Executive Relives Her College Days Pt. 02

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Last time I wrote about me erotic experiences, I mentioned my upcoming trip to Boston and its great university, Harvard. Well, I’m here in my Airbnb apartment just vibrating with excitement about the erotic adventures I’ll be having later. Tonight, I’m going to a bar called the ‘Pig and Blue Bull’ close to the campus. Their website picture showed a young college crowd having fun. I can’t wait to be in the middle of all those horny young men.

If you haven’t read my previous post, let me bring you up-to-date. I’m a happily married woman. My friends would call me a conservative, executive lady. They’d never believe the erotic adventures I’ve been having over the last year. I dread if they ever find but I can’t stop. My addiction is picking up young college male students for sex when I travel out of town for business. It’s not kinky sex, thank God, but it’s something I feel shame around after every erotic episode.

Let me describe myself. I’m a forty-year-old woman. All my life, people have said I was beautiful. Men hit on me often; good looking men of the alpha type. I always turn them down, at least in my home city. There, I’m happily married with two great kids, a boy twelve and a girl ten. On the road, I’m a hot babe looking for a hook up. My husband is a handsome, great guy. Our sex life it about as good as it can be for two people married fifteen years. He is not the reason I have this obsession to bed younger men, even boyish but legal ones. It’s just in my nature. Our sex lives have improved immensely since I started bedding horny young guys.

Sorry, back to my description. They say I don’t look my age. I have a daily routine of using the finest beauty creams, not just for my face but all over. My skin is blemish free. My naturally blonde hair used to be short in an executive woman’s style but now I’ve let it grow down to my shoulders. That’s how I used to wear it in my university days. Keeping fit with yoga and jogging has my figure as slim as when I was in my twenties. My breasts are small, a 34B cup. That has help keep them perky, but I have noticed just a hint of a droop that I’m sure nobody else would notice. I didn’t breastfeed my children, so my breasts would stay nice. My mother insisted that formula milk was better for a baby, anyway.

My height is five feet ten, tall for a woman.

My addiction started about a year ago. I was approaching the dreaded age number, forty. It struck me that was middle age, no denying it. I couldn’t just grow old gracefully. The fight was on.

Enough about history, I’ve been so looking forward to tonight’s adventure. It’s been almost a month since my last sex night in Philadelphia with a freshman attending the Wharton School of Business. When I got back from that trip, my husband and I had hot sex for a couple of weeks. He hasn’t said anything but I’m starting to think he’s suspecting something. I need another lusty, fuck session. Since I booked my flight a week ago, I’ve been having horny fantasies flashing throughout my days.

I’ve brought my short plaid, pleated skirt and tight white tank top again. It’s the kind with string top, bare shouldered with some cleavage showing. I like the push-up bras that girls favor nowadays. It makes me feel young and sexy to have the tops of my breasts pushing up over the cups. That’s been the only outfit I’ve worn on my sex hunting trips. It’s worked so well, why change it? Sometimes, when I’m alone at home, I put on the skirt and use my trusty vibrator to bring me to a great orgasm.

I do wear different panties every time. Sorry, that’s a lie. Once, I went panty-less just for the hell of it. What I found is that when a young guy sees a bare pussy, they just get single-minded wanting to get their male equipment buried in there. They are suddenly blind to everything around them and much less fun. As soon as I flashed the young man, he immediately wanted to leave the bar we were at and head to my place. He couldn’t keep his hands off my crotch in the Uber and even tried to bend me over and fuck me in the elevator up to the room. His performance was short and not sweet when we finally got to the bed. I like some foreplay. After that experience with young male lust, I decided to always wear panties and not show them off too soon.

Tonight, I have on a Mustang-red thong with a flowery lace waistband and see-through mesh crotch. It is so hot. Any guy that sees them will get a testosterone surge. I love it when these young studs stare down at my panties with lust in their eyes and peel them down as I lift my ass off the bed to help them. Just thinking about that just gave my pussy a sweet little throb.

At the university neighborhood bar.

The bar is noisy with Friday revelers. It appears the men’s hockey team beat rival Penn State and everyone is celebrating. There must be a hundred students in here. The energy is incredible. The hockey players and their girlfriends are at a twenty-foot, long table. Every ten minutes or so, they break into the school song and stand and give a big beer toast before guzzling bursa escort it down. What a party.

I’m here with a beer in my hand, scouting the room for a good candidate for a roll in the hay. The brawny hockey athletes are all taken by cute coeds. That’s not my preference anyway. Then I spot him. He’s with the team but not an athletic type, smaller but fit body with a sweet smile. He takes a sip of beer very carefully unlike the other guys who are racing towards a bad hangover. He is well-groomed and conservatively dressed in slacks with a golf T-shirt. When the others break into a roaring laugh he breaks into a shy, sweet smile. I could just eat him up, a nice boy-next-door type that needs me to show him the lusty side of life.

Now, how do I meet him? Can’t wait too long. Some unworthy wench might get to him first. Oh good, he’s heading to the washroom. I’ll talk to him when he heads back to the group. I set up near the end of the bar where he’ll pass.

Here he comes. I give him a big smile and say, “Hi. My name’s Kate. I saw you sitting with the team. Are you a hockey player?” We are leaning our heads in to hear over the loud noise of the bar.

He looks down shyly and says, “No, I’m just the assistant manager.”

“Good for you. That’s an important job. What a great win tonight. Way to go.”


I can see I’m going to have to be very straightforward here. This young man is no Romeo.

“Say, I’m new on campus. Could we hang out together? I’m out to meet new friends.”

He breaks into a big smile, “Sure. Sure, that would be great.”

I clap my hands in glee. “Super. Hey what’s your name, handsome?”

He blushes at that and says, “I’m Alister but folks call me Al.”

I grab his hand, “Well Al, let’s stick together tonight.” I pull him over to the bar and we order some beer.

I fear I’m coming on too strong, but this student is very shy and needs some handling. I can’t wait to lay on my back and spread my legs and guide him to my pussy. My experience with young men like Al is that when they are balls deep in pussy, they get a much manlier attitude.

I lift my beer glass as a toast and we clink glasses and I shout over the noise in the room, “Here’s to being young and foolish at the great campus of Harvard.

He smiles and nods, “Young and foolish. Right on.” We take a big swallow and he gets serious. “What’s your major?

“Alister, Alister, let’s not worry about school tonight. I just finished my mid-terms.

I want to just have some fun. Is that okay?”

“Sure, that’s chill.” I can see his brain is starting to click as to what’s happening here. He’s a bit slow on the girl-boy stuff but not clueless.

I give him a big hug. He has a lean hard body. It feels perfect for my needs.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Alister?”

He hesitates. “No.” A flash of guilt crosses his face and I think he has one back home waiting.

“Alister, I’ve had a couple of more drinks than I normally should. I’m going to tell you a secret about why I’m such a nasty person.” I reality, I haven’t even had two beers because I don’t want to dull my fun.

I put my hand on his shoulder and lean in to his ear. “Alister, I have a boyfriend that I love dearly back in Chicago. But I haven’t been with him for four bloody months. I haven’t had sex for four long months and I’m going out of my damned mind. I’m so frigging horny. I’m such a bitch. I came here tonight to hook up with a guy. You must think I’m such a slut.”

In a nanosecond he responds, “No, no. you’re not bad. That’s just natural. To tell you the truth, I have a girlfriend back home. We have a lot of sex and I’m getting really horny without her too. We plan to get married when I graduate.”

“A good-looking guy like you must have a lot of action here at Harvard with the girls.”

“Gee, no. My girlfriend is the only girl I’ve been with.”

My mind reels with the fact that he is almost a bloody virgin. How horny is that.

“That’s so sweet Alister. Good for you. Does that mean I should look for another fellow to scratch my itch.”

He shakes his head from side to side. “No, I’m your guy. It’s all good.”

I give him another hug and a big kiss on his ear. Standing back, I shout in glee,

“Let’s get outta here. Off to my place!” I put a ten-dollar bill on the bar for the beers and take his hand. We head for the door and out. The night air is cool, and a taxi is parked by the entrance. Like the young gentleman he is, he opens the door for me. I shift over on the back seat. I can see his hungry eyes staring at my legs as my skirt rises up my thighs. He sits beside me and I lean my head against his shoulder. Looking down at his crotch, I see a nice bulge with a useful length angled down one leg. I’m tempted to caress his manhood but want to not act too much the tart. Instead look up into his sweet young face. Our lips meet. His lips are closed in an inexperienced way, but I probe with my tongue and soon we are French kissing passionately. Wow, bursa escort bayan if I must show him how to French kiss, it looks like I’ll be teaching this sweet guy how a real woman wants to get laid. His girlfriend back home will thank me.

The naughty boy cups my breast through my t-shirt. I give a soft moan of approval and we keep on kissing. It reminds me so much of my high school days in the back seat of a date’s car.

The taxi comes to a sudden stop. We are here. Alister pays the driver and we walk hand in hand like young lovers to the door and through to the elevator. When the elevator doors close, I hug Al and we kiss. Like a complete slut, I grab his ass with both hands and grind my crotch into his. I’d been so wanting to feel his tight, young butt. It’s just as delicious as I expected.

We walk quickly to my apartment door and then inside. The room is dark, and I turn on the light wanting to see everything. We wrap our arms around each other and hug, both panting loudly with lust. I grasp the back of his head, giving him total access to my body. Alister slips a hand to my ass over my skirt. That feels so fucking good. Soon his other hand is massaging the other cheek and I’m in MILF heaven. Then a crazy, erotic idea crosses my mind. A made-up story percolates in my lust-filled brain. An alternate truth as they say nowadays.

I step back and lead my student to the small living room. I turn on the lamp beside the sofa. We sit.

“Alister, I just had a crazy, sexy idea. One night back in Chicago, my boyfriend and I went to a strip bar. It was so sexy. Have you ever been to one?” He shakes his head no. “Is it okay if I do a strip show for you? It’s been a fantasy of mine since that night. It will be a first for both of us. Would you like that?”

He gulps and says, “That would be so great.”

I stand. Looking down at him on the sofa, a pure sweet boy next door. It suddenly strikes me that here I am a forty year-old, female business executive stripping for a barely-kissed young student. My friends and colleagues would never believe this. But my inner cougar smells lust and young, hard cock. That overrides my inhibitions.

His eyes are focused on my body and checking me out brazenly from chest to knees. I grab the front of my skirt and lift it just enough to give him a hint of my panties. He licks his lips. I bend forward and give him a nice view of my cleavage. His eyes bulge a bit at the sight. Fuck, do I feel sexy.

I purr, “Too bad we don’t have music. But that’s okay.” He nods and keeps his eyes drilled to my chest. I stand and turn, bend and lift my pleated short skirt to show him my ass. He has a clear view of my bare ass cheeks and the thin red thong string between them. I twerk my bum for good effect and hear him give a low animal groan. I turn back.

His face is red and his eyes are wider with the stare of a hungry, animal look that I’m familiar with as a man gets into a carnal, fucking, head space.

“Alister, what would you like me to take off next, my skirt or top? You’re in control. You’re the man. Just ask and I’m yours.” I want this inexperienced young man thinking virile and lusty.

A newly confident smile comes to his lips and says, “Take off your top. I want to see your tits.”

That’s what I like to hear, some male gusto. “You’re the man, Alister.”

I pull my tank top over my head exposing my pink bra. He looks like he’s holding his breath as I slowly release the front catch between the cups and bare my breasts. A look of joy washes over his face as he stares at my globes. My nipples are diamond hard. Sweet Jesus, my lust meter just kicked into the solid orange zone.

A naughty idea flashes in my head. “You know my boyfriend said after we got home that he wished he could have pulled out his penis and played with it when he was watching the stripper. Of course, he couldn’t in the club but you sure could here. It’s so private here.”

He blushes shyly, and a panicky look crosses his face.

“Please Alister, it would sure make me feel better about showing you my private parts; fair’s, fair.”

That got him going. “Right on, absolutely.” He reaches down and unzips. His erection is askew in his underwear, but he twists it into view. What beautiful uncircumcised manhood. It’s a bit longer than average with a hefty girth. That will fill my pussy and touch all the right places. The deep purple head is half covered by the foreskin. I can feel my pussy moisten and engorge. That cock has only been in one young pussy. I can’t wait to show him the joys of sex with a real woman.

“Wow, Alister. That’s amazing. Your girlfriend is one lucky woman.” He puffs up his chest with that.

He looks down at my waist. “Take off your skirt. NOW.” The testosterone is kicking in, good boy.

I take the hem and pull it up to fully expose my panties. His eyes light up and his cock twitches and stands up straighter as I tease him. The foreskin pulls fully off the engorged head. I swivel my hips with my skirt up high like a stripper. escort bursa Alister wraps his fist around the shaft. I turn and bend extremely low and pull my skirt up over my ass. I’m looking thought the space between my knees at his cute face. He has a far off horny look in his eyes. I peel my thong halfway down my buttocks to tease him and then back up again. I stand and turn back to him and shimmy out of my skirt. I can smell the rich odor of my love juices fill the room. I’m sure there is a wet spot on the crotch. Maybe, the young student doesn’t know what that means.

I want to see his entire package. “Alister why don’t you undo your belt and show me everything? You are making me feel so sexy” He frantically unbuckles and pushes his pants and underwear below his knees. He has an immature, light coating of light brown pubic hair around the base of his erection and ball-sack. What a sweetie.

I need to get this moving along. The sight of Al’s cock is sending my lust meter into the red zone.

“Let me help you with those pants.” I grab the cuffs and pull. They come off in a blink. “You won’t be needing those.” I pull his underwear down and off followed by his socks, then sit beside him. “Let me help you off with your shirt.” He and I pull the t-shirt over his head. Now he is nude and I’m just in my tiny, sexy red thong.

I see his cock is now just half hard. Am I scaring the young man? I snuggle up to him and put my hand on his muscular chest. Time for some ego boosting.

“Alister, you are so strong. When you make love to me please be gentle.” I see his erection rising. This young student is easy to read.

He cups my breast and massages it. That sends an electric, erotic wave to my pussy. It’s so exquisite that my throat gives out an involuntary, girlish whimper.

I whisper into his ear, “Alister, I’ll do anything for you just ask, anything.” I cup his balls.

He stops. I can sense he’s thinking.

He asks nervously, “Would you give me a BJ?”

“Of course, sweetheart. Does your girlfriend give you oral sex?”

“She says we will do that after we get married.”

Holy shit, he’s a BJ virgin. Wow.

“Let me show you something to look forward to. Okay, let me get down here on my knees on the floor between yours.” I position in front of the sofa looking up at his boyish face.

His penis is so young and perfect. I must go slow so he doesn’t cum too quickly. I pull on his hips and he slouches down on the sofa with his butt half off the cushion and his head propped up looking over his chest at me. I look of pure joy washes over his face as I move my lips to his staff. I can’t stop watching his reactions. I lick from the base to the tip. His eyes roll back into his head and he lets out an animal groan. The foreskin is fully back exposing the engorged deep red head. There is a small jewel of pre-cum from the slit. I rub the slick liquid over the head and then lick my tongue all around the bulbous end. His mouth is open, and his breath comes in quick pants.

“How is that Alister?”

“Oh my god, that feels so great.”

“Let me share something with you, love. When you are having sex with someone, its totally good to ask and tell the other person what you want. Your wife in future will want to please you. But you must tell your lover what you like. It’s all good. Go ahead lets practice. Ask me to do something.”

He thinks for a few seconds and blurts out. “Lick my dick.”

I dutifully lick it.

“Put it in your mouth.”

I gobble the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the head. With my husband, I stroke him while I suck but with Al that might have him cumming too quickly. He likely has a hair trigger. I gently suck on the head as I look at the sweet boy’s handsome face. This is so horny, I sneak a hand down to my pussy and stroke the wet slit.

“Bob your head up and down.” He obviously watches porn. I do as he instructs but stop when I sense he’s getting too close to cumming. I love the complete erotic, naughtiness of licking a man’s balls. Knowing he won’t dare ask me, I just dive down and lick his wrinkled ball-sack. The look of erotic panic on his face is priceless as his most sensitive area is pleasured. A loud high-pitched squeal that is almost girl-like bounces off the walls. Hmmm. I think he likes that.

“Alister, let’s go into the bedroom.” He nods in agreement and we get up. I point him to the door. I want to watch his cute, tight butt walking ahead of me.

I turn on the light, strip off the bedspread and we jump in. I lay on my back submissively with my left hand on the back of his neck and the other flat on the bed by my side. I want him to have full view and full access. Alister is on his side looking down at my body. My pussy is throbbing. I have to rub my knees together to give it a bit of friction.

He says in a husky voice, “You have such a beautiful body.”

“Thank you Alister. That’s so nice of you to say.” He keeps eating me up with his eyes. My breasts are screaming to be touched. Maybe he’s too shy to cup them. Finally, I take his hand and place it on my breast. God that feels great. He massages it amateurly. My nipples need sucking. I pull his head down and he licks the areola tentatively. What a tease.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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