Dublin Nights

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On the flight from New York to Dublin something happened. Rarely the opportunity rose that I was sitting next to a woman so beautiful that you were licking your lips in anticipation.

Introducing myself while stowing away my luggage, she smiled softly. Her name was Rachel and she just visited her family somewhere in the interior of the Irish archipelago.

Her legs were stuck in high heeled neutral pumps. something I noticed the moment she entered the airport. The fact that my chair had been assigned next to her was no coincidence at all.

Usually I arrive about an hour prior to boarding, so I could watch with whom I would be flying. Just some habit I picked up working as a security enforcer.

Upon grazing through the check-in lines, I noticed that she was getting annoyed due to waiting in line for half an hour. The gorgeous lady passed slowly through her lane, this making her more anxious. She sighed deeply when she finally arrived at the desk.

When she booked her flight, she only showed her credit card, and pointed at the small suitcase she was about to check in. There were some arguments, one very loud, but barely understandable at my position. You heard her voice vaguely, demanding a single seat row, as the ground stewardess pointed out that such an option was not possible. It almost turned ugly, but her colleague stepped in to confirm her answer. She caved, and got her ticket and briskly walked away with her light trolley.

The moment when I checked in at that desk, was all about flirting like a Casanova to find out which row she was booked on. The young lady skillfully dodged any of the questions that were asked.

But she had a pensive look in her eyes for a moment. She glanced left and right of her station to verify that her colleagues were busy working and then punched some information into the system. She handed my passport back with the ticket and smiled faintly.

“Have a very nice flight sir.”

She said it in a sultry voice. I took the boarding papers and left, looking back a bit.

Yes, she looked after me and smiled again before she focused again on the next customer.

Boarding with this airline was as quiet and efficient as always. I did not choose by chance for Aer Lingus, because yes you still want a certain level of service on a flight. The cheaper carriers in the air treat you like being on a train or bus for short distances, but once it comes to intercontinental flying you want a little class.

After my bag was stowed away in the overhead compartment, I nodded briefly to the flight attendant who was helpfully assisting the passengers in business class.

Her name was Niamh according to her name tag, but the Irish word meant ‘Nie-ef’, a kind of corruption of Eve, I thought.

She looked beautiful, slim waist, wide hips, good chest party and stylish half long blond hair that hung over her shoulders.

But what struck me was her mischievous smile she threw me. Her uniform fitted her like a glove and her hips lured my sight away from me below to her black pumps.

I noticed briefly that her heels were well above the standard 3 inch height. Keenly I watched her, but suddenly realized that I was working on another mission.

First to know for my readers, I’m always out to investigate anything that moves around me. How did that happen you might ask?

Some friends said to me that I am sometimes maniacally busy with details about the here and now. A control freak in extreme said on those last persons.

“Laugh and guzzle some more!” That is what my friends shouted to me in unison, after I had done an extremely thorough explanation to them about the viscosity of beer in an unwashed glass.

And the character changes about flavor as it is cooked at a high temperature. They ridiculed me for years, so I kept to myself mostly, drinking my whisky.

“Excuse me?” an acrimonious shout in front of me. My thoughts that were lost for a moment remembering a cheerful bacchanal with lots and lots of nice Old Bushmills whisky.


As I was now rudely disturbed by a firm hand on my shoulder attached to the supermodel next to me with the credit card.

“Yes?” I murmured delightfull, catching her attention. She indicated clearly she wanted to stand up, and grab something from her suitcase.

“I need to stand for a moment.” She tried to get up over me. Forcefully I pulled her back down, tearing her arm quite strongly.

‘What the…”, she gasped. I put my finger to my mouth and hissed.


The sound gasped from my mouth. Her face lighted up in milliseconds, a reddish colour exploding around her eyes. I felt the temperature rising and knew my next move would determine the outcome of my intervention.

“I am sorry, but the attendants are closing the doors. You getting your stuff will delay the procedures, and I really want to take-off on time”, I blurted out.

Her facial expressions were fascination, from surprise, to flat-out rage, frustration, ending in a mean looking grin, until ucuz escort the reddish colour slowly dissipated from her face and she let out a deep sigh. She bit her lips too, I noticed.

“Thank you”, I said to her, and adjusted my chair upright. In business class the legg room is fine. For me it is, as I am built normal size.

But the leggy woman next to me was not comfortable with her situation. She clearly stated at check-in that she wanted to sit alone, and then I showed up.

I invaded her personal space, was apparently obnoxious, rude and loud. In a way I felt sorry for her, but not that much. Rachel looked gorgeous, almost regally.

It crossed my mind that this was meaning a lot of stuff in her life was handed to her on a silver platter. A real thoroughbred of alluring standing.

For normal people life is a daily struggle, but she had this uncommon natural arrogance about her, reserved for privileged people, who assume you just get up and move by one look at you.

Me defying all these conventions by grabbing her and putting her back in her chair somehow triggered a whole kind of different emotion in her. I had seen it before, and was fully aware about the effect it had on women like her.

After the flight attendants did their safety-routine and started walking down the aisles to check our seatbelts, I slowly asked Niamh if she would serve drinks once we were airborne to ease my nerves.

She smiled broadly and looked with a small disdain in her face at Rachel who quickly nodded too. She then passed us and continued on her control check.

And up we went in a few minutes, my ears popping painful because of the change in air pressure. This was always causing a small headache for five agonizing minutes until my body worked out the difference.

And as soon as the plane levelled out, Niamh came up to us and asked what we wished to drink. I ordered whisky as usual and Rachel chose Wodka.

I smiled at her, and undid my seatbelt slowly. Moved into the isle and stood up for her, so she was able to get her luggage and pull out a sweater and a blow-up cushion.

I guess she intended to sleep the whole flight, but not if I could help it…

A shiver went down my neck. It instantly woke me up from what I call a power nap. Soon after I finished my whisky, a warm oozy feeling travelled through my veins and made me sleepy.

I took just three minutes before I closed my eyes and drifted away. I had a very vivid dream of a stripping flight attendant in front of me, but it might have been mixed with a memory of a special Dublin Night. That’s another story for the future.

I looked to my left to see Rachel also writhing about to find a way to make her body fit in her chair. Slowly did I raise the divider between us, creating a bit more space.

It wasn’t long before her body adapted and her bottom touched my hips. I reached into my pocket and found a tablet. I looked around and saw a flight attendant and caught her attention.

Amused, I whispered for another vodka on the rocks. She smiled and delivered it to me promptly. I entered the pill and stirred the contraption.

Devious as I am, always carrying a sleeping pill with me is a sound resolution to make sure life is comfortable. In this case I had plans for Rachel, but not for the next few hours or so.

She would need her sleep, and I was adamant to make that happen. I pulled down her tray from the chair before her and put the liquor on it.

When she moved her bottom again, I really took effort in slowly caressing her there. Wow, the effect was remarkable, she almost jumped like she was stung like a bee.

“Jesus Ch…,” she gasped.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t resist,” looking straight in her wide open eyes.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Her eyes were spitting fire.

“I dont. I do,” lowering my voice in order not to grab unwanted attention. I pointed out her drink. “Are you finishing that? I am ordering more,” and immediately raised my hand.

It was Niamh again that approached us.

“Hi there. I would like another whisky, and the lady here wants… ” My head turned to look in her straight in the eyes.

Rachel scolded me, and looked at her drink, trying to remember if she drank it or not. She took a sip, puckered her lips, then downed the whole content of the glass.

“I am fine, for now.” She replied softly.

Niamh nodded at us, and then disappeared. Rachel tried to move her body again. I looked at her closed eyes, and waited until her breath deepened. Then slowly lifted her legs one by one and spread them over mine. She now rested more comfortable and I had her whole bottom pressing against my left hip.

When Niamh arrived, I smiled at her and whispered if there was a blanket available, which she took out of the overhead luggage compartment. I unfolded it and threw it over my upper body and also Rachels. Her mouth was slightly open, but I knew she was deep in sleep.

Feeling her warm legs on my body also had a little effect ümraniye escort on my lower regions and I felt blood rushing to more intimate parts of my body.

It took me about 10 minutes to slowly travel with my hands around Rachel’s legs up to her hips. I slowly moved under her skirt and felt the lace garment that covered her lower regions.

Her breath stopped for a second when my fingers hit her belly. Slowly my left fingers tickled down and started massaging the soft flesh I felt.

With my right hand I slowly massaged her inner thighs. It took just three minutes to hear her breath change to a more flustered sound. Another five before it became a slow moan. That sound also triggered a nosy flight attendant that walked by and gave me a frowned look when she passed.

And as a result my dick became real hard and erect and screamed for room in my trousers. It was something I needed to attend to real soon, as it became a bit painful.

When the second moan erupted from Rachel, I felt with my right hand she was getting really moist. It touched her knickers and they were wet. My left hand went further down and slipped beneath the soft fabric. When the first finger reached the top of her pussy, Rachel moaned again.

Again I saw Niamh approaching after she heard the sexy sound. She immediately made eye contact with me, and was communicating very angry thoughts. Playtime was over with Rachel. If I would go further she would probably come and might awake. I pulled my fingers and hand back, and addressed the built up pressure down below. I opened my zipper and released my dick, which jumped out as soon as it found free air. It stuck out below the blanket a bit.

I sighed deeply in relief when a short whisper near my ear almost made me jump.

“Everything O.K. here?”

Apparently Niamh had walked down the other aisle to surprise me with a visit. When I recollected myself, her wide open blue eyes made me almost drown when I gazed into them. Her lips were just slightly parted but I felt a real strong emotion to kiss them at once. I moved my head, but she backed off, and gazed at the bulge beneath the blanked. Her mouth opened a little further. Thoughts in my mind evaporated.

“I am fine, thank you.” I was finally able to respond to her. Her mouth puckered.

“I noticed that,” she said briefly, and stood up again and wiggled back to her station.

Oh my, her arse was so gorgeous, I really needed to feel that. It took another five minutes before the pressure wore off and I was able to close my zipper again.

And felt the need to go to the toilet too. I wriggled my body from my chair without disturbing Rachel too much. Then slowly proceeded towards the front toilets.

The moment I reached those, soft giggles were coming from the cabin kitchen. Two female voices, probably the flight attendants discussed the passengers briefly with each other. On this evening flight, almost everyone in the business section was sound asleep, apart from me and another businessman who was working frantically on this laptop. He was described as the nerdy one on seat 11C. Then I heard one of the girls’ voices drop.

“Did you see the guy on 8B?”

“Whisky-man? ”

“Yeah, he was feeling up the model.”

“No way!”

“Yeah, you heard what Eileen from the front-desk said.

She was a real pain in the ass at check in, demanding a single-seat, even offering to pay for an empty seat next to her. She wouldn’t bulge however. And then this flirting guy came and she sat him next to her.”

“I heard. Strange too, cause row 4 and 12 are empty.”

Then the giggles from both came again.

“She was moaning in only 5 minutes after I gave them a blanket”, the first girl said.

I recognised her voice now, although the curtain made it impossible to verify. It was Niamh of course, gossiping.

“And when I walked by the second time, she really moaned, I almost thought she came right there!”

“Really Niamh? Are you sure?”

A lot of scepticism crept in that answer.

“Well, he had his trousers open and his fellah stood up really proud.” Both giggled again.

“Would you play with it?” A more husky question followed.

That question really intrigued me a lot. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Don’t be daft. I would get fired for it.”

“Yeah, but would you?”

“Gee, Mary. Not here on flight. It looked really gorgeous and promising, but ya know…”

” Hummm, i know. Don’t mess with the passengers.”

Again giggles. Some soft whispering started which was unintelligible. Time to take care of business then. I opened the door of the toilet and the sound made them both gasp loudly.

” Oh God…”

Sitting on a toilet in a plane is always an experience in itself. You feel pressure, but as soon as you sit down, nothing happens.

I had once a very nasty experience getting into turbulence while I was on the toilet, and really wish no-one that experience. It ended with me puking for üniversiteli öğrenci escort 10 minutes due to the odors completely messing up my brain. I sighed remembering that and felt the release immediately.

Also I remembered Niamh’s hesitation in answering her colleague’s question. I grinned and cleaned myself thoroughly.

After washing my hands, I opened the door and was surprised to see Niamh standing there. She gazed into me, focused her eyes up and down my body and then walked away in the aisle.

Closing the door behind me, just enjoying the view of her walking and shaking her ass really stirred blood again down below.

A really strong feeling shot up from my toes and exploded in my belly. God, she was gorgeous walking on her heels, shaking her body.

When I reached my seat, I noticed that almost everyone was asleep, besides the frantically typing nerd. Curtains were closed, and the whole front cabin was a tranquility of silence.

I slowly lifted Rachels legs up, and slid underneath. I checked my watch, still another 6 hours to go. A soft hand touched my shoulder, a second one lifted my head up.

In a second a light pillow was dropped. The hand stayed on my shoulder while I leaned backwards. Again, very close to my ear a very husky voice asked if everything was ok. In a reflex my hand shot down to my trousers trying to hide the instant rising bump.

Slowly I turned my head, to see straight in those blue eyes. She kneeled, adjusting herself to be able to communicate face to face. Also her hand had moved from my shoulder downwards towards my right leg. A bit shocked of her action my mouth dropped open, causing her to lick her lips in anticipation.

A real slow breath came out of mine. She puckered her mouth a bit. No words were said. Her hand moved again, and I swallowed deeply. The bulge in my pants was rock hard, and she slowly touched it. Her eyes lit up at the same time. She looked up again in mine, and I really drifted mentally away for a few seconds. The heat from below was racing through all my veins. Never thought this was possible on a plane, but wow…

Three hours into flight were passing swiftly, and I drifted off for a little while. I had a very short and vivid dream of Niamh undressing her uniform in front of me.

A sudden shake of the aircraft woke me in an instant. I opened my eyes slowly, and noticed it was ethereal dark. Was I awake or still dreaming? My thoughts were eloping until a familiar sound passed through the cabin.

“This is your captain speaking, due to the weather forecast we might need to divert our plane to Shannon Airport. We will hit some turbulence when we approach t Ireland. I will keep you informed if this will be final. Please make sure you have your seatbelts fastened.” Click, end of message.

Much to my surprise there was no reaction at all. I checked for my seatbelt, and found that Rachel was parking her gorgeous tight arse on it. I shoved my right arm underneath her and lifted her up, and slowly pulled it free.

A deep and intense sigh came from her mouth, just as I felt a breeze pass. It was Mary just checking up all passengers if everyone had their seatbelt one.

“Sir, you need to fasten your seatbelt,” she instructed me.

“Yeah, sorry. I have some issues with, erm,”did I really say that?

She smiled broadly and kneeled. She slowly searched around my left leg to find the missing part, really feeling up my leg. Of course an immediate reaction happened, and she found the end, resting her palm on my leg. Hot shots of blood were roaring through my body to welcome the touch. I handed over the other part and she clicked it together.

“Do you want it loose, or do you prefer it very tight?”, she said with a very husky Scottisch accent. I almost came right there.

I do have to explain that I guess. Ever since I celebrated with my mates in town the Irish victory of the Scottish rugby team in Dublin there is this unfinished gut feeling in my stomach. That night we were bantering around town, until someone came with the bright idea to go into City Centre, primarily around O’Connell street.

The reason being that there must be hundreds of drunk Scottisch girls that needed to be consoled. And indeed did we meet lots of women downtown.

And also lots of drunken Scotsmen. As I recollect, someone picked me up from the gutter at a certain point, and she was talking with a broken scottisch voice, all kinds of sweet words to me.

I get nowadays an instant hard-on every time a husky scottish female voice enters my ears. Mary, the flight attendant was looking into my eyes, and reflected her gaze.

“Well now, Mary. To be honest I don’t know what lies ahead of me. Can I trust my life in your hands? Will you make sure that I will be safe and happy until we reach the airport?” A smile appearing slowly in her eyes.

My eyes wandered off to her puckering mouth. She pouted, over thinking the situation. But still had her hand firmly on my left leg, her small finger slowly reaching an increasingly tight area.

My other hand had reclined onto the warm back of Rachel. I caressed slowly her lower back, causing a reaction in the form of a soft moan. She shivered her body a bit to adjust it in place. I looked at Mary, and when she heard Rachels sounds, her eyes flashed frantically.

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