave an embarrassed look to Tim. Nurah wasn’t happy with her figure, and although Tim had never actually seen her before he always tried to comfort her kocaeli escort bayan by telling her she looked great. Even so, she hesitated. In response, he simply kissed her face and then moved down and kissed her stomach over her shirt.

“You look just the way I like Nurah, I promise” he whispered in her ear.

He placed his hand under her shirt once again, and this time she let her arm slide away. He began to caress her stomach whilst kissing her soft lips.

He sat up for a moment, and pulled Nurah’s hand towards him, forcing her to sit up. He took the base of her shirt and held it in his hands. He looked her for permission, to which she nodded. Lifting her top over her head exposed the deep red bra underneath. Nurah had quite large breasts for her size, at a 32D. When she was sat without her top, which was quite baggy to hide her figure, he realized she had a larger butt than most girls – not that he minded. Nurah quickly laid down, to hide the folds in her stomach caused by bending almost double.

Tim assured her that it is perfectly normal for her to have a fold there when she sits up, but she continued to blush. Once again, Tim kissed her stomach, and this time worked his way up to her ribs. He retracted his hand, and placed it on her shoulder. He began to move down her cheek, neck and shoulder again, kissing as he went. But this time, he began to kiss down the top of her breast, moving slowly further down until it met the top of her bra. He looked up at her, to see her biting her lip, waiting for his next move. He slowly kissed up to the top of her cleavage, then began to move down the other breast. As he moved, he began to caress the first breast with his hand, gently rubbing where he expected her nipple to be. Find her nipples did not take long, even through her bra he could feel a small bump where her aroused nipple pushed against the material.

Tim and Nurah had never properly spent a night together since the first time, a fact Tim really wanted to change. After eating both Tim and Nurah returned to Tim’s bedroom, and sat on the bed. Nurah got up to get ready to leave.

“Nurah, would you like to spend the night?” Tim asked.

Nurah stood for a moment, not wanting to move too fast. Previously that day they had both agreed to take their relationship slowly.

“We don’t have to do anything crazy Nurah, just cuddle together,” he added.

With this Nurah smiled a little and agreed. She certainly trusted him, but everything was new. It was quite late, and they decided to go to bed anyway. Tim lead Nurah to the bathroom, and pointed to the toothbrush Nurah had previously used. Nurah giggled, and asked if Tim had always known Nurah would need a toothbrush again. Tim simply smiled and walked back into the room.

Sliding into bed Tim pulled Nurah into his arms. Tim was wearing only boxers, as he was a naturally warm person whilst sleeping. Nurah wore her PJs again, with the short sleeves. Tim kissed Nurah goodnight and pulled her in even closer, once again he could feel her smiling.

Weeks rolled by, with Tim and Nurah approaching the same point each night. Tim was not impatient though, however, because he respected Nurah’s wishes deeply. Explaining Nurah’s ever increasing presence was become a little more difficult, as Tim’s flat mates became more and more suspicious of something more than friendship between them. Tim and Nurah both agreed that it would be best if nobody knew, even kocaeli escort though they both wanted to tell their friends. Nurah’s parents would be very unhappy, as Islamically relationships are not allowed before marriage. Although both Tim and Nurah trusted their friends, it only took one person to let slip that they were in a relationship for it to potentially get back to her family.

One evening, Tim and Nurah headed to the bedroom after lectures, and began the usual make out session. Nurah was wearing a dark green shirt, with buttons. Tim always loved the way Nurah dressed; it was modest but also mature. He liked how she took pride in her appearance. Tim fumbled with her buttons whilst kissing her. After a few seconds, with Tim managing to unbutton exactly zero buttons, Nurah started to giggle.

“It’s a good job this isn’t a life or death situation” she laughed, unbuttoning her shirt.

Tim laughed and removed the now unbuttoned shirt from her shoulders. He kissed them and she moaned a little in his ear. He went to lay her down but she stopped him, shaking her head. Tim sat there for a moment, quite puzzled. Nurah bit her lip and smiled.

She sat up, and turned around. Sitting on her knees, with her back to Tim.

“Tim…” she started, “unhook it.”

“Are you sure?” Tim asked, she’d never allowed him to take of her bra before.

Sat behind her he could see her nodding. He carefully unhooked the three hooks of her deep purple bra, exposing her whole back. He immediately began to massage her shoulders, rubbing them gently with his hands. She tilted her head backwards, closing her eyes, with her hair sliding down her back. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, turning to kiss her shoulder. For the first time, he got a glance of her breasts, peering over her shoulder. From above they appeared rounded, and he could see her erect nipples protruding from them. She took his hands, which were by her sides, and pulled them up to cup her breasts. She gave his hands a gentle squeeze, squeezing her breasts underneath and let out a gentle moan.

Tim kissed her shoulder once again, and at the same time gently rubbed her erect nipples through his fingers. Nurah moaned louder than he’d ever heard her moan before. She bit her lip in an attempt to stop her moans from being heard by Tim’s flat mates. Raising her arms she held onto the top of Tim’s head and began push her back against Tim’s chest. Tim quickly stopped holding her weight against his chest and laid her back. For the first time he got a full view of her breasts. Her light brown skin was smooth over her breasts, with darkened brown skin about an inch and a half in diameter with her erect nipples in the center. Tim straddled Nurah, but instead of kissing her shoulders he placed his lips around her breast and gently sucked. Those gentle sucks sent Nurah to a new level of euphoria. Her hips writhed and again she bit her lip to try and hold back her moans.

“TIMMMMM…” she gasped as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Using his hand he rolled the erect nipple of her other breast in his fingers. After only a few seconds she lost control pulling Tim’s head in towards her breast. The sensations going through her body made her orgasm only a few short minutes later – a feat Tim didn’t even know was possible.

“Tim… I… I’ve never felt like that before… it was amazing…!” she gasped, recovering from the pleasure her body had just endured.

“I’m glad you like it” he replied, wondering if she had ever even experienced an orgasm before.

Nurah lay on the bed, with Tim beside her. All he could think about was her moaning, wondering how her vagina must be. He smiled to himself, wondering what surprises Nurah had in store for him next.

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