Early Tales: Jackie

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This is one of my earlier efforts. I wrote it about ten years ago, maybe twelve, and recently re-discovered it. I’ve polished it up a little, and I offer it to Literotica.

Unlike many of my other works, this is pure fantasy Not much character development; just an enigmatic little vignette.


It was a Thursday night, the 2nd of July. Since that placed the 4th on a Saturday, our day off was Friday.

And boy, did we ever need it. Everyone in the data center had been scrambling to meet the end-of-fiscal-year deadlines. Major changes in state law had gone into effect, and we had been working like crazy since Memorial Day, twelve- and fourteen-hour days being commonplace.

It was tough on my relationship with my girlfriend, Anna, but she was a trouper. We lived in a nice apartment in a quiet section of town. We had been living together, just the two of us, for three years.

Five weeks earlier, we had gained an addition to the household, albeit a temporary one. Anna’s younger sister Jackie had just finished high school when their parents had announced their intentions to divorce. Anna didn’t want Jackie to see what she correctly assumed would be a nasty process, and since Jackie had already signed to go into the Navy at the end of summer, I had not objected to having her stay with us.

As sisters, Anna and Jackie could not have been more different. Anna was tall and full-bodied, dark-haired, with nice-sized breasts that, in her words, “ached to be caressed.” A mouth generously applied to her nipples could bring her to hard orgasms. She was sophisticated in all her tastes, from music and literature to lovemaking.

Jackie, on the other hand, was short, thin, and blonde, with basically beşiktaş anal yapan escort golf balls on her chest. She was cute, I suppose, but quiet, mousy, and hooked on Oprah.

Anyway, there I was on a Thursday evening, just after 7pm, and with no particular work to do. It was eerie. Anna was at ceramics class for her usual Thursday girl’s night out — she and her friends made some really amazing ceramic creations, I had to admit — and Jackie was nowhere to be seen. For the first time in months, I was home alone.

I decided I needed a bath, rather than a shower. I took a long, soaking bath, the first in years. At length I got out, put on a robe, and decided to change the bed sheets. “Nice clean sheets for a nice clean guy,” as my mother would say when I was a little kid.

I crawled into bed, propped myself on pillows, and started to catch up on my reading, starting with some personal letters. My weariness caught up with me, though, and I began to sink into a light slumber.

I was dimly aware of the light being turned out, and partially awakened by the sensation of being eased into a prone position. I felt the weight of another body getting into the bed, and as I frequently do, turned to nuzzle Anna’s breasts. That always put me out like a light. My mouth instinctively closed around a nipple.

Except, something was wrong. I had what felt like an entire breast in my mouth.

I looked up, still groggy. It was Jackie. She was in bed and naked, at least from the waist up.

She stroked my head and moved me back into position. “That feels good,” she cooed. “Suck my nipples.”

I obeyed, suddenly much more awake than I had beşiktaş bdsm escort been. I enjoyed the taste of her skin, the feel of her nipples, the sensation of having the whole breast in my mouth. I indulged in her bosom for what felt like an hour, though it could not have been more than ten minutes.

In that time she had rolled me gradually so that she was hovering over me, dipping her little breasts into my mouth. She had also slipped between the sheets, and I could feel she was naked.

She had also begun feeling my penis, which had definitely taken notice of the proceedings. She maneuvered herself more directly over me, and as I concentrated on her breasts, she slipped into position and sank onto my cock. I was into her up to my balls in a split second.

She was firmly in the driver’s seat. She moved at will, stroking me with her pussy, slowly, slowly, and then more quickly. Except that her breathing became heavier, she never made a sound.

Then, in a sweeping rush, my orgasm overtook me and I came inside her. She began to rock more slowly, and then settled onto me.

That’s when we heard the door open. Anna had returned home.

Fortunately for all three of us, Anna is a creature of strong habit and small bladder. As it was so common for her to do, she called out, “Hey, sweetie, I’m home,” and then came the satisfying thud of the bathroom door closing.

Jackie calmly — I would almost have said glacially at that moment — pulled herself off of me. That’s when I realized it was planned. She threw a hand towel between her legs, and used another to clean me off.

She kissed me lightly on the lips, and padded across the room. We heard beşiktaş elit escort the toilet flush, and the running of water. Jackie looked at me, grinned slyly, and walked calmly across the hallway to the guest room. Her door closed as the bathroom door opened.

Anna had not even noticed. She walked into the bedroom, and around to my side of the bed. I had pulled the sheet up to my chin. She kissed me gently, and said, “You asleep already?”

“I’m real tired,” I mumbled. I really was, though I was more awake than I was letting on.

She pulled the comforter up over me, and then rubbed my head lightly. “You rest,” she purred, and walked out of the room, closing the door.

The next morning, at breakfast, she said, “I noticed you changed the sheets.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up a little. Before I could answer, she continued. “I had meant to do it for a week. They were grungy. I don’t normally let them go that long.” She smiled at me. “I really appreciate it. It felt good.”

I explained about the bath and what my mother used to say. She grinned at that, and no more was ever said.

We had an uneventful July 4th weekend. Jackie and I, who had rarely spoken before that evening, carried on as usual. Over the next few weeks, I looked for an opportunity to talk to her about what had happened, but it never came. She would simply grin at me once in a while.

The end of summer came, and Jackie left. She was sent to the other end of the continent for basic training, and then left for some posting overseas. She never called, and only rarely wrote. I’ve never seen her since, and I doubt I ever will.

Less than a year after Jackie and I our tryst, Anna and I came to a parting of the ways. She decided she wanted to get married and have children; I was happy the way things were. She met someone who shared her passion for kids, and so I moved out and on.

It’s just as well. I have no regrets. I have to say it was a grand experience. And honestly, how many times does a love affair end on such a positive note?

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