Educating Jenni

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It was my second year in college. I just assumed that it would be another disappointing year. Coming from a relatively poor family meant that I could not afford to go to an out of town college. This left me living with my parents attending the local community college. My first year had been uneventful to say the least. I assumed that my second year would be the same. Boy was I wrong. My parents decided to rent out the spare room to a foreign exchange student.

That was how I met Jenni! Jenni was a 19 year old, with long dusty blonde hair, who stood 5″7 feet tall. She had the cutest smile and she was surprisingly innocent. She had arrived from a very small obscure county that spoke English as a second language. My parents asked me to help out with looking after Jenny by showing her around town and making sure she stayed out of trouble. So I did the usual things with her: I showed her around the college, introduced her to friends, I even took her shopping. I hated to go shopping but I was clearly smitten by Jenny. So I gladly tagged beylikdüzü escort along and watched her try on numerous outfits. One afternoon after shopping we arrived back at my place, she was wearing a new pair of jean shorts which showed off her long legs and a cute top that showed off her navel and her tight stomach. We were sitting on the couch just chatting and flirting a bit when suddenly she got very quiet. I asked her “What was wrong” because she was usually very talkative.

Jenni softly replied, “I would like to ask you a question, but it’s personal”

I replied “you can ask me anything?”

Jenny blushed before stating, “Have you ever had sex before?”

“Yeah, once” I replied truthfully.

“Really?” she said her eyes widening. My cock started to grow in my pants looking at Jenni and just talking about sex was more then enough to wake up dick. I then asked her if “she had ever had sex?” Jenni shyly said “no, my parents never let me get close to boys or be alone with beyoğlu escort them.”

“Well I’m sure you could have any guy you wanted” I said shifting uncomfortable trying to hide the bulge in my pants. Jenni looked at my bulge then asked” Could I see your penis? I have never seen one up close before.” She didn’t have to ask twice as I quickly took off my jeans and briefs. “Wow it’s so big can I touch it?” Jenni giggled with young lust. “Sure I would love it if you touched it” Jenni then tentatively grabbed my dick with one hand and held it. “it is so warm” I let out a soft moan. “you can play with it if you want to”

“I would like that” she said as she wrapped both hands around my cock, “but what do I do” I put my much bigger hand around Jenni’s and I guided her hand up and down my now throbbing manhood. She quickly began to get the hang of it and she slowly started stoking my cock up and down. I removed my hand and let her stroke up and down with her own delicate fingers. While she stroked me I reached bomonti escort out and took off her top. Jenni now sat across from me on the couch in her jean shorts and a tiny pink bra that displayed her cute little nipples pointing outwards trying to break free from the silk material. Still slowly stroking my hard prick Jenni asked” How am I doing?” I gave out a soft moan and said” Great, now slowly start to stroke faster.”

“I love the feel of your penis it is so warm”

“your hands feel great stoking it. But you don’t have to call it a penis you can use nastier words like cock or dick” Jenni giggled then said” Okay then, I like stroking your… cock” I then asked “can I take off your bra Jenni, I would love to see your tits”. She nodded yes, while stroking my dick faster, her eyes glued to it. Jenni’s breasts were amazing with large pointy nipples that were hard and puffy. Jenni’s breasts were size 34 C as I later found out. I also noticed that the crotch of her jean shorts was getting moist. Jenni continued stroking my cock with one hand and her other hand reaced down to play with my balls. Mmmmmm it felt wonderful! Jenni obviously had great instincts I then asked Jenni “Would you like to kiss my cock sweetie? Jenni smiled and said “Okay”.

To be continued… Let me known what you thought of the first part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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