Elaine and Diego

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Elaine sat on the side of her raised college bunk bed, its sheets ruffled and its pillows abandoned in odd places both nearby and throughout the room. She had been long awaiting the time when her roommates would leave for their whitewater rafting trip, and finally they had departed earlier that day. When she declined to go with them everyone had just thought she was a shut-in nerdy type with a fear of nature, little did they know what a naughty little grin she had been concealing throughout their conversation.

She had had her eyes on a prize, a romantic stud that had eyes for her for some time. Now that they had a room to themselves they were going wild… and they had been going wild for quite some time.

Elaine sat on the edge of the bed with her hands holding onto the bed above as Diego continued to lavish upon her the same kind of tender yet potent attentions that had been driving her crazy all that night.

After exploring the room and various positions throughout the two lovers had shifted back down a gear, and now the two where kissing passionately, Diego’s tongue caressing Elaine’s just as his hands had caressed her body all through the night.

Her lover’s hand left her face slowly, fingers caressing her check even as they drifted away. In the midst internet casino of deeply kissing her love, Elaine could not see where the hand was moving to… but she could well guess.

And she was correct. Within seconds she felt the back of her lover’s fingers moving along the inside of her leg with graceful passion, and she could hardly wait for them to reach their destination.

Once more she plunged her tongue deeply into her lover’s mouth and stroked the side of his tongue, which returned her attentions with the same skilled sensuality which drove his hands. As their tongues pulled back, Diego’s lips softly captured Elaine’s lower lip and she felt his warm breath wash over her chin.

Elaine finally felt a welcome sensation upon her other lips as Diego’s fingers tenderly stroked the space between them, slowly parting them more and more and with each stroke ending closer to her clitoris.

Her lover’s other hand cupped one of her breasts and manipulated it in different ways, occasionally using a thumb or a finger to stimulate her teat.

Breathing heavily as the waves of lust washed over her, Elaine tilted her head back and grabbed her lover’s back, pulling his body a bit closer to hers. Diego began kissing down the front of her neck, canlı poker oyna then of to the side of it, then down to the nape where he kissed her and nibbled slightly. Squeezing her breast lovingly with one hand and moving his other hand to press his palm into the small of her back, Elaine loved the way he was holding her, yet she felt her body hunger for even more attention.

She was given the best of both worlds, for she once again felt a warm presence between her legs and a pressure against her lower lips, this time not from Diego’s fingers but from his penis, which pressed lightly against her.

Elaine licked her lips with passion as she felt him slowly part her vaginal lips, sliding between them with ease from the lubrication of their previous activities that night. Then as he met her entrance his momentum increased and he slid deeply within her, his hot flesh gliding across hers, thrusting slowly until his entire length was inside of her.

One of his hands stopped manipulating her breast and went to her stomach, and while his other hand pressed against the small of her back, the one on her stomach moved upwards, caressing her abdomen and moving between her breasts. It circled over the top of one of her breasts before heading down again towards her poker oyna waist, where the hand on Elaine’s back left its position to join it.

Elaine bent her head forward again and kissed her lover lustfully, at which point one of Diego’s hands left her waist to hold her cheek in a soft embrace and guide her lips to his. After a few moments the hand returned to the side of her waist, where both of Diego’s hands moved up the sides of Elaine’s body, pressing deeply against her skin. His hands moved onto her chest where each one took a full breast in its grip and began to rhythmically squeeze. Elaine let out a small, sweet moan of pleasure as she put her hands upon her lover’s, putting her fingers in the valleys between his as he massaged her. She was absorbed in the sensations and emotions that washed over her, feeling her lover’s experienced touch as he lay within her, filling the need between her legs while drawing her attentions to the actions of his hands. The feeling of his warmth within her served as both a means of heightening the experience of his embrace and as a silent promise of what was to come, further increasing her excitement with the ever-present sense of anticipation for what would come next.

Not that Elaine didn’t feel absorbed in each moment, for over the precious little time that they had known each other Diego had come to learn much about her desires, about the way she loved to be touched, and of her particular fantasies, like seeds in her mind, from which so much of her desire sprouted forth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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