First Time Tales

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I have always considered myself to be straight. However, at the end of a party at my brother’s house the other night, we got talking about past sexual experiences/encounters. The majority of stories were tame but my sister in law Lisa’s tale was quite horny.

She relayed to all (about 10 close friends) the story of the first time a man came in her mouth. She told us how they were necking in his car and he had freed her more than ample tits from the confines of her bra (she is now a GG cup!!) She was relishing in the attention he was giving to her tits as they are super-sensitive and she can be brought to orgasm just by playing with those massive mounds! He moved her hand down to his crotch and, for the first time, she felt a hard cock under the material.

Unzipping him and fishing out his turgid member, she marvelled at the intense heat emanating from her handful. Stroking him gently she looked at his face only to see an expression of complete rapture there. His manipulation of her tits was bringing her close, as was the experience of having her first stiff cock in her hand.

Without warning, he forced himself up in his seat and offered his cock to her lips. Being a novice and not knowing what to do she opened her mouth wide to allow him access. He coached her in the fine art of cock sucking and soon she was rolling her tongue round the shiny head and feeling quite comfortable bahis firmaları as he tried to push his cock down her throat. By using her hand to stop him from choking her, she would only allow so much of his cock in to her mouth. His breathing quickened and, suddenly she felt his cock throb and then tasted the warm, salty fluid rushing from the cock in her mouth. As if by instinct she swallowed the lot, not a drop escaped!

He didn’t return the favour, just fastened his trousers and took her home as he promised his wife he wouldn’t be long taking the babysitter home!

I was struggling to hide my erection after this story because, if the truth be known, I have always had the hots for my sister-in-law, what with her big tits, her cock-sucking lips and now the knowledge that she swallows, I was looking at Lisa in a different light!

It now came round to my turn to tell a story and I took a deep breath and relayed an incident that occurred over 30 years ago and, until now, was known about by only two people, not even my wife knew about it before tonight!

Being a young engineering apprentice did not allow the luxury of my own car and the buses from our village were very erratic. As a result of this, hitch-hiking was the only practical way to get to and from college. The best place to get a lift was at the top of a hill next to the Fire Station and it was always a race to get out kaçak iddaa of college and up to this favourite point.

On this particular day I was a little slow and was beaten to the spot by a fellow student. However, it didn’t take him long to get a lift and soon it was my turn. A few vehicles passed by and I was beginning to lose hope when a nice BMW slowed to a halt just past me. I ran to the car and asked the middle aged driver if he was going my way, to which he replied “partly”. Part the way is better than none so I climbed in.

After a mile or so he indicated that there were some porn mags in the glove box if I wanted to have a look. I was a horny 18 year old male, of course I wanted to have a look! These mags were harder than anything I’d ever seen and I soon got quite a hard-on. He must have spotted this because, suddenly, he reached across and started stroking my cock through my trousers. I knew this wasn’t right but it felt so very nice and I let him continue. When he asked me to unzip my trousers I complied without giving it a thought. This allowed him access to my now naked cock which he stroked expertly whilst driving along. Before long I was feeling the urge to shoot my load and reluctantly asked him to stop stroking, otherwise I would have made a mess.

He did as he was asked but suddenly turned up a lane which led to the local woodland. I was curious about his intentions kaçak bahis but by no means worried. As we pulled up in a small parking area he got out of the car and came round to the passenger door and opened it. He asked me to get out and stand next to the door, he then unfastened my belt and my trousers dropped to the floor. He went down on to his knees and began stroking my now painfully hard cock. A warm, wet sensation caused me to look down for the first time, only to see my cock disappearing into his mouth. I had never experienced pleasure like this before, not even with a girl, and found myself on the brink of cumming very quickly. He must have sensed this and took my cock right down his throat and, at the same time stuck his finger up my arse! I have never cum with such ferocity before or since and my legs immediately turned to jelly!

After a short pause he looked up at me and asked if I had enjoyed the experience to which the answer was a resounding YES. He stood up, allowed me to dress myself and then, with no further words or contact, took me home!

My revelations caused an uneasy silence when I had finished, as if people couldn’t believe it was the truth. When we got home and were in bed, my wife asked me to re-tell the story as she got so turned on whilst listening at the party. As I re-told the story, she sucked my cock and timed it so that as I was cumming in the stranger’s mouth, I was cumming in hers, surreal!

I have never seen him from that day to this but my one and only gay experience will stay with me forever, or shall I go for a repeat now that I have revived my curiosity?

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