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I couldn’t take it any more. My boyfriend and I had hardly been alone in weeks, mainly because we both live in the dorms and we both have roommates. We still haven’t had sex; we’re both 21-year-old virgins and we’d like to change that soon. But due to roommates, who knew when that would happen. I’m a very sexual person, even though I’m a virgin, but I’ve never gotten into masturbation because the one time I tried it I didn’t enjoy it, so I gave up. I obviously wasn’t doing something right. But weeks of sexual frustration were building up, and I needed a release…bad.

I’m fairly experienced with guys, you could say I’ve done “everything but,” so the male body is something I’ve explored thoroughly. Yet the female body is still fairly mysterious to me, since I’ve never taken the time to explore my own and, sadly, neither have most guys. So I decided that day to change that. There’s nothing wrong with me physically; I’m a petite 4’11”, with a tiny figure, a size 36B chest, long brown hair, dark mysterious brown eyes, and olive skin from my predominantly Italian background. I just tend to date guys who think playing around “down there” should be left to me for some reason.

My roommate would be at work till 6 o’clock, so I had plenty of time. I closed the kocaeli escort shades, locked the door, turned off the lights, and turned on some low music. I slowly undressed, taking the time to let my hands run over my skin as I did so. My nerves began to tingle and my nipples harden. I spent some time rubbing my breasts and stroking my nipples, and I felt them grown even harder beneath my touch. Once I was completely naked, I laid down in my bed and pulled up the blanket. The soft material surrounding my nude body felt so wonderful I started to get a little excited. I also felt I was being “bad” in some way, doing something naughty and forbidden, and this heightened my excitement.

I rubbed my breasts and nipples with both hands, moaning slightly at the sensation. Then I moved one hand down towards my jet black, trimmed pussy. I slipped my finger between the lips and just moved it around for a while. Then one part that I touched seemed to send chills through me, so I concentrated there. I realized that must be my clit, which I had always read about but never looked for. I started rubbing my clit up and down, and soon I was panting with desire. I began to moan things like “Oh gods, oh yeah, oh yesss…” without even realizing it.

I increased speed and found my hips kocaeli escort bayan thrusting with the rhythm. I moaned quietly, my voice rising in pitch every second, my hips thrusting wildly until I felt I could take no more…then the release. The unbelievable feeling of contentment and the gushing of my pussy juices onto the bed…my first orgasm ever. I loved it. I wanted more.

I laid there for a few moments, idly spreading the liquid around my pussy with my finger. The lubrication made it easy, and I began to touch myself once more while rubbing my still-hard nipple with my other hand. I slid my finger inside me and thrust it in and out while starting to pant once again. Then I returned to my clit and rubbed my finger wildly up and down. I started rubbing the entire length of my pussy, groaning and bucking my hips. Faster and faster, as I squeezed my pelvic muscles together to hold on to the pleasure, and then I orgasmed again. I sighed and smiled…I was definitely going to find the time to do this again.

The next night I coyly told my boyfriend what I had done. Ben has always tried to get me to masturbate, and he especially wants me to explore my own body before we have sex. He was quite pleased, and even more turned on, by my descriptions of my solo izmit escort adventure. The next time we were alone was the next week, during winter break. We were both at home for vacation, but luckily we live mere blocks from each other in the same city. While his mom was at work I would go over and we’d play around on the pull-out couch he sleeps on during break. That particular day some clothing had come off when I got an idea.

“Ben, honey…” I cooed. “Want me to touch myself for you?” He loved the idea, so I took the rest of my clothes off and so did he. I laid back and started stroking my clit. I closed my eyes in pleasure as I rubbed faster. Having Ben watch me, even though I couldn’t see him with my eyes closed, made it even more erotic. Knowing his naked body was just inches away, I orgasmed even better than before. I opened my eyes and took in his luscious body with my eyes. He’s a heavy guy, but that’s how I like my men, and he has gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes, an adorable scruffy beard, and the softest touch. Before he knew what was happening, I had his cock in my mouth and he moaned with surprise and pleasure.

I started sucking on him, running my tongue up the length of his shaft and stroking his balls with one hand. I sucked for as long as I could, then slid up beside him and finished him off by hand. Pumping him up and down, I nibbled on his ear and jerked him off till he came all over my hand. A smile on both our faces, we knew we had found a fun new foreplay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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